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Forefront Capital has floated its initiative, Forefront Income Trust, in the market. The innovative investment fund caters for the non-accredited investors. For the longest time, Brad Reifler focused on accredited investors. Accredited investors are those that make over $200,000 in a year or have a net worth of more than $1 million. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also reflects this statistics. Brad Reifler pointed out that he was now shifting the focus to non-accredited investors with a specific plan developed for them.

Originally, the accredited investor standards were developed to protect shareholders from risky investments. Nevertheless, knowledge and oversight in the capital market has increased within the last 30 years. SEC has recommended important updates to the meaning of accredited investor. Additionally, an Investor Advisory Committee was created in 2010. The committee was mandated by the Dodd- Frank Act with the task of reviewing the definition after every four years. The recommendation of the committee was to do away with the present net worth and income tests developed 32 years ago. They were to change the measures in line with financial sophistication.

It’s pretty clear from CrunchBase that Reifler created Forefront Income Trust after careful analysis and due diligence. The trust offers non-credited investors an opportunity to invest a minimum of $2,500 that can be withdrawn or added every quarter. The Forefront Income Trust products allow room for potential growth and high risks since they are not correlated to the stock market. According to Reifler, they offer interesting distinctive programs that can provide clients with liquidity and a return of 8%.

Brad Reifler made his first investment in a 529-college plan many years back as referenced on Wikipedia. This investment was available to all regardless of their income or worth. When his girls were to join college, the fund was 40% lower making him incur losses. His attention to the middle class was drawn more after his father in-law gave him his savings to invest. However, his father in law’s investment strategies could not materialize because he was not a credited investor. Reifler realized how limited investment opportunities were available to many people.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. He is a highly experienced and qualified individual with having over 30 years experience. Reifler established his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982 after graduating with a degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College. Refco bought the Company in 2000.

Later, Reifler established Pali Capital where he achieved even greater success. Serving as the chairman and CEO, Reifler led the company to profits surpassing over $200 million. He also established offices in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Reifler would like to be recognized as an individual that people can trust in offering investment alternatives. His goal is to demystify the investment complexity in a bid to elicit the public to invest and secure their futures through their savings.

He is a philanthropist, futurist, entrepreneur and investor among other things. Although it may sound like I’m talking about Tony Stark, A.K.A. Iron Man, I’m not. I’m talking about Jason Hope. Jason may not have super powers but what he does have is a big heart and big vision.

Jason recently spoke about what he believes will be the biggest advancement in the tech industry for years to come. He was talking about The Internet of Things. Think of it like this. Everything around us will eventually need to talk about successful technology each other; much like your smart phone and PC can do now but on a much larger scale. Soon everything from your home appliances, car, phone, watch and inevitably every conceivable item around you will be connected. Imagine a world where your shoes know what type of surface they are walking on and can adjust the padding to give you the most comfortable feeling, possibly tracking how many steps you have taken and using that information to send alerts to your phone when you need a new pair.

Like all things, competition between companies will advance this technology at a rapid pace. We can already see such things as public transportation utilizing this tech to monitor maintenance needs and real time mapping. Jason honestly believes that The Internet of Things will greatly improve our quality of life.

Jason Hope has an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey school of Business and is a big believer in helping his community. As a philanthropist, Jason supports numerous causes including the SENS foundation. SENS main focus Anti-Aging. Rather than trying to treat a disease after it happens SENS priority is preventing them before they ever start.

While Jason can’t fly around the skies fighting bad guys, he is a beacon of hope humanity.

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Mr. John Holt, who is the CEO as well as the President of Nexbank Capital Inc., appeared and moreover took part in the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities of the Texas Bankers Association’s and M&A Conference. Here, he served as a panellist, in New Orleans. The discussion topic of the conference John Holt attended was on Reinventing Public Banking: Viewpoints on Contending by Innovation, and the Banker Board discussion was held on the 7th of November 2016. The Yearly Strategic Prospects and M&A Meeting is a bankers’ meeting which for the banking frontrunners, consultants as well as advisers to share their opinions on the biggest challenges as well as opportunities that the community’s bank leaders are faced with. The participants and panellists go through strategic ways via M&A activity and also by using branching and organic growth.

As a final service company, Nexbank Capital Inc. makes use of three vital business to avail their services to their client base. The three business principles they use are Commercial Banking, Institutional Services as well as Mortgage Banking. They also bring to the table banking and financial services that are specially designed to cater to institutional clients, global corporations, and financial institutions.

Nexbank Capital Inc. is focused on delivering unmatched value on every turn by utilizing industry leadership. They have unrivalled access to customized solutions for their clientele which are all availed by seasoned professionals with a respectable history of success in their fields. Nexbank has also been providing the banking industry with a charter ever since the year 1922. In Commercial Banking, Nexbank offers Commercial Lending, Agency Services, Credit Services, Treasury Management and Commercial Real Estate Lending.

In their Mortgage Banking service, Nexbank provides clients with Warehouse Lending, Wholesale and Correspondent Lending. With their Institutional Services, they have Investment Banking, Public Funds, Real Estate Advisory as well as Treasury Management.


Who Is Jose AuriemoNeto?  Mr. Jose AuriemoNeto is a well known Brazilian real estate development executive. He currently serves as the chief executive officer at JHSF. Jose Auriemo Neto is also the chairman of the board there. He is an alumni of the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation, which is a private and well known college in Sao Paulo, Brazil.   Jose Auriemo Neto started working in the real estate development sector in 1993 with JHSF. A few years later in 1997, Mr. AuriemoNeto came up with the idea of forming a parking management company to handle the issues of parking lots for JHSF’s properties. The result of this was a firm called Parkbem, which is owned by JHSF. Mr. AuriemoNeto was credited with Parkbem’s creation in 1997.   As a highly innovative and ambitious young executive, JHSF appointed Jose AuriemoNeto to oversee the development of one its first commericial shopping plazas. This was the Shopping Santa Cruz Plaza in the Brazilian city of Santa Cruz do Sul.  JHSF would also later use the talents of Jose AuriemoNeto to sign lucrative contracts with luxury retailers such as Hermes and Pucci. These and other upscale retailers would open retail locations at JHSF owned properties such as the CidadeJadrim shopping complex. Mr. AuriemoNeto later secured another lucrative luxury retail partnership. This time it was the Valentino company. He was also instrumental in helping the luxury retailer launch its first store in Brazil on JHSF commericial retail space.   A recent project that Jose AuriemoNeto has completed on behalf of JHSF is the construction and leasing off a luxury apartment development and hotel building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This luxury property faces Central Park and is located in what is known to be as one of the most desirable and high end real estate spots available in New York City. Mr. AuriemoNeto says that the apartments constructed by JHSF in Manhattan will not be for sale. They are rental properties. This is because the company’s views these apartments as an investment property. The hotel in the building will also feature JHSF run 5 star luxury hotel service that will cater to the rich and famous.

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As an oral maxillofacial surgeon, scientist, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Clokie continues to pioneer new ways to bring about innovative solutions in the field of regenerative medicine. At present, he is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc.

For the past thirty years he has involved himself in clinical practice and academic dentistry. His accomplishments include the Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto, and his role as Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998.

He has also served on a number of scientific advisory boards for several companies. As an expert on regenerative medicine and bone construction, Dr. Clokie has also published numerous papers and given a host of presentations educating others about clinical practices and advancements in his field.

With 25 patents to his name, Dr. Clokie has a powerful platform from which to develop and launch successful business alliances. His knowledge and experience is instrumental in being able to take a dream from concept to reality. He knows what it takes to create successful commercial enterprises.

Bone regeneration can change the entire face of reconstructive surgery. It is a method whereby adult stem cells become bone tissue. This allows the skeletal clock to reset itself. Bones can grow in the way that a newborn’s bones grow. This type of research links closely to tissue regeneration.

Current methods rely on a painful process of removing fat, bone, or muscle from one area of the body to another for reconstruction. Dr. Clokie’s research leads the way in taking regeneration to a whole new level.

Crunchbase revealed that Dr. Cameron Clokie is yet another example of what can happen when a person has the right education and entrepreneurial mix. Or, one might look at in light of what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Dr. Clokie’s work is on the verge of providing a breakthrough in his field.

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Fabletics is a leading online fashion retailer. It focuses on women sports and leisurewear, popularly referred to as athleisure. The brand runs under the umbrella of TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly JustFab. It was established in 2013 and has risen rapidly to beat veteran e-commerce fashion stores such as Amazon. It is a joint venture between the TechStyle Fashion Group co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson, the actress.



Fabletics is known for aggressive and innovative marketing and sales strategies. The brand uses a membership model to sell its products. The brand appreciates quality and price are not enough to compete in an evolving economy. Consumers are increasingly looking for value in exclusive design and technology, brand success and customer care. The brand operates online portals where users can log in and create profiles.



This information plugs into a network of more than sixteen physical stores. Fabletics utilizes data analytics to influence consumer trends. The service is subscription based. Members get periodic fashion suggestions based on their style and preferences. The brand delivers customized items that people already want. This level of service delivery is achieving tremendous success.



The reverse showroom technique is one of the disruptive ways the brand is using to grow. When you step into a physical store, the system recognizes you and connects to your online profile. Items you check out and try on populate your profile information. Customers can later login and purchase the items online. Stores evaluate their customer’s preferences and stock up on the items their clients are most likely to buy.



Fabletics fuses global fashion trends with individual consumer preferences. This enhances the level of brand satisfaction. The brand is dedicated to understanding the new type of consumer and their culture. It delivers unique shopping experiences through a convenient membership model, quick buying options, and smart distribution. These strategies have successfully differentiated the brand from its competitors in the e-commerce space.



The brand is also expanding its product portfolio. It introduced a men’s line in 2015. In 2016, it added dresses and swimsuits to the inventory. Kate Hudson is using her networks and acting prowess to promote the brand. She recently collaborated with Demi Lovato, an American singer and actress. They launched a collection in her name. Demi Lovato is excited about the brand strategy and value.


The brand is working hard to bring out the best in all women regardless of size, age or shape. She has a hands-on approach and is proud to wear items from the brand. To be part of his amazing shopping experience, head on to their website and get started with a quick lifestyle quiz. This enables them to deliver customized picks for your leisure and sports activities.

Writen on June 21, 2015, by Media Observatory

Rossana Fuentes Berain

The journalist Rossana Fuentes Berain will lead and coordinate the group of consultants who will develop the project to give a turn to Editorial Televisa, company that designated Porfirio Sánchez Galindo as Editorial General Director.

Sánchez Galindo, who has been director of Special Projects for more than eight years, said that the strategy is “to win in audiences, advertisers and markets, from magazines to clicks with the only limit of intelligence and collective imagination “.

In a statement, Grupo Televisa reported that it made the appointments in order to improve the editorial proposal for its readers and customers, and to use more and better the range of existing information channels.

Fuentes Berain is a journalist with extensive experience in print media. From 2009 to 2014, she was Vice President of Grupo Expansión, responsible for the content of the 17 magazines and 11 sites that make up the Group, as well as the editorial content of the brand extensions.

In September 2014 he founded Mexico MediaLab S21, a center specialized in accumulating and generating research on the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) to imagine and implement disruptive projects that provoke innovation in the public and private sector of the country.

Rossana was the first woman who held the position of editor of the business section in the newspaper El Financiero . Fungió as deputy director of special issues and investigation in the newspaper Reforma and director of the pages of Opinion in El Universal .

In Televisa she was a television host on the show “Contrapunto” and has collaborated in the newspapers The New York Times, The Washington Post .

Co-author of several books, including Networked Readiness: Latin America’s Last Train and Are We Mexican?

His most recent book is Gray Gold: Zambrano, Cemex’s Gestation and Globalization in Mexico, a business biography of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cemex Lorenzo Zambrano.

She was a professor at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, Founder and Member of the Editorial Board of “Foreign Affairs Latin America”.

Rossana Fuentes Berain holds a degree in Mass Communication from the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico, has a PhD in Information Law from the joint program of the Universidad de Occidente Navarra and Iberoamericana. She has a Master’s degree in International Journalism from the University of Southern California.

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Galindo also currently works with multiple other agencies in Mexico. The list is nearly countless. Some include DC Comics Mexico, Esquire Latinoamerica, Cosmopolitan de Mexico, Familia Saludable, Marie Claire and more.


Those pet parents who have already made the switch to healthy and nutritious Beneful brand know the good health of their dog is always the main priority for the fourth largest pet food company in the world. Beneful is not a brand to rest on its laurels in terms of the success that has already been achieved and has responded to the calls from customers for a grain free recipe with the creation of its farm raised chicken recipe and read full article.

Beneful has removed the corn from its grain free recipe that has been linked to medical issues in some canine pets and is used as filler in the majority of pet foods produced by major and budget brands; the removal of corn and gluten has been accompanied by 100 percent nutritional value for adult dogs being maintained in this latest recipe Beneful is targeting to owners concerned about the continued health of their dogs. Removing corn has seen the level of chicken raised to the main ingredient in the grain free recipe without the excellent taste dogs love being sacrificed by Beneful.

Over the course of the development of the latest grain free recipe developed by Beneful the brand has not limited the quality that has led the brand to become such a success in a short period of time. Quality checks are carried out throughout the development and production process that ensure only the highest quality foods are available at all times and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.

The CNBC article written by Tim Armour called “Warren Buffett is wrong about this investment strategy” humbly adds his perspective that people need to be careful when investing in the long run because their returns can be diminished due to excessive trading and the ridiculous fees that people get charged while trading. He states that even though that the bull market that we just had recently was a very historic one, markets will seek a recession and it is very important that When that happens, you need to be ahead of the rest of the crowd. Tim Armour made a fantastic final statement by saying that people should start putting money into their retirement funds (401ks) because the baby boomers are now getting into retirement and taking away money from social security.

Tim Armour received his Bachelor’s degree for Economics from Middlebury College and in 1983, he started to work for the Capital Group. IN 1994, he was the Senior Vice President for the American Funds. The Capital Group did a partnership with Samsung Asset Management and Tim Armour wanted to help Korean investors with their retirement funds, and their needs for insurance. He believes that the market selloff can bring more opportunities to Chinese internet companies. The valuations of the internet companies in China are actually looking very strong, even when compared to the valuations of the larger internet companies in the United States. Tim Armour’s thoughts on post Trump market change are very interesting. He believes that quicker economic growth, growing rates and high inflation rates are to come in the future. Click here to know more.

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Many benefits come with wine investments. Rather than just seeing investments on computer screen or paper, most people decide to invest in wine bottles which they store in a wine storage collection room or cellar. UKV PLC is a major wines manufacturer from the UK, and everyone turns to this agency for all kinds of wines. At UKV PLC, there are wine specialists who ensure those clients wine collections are conveniently stored. The company can make arrangements for storing the wine in a separate building; this only occurs in the case where large groups are to be accumulated.

Getting in touch UKV PLC wine specialists helps most customers to decide what type of wine to buy depending; on the market conditions. Rather than just going for any wine without a clue of the investment value, UKV PLC wine specialists help their clients to chose on the most impressive wine collections. Vintage wines fetch the most price, so most customers contact UKV PLC for wine collections that they can store for up to five years. Click here to know more.

Clients who start investing in wine often have brighter prospects, and every client that requests for wine with UKV PLC often get all time complimentary valuations of the wine collections. Buying through the company’s online portal gives clients an added advantage since there is a 15% profit guarantee for the investment. The most important factor that customers take in mind is not to buy the unpopular brands or second labels. Besides, wine investment is moderately more stable and does not fall prey to stock market volatility.

Clients purchasing from UKV PLC also get afforded custom made collections with bonded account and personal names inscribed on the wine bottles. Besides, the company also makes sure client wine collections are insured against possible damage. Note that ever since Brexit, the number of wine investments advanced by greater margins. With Brexit, most people in Great Britain took that daring move and demanded full independence. It is rather intriguing how wine investments survived such investment drastic changes. It, therefore, means that wine investments can be good options during uncertain future periods.

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David Giertz is the name to reckon with in the financial sector of the United States and is the President of the leading financial firm, Nationwide Financial Distributions. It is the subsidiary company of Nationwide Financial, which offers a broad range of financial products and retirement planning products. As the President of the Nationwide Financials, David has helped in devising highly strategic and efficient sales and marketing plans that have assisted in increasing the sales of the company and penetrating the market effectively on Facebook. Under his watch, the company made record sales that went past the $17 Billion mark, whereas the speculators thought it would just be around the corner of $11 Billion.

It helped in making David Giertz a well-deserving star in the finance field, and one of the most sought after finance professional as well. Over the years, David Giertz has spoken to many TV channels and media networks on the latest trends in the financial market. Recently, David gave an interview to Wall Street Journal, where he talked about the significance of social security in the retirement planning and why people should not exclude it from their social security at https://angel.co/david-giertz. David said that the financial advisors these days are not suggesting the people keep social security as it adds to their burden, and this is why people are suffering a huge loss in their retirement planning.

David Giertz said that it is important for people to consult with their financial advisors and make it clear that the social security needs to be included in their long-term retirement planning on CNBC. With the exclusion of social security, a person can lose over $100,000 in the span of around twenty years, which is a considerable amount when it comes to retirement planning. David said that people should not hesitate to switch their financial advisors if the need be.

Learn more about David Giertz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051