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There are absolutely no doubts about the fact that dogs have long been considered to be one of the most loyal animals in the world. This is how they have derived the nickname “man’s best friend”. However, it is also important to note that many dog owners do not necessarily treat their loyal pets as such. Oftentimes, dog owners spend minimal amounts of money on taking care of their ever-so-friendly pets. What is the point of owning a dog if one will not take the time and energy to ensure their pets are treated with top class care? When it comes to taking care of one’s pet, one thing that remains constant in the process is the kind of foods that are provided for it. The food a dog eats will have a great impact on the quality of life it lives. Choose Beneful to ensure your pet is properly nourished to have the most healthy, energetic and happy life as possible. There are a multitude of flavors to choose from when it comes to picking a type of dog food from Beneful. If your dog is the type of pet to get bored of eating the same food over and over, you will not have to worry about the same instance occurring when you choose Beneful as your choice of dog good. This is because of the variety of flavors that are available on Amazon. The best aspect of there being so many flavors is that each choice provides your pet with the nutrition it needs to live a healthy and long life. What’s even better for the dog, at least in their minds, is that each flavor is packed with delicious tastes for it to look forward to each and every day. The Beneful dog food product is one that has attained its high praise reputation for several years now. It has done so through producing some of the highest qualities of dog foods available on the market.

Coriant was instituted in 2013 as an independent company from Nokia Siemens Network. The company deals with software and hardware for optical transmission of data, voice and mobile networks. Coriant was brought about by the amalgamation of Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Network optical and Sycamore network. Today, Coriant has servers handling network operators from over 100 countries globally. Coriant’s clients include service providers, mobile operators, content providers, cable MSOs, large firms, data centres and cloud operators to government agencies and other institutions.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the company’s current CEO. Shaygan Kheradpir was originally born in London but grew up in Iran. Shaygan later moved to the United States in pursuit of higher education; he currently holds a Doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Shaygan had his first job in 1978 working at GTE Laboratories. At GTE, he handled network control, management, and routing. It was not long before his abilities got the better of management and he was soon the company’s Chief information officer.

In 2000, Bell Atlantic merged with GTE labs to become Verizon. Shaygan was the new company’s president of e-division. He was later appointed as the companies first CTO/CIO. As the CIO, he brought about a ton of notable changes that still influence the company today. He expanded the company into an extensive range of telecommunication based services. During his tenure, in 2001, he formed a team that is responsible for numerous new Verizon products that took the company to a whole new level. His team is accredited to have brought up Verizon’s FIOS, fiber optics system. In 2003, Shaygan’s team developed IOBI, a mobile service that manages caller ID and other details. The team went ahead and produced numerous promising Verizon inventions including Verizon one that was a combination of a modem, router, phone and portable device. Shaygan also brought the company’s IT budget down from 6% to 4% saving up on a lot of costs.

In 2011, he was appointed the Chief operating officer at Barclay’s global retail and business bank. During this time, he introduced a relative number of advances to the bank including a mobile payment software known as Pingit. His continual effort saw him promoted to Chief Operations and Tech officer later on. In 2014, he was CEO at Juniper Networks where he introduced a new cost-cutting and restructuring plan that entailed a 160 million dollar cost-cutting plan.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been influential everywhere he has been. His continual effort has seen him rise from company ranks to company ranks over very short periods of time. Shaygan’s innovativeness has brought out the best of him and has allowed him to grow to one of the most promising figures in the industry. True innovation comes from coming up with a product the customer didn’t even know they needed.

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Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur with a number of businesses to his name. Alexei started his career as a doctor in a government hospital. Despite being a doctor, Alexei always had an interest in business. One day while at the hospital, he came across an advert of INSEAD Business School and decided to send in his application for the postgraduate program. His application was successful and he was among the shortlisted candidates. He applied for a scholarship because he was unable to raise the school fee. Courtesy of the scholarship, Alexei was able to join and graduate from INSEAD.

Alexei is best known as the founder of Endemic Capital where he has served as the Managing Partner. Endemic Capital acts as a platform that connects Alexei with other entrepreneurs. The firm identifies and helps start up enterprises all over Russia. The philanthropist helps emerging entrepreneurs create business models that will give them more profit. He has also been known to offer the needed capital to start ups.

In his bio Alexei is also the owner and founder of New Gas Technologies a firm that he formed in 2006.The company deals with production of natural gas and the utilization of natural gas in technological firms.

This system is particularly handy for students when solving mathematical questions. Using the Solvy platform, teachers can be able to identify the areas that a child is having difficulties in and dedicate time towards such areas. A student is able to receive an instant report on his or her academic progress. Beltyukov has greatly contributed to efficient learning using this system. Teachers have been able to monitor the progress of their students and create a curriculum that focuses on the needs of the class.

Beltyukov uses social media marketing as a strategy for his business expertise. He has changed and improved on different sectors of his business using technology. Alexei is passionate about philanthropy and always engages in projects where he can give back to society. He attributes his success to INSEAD. Alexei and some of his former classmates formed a group where they offer scholarships at INSEAD. The foundation is called Russian Alumni Scholarship. Together with his team, he has set up funds that will help less fortunate students access further studies. He is also associated with the Skolkovo foundation where his efforts saw him appointed the vice president of the firm.

The DeVos family donated $90.9 million last year. Most of the money went to education purposes. It was given by the families five education funds that have seen it became one of the best donors in the country. It was ranked number 20 on a list of biggest donors in the world. The records were fished from IRS records. They didn’t include political donations. Aside from education, health and community got the other biggest gifts from their family foundation.

The DeVos family is Michigan-based billionaire family and heir to the Amway. It is one of the most influential families in the country and has leveraged that influence to help the poor.

One of the most well-known of the DeVos is Dick DeVos. He is the 67th richest man in America and is a former CEO of his father’s company Amway International. He has a net worth of $ 5.1 billion.

Dick was born 60 years ago in Grand Rapids Michigan. He is married to Betsy DeVos, and they have four children. According to his Wikipedia page, he was schooled in Forest Hill public school and went on to receive a degree in Business Administration from Northwood University. He attended Harvard and Wharton business schools and didn’t graduate. Betsy is a former chairperson of Michigan Republican party. She was instrumental in Dick decision to run for the governor’s seat. He didn’t win as he lost to the incumbent.

DeVos started his career in business working with Amway in 1974.In 1984, he was promoted to the post of Vice President. He immediately set on growing his brand and in 6 years he tripled the company’s sales overseas and opened branches in 18 countries. It exceeded many market predictions. Get a more indepth view of his work experience here:

In 1991, he joined Orlando Magic as the president and CEO of the team. He was considered a good manager who expected results and often got them.

In 1993 after just two years with Orlando Magic, Dick returned to Amway. Here he was named the president replacing his father. The firm has now expanded to more than 50 countries on six continents. Dick DeVos retired in 2004 with the net sales of $ 4.5 billion that year.

Dick then joined The Windquest Group as the CEO. It is a renewable energy firm that has invested heavily in the wind sector.

DeVos is an avid sailor, aviator and family man. He has competed and won in many sailing competition and flying programs. His passion for flying married with his dedication for creating educational opportunities for all children inspired him to create his self-founded aviation high school.

He has four children with his wife and appears a devoted family man. Dick has been very supportive of his children as they each pursue their chosen paths in the arts, business, and charity.

Cell phone service providers are everywhere, and each one of them are vying for new customers every day. An article presented on has some great information about the benefits when switching phone companies, and the information can help those who are making a switch to another phone company. Even if a person is locked into a contract, it’s possible to get out of it by switching to another carrier that will purchase the contract. Those who switch can still keep their phone number. Even those without a cell phone can choose to get cell phone service with a company like FreedomPop.

How is someone to know if they need a cell phone? It’s easy. If the person talks on the phone at all when they leave their house but have to borrow a phone, then it’s safe to say that they need a cell phone. People are not keen on lending out their phones these days, and this is because many people have chosen to buy expensive smartphones that cost hundreds of dollars. A person who has an expensive smartphone won’t want to give a complete stranger a phone call, just because the stranger didn’t feel the need to get their own cell phone.

It’s possible for a person to go into a store and ask for a phone call, but there may be other people using the phone, calling the phone, or waiting to use the phone, so it’s not necessary that the person will get to make the phone call. The best idea is to have a cell phone with service from FreedomPop, especially if the power goes out in a home, which means a cell phone is the only way to make a phone call. A cell phone will always be able to call emergency services, even if the cell phone doesn’t currently service, so the police can always be called from the phone.

Cell phone service is easy to obtain with FreedomPop by just going to the website. Those who know a FreedomPop provider can go to the location and sign up for the services, and it’s even possible to buy a cell phone directly from FreedomPop. It’s not necessary to have an expensive smartphone to use FreedomPop services because even a simple flip phone will work just fine. Those looking for a great smartphone can easily buy one from FreedomPop through their website as well as signing up for cell phone service.

Susan McGalla has brought her marketing expertise to the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is their new marketing director, and she has made some changes already. At the beginning of the season she announced a new clothing line, and a new website where fans can shop for Steeler merchandise. You can still buy a Steeler jersey but there is a lot more now. There are hoodies, scarves, even dresses with the Steeler logo. There is merchandise made by Nike and Victoria’s Secret. There is also jewelry involved with Steeler charms available. They have also added pink for young girls, and that is with the normal black and gold that Steelers are accustomed to. McGalla has a proven track record in marketing and retail. She was president of American Eagle Outfitters, an CEO at Wet Seal before starting her own consulting company, and then was named marketing director for the Steelers. Her expertise lies in branding and merchandising. While at American Eagle she introduced womens’ wear in a market traditionally dominated by men, and she also introduced a childrens’ line of clothiong. Susan McGalla said she was doing this partly as a result of listening to what fans want. She said they had focus groups that have helped her see ways to make fans a part of the organization in new ways. Social media will be a big part of the new merchandising, she said. Now, she’s bringing her expertise in branding, lifestyle and merchandising to the Steelers. And she’s starting by listening to fans. Two new ideas she has introduced is “wear what we wear,” and “Steeler Friday.” In one they make available things players and coaches wear, such as sweatshirts or hoodies. In the other one they encourage fans to wear STeeler attire on Fridays. McGalla is a native of Ohio, had a football coach for a father and was in the shadow of the Steeler nation. She began her career in marketing in 1986 with the Joseph Horne Company, and went to American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. She went to Wet Seal in 2011, and then started a consulting company on her own.

A recent article published in the Washington Post discusses the use of dating apps in order to find a significant other. One of the most interesting things about the article, and about the dating apps in general, is that most people are currently using this method in order to find new people that they can meet. In some instances, they are simply trying to meet new people so they can go have a good time. In other circumstances, their sole goal is to find that special individual that they can share the rest of their life with. Either way, it all starts with the first step of going online and setting up an account. In addition, there are a number of different dating apps to choose from and while some prefer to stick with only one are two, others use a wide variety of different apps to their advantage.

One of the most popular dating apps around is called Skout. Not only is this one of the oldest apps in existence, but it is also one that operates on an entirely different premise from anything else that is currently out there. The thing that makes Skout unique is that it is an app that is designed to help bring people together, not necessarily with the intention of having them meet, fall in love and get married. While that is certainly an option that can happen and frequently does occur, Skout can also be used just as effectively to help people meet others who have similar interests, even if those people only want to be friends.

So many times, people that are involved with dating apps feel rather pressured because they feel like they have to have a certain amount of success centered around each app. In some cases, the apps themselves ask pointed questions that are often too personal to maintain any type of comfort level. When this happens, people may abandon the entire idea of dating apps altogether. In many cases, even those that stick it out find themselves being uncomfortable with the screening processes that occur concerning many of these apps. Skout does not have these types of screening processes so it is much easier to simply meet people that have similar interests. That leaves it up to the individual in question whether or not to pursue a relationship beyond friendship. In other words, Skout is designed to put its members in control as opposed to the app controlling them.

Dating apps are definitely a way of life. In today’s society, it is practically impossible for many individuals to consider the idea of meeting people in any other way. It is simply second nature to use dating apps to find new people and cultivate new relationships. That makes it even more important that they use the right apps so that they can get the greatest benefit from the time they spend using them. In the right circumstances, the apps can help someone meet new people while simultaneously giving them the chance to develop a casual relationship into something more powerful.

Coriant was formed in March 2013. On May 6th the same year, they became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks under Marlin Equity Partners. The company sells hardware and software for optical transmission in the backbone network of mobile network, voice and data. Their products are hiT 7300 for optical multiplexing DWDM over fiber optic cables, hiT 710 for electrical cross connection of optical paths and hiT 70xx for “multi service provisioning”. They also have software products for management and planning are TNMS for network management and Transnet or Transconnect for network planning.

Coriant recently tapped Shaygan Kheradpir, the former Juniper CEO and Verizon Veteran to become Coriant’s new CEO. He holds a Ph.D., masters and Bachelor’s in Engineering from Cornell University. Kheradpir has worked with the senior management team as operating partner at Marlin Equity partners earlier in 2015.

With 28 years of experience, the telecom industry veteran has already proven to be a leader who already has industry, business and operational experience. His expertise will be particularly useful as the demand for data-intensive end-user applications drives expanded market opportunities. This includes 100G to multiterabit metro and long haul transport deployments, cloud infrastructure build-outs and hyper-scale data centre. He will also deal with mobile backhaul upgrades underlying the evolution to 4G and 5G.

Coriant has proven to be a top supplier of innovative networking solutions to leading network operation in more than 100 countries. Their customers are 9 out of the top 10 rated global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers. They also provide services such as cloud providers, government agencies and enterprises. They have managed to serve as the resilient foundation for billions of dollars in end-user service revenue.

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Following rules is so overrated and Doe Deere knows that it is something that can truly pummel your personality into the ground. She believes that she is truly a unique fashion icon and that she is able to help other people gain confidence in the way that they dress just by breaking rules that were previously the fashion norm. While she breaks all of the fashion rules, there are a few of them that are her favorite ones to break because of the way that she dresses on a daily basis.

Choosing bold makeup can be fun, but fashion tells you not to overdo it. Doe Deere knows that it is alright to overdo it as long as you feel great about the makeup choices you have made. By using a bold eye and a bold lip, you will be creating a look for yourself but you will also be breaking one of the cardinal rules of makeup and fashion. Be sure that you love the look before you rock it. Even if that means you wear purple eyeshadow and yellow lipstick, you should always feel confident in the way that you look without worrying what fashion has to say about your look.

If you like to color your hair unnaturally, you may have had issues in the past with fashion telling you that you should only be wearing black or neutral colors to avoid a serious clash situation. It can be detrimental to your confidence to be told that you can only wear one or a few colors out of all of the options that you have. By choosing to wear bright colors even if you have brightly colored hair, you will be able to enjoy your clothing and make the choices that you think are right for you.

Dressing your age can be tricky, especially since you’ve never been this age before. You may have heard rules about your age and the way that you can dress, but these fashion rules are among the most ridiculous. If you want to wear a miniskirt and sneakers, but you’re 48 you shouldn’t be concerned. You should wear what you like no matter your age. Even if you are younger, you can still dress older than what you are. Love mumus, but you aren’t a forty something pregnant mother? It’s okay, wear them anyway if they’re your favorite fashion piece.

The most important aspect of Doe Deere fashion rule breaking is that she feels good about herself. She does not subscribe to norms and standards just because that is what they are. She makes sure that she first feels great about her outfit, then worries about how it looks to other people. By doing this, she gives herself the necessary confidence for floating through the world without a care. She is truly able to be herself when she is getting dressed or doing her makeup because she follows her own set of rules regarding the way that she looks to others.

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In the recent years, many investment management firms have hit the global limelight due to the increased service delivery. As such, United States of America has experienced the development of modern and sophisticated investment management firms that have contributed to increased economic development. CCMP Capital has been at the center of transforming the investment management field into a productive entity globally. The company is among the largest investment management companies in United States of America that has changed the living standards of many people. People have also gotten employment opportunities and financial support from the company. The company has evolved over the years to become one of the most successful private equity firms in United States of America. The firm has invested over 12billion dollars in leverage buyout and growth capital. This has been the driving force behind the success of the firm in the recent years. Due to the exemplary performance and growth, the firm was ranked as the seventh largest privately held equity firm in United States of America. The company is one of the largest employers in US and has opened other offices in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and Singapore.

The journey of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been long dating back when the company was first known as Chemical Ventures. This was a subsidiary part of the Chemical Bank that sought to start an investment firm. The firm later acquired the Chase Manhattan Bank and changed the name to Chase Capital Partners. The JP Morgan later acquired the Chase Manhattan Bank and later changed the name of the company. This revolution continued until 2005 when the JP Morgan Partners officially separated from JP Morgan Chase. The firm later changed its name to CCMP Capital which stands for Chemical Venture, Chase Capital, Manufacture Hanover and JP Morgan Partners. This has been the operating system according to of the company that has seen it become an independent and successful entity globally. The company has also developed interest in consumer development, industrial, healthcare and chemical/energy. Through these renewed ventures, people can now access healthcare management services from the firm thus improving its stake in the capital market.

Stephen Murray is the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital and a philanthropic that has invested in the development of the industry into greater position. He stated his career as a credit analyst at Manufacturer Hanover Corporation where he worked and later moved through the ranks into becoming the president and CEO of CCMP Capital. He has also contributed to the philanthropic world through contributing funds to Make-A-Wish foundation towards helping the poor students in receiving education. This has been the driving force towards ensuring everybody in the society benefit from the investment opportunities he initiated. He later died at the age of 52years from health related complications.