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Forefront Capital has floated its initiative, Forefront Income Trust, in the market. The innovative investment fund caters for the non-accredited investors. For the longest time, Brad Reifler focused on accredited investors. Accredited investors are those that make over $200,000 in a year or have a net worth of more than $1 million. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also reflects this statistics. Brad Reifler pointed out that he was now shifting the focus to non-accredited investors with a specific plan developed for them.

Originally, the accredited investor standards were developed to protect shareholders from risky investments. Nevertheless, knowledge and oversight in the capital market has increased within the last 30 years. SEC has recommended important updates to the meaning of accredited investor. Additionally, an Investor Advisory Committee was created in 2010. The committee was mandated by the Dodd- Frank Act with the task of reviewing the definition after every four years. The recommendation of the committee was to do away with the present net worth and income tests developed 32 years ago. They were to change the measures in line with financial sophistication.

It’s pretty clear from CrunchBase that Reifler created Forefront Income Trust after careful analysis and due diligence. The trust offers non-credited investors an opportunity to invest a minimum of $2,500 that can be withdrawn or added every quarter. The Forefront Income Trust products allow room for potential growth and high risks since they are not correlated to the stock market. According to Reifler, they offer interesting distinctive programs that can provide clients with liquidity and a return of 8%.

Brad Reifler made his first investment in a 529-college plan many years back as referenced on Wikipedia. This investment was available to all regardless of their income or worth. When his girls were to join college, the fund was 40% lower making him incur losses. His attention to the middle class was drawn more after his father in-law gave him his savings to invest. However, his father in law’s investment strategies could not materialize because he was not a credited investor. Reifler realized how limited investment opportunities were available to many people.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. He is a highly experienced and qualified individual with having over 30 years experience. Reifler established his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982 after graduating with a degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College. Refco bought the Company in 2000.

Later, Reifler established Pali Capital where he achieved even greater success. Serving as the chairman and CEO, Reifler led the company to profits surpassing over $200 million. He also established offices in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Reifler would like to be recognized as an individual that people can trust in offering investment alternatives. His goal is to demystify the investment complexity in a bid to elicit the public to invest and secure their futures through their savings.

Malcolm CasSelle is a man that has managed to create a path for himself and the world of digital technology. The manner in which he has created this path is not that, unlike an individual who is creating the life that they want to live. Malcolm CasSelle first decided to enter the world of digital technology by pursuing a formal education. He was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he began to pursue the educational requirements to receive a bachelors degree in computer science. After completing the requirements for his bachelor’s degree in computer science, he was able to graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he decided that he would like to pursue further education and applied to Stanford University. Stanford University accepted Malcolm CasSelle. After being accepted by Stanford University Malcolm CasSelle decided to continue pursuing his education and began to take graduate classes in computer science. He was able to complete the requirements and graduate with a Masters degree in computer science from Stanford University.

By the time he had finished his formal education, he was ready to take on the world of digital technology, and he has since gone on to create quite a reputation for himself by assisting numerous digital technology companies during their startup phases. The startup phases of digital technology companies as part of the most crucial phase that a company can have. It is during this time that it will be decided whether the company will be successful or not. Malcolm CasSelle has been able to ensure that a number of companies have experienced success as a result of the help that he has lent to them. He is able to display a level of leadership and technological prowess that is seldom seen in individuals.

He has most recently launched his own company that is known as worldwide asset exchange. This company utilizes the thing technology that powers the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. This technology is known as the blockchain. This technology will allow digital transactions to become decentralized. This should eliminate numerous issues that have been plaguing virtual transactions for years.


OSI Industries is a meat packing company based in Illinois. Recently, OSI has been steadily increasing its production and capacity in order to stay competitive in the hyper-competitive industry of meat packaging and processing. There are many ways that OSI is making this happen, and all of them offer OSI unique vantage points in their industry. Acquisition is one way that OSI is increasing its presence. It isn’t easy for an American company with a humble beginning to break into the European market (a move that is certainly necessary to remain competitive). OSI is doing this by acquiring companies that are already competitive in their market. Let’s take a look at some of the examples.

Recently, OSI Industries purchased Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a deli meat provider in the Netherlands that focuses on convenience products and snacks. Now, Baho Foods is already a dominant force and the acquisition of the company would be good on profit margins alone. However, acquiring Baho Foods is more than the money to OSI. Baho gives them an insight into a unique market and ties to a difficult to establish trade route, the Netherlands. Baho Foods wide variety of products adds to the growing portfolio of available products that OSI offers, but their connections to factories and farmers as well as their cemented status in the Dutch market makes them an invaluable catch for OSI.

The other example is that of Hynek in Germany. See, OSI has always faced a problem when building factories abroad. It’s easy to build a factory, but it can be difficult to create relationships with local farmers and slaughterhouses. At home, OSI already has these strong social connections, and it’s part of what drives their success. Abroad, however, language barriers, government regulations, and terrain difficulties make establishing connections based on trust more difficult. OSI Industries acquisition of Hynek shows that the company is committed to forming these relationships. Hynek has strong cemented relationships with German farmers and butchers. This connection is woven into the DNA of Hynek. This DNA is partially shared by OSI Industries making the two companies a great fit for each other.

Acquisitions in key areas have helped OSI Industries remain competitive in Europe. It helps OSI bypass language barriers, and maintain a firm grasp on the European market. OSI may be an American company, but their presence is felt throughout the European foodservice market. Something that OSI has worked hard to establish.

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Agora Financial would like you to meet Bob the Dentist. Like everyone else, there are certain things that Bob knows, and there are certain things that he does not know. As a dentist, he is keenly aware of such things as fillings, root canals, dentures, extractions, and a litany of other dental procedures. What he is not aware of, of course, would be financial investments. How do we help Bob?

The answer to that question was detailed in a recent video by Agora Financial. As detailed in the video, you first of all know that Bob does not want to rely on a hot shot broker who is only advising him based on a commission, nor does he want to worry about any other financial vultures that might be preying on his nest egg. Enter Agora Financial.

They are able to advise him on such things as finding companies that are poised for rapid growth, the secrets of generating income, and a variety of wealth protection strategies he had never heard of. Moreover, Bob the dentist can take heart at the very nature of Agora Financial. Unlike other financial services companies, Agora Financial is 100% unbiased. They do not take payouts from other companies in order to give them good reviews, plus they will travel to the site of any companies they advise investing in, such as oil fields in North Dakota, gold mines in South Africa, or housing booms in Mongolia.

About Agora Financial

For Agora Financial, innovation is the name of the game when it comes to investment advice. They realize that investors must wade through a lot of conflicting information and that can make it a challenge to be successful in their investments. The great thing about Agora Financial would be the fact that they do not just tell people what they think when it comes to investments but they also show people with the evidence. Individuals like Bob the dentist will never have to worry about losing their money in the markets if Agora Financial has anything to say about it and more

Americans have taken on a lot of the benefits and advantages that are offered by online banking. For one thing, they have seen the benefits of the convenience offered by these platforms. For one thing, online banking has brought forth a lot of ways that Americans can use their money. For instance, people are able to use their money across many different processors. One thing that can be said for online wallets such as PSI Pay is that they come in handy for people who work online. When people make their money online, making it one of their best financial years, then they are going to see a lot of the benefits and the convenience of being able to receive and use their money right away.


Another good thing about online banking is that people do not have to find the nearest branch of their bank which can be hard to locate. They can access their bank from their own mobile phone. This method helps them keep track of the money they spend on the products. When people use online banking and payment processors, they relieve themselves of a lot of the hassles that can come with accessing their money. For one thing, they do not have to worry about paying a fee to access their money from an ATM at another bank, as reported as by CompanyCheck.


Americans are just starting to warm up to the concept of online banking. They are learning how to use these payment processors from companies like Google, Samsung, and plenty of others. As a matter of fact, many of the entrepreneurs are seeing the benefits of having this type of product at their service. With money being electronically handled, people are going to be able to have their money on them at any time even if they are nowhere near their bank. With all of the benefits of well-regulated online banking, it is only a matter of time before it becomes the primary use of Americans.




In an article by Heidi Harris titled “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, with Kamil Idris on the pitfalls of Globalization”, the author talks about the changes linked to globalization and technology. Kamil Idris, the former director of the WIPO in Geneva, discusses how globalization has its pros. It is allowing for innovation, and with the help of globalization is driving exports. However, there are new grey areas created that center on the ownership of ideas and how to protect these. Intellectual property rights are important to protect innovation, but there is a growing issue in which wealthy countries and companies are able to control patent purchasing, while poorer countries are left behind. There also will likely be a growth in intellectual theft, piracy, and counterfeit movements. Idris feels that this gap will only grow as the globalization continues, and this is why there is a need for formal reforms to the international system. Currently, the World Trade Organization has recognized that changes need to be made to policy, and is looking hat was to tailor new Intellectual Property protection policies.

Kamil Idris has brought attention to this topic, not only from years of policy experience in this field, but also in the World Intellectual Property day, which is on the 26th of April. Another important level of changing policy, is the WIPO Copyright Treaty, which was first created and signed in 1887, in the Berne Conference in Switzerland. This treaty obligates all signing countries to protect intellectual property in the fields of science, literature, and arts, but will likely need to expand this more to the fields of digital materials. Another agreement, is the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of International Property. This is seen as the most comprehensive agreement to date, and is working to incite accountability amongst nations in the field of intellectual property. As the digital age progresses alongside globalization, the technological changes will likely reshape how lawmakers look at free markets and liberalization of information. Reform on international agreements needs to be the first step.



Ronald Fowlkes is a former U.S. Marine and police officer and current Business Development Manager in the tactical gear industry who feels that mentorship of the nation’s youth is of huge importance. Ronald has found a perfect way to give back to his community through mentorship and do something he loves at the same time. Ronald Fowlkes is a well-known hockey fan and his son is a member of the Triple-A squad for the St. Louis Blues. Ronald serves as the equipment manager for the team as well as its physical fitness trainer off the ice.


Ronald’s military and policing background has taught him the value of equipment and of having equipment that is in proper working order. In his role as the equipment man for the hockey team, he is able to teach his mentees about the value of maintaining their equipment in order to get the best out of it. Ronald councils his youth players that well-maintained equipment can, in fact, be the difference between winning and losing. Ronald Fowlkes’s role as trainer for the team gives him the chance to bring other aspects of his personal knowledge to bear in helping mold young people. He is a graduate of the Army Parachute School and a former member of Marine Special Ops so he has a true knowledge of what physical fitness means. Ronald also learned another valuable skill while in the Marines and the police. This skill was the ability to be blunt. He believes that sometimes this is necessary to get a point across. Ronald also loves to point out to people that his family is a huge motivating factor for him. He loves having the chance to have a continued impact on his son’s life and he is helping the community at the same time. For a patriot like Ronald Fowlkes, this is a win, win situation.


Ronald Fowlkes serves in the roles of Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited in Fenton, Missouri. The company with thirty years of experience in the tactical gear industry has become a leader in supplying sportsmen, the police and the military with the best equipment available. Ronald Fowlkes, for his part, spends a lot of his time training the 150 plus sales representatives the company employs. His extensive experience in mentoring and training makes him a great instructor. Ronald Fowlkes is the perfect person to instruct anyone on the use of tactical gear because he has so much real-world experience with it. Ronald Fowlkes’s experience includes serving in the United States Marines from 1989 to 1993 and then serving in St. Louis area police forces for thirteen years. While serving his country in the Marines, he was twice promoted on merit and served in the Gulf War.


Have you been looking for ways to be successful with no success? Well, it may not be that easy to get the mystery behind the success of the most prominent people in the community. If it were easy, everyone in the nation would be a billionaire; the hardship of the process is what makes the whole thing thrilling. It creates the gap between the go-getters and the daydreamers.

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How do You Set Your Goals?


Goal setting is very vital to every individual. However, if done wrong it may serve as a demotivating factor instead of motivating you. See that;

  • You set specific goals. Don’t be general, for instance, don’t say you want a lump sum, have a specific amount you need to reach.
  • Set Realistic Goals. It is important to set the goals that are achievable. As you achieve them, you may upgrade them.
  • Review Your Goals Regularly. Set a date to review your goals and know where you stand. Based on the results of your reviews, you may need to adjust to accomplish your goals more efficiently.

Understand your goals are Only Valid If Evaluated

Many people hold on to their ideas unevaluated for years. It is crucial that you understand that as long as you do not evaluate your ideas, however much they may be credible, they are useless.

After setting your goals set a plan to follow to actualize your ideas.






The investment world needs commitment and dedication for prosperity. The good thing is, some people began before us, and they are doing an amazing job. Check out estadao.com to know more.



Jose Hawilla is among the Individuals who have effectively run their business. Hawilla is the prime owner of the Traffic Group.


By clearly setting goals of what he wanted for the company and taking action, he has propelled the firm to becoming an international company.



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     IDLife stands for Individually Designed Life and is a nutritional supplement company dedicated to health and wellness. IDLife is changing people’s lives around the world on a daily basis. Their products and unique business model, makes the company stand out above the rest. IDLife creates customized nutritional plans based on the individual’s specific needs. They sell a wide variety of vitamins and supplements made from high-quality ingredients. When you sign up as a member, they collect information from you about your health and goals. A nutrition specialist will then provide you with a list of recommended products to use for fast results. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with IDLife. Your customized nutrition will also come with an action plan to meet your goals.

IDLife was founded by entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Logan Stout. He is backed by a group of successful investors including Darwin Eason, Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, Chris Camillo, and Len Critcher. Recently, IDLife announced a partnership with Garmin, a company who develops GPS and wearable fitness devices. The fitness tracker can sync to the IDWellness app to calculate your nutritional requirements and exercise. Both Garmin and IDLife have the same beliefs when it comes to health and nutrition. They are focused on helping individuals lead longer lives by taking a holistic approach.

The IDLife products come in vitamin packs specifically tailored to your needs based on exercise, eating habits, sex, age, medical conditions, and sun exposure. Each product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. They are GMO-free, gluten-free, casein-free, and soy-free. IDLife vitamins are made of pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and come in separate AM and PM packs. IDLife is dedicated to helping change peoples lives financially, emotionally, and physically. They take pride in their products and are focused on creating a longer, healthier, and sustainable lifestyle for you.

See https://hitechchronicle.com/2017/08/garmin-and-idlife-team-up-for-strategic-wellness-endeavor/ for more.

Searching for an appropriate place to place a loved family member that now needs more care can be overwhelming for the family members that face this emotionally charged decision. The team at Sussex Healthcare fully understands the difficulty that this one decision can bring.

This healthcare provider has been serving the UK coastal area of Sussex for a phenomenal 25 years. As a result, this caring healthcare group makes it easier for the families to tour the available residential elder care living homes. These professionals are able to schedule tours around the family’s busy schedules. Sussex Healthcare believes in honest communications, and the administrators and staff are more than willing to offer their recommendations and answer questions.

Some of the vast benefits that Sussex Healthcare can offer seniors, disabled adults and their families is carefully outlined in a recent article about the healthcare provider’s 20 residential living care homes in the revered Medical Daily Times. A tour of any of the beautifully landscaped buildings serves to uplift people’s moods instantly. Many of the gorgeous area former estates are now part of Sussex Healthcare. The lavish gardens that flourish are ideal backgrounds for these stunning living care homes for seniors and others.

This respected healthcare organization has been operating their privately run care facilities for a quarter of a century now. The surrounding communities can testify to the awesome care that residents receive in these striking and homelike facilities. Like a favorite vacation spot, Sussex Healthcare offers not only sensational settings but impressive healthcare as well. This operation also has several facilities specifically designed to house elder patients that suffer from various forms of dementia. There are buildings able to care for younger adults with significant learning or mental challenges and individuals afflicted with neurological or brain disorders too. As always, these facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment and security technology to provide the safest care for all of the residents.

In addition to the residential home services, Sussex Healthcare also offers respite or day care services too. Now, this leader in elder and disabled adult healthcare provider is hiring for several open job positions. Anyone interested in working for a committed healthcare provider that promises many employee benefits can browse the company’s informative website for specific open position details. Sussex Healthcare is currently celebrating their 25 happy years in the business. Call or visit Sussex Healthcare soon.

See: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/