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Forefront Capital has floated its initiative, Forefront Income Trust, in the market. The innovative investment fund caters for the non-accredited investors. For the longest time, Brad Reifler focused on accredited investors. Accredited investors are those that make over $200,000 in a year or have a net worth of more than $1 million. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also reflects this statistics. Brad Reifler pointed out that he was now shifting the focus to non-accredited investors with a specific plan developed for them.

Originally, the accredited investor standards were developed to protect shareholders from risky investments. Nevertheless, knowledge and oversight in the capital market has increased within the last 30 years. SEC has recommended important updates to the meaning of accredited investor. Additionally, an Investor Advisory Committee was created in 2010. The committee was mandated by the Dodd- Frank Act with the task of reviewing the definition after every four years. The recommendation of the committee was to do away with the present net worth and income tests developed 32 years ago. They were to change the measures in line with financial sophistication.

It’s pretty clear from CrunchBase that Reifler created Forefront Income Trust after careful analysis and due diligence. The trust offers non-credited investors an opportunity to invest a minimum of $2,500 that can be withdrawn or added every quarter. The Forefront Income Trust products allow room for potential growth and high risks since they are not correlated to the stock market. According to Reifler, they offer interesting distinctive programs that can provide clients with liquidity and a return of 8%.

Brad Reifler made his first investment in a 529-college plan many years back as referenced on Wikipedia. This investment was available to all regardless of their income or worth. When his girls were to join college, the fund was 40% lower making him incur losses. His attention to the middle class was drawn more after his father in-law gave him his savings to invest. However, his father in law’s investment strategies could not materialize because he was not a credited investor. Reifler realized how limited investment opportunities were available to many people.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. He is a highly experienced and qualified individual with having over 30 years experience. Reifler established his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982 after graduating with a degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College. Refco bought the Company in 2000.

Later, Reifler established Pali Capital where he achieved even greater success. Serving as the chairman and CEO, Reifler led the company to profits surpassing over $200 million. He also established offices in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Reifler would like to be recognized as an individual that people can trust in offering investment alternatives. His goal is to demystify the investment complexity in a bid to elicit the public to invest and secure their futures through their savings.

The End Citizens United PAC is determined to make an impact in the upcoming 2018 elections, working foremost to replace the current republican seat holders in California’s house with democrats. There are currently four Republican elected officials that the group has identified as being vulnerable, and these are the four individuals that End Citizens United is going to support the opponents in the coming election. The main reason these four individuals have been identified is due to their campaign finances and other fiscal issues.

The people and businesses that support a campaign and elected officials are always an important factor in elections because of the issues that they represent. In this election, many of the companies that supported and donated to the funds for these four house members are part of very contentious issues that electors in the state of California might find at odds with their values. Across these four districts, the money that is exchanged and funding elected officials is substantial and that is why each individual has been named. The PAC End Citizens United might just make campaign finance reform the issue of the election given all the attention and work that is about to go into replacing each of these four seats.

End Citizens United was formed in response to Citizens United and the Supreme Court decision that made it possible for companies and corporations to donate to campaigns as individuals. Many that started the PAC believe that this decision was detrimental to the political process by giving corporations more control over elections and elected officials when it should be the citizens of the country that these men and women work for. For this reason, most of the opponents that End Citizens United works against are those that have accepted major campaign contributions from corporations or other special interest groups that now use the new law to fund campaigns in return for beneficial legislation.

To date this grassroots effort has seen some significant impact, working with money and word of mouth to take their message to each area of the country where they can make the greatest difference. Each election is a chance to even the playing field and exposing elected officials that have accepted questionable contributions to their campaigns.

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Nearly 90 years ago, one of the greatest men to ever live was born. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary 87 years ago. Unfortunately, his family was Jewish and living in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Things didn’t get better after the war and Hungary became a Communist nation.

When he was old enough, Soros moved to London before moving to the United States. Once in the U.S., he began working on Wall Street. It wasn’t after that he found success as a hedge fund manager. Now, George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager and an avid philanthropist.

For more than 30 years, Soros has been involved in philanthropy. It started when he first found success on Wall Street and began donating to charity. Eventually, he founded his own organization, Open Society. Over the years, he’s donated billions to the foundation. According to the NY Times, he’s donated a total of $18 billion to the foundation.

Obviously, he didn’t donate billions of dollars at a time, but close to it. He’s been donating $800 million or more every year since founding Open Society. This has made his foundation one of the largest charitable organizations in the world.

The primary goal of Open Society is to promote democracy and human rights. In reality, they’ll help anyone with an issue they deem worthy of their time. There’s too much suffering for them to ignore just because it’s not part of their original mission. That’s the way Soros wanted it.

Most of their current efforts are focused on the United States. For the few years, America’s been facing some tough times. Once Donald Trump was elected, things got worse very quickly. Open Society is doing everything it can to protect minority groups and bring an end to the hate and violence that’s running rampant in the streets, and learn more about George Soros.

The more Soros tries to do, the more the opposition tries to stop him. JPost recently explored this demonization of philanthropy. Everything George Soros has done for the good of humanity has been made to look like an attack on America.

Right-wing conspiracy theorists accuse Soros of everything from supporting both sides of racial issues to hiring women to accuse Republican Senate candidates of sexual assault. His support of the NFL protests and the Women’s March has even been made to look like terrorist support, and https://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros.

A recent study showed the increased rate of fatalities due to cardiovascular disease. In America alone, a whopping 600,000 people die each year because of conditions associated with heart disease. Because this is the top ranked killer in America, it is little wonder why more people are seeking help through preventative measures. Lifeline Screening aids in the preventative care process by offering comprehensive testing for all types of cardiovascular conditions. These tests are designed to uncover the potential a person might have toward having a heart related condition as well as indicate the presence of an existing condition.

The importance of having preventative screening for heart disease is seen in the number of fatalities incurred with a first heart attack. Unfortunately, many people do not know they have a serious condition until it becomes too late. The services offered through Lifeline Screening help detect the potential for heart disease in people who have a family history of cardiovascular disease as well as in those who do not. Anyone who does have a family history of heart disease is considered at risk and is encouraged to have periodic screenings to help control what could become a potentially fatal condition.

The professionals at Lifeline Screening conducted a study to see what type of results they would obtain from groups who had used preventative screening methods and those who did not. The objective was to see whether or not people used their test results to make changes in their lifestyles in order to control their condition. This particular study involved groups that were made up of mostly females who were over 50 years of age. The findings from this study indicated that the people who had preventative screenings conducted did in fact, make healthier choices for their diets and increased their amounts of exercise. What astonished the researchers at Lifeline were the number of people who made positive changes in their lifestyles regardless of what their test results showed.

The tests performed by Lifeline Screening are designed to be quick and effective. They can be conducted at times that are convenient to people’s schedules in a safe and secure environment. The preventative screening tests for cardiovascular disease could also be used as a base for comparison by a person’s regular doctor. The staggering statistics on the number of people who die each year due to unrecognized heart disease could be lowered significantly through the use of preventative screenings.

Read More: www.indeed.com/cmp/Life-Line-Screening

Aloha Construction is a highly touted construction business based out of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha is family owned and operated and ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. Their reputation is outstanding. The roofers are bonded and trusted, and the contractors are insured an licensed. Why should you choose them?

Aloha Construction offers an array of services. Aloha offers roofing and siding, gutters and downspouts, and window and screen replacement. If the damage is done to your house by storm or unforeseen circumstances, don’t hesitate to give them a call. Aloha Construction has done their homework on how to provide superior service and access to their services. They offer to finance, just in case times are difficult. They are experts in installation, repairing, and replacing any of your siding needs. They work with Face Brick, Wood, Stucco, etc. Whatever material you are using, they can help.


Aloha Construction Inc upholds a 4.4 Google rating and more importantly, a 4.8 BBB rating, which stands as an A+. That is outstanding and confirms how the leadership runs the company. The only downfall I have seen was due to weather, they overloaded themselves with business and took extra time to get to customers. Aloha Construction provides a professionally put together website that is easily accessible.

Aloha Construction received the Better Business Bureau’s 2017 Torch Awards or ethics. The BBB chooses a company that has made an impact ethically. They have sponsorship’s throughout the city and community. Aloha was the sponsor of the Central Illinois Flying Aces hockey team, and are one of the sponsors of the Cane County Cougars. They also offer tips for potential customers on their website.

Aloha stands tall in the industry and the community. This is what consumer’s want in a family-owned company. Customers’ deserve honesty, understanding, and quality when it comes to who they hire. They continue to show those values. Customer service and satisfaction often go overlooked in today’s free market. It is rare to see a company this highly touted and rated make an impact in the community. Society needs more companies with ethics and morals.

Rodney J. Rohrich, MD, FACS, distinguished plastic surgeon of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, will be actively participating in three professional conferences in the beginning of 2018.

The first conference that Dr. Rohrich will be participating in is the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, taking place in Miami, FL on February 8-10, 2018. He will serve as a panel participant and moderator during this conference. Topics that Dr. Rohrich will be moderating and/or presenting during this symposium include Lower Lid Blepharoplasty, Body Contour Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation. Additionally, Dr. Rohrich will conduct a Primary Open Rhinoplasty during the popular live surgery segment of the symposium.

The second conference that Dr. Rohrich is participating in is the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, taking place February 28th-March 1, 2018. Dr. Rohrich is coordinating this event, and will be the chairman. In addition, he will be a panel moderator and lecturer, covering topics such as vascular treatments, tissue tightening, sweating treatments, body contouring, vaginal rejuvenation, and noninvasive approaches in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Rohrich will also conduct a Lift and Fill Facelift during the Video Cadaver Demonstration.

The third conference that Dr. Rohrich is scheduled to participate in is the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, taking place March 2-3, 2018. He is also the coordinator and chairman of this conference. This meeting will provide an overview of rhinoplasty, including diagnosis of rhinoplasty issues and cutting-edge rhinoplasty techniques. Dr. Rohrich will be a panel moderator and lecturer during the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

Dr. Rohrich is an esteemed leader in the field of plastic surgery. He is a Professor of Plastic Surgery and founding Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. He obtained his degree in medicine from Baylor University College of Medicine, and did his surgical residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

Dr. Rohrich is the President of the Association of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery. He is actively involved in several other professional organizations. He has received numerous distinguished awards for research, education and service in the field of plastic surgery. He frequently donates time and resources to worthy causes throughout the medical community.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rod-rohrich-3b887914/

Soros Donates Most of His Wealth To Open Society Foundation

Donating to $18 Billion to his Open Society Foundation has meant that the philanthropist George Soros has given away the overwhelming majority of his fortune. His fortune currently stands at over $6.6 (less $18 Billion) Billion with his contribution aiming to promote democracy. George Soros also plans to contribute the majority of his remaining wealth to his foundation.

Aim to Combat Authoritarianism and Promote Human Rights

This donation is destined for the Open Society Foundation’s work in combating authoritarianism, the promotion of human rights, and the support of LGBT groups and other marginalized individuals/groups. More importantly, the donation makes the Open Society Foundation one of the largest charities. This puts the foundation directly behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in terms of endowment.

Made Substantial Sum of Money In Foreign Exchange Markets

The origins of his fortune are from 1992, when he made a substantial sum of money ($1 Billion) from shorting the British Pound. This puts Mr. Soros in a substantial position of power over financial markets, which leads to some of the suspicion that others have

Criticized Unfairly From Politicians

Unfortunately, George Soros has seen his fair share of critics for the philanthropic work which he has performed. A recent piece from The Atlantic reported that many have accused him of funding protests such as the Antifa movement and Black Lives Matter. Some have also accused him of paying women to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault. Much of this has its origins in Soros’ funding of a campaign to prevent George Bush’s reelection.

Designed To Paint Mr. Soros as Boogeyman

But, unfortunately all of these statements are designed to paint Mr. Soros as being a philanthropic “boogeyman.” This comes during a time in which many are active among populist movements. The word “philanthropist” refers to an individual whom seeks to promote an open society and egalitarian values, which George Soros aspires to do through his foundation.

Aim of Creating Open Society Foundation TO Establish Open Society

Deciding he had “enough money” in 1979, he set up his philanthropic arm to achieve a goal of establishing an open society. His first philanthropic venture was in providing scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town and for dissidents in Eastern Europe to study abroad. He sees his success as giving him the opportunity to take a stand on often controversial issues.

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It’s been said that some things are actually greater than the sum of their parts, and this notion that a coming together of two entities of high quality can result in something even bigger and better than what existed before is true for successful business mergers. This truism comes to mind when thinking about the merger that created The Brown Agency in Texas.

The Brown Agency is a Austin, Texas based modeling agency that came about when

Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent South. The combination of these two modeling agencies, the largest in the region, has created a full-service agency in Austin that has all the most unique qualities and capabilities of these two agencies combined. This is the only full-service modeling agency in Austin, and it’s one of the very few currently working in Texas.

An Acting and Modeling Force in Texas

Back in 2010, Justin Brown headed up the Wilhelmina South modeling agency, and it went on to become one of the most successful agencies in the central Texas area.

Meanwhile, since 2012, Heyman Talent South was growing into its role as one of the top talent agencies in Austin. With these two entities now working together as The Brown Agency, clients now have access to a huge roster of top talent , while the talent at the agency has access to even more entertainment work opportunities.

The Brown Agency’s headquarters are located in Austin, with satellite offices in Dallas and also in Los Angeles. Justin Brown now leads the company as CEO and President. According to Brown, the talent merger enabled the agency to become a full-service entity and to grow and offer an even greater commitment to not only the client roster but to the talent list as well. Both of the agencies involved in the merger that ultimately formed The Brown Agency have a great deal of pride in offering the very best, most professional and elegant talent working today. Together, these two strong businesses have formed a unique entity that offers more on every level to not only clients, but to the talented models and actors working with the agency as well. You can visit their Instagram page

The Trump administration has caused new debate about immigration with its emphasis on the issue of deportation. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: https://angel.co/michael-lacey-3 and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

The cornerstone of Trump’s campaign was talking about building a wall on the border. Since Trump has come into the office, migrants and their families have lived in constant fear.

There are groups who have organized assistance for immigrants during these stressful times. Here are just a few:

Families for Freedom-works with families who are in immediate danger of being deported. This group consists largely of former detainees of the system.

The Immigrant Defense Project-uses their influence and educators to give valuable information to immigrants and their families

International Rescue Committee-founded by Albert Einstein. This organization travels and offers assistance to those who need emotional or financial help.

The International Refugee Assistance Project asks law students and attorneys to use their expertise to speak for immigrants in legal and ethical situations. Read more:

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin with the money they were awarded from a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for an illegal arrest. The Frontera Fund uses money and resources to fight discrimination in Arizona and beyond.

There has been a huge increase in the detention of immigrants since Trump became President. The workload of detainees has grown by 146% over the past few years which means a jump of an incredible 453,948 cases to take care of. This rise in litigation has also caused a crisis of finding qualified judges to hear these cases.

The amount of cases has had a negative effect on immigrants because cases can last for years. This dilemma leads to difficult separations and financial hardships for the families as the breadwinners are stuck in jails. Judges who preside over cases quickly are more likely to make crucial mistakes. Some judges state they must make life-altering decisions in 7 minutes.

Activists like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have put their own careers in jeopardy as they fight injustice. If the two men had been intimidated by Joe Arpaio and his deputies, the freedom of speech would have been in danger.

Each of these groups works to bring relief to the hardship that immigrants live with every day and for the families they support. legislation has been pushed through that puts the rights of people in jeopardy, living in the United States today.

These advocacy groups use resources and finances they raise to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

For the entertainment conglomerate ROC Nation, Desiree Perez has quickly become the company’s secret to success as her influence as a leader has been felt across the company. Entertainment is a highly competitive industry as well, meaning that it attracts very driven individuals. Valued at $17.2 Billion, it is also one of the largest industries in the world. Desiree Perez is an exception in this industry, as she has found success as a woman in the entertainment business.She is also part of Jay Z’s push to expand business interests in the entertainment field.

Desiree Perez has played a huge role in optimizing profits and ensuring that the right talent for Jay-Z comes into the business. Her role has also helped Jay Z evolve in his career, from a rapper to the business mogul that he is today. She plays a huge role in any decision that Jay Z wants to make, and has an attitude that makes it easy for Jay Z to jump on new opportunities.Desiree Perez has also had a great track record with other artists as well.

This includes a $25 Million deal with Samsung that lifted Rihanna’s standing.Desiree Perez currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at ROC Nation based in New York, New York. She has recently been featured in the Mogul Magazine as a result of her work with Jay Z. She runs SC Enterprises, which is Jay Z’s business arm. Desiree Perez is also a great negotiator and has helped many businesses to grow and to flourish.

The publication of the catchy piece of ‘An Ode to Those Who Wander,’ caught an eye of a former trader under Wall Street. The decorated veteran in hedge fund contacted me with an intention of discussing the GNC Holdings, Inc. I have had an interest on GNC in my publication work, a line of thought that this veteran had followed closely. Our meeting over the weekend was also meant to discuss his time on Wall Street. He has since taken a sabbatical leave at the age of 35 years.

His journey on Wall Street started in Penn State University where he graduated and jumped into investment world. His first role was an intern at Merrill Lynch in New York City. After 3 years at Merrill, he joined Longacre hedge fund where he would meet the renowned investor in hedge fund, SahmAdrangi. Sahm is known for his investment skills and more so as the founder of the all-time famous Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Under the leadership of Sahm, Kerrisdale Capital has caused such headlines especially with their uniquely designed approaches. For instance, the company approached investors for a sum of $100 million which it intends to bet on just one stock. This has caused a lot of speculation in the market, terming the co-investment as a first in this line of business. The growing investment company intends to use this capital to short the stock of a public company whose identity has not been made known at this time.

Also taking part in this campaign is an analyst from Kerrisdale, Shane Wilson. With support of Adrangi, he intends to intensify their lobbying for their proposition to other investors as well to generate more capital. They will be using media such as their websites and video to see this through.

As the Chief Investment Officer, Adrangi has seen the company accumulate $500 million including the recently collected money form investors. They recently created a short for stocks of Zafgen Company and Sage Therapeutics and Global star. Sahm is also known for his publication work. He recently did a sensitization piece titled, ‘The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable’ that made heads turn on 14th of February.