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Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005, and they released a Youtube video recently, it shows how they provide various financial services such as business valuation, financial opinions for middle-market companies, corporate advisory, and valuation for financial reporting. With years of experience in the investment-banking firm, Madison Street Capital has grown into a trusted company that understands that every client has their own unique demands, which requires precise services. They have offices in Asia, Africa and North America. Nowadays, they are one of the leaders of the providers of valuation services as well as mergers and acquisitions advisory. Today, we will discuss Madison Street Capital and their financial opinion service.

Financial Opinions

Nowadays according to, not all business transactions are simple and transparent. Some transactions might need an extra, important element to ensure that those transactions are fair and square. Some transactions might cause a significant change in the capital structure of the company which can be a distinct change and is why financial opinions are needed. When these kinds of things happen responsible parties to look for an additional assurance to make sure that the deal was fair from a financial point of view.

This is where Madison Street Capital comes into view as they offer an independent third party financial opinions that will undoubtedly help you to ensure whether the deal is fair or not. Their services are available for well-established, mid-sized corporations to businesses that have just started. As they have extensive relationships, experiences and knowledge that are guaranteed to match active buyers and sellers, they will help you determine the fairness of your business, and you will get the assurance you need.


As a company with more than 10 years of experience in the market, Madison Street Capital offers a high-quality financial opinion that can help their client to ensure the fairness of the deals they had. Madison Street Capital has proven on Youtube that they are trusted in the past by having an excellent history and reputation. They are reliable as they have become a leading provider of financial services in the middle market. If you are interested in their services, you can visit their website for more information.




Fabletics is one of the active wear firms that have an emphasis on providing the market with high-quality products at an amazingly affordable price.  This firm is a subsidiary of the prominent JustFab, and it was cofounded by Kate Hudson one of the famous Hollywood celebrity actresses. The main motive for Kate Hudson coming up with this line one active wear for women was to provide women sportswear they would feel comfortable and trendy in. Previously the activewear market was full of disappointing clothes that also came at w pretty high price. Most people had avoided this clothes because they were if poor quality and see through. So far, since the entry of Fabletics into the market, there has been a growing wave of demand by women for their trendy and fashionable sportswear.

This leading designer activewear firm recently launched their S/S’16 collection into the market. This collection was aimed at appreciating the modern woman and making her outstandingly fashionable in her active wear.

Designs in this collection have amazing geo patterns that are inclusive of monochrome floral prints. Thus, garments also have vibrant pops of color that make them full of life. Garments in this collection are also meant to fit the wearer and hide the sexiness they deserve. One factor that makes this collection outstanding is the high sense of style they possess which make them highly functional to everyone’s day to day lifestyle.

You can easily and affordably access this collection by joining their subscription services if you are yet to join. Among the numerous advantages subscription members get are discounts of up to 50% on clothes purchased and a customized outfit of your choice. Subscription members also get free monthly home deliveries of the newly released designs. Furthermore, Fabletics give their customers the freedom to choose their favorite designs and what they want to wear. You can also stop it quit the subscription services easily if you have not bee satisfied with the service or you do not prefer using it. What Fabletics offers in the activewear industry is what other firms only dream of, and this has attracted a high number of clients to their products. Their new collection is expected to put the much higher at the active sportswear industry even as they seek to expand their business globally.

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Designer Spotlight: Fabletics S/S’16 Collection

Smartphones, texting, and data usage is a mainstay of modern society. With many companies offering deals and steals, it is easy to be hoodwinked into a plan that ends up costing an exorbitant amount of money instead of saving it. One company, FreedomPop, is transparent about its business model, it’s packages, and is now rapidly expanding across Europe.

As reported by FierceWireless, FreedomPop had plans to launch 25 carries in Europe, all of which are up and running. The manager of international operations for FreedomPop, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, is aiming ever high. The company received another $50 million in funding, upping their total to $190 million.

FreedomPop cites over 1 million users. In the U.S., it has seen a conversion of 48% from other carriers, while in Europe the conversion rate is 40%. And according to Constantinopoulos, these conversion rates hold steady. FreedomPop has a loyal base of 80-90%, for both their free services and the additional packages that are offered at around $10-$50. In addition, FreedomPop is now partnering with Axiata. Axiata is a Malaysian based Asian telecom group. This is just the starting point for FreedomPop’s hopeful expansion into Asian and South American markets.

FreedomPop has been a popular carrier for those who prefer the lowest fees and transparent business transactions, and this structure is contributing to its massive growth. For more information about these latest developments, the full article can be found here.

Optical transmission innovator, Coriant opened in 2013 under German technology group, Nokia Siemens. It’s a component of the group’s transmission technology division. The newly formed subsidiary, Coriant, then spin out of ownership under its parent company Nokia Siemens/Marilyn Equity-Partners just two months after it launched. Marilyn Equity-Partners later acquired another technology company, Sycamore forming Coriant America, Inc. Having appointed a new chief executive, Shaygan Kheradpir, Coriant predicts a promising future. Kheradpir replaced former CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Pat DiPietro who’s assumed the vice chair position. With this recent restructuring of leadership, Coriant reinstated DiPietro as a Marlin Equity Partners associate.

Coriant is a combination of Sycamore Networks, Tellabs and Nokia optical transmission unit, Siemens. Interestingly, Kheradpir had an opportunity to explore the Coriant landscape having worked with Marlin Equity Partners as an operating executive. This happened a year prior to him taking up office at Coriant. The vendor has no regrets about appointing Kheradpir as they’re optimistic about incorporating his 28+ years long commitment across multiple facets. This includes industries such as finance, technology and telecommunications. Furthermore, Coriant has acknowledged Kheradpir extensive experience as a technology and business executive. With Kheradpir wealth of knowledge, Coriant foresees the company growing exponentially.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Coriant executive team where he assumed two key positions, board chairman and CEO. A Cornell University graduate, Kheradpir has an engineering degree at the Ph.D. level having earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s earlier. Additionally, he’s an esteemed associate of Cornell University Engineering Council and a former U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) advisory. The former Juniper Networks CEO handled strategic planning initiatives, including f High IQ/Cloud Builder Networking and spearheaded innovation patenting such as the company’s comprehensive IOP (Integrated Operating Plan).

At Coriant, where Kheradpir currently works, he’s the innovator of groundbreaking strategic planning for technology investments and telecom. Earlier in his career, Kheradpir joined GTE Corporation. He later took up office as an executive vice president and CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Verizon. Largely, he focused on pioneering product innovations, efficiency and modernization. Verizon FiOS is among innovations Kheradpir brought into perspective. Today, it’s become one of the U.S. markets greatest telecom breakthroughs. In fact, the infrastructure has raised $20+ billion in capital funding. Later, Kheradpir then joined Barclays where he functioned as an executive officer of technology and operations. In addition, he served on the executive committee.

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Beneful is a dog food company that was founded in 2001. 5 years later the company was bringing in 300 million dollars. 6 years after that, the company was bringing in 1.5 billion dollars in revenue. Beneful is a brand that was created by Nestle Purina and it is now one of their top performers in revenue. Beneful is well known for the freshness and nutritiousness of its food. It is also well know for the innovation it uses to create both its packaging and its various marketing campaigns.

Beneful is also know for the strict safety codes it abides by. Not only are all products FDA and USDA approved, but Beneful also receives AAFCO certification. The means that the product is not only are but that it is providing animals with all of the nutrients they need in order to live a long and healthy life. The ingredients that Beneful uses is only the best.

These safety practices are starting to become more commonplace as dog food begins to replicate human food. This evolution was recently written about in an article by the Daily Herald. The article discussed how the pet food industry has now reached over 23 billion dollars according to Amazon in value and it is growing quickly. The article also mentioned what a big role premium pet food was playing in the growth of the sector.

The article mentioned how consumers now view their pets as family so it is a natural step to feed them like family too. Many companies see this and demand is growing. The variety of food available is unparalleled. Companies are removing preservatives and fillers and putting nutritious and fresh ingredients like real meat and antioxidant packed blueberries and cranberries. And the unique aspect is that both small and large companies are following this trend at the moment.