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Forefront Capital has floated its initiative, Forefront Income Trust, in the market. The innovative investment fund caters for the non-accredited investors. For the longest time, Brad Reifler focused on accredited investors. Accredited investors are those that make over $200,000 in a year or have a net worth of more than $1 million. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also reflects this statistics. Brad Reifler pointed out that he was now shifting the focus to non-accredited investors with a specific plan developed for them.

Originally, the accredited investor standards were developed to protect shareholders from risky investments. Nevertheless, knowledge and oversight in the capital market has increased within the last 30 years. SEC has recommended important updates to the meaning of accredited investor. Additionally, an Investor Advisory Committee was created in 2010. The committee was mandated by the Dodd- Frank Act with the task of reviewing the definition after every four years. The recommendation of the committee was to do away with the present net worth and income tests developed 32 years ago. They were to change the measures in line with financial sophistication.

It’s pretty clear from CrunchBase that Reifler created Forefront Income Trust after careful analysis and due diligence. The trust offers non-credited investors an opportunity to invest a minimum of $2,500 that can be withdrawn or added every quarter. The Forefront Income Trust products allow room for potential growth and high risks since they are not correlated to the stock market. According to Reifler, they offer interesting distinctive programs that can provide clients with liquidity and a return of 8%.

Brad Reifler made his first investment in a 529-college plan many years back as referenced on Wikipedia. This investment was available to all regardless of their income or worth. When his girls were to join college, the fund was 40% lower making him incur losses. His attention to the middle class was drawn more after his father in-law gave him his savings to invest. However, his father in law’s investment strategies could not materialize because he was not a credited investor. Reifler realized how limited investment opportunities were available to many people.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. He is a highly experienced and qualified individual with having over 30 years experience. Reifler established his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982 after graduating with a degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College. Refco bought the Company in 2000.

Later, Reifler established Pali Capital where he achieved even greater success. Serving as the chairman and CEO, Reifler led the company to profits surpassing over $200 million. He also established offices in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Reifler would like to be recognized as an individual that people can trust in offering investment alternatives. His goal is to demystify the investment complexity in a bid to elicit the public to invest and secure their futures through their savings.

While many people have seen the public school system is adequate over the years Betsy DeVos has seen a growing problem. Unfortunately, she’s not alone with this revelation, many parents have also noticed the same problems with the American public school system that she has. When she took office as Secretary of Education she knew that there is going to be a lot of work necessary to bring the system up to par. People all over the country assumed that she would start overhauling the public school system but she has a different plan in store for the system. She believes that parents should start looking for alternative forms of education for their children instead. The public school system is declining and she believes that the only way to save education in America is to look for private options.


Public schools are important but the things that children get there are also available to them in the private arena. In fact, Betsy DeVos talks to Philanthropy Roundtable about the work that she did in Michigan before she was appointed to this position. Her work in Michigan was specifically centered around the formation and funding of scholarship programs that would allow children of lower socioeconomic statuses to attend private schools. She wanted to make it possible for children in these lower financial brackets to go to these private schools. She pushed for greater funding for scholarship programs and tax breaks within her state. This vigor for education was sparked by one conversation with a family who had been struggling to send their child to the private school that Betsy DeVos sent her own children to. She saw the hard work that the parents were willing to put into allowing their children to attend that school and she fought hard to make it possible for other children to go as well.


One of the first things that she did throughout her campaign to change the way that Americans view the education process was learned about the decline of the public school system in America. She found that American children are not able to compete with international peers and that they are not performing well on standardized tests. She knew that there were other alternatives for these children but that many parents were not aware of those options. She began her campaign in the hopes that more parents would find ways to advocate for their own children in this situation.


Throughout much of her career, Betsy DeVos has shown that she is dedicated to one thing, conserving the value of education in America. In order to conserve this value, she needs to increase it. This means that students need to feel empowered by the education process and their parents need to feel as though their children are actually gleaning something from the material instead of simply attending a school day. She has pushed tirelessly to make it this goal a reality. She intends to continue her hard work into the future and hopefully make a meaningful change.


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The past few years weren’t easy for average Americans: housing market crash and recession have brought out numerous scams and crashed lots of dreams. Millions of people ended up losing everything that they had in their real estate and retirement accounts, and they became hopeless. However, it isn’t that real estate was essentially bad, it’s the decision that people made around the reals estate market that was erroneous and resulted in the downfall of a large amount of wealth.

That’s why Jim Toner is working every day to help individuals build better financial futures. Toner has been an entrepreneur and real estate investor for the past two decades and a half. He claims that we are entering a period of potentially astounding wealth accumulation. According to Jim Toner, people who are prepared will get the opportunity of capitalizing on the next five years.

Also, for people who are hoping to take full control of their lives in financial matters, and not let fear overcome them, Jim Toner has chosen to share his secrets of achieving this with them. Jim Toner states that your attitude is among the most essential aspects of growing wealth when it comes to real estate.

As per medium.com, while most people were blaming real estate for the 2008 financial crisis, Jim Toner is insisting that the bad decisions that people were making cause the crash, and not the market itself. Toner also suggests that there won’t be a better time of purchasing real estate because investors are capitalizing on a market with low prices.

Besides knowledge, Jim Toner also mentions attitude. When making life and business decisions, he cannot highlight the significance of attitude enough. For example, in the real estate market whatever side you are on depends on how you’ll see the economy. Are you seeing a new opportunity or just obstacles? Are the potential rewards that you might achieve hiding behind the risks binding you?

Additionally, Jim Toner says that surrounding yourself with people who are talented can help you grow and become better. Many successful entrepreneurs such as

Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie knew that they could not do it by themselves, hence they had to build a team of knowledge and experience of others.

Fantastic read: score.org/mentors/jim-toner

Activewear has become a major trend in fashion. It is a go to essential many wardrobes contain. Herbalife Nutrition, a leading nutritional supplement company, has noticed how this trend is not going away anytime soon. They have also realized that activewear would be the perfect attire for their three million member team of worldwide independent distributors. The health-conscious company wants their independent distributors to wear an attire that supports the company’s overall vision for living an active lifestyle. The company has always been a leader and trendsetting in the health and nutrition space. The company is run out of Los Angeles, California. But their presence is felt in ninety-five countries due to the immense amount of independent distributors that sell and promote their products. Ever since 1980, the company has been creating wealth management programs, sports nutrition and product to enable their customers to live a healthy lifestyle.


The health company would choose none other than FIDM to create an activewear collection for them. The school is home to a leading staff that prepares students for careers in fashion, product development, international manufacturing, and design. The students at this school are used to being sought after by big names like Nike. Now, they are getting sought after by Herbalife Nutrition. The nutrition company wants to give these young students a platform to turn their dreams and designs into a reality.

The competition involves fifteen students selected by FIDM staff. These students are going to be engaging with Herbalife Nutrition. They will have to undergo the complete process of creating a collection that involves going from concept to the actual collection. They will be responsible for sourcing their fabrics, creating designs, developing the product and presenting their collections. The winner’s collection will be turned into the official attire for the independent distributors.


This experience allows students to get hands-on with the global commerce of what goes into creating a clothing line, developing it and marketing the line. It exposes students to the marketplace. It allows them to work with a real-life client who is needing a collection for their business. Herbalife Nutrition is elated to be giving these students this opportunity to transform their fashion and design careers.





As one of the most influential entertainment figures of the present generation, Ryan Seacrest is a man known across the world. His claim to fame was hosting American Idol, the number one television show for during the last decade. He presently works on a variety of projects from a fashion and body brand called Distinction and Polish respectively, while helping children through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Consumers can find him on radio via On Air with Ryan, on TV through Live with Kelly and Ryan, in addition to the recent American Idol reboot. A recent article on the website Ask Reporter discusses Ryan Seacrest’s workout plan.

A little know fact about Ryan Seacrest is that he was overweight growing up. He would ultimately lose it all and found his self confidence boost immensely. The key to success is simply a balancing act. Ryan Seacrest finds that he can stick to a workout routine if he schedules it like a meeting. He is also known to adapt his routine as the daily schedule permits, such as doing push-ups during breaks. The one thing he personally does to ensure he wastes as little time as possible is to have lockers on both sides of LA.

At the end of the day, Ryan Seacrest loves a good meal. He currently loves healthy snacks and vegetable juice. His exercise routine is fairly standard. He aims to hit the gym 5 hours a week, and loves to perform Cardio and Yoga. Biking is his favorite outdoor exercise activity, and swimming is an indoor activity he enjoys. The schedule can change week to week based on his schedule, but he always devotes time to working out.

Ryan Seacrest, a radio show anchor, is a man known by many far and wide, but few know his personal side. He works out to stay in fit, maintain a schedule, and entertain the masses. Over the years, Ryan Seacrest has mastered how to balance life. He is truly an entertainment figure worthy of respect, and is someone who takes great pride in the work he performs.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

Ted Bauman is a leading expert in the financing market as he has spent a considerable amount of years working for nonprofit organizations as their fund manager. He is currently retired but loves to share his insights into the world economy with people. He found the perfect way to do that. He is the editorial director at the Banyan Hill Publishing. One of the articles that he recently wrote has made people think about where their economy is heading. For any country to flourish there has to be the right amount of jobs available for the people and their wages should increase with time. In spite of the American economy growing at a considerable rate in the past year, the amount of wages has been stagnant.

Ted Bauman discussed the different reasons that influence wages in a country and what do companies need to do to ensure that the economy is growing and the people are happy too. The first thing that needs to be done is to study the employment rate. Even though the reduced number of unemployment rate should lead to increased wages, it does not seem to happen. Small and mid-sized companies are not raising their fees to increase their profits, but it would hurt them in the long run. With the growth in the economy, the fees should rise, but some companies are trying to slow this growth rate so that they do not have to increase wages. But, in the long turn, it would decrease the number of customers who can buy their products and services.

As a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted aims to use his expertise and experience to educate the readers about how the financial markets work and what are the parameters that people to need to look at before investing. People need to look at various economic parameters before investing, and it is what Ted Bauman aims to help people understand. Knowing these economic parameters would help people understand whether it is worthy to invest in the certain product or not. He has become a seasoned investor himself by interviewing and meeting the successful businessmen and investors. Talking and learning from them has helped him understand certain tips and tricks of investments. These are the tips that he is telling people about in the newsletters published by Banyan Hill Publishing. The financial strategies by Ted Bauman can help you understand how to invest and when to pull out.


Florida Governor Rick Scott has been called on the carpet for potential campaign campaign finance violations by a political action committee known as End Citizens United.

The group charges that Scott is thwarting rules which prohibit collusion between a Super Pac and the formal campaign of the candidate. It appears that Scott’s campaign has been taking money directly from the New Republican PAC — a group for which Scott was once served as chairman.

Scott has already raked in tens of millions of dollars in his bid to win the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Bill Nelson. New Republican PAC is garnering millions more from dark sources, including giant corporations and fat cat billionaires.

It’s all part of a money-bloated system that End Citizens United wants to end. The PAC was formed in 2015 with the goal of enacting large-scale reforms to the current state of campaign finance law. Ever since the 2010 Supreme Court ruled in favor of a group called Citizens United, politicians have been allowed to accept as much money as they want from any source — even if the public has no idea about who, what or where that money comes from.

End Citizens United believes it is critical that Gov. Scott lose his bid to gain a seat in the U.S. Senate. He and other right wing politicians are perfectly happy with the status quo, a system in which Big Money calls all the shots in our elections.

End Citizens United raises money the old fashioned way — by accepting only small donations from individual, ordinary American citizens. The group has raised an impressive $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm election cycle. End Citizens United is using that money to support candidates who have expressed a strong desire to change the system. The average donation to ECU is just $14.

Rick Scott has been able to ride waves of illicit cash to two terms as governor of Florida. Now he wants to bring his shady act to Washington D.C. — something the folks at End Citizens would eagerly like to prevent from happening.

Wealth management is essential for many people and requires an experienced team. HCR Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth management firm that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The firm’s primary focus is to create meaningful relationships with the clients through tailor-made financial plans and viable goals.

Dedication to the client

Since HCR Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth advisor, serving the client is one of its primary objectives. Unlike other wealth management firms, HCR Wealth Advisors is not controlled or directed by other brokerage firms. Instead, the firm is purely dedicated to their clients in everything they do.

HCR Wealth Advisors is transparent about their fees and rates. The firm charges an agreed percentage on the client’s assets under management. The transparency helps to create trust with clients, eliminating questions about other unexpected charges. Apart from transparency in fees, the firm is also upfront with each interaction with the client to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Tailor-made solutions

According to Whale Wisdom, it is worth noting that HCR Wealth Advisors is not a manager of money but an advisor. There is a big difference between managing wealth and advising on wealth. In most cases, a money manager is involved with the allocation of assets and picking bonds and stocks with the aim of generating income in the market. However, most money managers set goals they cannot achieve or deliver, leaving the client unhappy. A wealth advisor, on the other hand, has a different approach. Unlike a money manager, a wealth advisor creates a close relationship with the client to know their financial portfolios, goals and other necessary information that has an impact on their financial situation. In this way, a wealth advisor provides solutions that cater to the needs of the client.

Plan and strategies

According to a Senior Managing Director at HCR Wealth Advisors, Steve Weinberger, it is impossible to manage or advise on wealth without an adequate plan. Nevertheless, some managers and advisors rely on an algorithm to advise their clients. In fact, nowadays, some wealth management firms are eliminating human element and entirely relying on robo-advisors. HCR Wealth Advisors provides advice through tailor-made plans and strategies which helps to enable the client to make better financial decisions.

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Recently, Inc.com released an article in regard to Papa Johns receiving negative press on a racial slur that was said during a public conference call. Steve Ritchie, Papa Johns new CEO, came up with a way to help mend the situation of a racial slur being broadcasted at a conference call that was made public. Steve Ritchie sent multiple letters to customers apologizing for the recent events and explained that these events; especially the racial slur, would not be tolerated by the company. Acknowledging that an apology may not turn people around, Steve Ritchie went on to describe what was being done to better the company as a whole. One of these actions involves bringing experts that don’t have an affiliation with Papa John’s to audit the company on their culture, diversity, and inclusion practices. There will also be senior management listening to employees directly and using that feedback to improve the company. Lastly, Steve Ritchie made a promise that transparency is key and that they want to be held accountable for what has transpired.

This letter that Steve Ritchie sent out to customers shows more compassion and is quite a bit clearer than the statement that was placed on the Papa Johns website. Leading the consumer to assume that Ritchie realized this error and tried to rectify the issue in a slightly more personal matter in the form of letters. The article goes on to explain that the vulnerability on wanting to be held accountable and the empathy helped show sincere regret and that while Ritchie was empathetic about the situation, made sure to state that his own views do not agree with the racial slur and that he would personally lead the effort to address the issues on diversity and inclusion that have come forth.

So, while the first letter on the website didn’t hold much in terms of sincerity or empathy, the second letter helps to overlook the slight due to the quick adjustments made and the effort itself dis hold an air of sincerity.

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The U.S. Money Reserve started out by helping their clients enjoy different opportunities. They also felt there were things their clients could do that other clients were unable to do because of the issues that came from the industry.

They felt comfortable offering different solutions other companies were unable to offer because they had the industry connections that allowed them to succeed on their own. It made sense for the company to keep giving people these options and keep making things easier for them. By the way they gave assistance to all their clients, they knew what they were doing. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

It made sense no matter how hard they had to work or what they had to do to continue showing their clients things would get better. When their clients were able to invest money the right way, the U.S. Money Reserve made sure they were offering all these options to them.

They weren’t afraid to keep giving back even though it took some time from the way they did business. It also made things easier when they were working on new solutions. Between the hard work they put into their business and the things that came from it, the U.S. Money Reserve felt good about what they could give others. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/cotm/detail/545/US_Money_Reserve

The time they spent coming up with new ideas for the company was not wasted. They felt they had to do things the right way to get more out of their own situations and that’s how they always ran the business.

The U.S. Money Reserve felt confident giving back and made it easier for people to try things that would help them while they were looking at all these opportunities. By the time the company started seeing major success, people could try new things with it.

Even though there were times when the company struggled, the U.S. Reserve knew what they had to do. They weren’t afraid to give people other options and show them how things would work in their favor. They also felt they had the ability to make the most out of the situations they were in.

For the U.S. Money Reserve, things would keep changing while they came up with new opportunities. It made sense for them when they were working toward a goal to keep giving other people the right options for learning about how to do things on their own. They believed they could do all this successfully.

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Upwork is a freelance marketing platform. It was founded in 2015 and is based on the west coast of the United States. The CEO of the company is Stephane Kasriel. This e-commerce based company serves as a middle man that connects freelance workers with those who are looking to get work done. Upwork currently has over 11 million registered freelance workers and 5 million registered clients. They post millions of jobs every year and as a result, they generate over 1 billion dollars through their services. Upwork was formerly called Elance-oDesk. The company had a similar business model and was initially formed in 1989.

There are numerous ways to earn money on Upwork. As a freelance, you may sign up and provide almost any service that you have a skill for. Nerdwallet released an article on how to earn consistent money using the business platform. Their first piece of advice was to complete a full and honest profile. By doing so, you are allowing prospective clients to know what your specialities are. Most people want to know that they are getting their work completed by a verified freelancer. Another form of advice they gave is to submit proposals and contact people directly. The article states that waiting for clients to reach out to you isn’t the best method for Upwork freelancers. Setting your price is another key component. This will give potential clients the confidence that you believe in your work.

The Upwork blog did a post that touched on successful to-do list completion. The most important, and first tip was to write everything down. The blog post goes on to state that trying to remember everything simply doesn’t work. People may mentally cycle through what they should be doing; but often never get to the completion stage.

Another tip they gave was to keep all your tasks organized and in one location if possible. Doing this will assist in being punctual and not forgetting things you wrote down in other places. The last piece of advice was to prioritize. Knowing what tasks are more important will help you get certain jobs done with more enthusiasm.

In order to be productive, you must stay organized and think ahead. Preparation is the key.