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The right-wing anti-Chuvistas have been looking to oust Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro well before the country sank into economic peril.
In a strange turn of events reported by Aserne, the head of the supervising commission overseeing the recall referendum announced that 190,000 of the 1.85 million signatures collected were from deceased residents.

Maduro advocates are crying foul. Head of the United Social Party, Jorge Rodriquez, also a Maduro apointee, says the submission of the fake signatures is a coup by the right-wing who will do anything to get Maduro out of office.

In an interview with TeleSUR, constitutional jurist Manuel Gonzalez says in light of the recent events, the right-wing opposition will have a very difficult time holding the referendum. “The perceived improprieties have damaged the system.”

The process leading up to the referendum takes nearly six months. This means that early January 2017 is earliest a recall can be launched. “If a complaint is filed, the process could be pushed back even further.

Diaz went on to say that anyone, as long as they are a registered voter, can file a complaint over the irregularities.



Solo Capital is an investment company that was created by Sanjay Shah. He was fresh out of resigning from his accounting career, and decided to hire a few college graduates along with some trading partners to help him get his investment business going. He decided to give himself a year of hard work and dedication to see where the company went. Solo Capital is now a million dollar company that is thriving in both Dubai and London areas. They have over thirty nine offices in the surrounding areas and are continuing to grow each day. The company has allowed Shah to take bake seat to the scene, and semi-retire. He has actually owned many other companies aside from Solo Capital, so he understands how to properly run a business with great products. He can now focus on some other areas in his life that have recently developed.

Shah hasn’t always been in the accounting business. In fact, he originally wanted to become a doctor. He was born in Kenya and moved to Central London with his family to start his career. He attended Boston College where he studied medicine, but soon decided that it wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he switched his major to accounting. He graduated from accounting and started working for some of the most prominent banking and investment companies. His skills and dedication paid off, and he has now moved on to funding and working towards the success of a charity he developed called Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks was created in 2014 after several years of the discovery of his son’s condition. He was diagnosed with autism in 2011, and Shah along with his wife, always felt that they wanted to do something to help. Since the condition cannot be cured, he figured this was the next best thing. Autism Rocks is a charity even that is help via invite only concerts to help raise money for the condition. With the money donated, he hopes that research and development of the neurological condition will become better understood, and that awareness will be raise to an all new level.


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There are a lot of makeup brands out there, but Lime Crime has emerged as the one that many teenagers are interested in. This is the type of makeup that stands out as one of the hot brands that makes many people discover different changes that they may have never known about in the past.

Lime Crime has managed to become one of the more successful brands because it has some dark shades that are bold and completely outside of what people were expecting. Teddy Bear is a shade that shows that people can get some dark colors without going completely into the Gothic realm.

This is a brand that has products for lips, nails, and eyes. The Bleached Liquid Lime Crime Velvetines are quite popular. The waterproof eye shadow that was created by Doe Deere for Lime Crime is also something that has become a bestseller on Amazon and the Lime Crime website.

Kids gravitate towards the lip gloss, and a lot of other teens are impressed with the nail polish colors like Parfait Day and lipstick colors like Squash. There are many teens that are able to order some of these brands, but there are even more young adults that have become acquainted with the brands through social media. This is where a lot of people will follow Doe Deere and take note of what she is doing online. She applies make up, and she often gives beauty tips to those by marketing her new products.

The Lime Crime brand managed to get a lot of interesting buzz because there are a lot of shades and colors that just cannot be found anywhere else. The Doe Deere brand is getting a lot of positive praise largely because the brand is connected with a leader that keeps people informed about the brand. There are tweets and Instagram posts about new looks as soon as new shades are available. This shows that Doe Deere is connected and concerned about the fans. She appears as less of a CEO and more as one of the girls. That makes Lime Crime popular.

There are a lot of options people can use for their chat needs. They may not think of chatting as an option to communicate with other family members. Talk Fusion is a great way to make this happen.

Who Created the Company?

There were a lot of companies created for this reason, but Bob Reina was one that decided families and companies both needed this ability to speak with people who were near or far to them. The company was something that he really wanted to see happen and Reina worked hard to make it the best company he could.

Why Use it?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Talk Fusion for your family communication needs. The biggest is so people can see other members of their family. This can be helpful if the family is spread out through the country or even the world. People can use the service to talk live to the people they love and the friends they want to see. That is the biggest reason to use this service for anyone’s needs.

How it Works

There are several ways it can work for people. The best is through a phone or tablet application on their phone. This also makes it easier to talk to others while still using the phone or tablet in their homes or work. They can also use the software on their computer to chat with others who are not in the same area they may already live in. This can help families stay close even when they are far from each other.

Talk Fusion is a great option for families that want to stay in touch but are not in the same area. They can still see each other and can still talk whenever they want to. Anyone looking at this kind of option should take a moment to make sure the chat system they get for their lives is going to be the best it can be.

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These days, many people worry about their future and their money. They worry if they will have enough, how to invest it, where to put the money, and what is the safest bet on After all, this is money you have worked your whole life for and have earned with your blood, sweat, and tears. Because of this, you need to think long and hard before you do anything drastic on prnewswire or out of the ordinary. However, it soon becomes clear there is a company out there, a company that was founded in 1842, that is the company for you. That company is Laidlaw & Company.

There are many perks to investing with them, such as the fact that they think outside-the-box. Laidlaw advertise this fact on their website and they are proud of it, as well they should be, as it is something that not many companies do. Many companies follow the same formula and get the same results. Why would you want the same and what everybody else has? You want something different, unique, and exactly what they say: outside-the-box. They have been around for a while, but they are still cutting edge on, strong, powerful, and unique. They are the company of the past and of the future.

They are also there for growing companies and help raise capital quickly and the right way. Laidlaw & Company have a strong moral code and they stick by it, never veering away from it. When they look you in the eyes and tell you something, you know you are going to get the honest truth from them and nothing less. That is why when investing your money, Laidlaw & Company is the way to see that money grow and reach levels you never thought possible. If you look at their website and the history, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed in a good way and excited for your future.

Truth-Out just published an article on the current political and economic turmoil in Venezuela. The country is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, as there is a major energy and food shortage that the ruling political party seems incapable of addressing in an effective way. As a result, there have has been a massive public outcry for a change in political leadership so that the general population can get back to normalcy. There are widespread efforts to try to remove President Maduro from office, but they have all been thwarted so far.
As the article suggests,expert David Osio explains that the quickest way for President Maduro to regain popularity and be able to govern through the rest of his turn without a coup, is to put in place various economic controls to stabilize the country immediately. One of the most important measures President Maduro should take is to institute a floating exchange rate, as did former President Hugo Chavez went the country was experiencing similar chaos a few years ago. In addition, another economic strategy would be for the government to sell some of its oil reserves, which would not have to be pumped out of the country until years from now. reported on April 20th that FreedomPop, a mobile virtual network operator, is making a move to attract more customers by offering free access to WhatsApp. FreedomPop makes a name for itself by providing free talk, text, and data on flagship phones such as the iPhone 5 and the Moto E.

What is unique about this development however, is the FreedomPop is providing the free access to WhatsApp of it’s own volition. They were not approached by Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company, in any way. FreedomPop is also testing this offering in Spain first, a market where 70 percent of mobile device users have at least downloaded WhatsApp.

FreedomPop offers a tantalizing plan that gives you 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 megabytes of data for free. While 200 free text messages may seem archaic in the year 2016, offering WhatsApp for free would remove many potential customers doubts about signing up for FreedomPop

FreedomPop also offers free roaming in 31 countries, including the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, and the U.K. among others. With the roaming in mind, free or minimal cost talk, text, and data, and soon free access to WhatsApp, FreedomPop is positioning itself to become a major player in the mobile market.


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According to Techcrunch, Shopping is getting a lot less complicated because of the amazing work done by people who run visual search software companies.

Slyce is the one that is making the most noise right now, and they are using an app they own called Pounce to help people find items they are shopping for. Slyce is an image recognition phenomenon that people are going to be able to use any time they are shopping and they can use a picture of anything to get a result.

The results that are offered by Slyce are so detailed that people will hardly be able to believe it. Slyce shows people what the picture is, where they can buy that exact item and where they can buy items that are just like it. People who use the app are going to be able to search for as many things as they want, and they are going to get hundreds of results for places where they can buy these things –

Someone who has no idea how they are going to find the thing that they are looking for is going to be able to use Slyce to find what they want, and they are going to get a lot of options that are a lot like that. That is going to help people get something that is close to what they want, or they can go for the real thing. This also helps people save money when they do not want to spend too much.

There are a lot of things that people can search for with a photo, and these items are going to be much easier for people to find because they get the results in one shot. Slyce is trying to narrow their technology, and they are even coming out with a universal scanner that is going to help people make sure that they find what they want, and it will scan anything using the camera on a mobile device. Read more: Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

Slyce is updating technology for people who are trying to make shopping easier, and it is going to help people find the right item at the right price.  Just one picture will give people all the information they need when they are shopping online.