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Move over two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, there is a new hybrid in town-the cleansing conditioner. This five-in-one saving grace acts not only as a shampoo and conditioner but also a deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Who doesn’t mind saving time in the shower with a multi-use product? Many brands suggest leaving in the conditioner anywhere from five to ten minutes while finishing your shower as this helps lock in the moisturizing benefits. By locking in the moisture and skipping the sulfates found in shampoo, the hair and scalp will be given a much needed break. Ditching sulfate also means that there will no longer be a lather when coating your hair. While this may feel quite different at first, the benefits out way the absence of a deep sudsy scrub.

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Go the natural root and try out a cleansing conditioner from WEN Hair by Chaz. Ingredients such as chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and rosemary extract are used to smooth and strengthen the hair which makes it a perfect choice. WEN by Chaz has formulated over 20 noteworthy blends of cleansing conditioners that range from WEN Kids to WEN MEN, which additionally acts as a body wash. The Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner is a sought-after blend that combats scalp dryness while promoting hair growth. From formulas that are designed for those with hair loss in mind to those that cope with thick, unruly locks, WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners are most definitely blessings.

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WEN Hair cleansing conditioners are an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. The brand boasts of excellent products that work on different hair types based on the specific formulation. A trial of the fig version was promising as it delivered as advertised on QVC. The hair becomes bouncy, shiny and moisturized after some time of using the product. There have been a few negative reports though on the lower end. The following is a breakdown of how the WEN product worked in this case.

After a long time of travel and desire for a bath, washing the hair with the WEN product was an excellent idea. The hair was all wrong as it was frizzy and greasy but after using, the shampoo there was notable difference. However, it is important to use the right amounts of WEN products. Using the right amounts of shampoo in the process helps make the hair appear thicker and actually feel it almost immediately.

Even though it might feel as though the strands are piling up in the shower, the product ensures that nothing falls out. What’s more, after the shower, the hair appears to be shinier and bouncy after blow-drying.

Upon waking up the roots of the hair appeared to be greasier. After showering and reusing the shampoo; the hair regained its shiny and greasy feel. The after look was amazing especially considering that it was only after 24 hours of use. The hair was positively improved. By the end of the seventh day of the said experiment, the hair had shown a tremendous improvement from the first day. The WEN cleansing shampoo truly does work.

About WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean is the man behind the WEN products. He is dedicated to producing excellent hair products for all types of hair. These are the products that actually work. For more info, visit the Wen crunchbase page.

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In an industry response to deal with title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Inc. has announced the release of their new website which features residential property records that are easily accessible and accurate. Nationwide Title Clearing is the United State leading provider of property records that are needed by the mortgage and real estate industries in order to facilitate the buying and selling of properties.

Title defects are a serious concern in these industries. They usually occur when someone lays claim to a property that is actually owned by someone else. Title defects can hold up the closing of a home until the issue is resolved. Other times that property defects occur is when the document wording does not fit industry standards, it’s missing required signatures, older resolved liens have not been removed, and failure to correctly record or file the real estate documents.

Because title defects cause such a problem when closing a home, it’s important that they’re accurate. The Chief Executive Officer of NTC said that it’s vital to make sure titles are accurate before the property is sold or transferred. He elaborated that his company obtains the data they use from several sources, with the most important being county records. The records are then reviewed through automation that is backed up by human verification. Furthermore, the new online website is able to determine exactly what documents the user needs even when they fill in the online forms incorrectly, which saves money from unnecessary reports being inadvertently ordered.

NTC was founded in 1991 in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is privately held recently opened another office in Dallas, Texas. This location has a data center that backs up the data stored in Palm Harbor. NTC went to this expense in order to ensure that a major disaster doesn’t wipe out the data they have on every residential property in the United States. They can have the data in both locations as well as staff in both locations so that a major disruption can be smoothly dealt with.

NTC offers its employees constant training opportunities. They now offer some of their robust training in a two-day training program that they offer to companies in the lending, investing, and mortgage industries. The program is overseen by Dave LaRose who is the company’s Vice President of Technical Excellence.


It seems that life can be a cruel joke sometimes. Our physical prowess peaks in our 20s and we spend the rest of our lives on a slow decline. As we age, the risks of certain health conditions begin to increase. We must work even harder to take care of ourselves to avoid certain health problems.

One of the best motivating factors for taking care of ourselves out there is Life Line Screening. This group of medical professionals performs preventative healthcare by screening you for a variety of health problems. These screenings can detect certain diseases and conditions before they become a problem so that you can avoid discomfort, pain or even death.

Their stable screening is ultrasound. Ultrasound was originally developed in the 1940s to detect submerged submarines during World War II. Now the technology computer into your body to detect health conditions in their earliest stages.

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One of the health conditions that the ultrasound is astoundingly good at identifying is carotid artery disease. This terrible medical condition happens when fatty deposits build up in the carotid artery of your neck. This blockage can lead to decreased blood flow to the brain which increases your chance of stroke. Stroke is essentially a heart attack for the brain

It is incredibly important to identify carotid artery disease because it develops incredibly slowly. That means with a simple ultrasound from Life Line Screening, you can see this health condition developing and it’s very earliest stages. This can allow you to make lifestyle changes to reduce the fatty deposits in your artery and take medication. This may allow you to avoid a very invasive surgery where doctors open up your neck to remove the plaques in your artery. I would not wish that surgery on anybody, so I hope you take advantage of Life Line Screening.

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It was officially announced that Dick and Betsy DeVos discussed their generosity at the confirmation hearings and now have a number of $139 million to go with that giving. A major part of the story has been Dick and Betsy’s support of private elementary and secondary education schools and their staunch defense of school of choice, but they’ve also given to grassroots organizations such as Action Institute and Hudson Institute. The DeVos’s have given to a number of Republican political candidates over the years, and have been active in the state’s party leadership committees, but the donations there are relatively small compared to the impact they’ve had on Grand Rapids, MI as a whole.


Dick DeVos was born in the Grand Rapids area and was raised by entrepreneurial-minded parents who also gave to organizations and individuals in need. His father was Amway cofounder and ardent supporter of former President Ford, Richard DeVos Sr. Dick often watched the business operations at Amway as a young boy and decided to work his way through the company once he completed his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University. He and his brothers were soon made vice presidents of Amway operations and began exploring sales in the Asian and Pacific markets. Dick briefly left the company for a few years to start his own company, The Windquest Group in 1989 and then run for public office to the Board of Education in 1990, but he returned as CEO in 1993 and remained there until 2002. Today he manages investments and funds local businesses and initiatives at The Windquest Group while also funding charter schools and art foundations.


Dick and Betsy’s education activities began with the support of the Children’s Scholarship Fund through their own Education Freedom Fund in the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. The group primarily provided for low income students to attend private schools, but the DeVos’s also wanted more done at the state level to ease the burdens on families. They tried to get a measure passed that would allow families to receive tax credits for attending private schools but came up short. 10 years later they opened their own school and opened the doors to anyone interested in learning aviation as well as technology and liberal arts at the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos ran in the 2006 gubernatorial race when he became dissatisfied with the overall direction the state of Michigan was headed, but he fell short to then incumbent Jennifer Granholm. In 2012 he and several members of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the Koch Foundation brought right-to-work legislation to the table that passed and was promptly signed into law. Dick DeVos also made two contributions, one to local Grand Rapids hospitals that won the Spectrum Health Foundation Art of Giving award in 2006, and later donated to David Rubenstein’s Kennedy Center project that was named the Dick & Betsy DeVos Institute for Arts Management.


The CEO Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics, Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., enjoys posting interesting articles on his blog. A new one he just posted is about the possible return of Tasmanian Tigers which were thought to have gone extinct 80 years ago. There have been enough credible sightings reported that researchers at James Cook University in Australia have decided to go see if they can find them. They plan to go to the area where these animals have been reported and set up several cameras in the area in order to get pictures of them.

Another article he posts says that the HPV vaccine, which prevents several types of cancer, can be administered with fewer shots of a vaccine that is more effective. The Centers for Disease Control and other advisory committees said that the number of shots could be reduced to two from the currently recommended three. The shots are given to boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14.

Dr. Siegall’s career has been focused on founding cures to cancer. His research focuses on antibody-drug conjugates as effective cancer drug therapies. His cancer drug Adcetris was approved by the FDA in 2011 and is now being used in 65 countries around the world.

In 2016, Dr. Seigall conducted an interview with the Puget Sound Business Journal. During the interview, he said that he plans to add another 12 cancer drugs to the pipeline at Seattle Genetics over the next year. He also plans to widen the use of Adcetris to treat additional forms of cancer such as Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Dr. Siegall also stated that he has another drug, currently called 33A, that entered the crucial Phase 3 clinical trials in 2016. 33A was created to treat acute myeloid leukemia. Two other cancer drugs that could enter Phase 3 includes one for breast cancer and two that are for treating bladder cancer.

In order to support the growing amount of drugs under development, Dr. Siegall said that he was looking to hire another 120 employs between the company’s locations in Bothell, Washington and its office in Switzerland.


Thor Halvorssen is one of the world’s best known human rights activists, but even the Venezuelan born activist has had to fight against what he feels is an unfair view of the political world that dominates activists in the majority of arenas. Also a popular and successful Hollywood film producer, Thor Halvorssen has found himself at the forefront of the production of a series of movies that reflect his own interests in human rights in both the documentary and science fiction genres.

It is difficult to see how Thor Halvorssen could be seen as attempting to do as much good as possible through his work with the Human Rights Foundation and the associated Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation and set about creating an organization that is fiercely proud of its independence from political and financial interference; the University of Pennsylvania graduate does not allow financial donors to provide any direction in terms of the areas of interest or political ideologies.

Despite the decision and actions of Thor Halvorssen to guard the independence of the Human Rights Foundation he has often faced problems because of the fact he is willing to accept any financial donations for his group as long as the terms he has laid down upon creating the Human Rights Foundation are honored by these donors. Halvorssen points to a short meeting with philanthropist Sigrid Rausing who Halvorssen highlights as an example of the problems facing the activism community as the left wing donor refused to be associated with any group accepting donations from a range of organizations on the political spectrum. Thor Halvorssen has been a major part of the human rights activism community who states his Human Rights Foundation has secured the release of political prisoners and battled oppressive regimes in many of the farthest flung areas of the world.


Cancer has long been the single most dangerous affliction facing humanity at large. Those that are fortunate enough to survive their battle against cancer still suffer the debilitating symptoms brought upon by the disease itself and the very treatments designed to combat it. Though devastating, cancer is completely an issue that can be solved with the right tools and resources available to the right doctors and specialist.

The doctors of Chicago’s University of Chicago gained such a tool in their fight to better treat those in their care. Tempus, the creation of Groupon founder Eric Lefkofsky, has partnered with the medical establishment and has provided the oncology departments with access to their state of the art data collection and analyzation programs. Tempus will aid doctors by collecting and analyzing data collected from thousands of breast cancer patients to help researchers and doctors find any similarities between the data that can be used to improve treatments.The disease as dangerous as it is, has very little collected data on the patients that battle the disease.

Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, Dean for Global Health at the University of Chicago spoke about the lack of usable data in a statement made to press, “This forces too many physicians to make treatment decisions without the benefit of highly specific genetic information that could help them make better informed and precisely targeted decisions.” She continued, “We are excited to partner with Tempus on this initiative and eager to support its efforts to build the largest clinically annotated molecular data set in breast cancer.”The partnership comes on the heels of a string of new partnerships between the tech start-up and other establishments who are embroiled in the fight to end cancer. The start-up that sprung into the scene earlier last year has quickly gone from unknown start-up to leading the charge among tech start-ups in the fight to end cancer.

People might not recognize the name of Ryan Emmons, but they most likely have heard of his Waiakea water brand of bottled water. Even though this brand is relatively new in the bottled water market it has increased the overall sales of bottled water significantly.

Launched in 2012, this brand had an extraordinary rate of growth in its first three years of sales, jumping from 2,304 cases sold yearly to more than 122,000. This type of growth is unprecedented in the bottled water industry and is due in large part to the way co-founder Ryan Emmons chose to market his brand.

The Health Benefits

At just 22 years old, Ryan Emmons knew it would be difficult to enter the market with a new brand of bottled water, let alone outshine his competitors. Choosing to market Waiakea water as a premium brand he decided to focus on the aspects that mattered most to the average consumer.

Since the water is sourced from a natural underground spring, Mr. Emmons chose to advertise the health benefits associated with drinking the water. According to Gust, the water emerging at Waiakea springs travels through several layers of rock, which enhance it with beneficial minerals. Combined with a natural pH level, this brand of water is better at hydrating the body.


The spring where Waiakea water is sourced from is located in a protected forest area on the big island of Hawaii. The water itself comes from the rain that falls on the Mauna Loa volcano. The rainfall in this region continually replenishes the source of the water so the surrounding environment is never depleted of its natural resources.

The fact that the water comes from a sustainable source, combined with the remote location of the region, also proved to be a beneficial selling point. With an annual growth rate of 170 percent, Ryan Emmons has proved that a good strategy in marketing can definitely conquer the disadvantage of being a young entrepreneur.

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Running a business requires a lot of forward planning. For many people today, they think of themselves as business owners but can never really get to that next level. Over time, Eric Lefkofsky has proven that he truly cares about others. Not only that, but he is investing in many areas of his personal life to try and scale up a business more effectively. If you are ready to start investing, he is a great person to model yourself after. Over time, he has proven to have what it takes to make a business success. Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who is going to continue to disrupt various industries that he is in. He knows the power of technology, and he is constantly trying to figure out ways to make things happen to better the lives of his customers.


Over the years, technology is one of the most important things to invest in within the business world. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are being made in business, especially when it comes to lower costs from technology. Eric Lefkofsky is the type of person who is always investing and trying to make things better and less expensive in the future. Many companies are just now catching on to the power of disruptive technology, but Eric Lefkofsky has been investing in this area for many years. If you want to learn how to scale up a business quickly, he is the perfect person to learn from. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that he is making to his overall business model to help others at a high level. If you want to learn from the best in the business, Eric Lefkofsky is a great example of that, and his resume.

Helping Others

Throughout his career in business, Eric Lefkofsky has used his success to help others. There are a lot of people who look up to him in a variety of ways. Eric Lefkofsky knows what to do to help scale up a business quickly. If you want to learn how to have success out of the gate with your business, working with him is the best way to do that.

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