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“Playful Life” by Beneful is a food that promotes vitality and vigor in adult dogs. It’s a dry food that revolves around eggs and beef. The other essential elements in Playful Life, however, are the pleasing combination of spinach and blueberries. Beef is the formula’s chief ingredient. Since Playful Life offers an abundance of protein, it can do wonders for dogs that move a lot. Owners of dogs that like to use their muscles regularly may benefit from feeding them Beneful‘s Playful Life. The smallest Playful Life bags are 3.5 pounds. The biggest ones, on the other hand, are beyond 30 pounds.
“The Savory Rice & Lamb Stew” from the experts at Beneful is a prepared wet food dish that’s optimal for dogs that love luxurious meat, vegetables and grains. The excellent ingredients in the Savory Rice & Lamb Stew are rice, lamb, carrots and peas. The packaging of this stew is a major draw to owners as well. That’s because it’s totally resealable. If a dog doesn’t finish his entire serving of the stew, his owner can reseal it and open it up later for him to eat again. This mix comes in tubs of 10 ounces. Available on Walmart and most pet supplies stores.

“Chopped Blends” offered by Beneful are wonderful meal choices for dogs that love turkey, chicken, beef, salmon and liver. The turkey version of Chopped Blends is made of tasty real turkey and irresistible extras such as spinach, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Pooches are overjoyed by the savory tastes offered by Chopped Blends. They’re also overjoyed by Chopped Blends’ pleasant textures. Dogs that have penchants for sauce love this Beneful wet food [] formula as well. These prepared blends come in tubs of 10 ounces.

Baked Delights “Snackers” by Beneful are lovely dog treats [link:]. Owners who like saying “thank you” to their sweet pets may want to express their gratitude with the assistance of Baked Delights Snackers. These oven-baked snacks consist of both artificial and natural peanut butter flavoring. They also have delicious cheese flavoring. Dogs go wild for Snackers’ ultra-soft middle portions. These doggy treats are made in 9.5 ounce pouches alone. All these products can also be bought online, via


Magic Mike XXL is an American comedy-drama that was released in 2015. The film was written by Reid Carolin, directed by Gregory Jacobs, and starred by Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Channing Tatum. It is a sequel to Magic Mike that was released in 2012. Upon release, the film received mixed reviews and grossed $122 million.


After abandoning his past life as a stripper, Mike is managing his furniture business. Tarzan gives him a call and informs him that Dallas has died. Believing the news, Mike drives to the hotel only to find his friends having a time of their life at a pool party. Upon revealing to them that Dallas has guaranteed them to start a new show and only took “The Kid” with him, they let him in on their plan.

The group goes into a mansion and Tito tells them he knows the girl that lives there and who is also expecting them. They get in, but to their surprise they are welcomed by Nancy (the girl’s mother) who is in a company of other mid-aged women. As the night goes on, the mood lightens and Ritchie sleeps with Nancy. Nancy later lets the group drive a car belonging to her ex-husband to Myrtle Beach. The group arrive and their performance is a great success.

Crystal Hunt is an actress and producer. She started her career by taking part in pageants while she was 2 years old. Hunt starred in various commercials including the 25th anniversary celebration of the Walt Disney Company. She is well known for taking an active role in the CBS soap Opera, Guiding Light. On this soap opera, Hunt played as Lizzie Spaulding; a troubled daughter of Philip and Beth Raines. The drama series, Guiding Light, which aired from 2003 to 2006, gave her a nomination for Daytime Emmy Award in 2005 for being an outstanding young actress in a drama series.

In 2015, producers of Magic Mike XXL announced their newest member for the cast, Crystal Hunt. This was no gamble as the profound experience of Hunt in pageants, television, advertising and producing/directing is what propelled the creation of the movie Magic Mike XXL.  Follow her official Facebook page, and make sure that you check out her IMDb page to see when new projects are coming out.

The dog food industry has more than $4 billion in sales each year, and millions are spent on Beneful dog food. I can see why the company is able to bring forth the types of profits that this company brings. It has a large variety that produces a lot of money.
There are 40 brands that are available through, and I have seen the great changes that the company has been able to make. Beneful started with the Beneful Originals [see:], and I think that this was a great beginning step. Over time the company would grow, and the developers would also add Baked Snacks by Beneful to the agenda as well. This is type of company that has put forth some great snacks that have vitamins as well.

Beneful has continued to be a lively brand that has managed to build up a fan base because there are so many people that like to explore. I give my dog a lot of variety because I to see what the dog will take to next. I have seen how my pet has been able to embrace the Beneful Healthy Radiance. This is a dog food that has been linked to boosting energy. I have also seen how my dogs take to the Beneful Chopped Blends. This is a blend of vegetables and meats. I think that this is one of the most popular of the Beneful brands because it has lots of nutrients.

I certainly do believe that Beneful is one of the most innovative of all the brands that are out there. It has been important to see a brand like this growing because it shows that the company is looking for ways to improve the health of dogs. Everyone that starts researching the brand will see that there is something their dog will like.

I have put a lot of faith in Nestle Purinastore Petcare, and I am sure that many other people are embracing this company as well. It is one of the better dog food companies on the market because it has a plethora of vitamins.

Early in 2015, Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, was faced with a reputation crisis. This is ironic because Fisher has made his company into an expert in reputation management. Status Labs suffered negative press that quickly grew into a national media story because of the controversial actions of a (former) executive. Those actions pulled in real hatred for the company from the press, because Status Labs didn’t really have a public human presence. It’s easy to blame and hate an entity that you can’t put a face too, regardless of the facts.

To combat this spike in bad reputation, company employees unanimously agreed to ask for the resignation of the person who caused the issue. That letter and a photo of the team were quickly put online to humanize an otherwise faceless company. Fisher knew that the company had to start taking a more active approach to their own reputation management and social interaction online, a service they have provided to 1,000’s of others.

Creating a better reputation starts with creating a wider presence online. If you lack content on social media, when the bad news comes around, it fills that void. Suddenly all anyone can find out about you is negative news. Fisher’s approach to handling Status Labs crisis was to begin to involve the company in community growth, and to ensure his employees felt valued as individuals.

Darius Fisher is an honors graduate from Vanderbilt University. His prior experience includes copy-writing and political consultation. His vision for Status Labs has led the company to working with public figures, Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, and politicians in 35 countries. He serves 1,500+ clients with reputation management and repair.

Fisher is a motivated individual that takes a tailored look at a client’s problems and makes sure that Status Labs provides the best services that it can, even when they need those services themselves. He’s a humble individual that takes an active approach to PR and social management, and appears to truly enjoy what he does and the team that he has cultivated to work with him.

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For those of you who cannot keep up with technology, Skout is a location-based, mobile social networking and dating app and website. It was created in 2007 by company CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Christian Wiklundand and Niklas Lindstrom the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Skout, Inc. They are currently headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Much like other technology, the Skout app permits users to send virtual gifts to each other and communicate through instant messaging. Skout, however, goes a step further. In fact, Shout was one of the first apps of its kind to take dating and social networking one step further.

Specifically, Skout was one of the first apps to put an emphasis on the overall location of the user. How does Skout focus on the location of each user? It’s easy.

Skout utilizes the user’s smartphone’s built-in global positioning system in order to aid one app user to locate other users who are located within the same given radius of distance. Essentially, it let’s the user know the general location of other local Skout users. The company emphasizes, however, that Skout does not actually automatically specify any other app user’s specific location or address.

Skout users can actually choose to exercise the option of disengaging the app’s location-tracking capabilities whenever they wish. Furthermore, the GPS location features can only be used within the adult Skout community. Skout has several safety policies in place. The most obvious of which being that they separate the adult and teenage community members.

Version 4.5.0 of the Skout app– released in late 2014 –presently works with iPhones, iPod, Touch and Android equipment. The app is free “with in-app purchase” and has a size of 29.60 MB. It is currently available in 16 languages and is available in 180 countries. Skout, Inc. now also has other properties available to tech and app fans including the nightlife app named Nixter and a group messaging app named Fuse.

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When seeking an event planner in New York to create a perfectly themed party, look no further than Jessica Boskoff of 23 Layers. An aptly named party planning service, 23 Layers attends to all of the details when it comes to party planning. No stone is left unturned as details unfurl around the party goers, delighting them at every turn.

23 Layers can create any type of party one could imagine, from totally glamorous to fun and whimsical. A long roster of past satisfied clients can attest to the brilliance of the party planning, the pleased guests and the positive outcome. Based in New York City, 23 Layers has clients in Manhattan but can travel to do parties anywhere in the US. Anything one can think of can be created in perfect detail by 23 Layers, surpassing all expectations with the above and beyond attention to detail.

A recent party for one year old Teddy revolved around a country farm theme, layered with swaths of gingham and barrels of apples.

A party for a cute bunch of one year old children wouldn’t be complete without a table at a height just their size, surrounded by little red chairs for them to sit and comfortably enjoy their royal iced glazed apple shaped sugar cookies. A party favor at the table settings also included a small picture filled board book about animals on a bucolic farm, wrapped in a simple string of burlap cord. Covered mason jars with a red and white stripy straws completed the look, the drink cups reminiscent of home made jelly jars made from berries picked on the farm.

Parents were able to walk right up to the country kitchen table desert bar and pick up little sweets for themselves and the children alike. The table was abound with riffs on apple pie, desert stands made of hay bales, and fruit pints filled to the brim with fresh, sweet cherries. A giant glass dispenser jar brimming with fresh apple cider was placed next to the sweets for all to enjoy, it’s amber liquid promising just the right amount of sweet and spice.

Can dogs really choose wet or dry dog food? Well, yes. Or at least my dog can and she will go without eating all day if she doesn’t like what I bought. Dogs are smarter than we want to believe. I buy on Wal-Mart both BENEFUL® wet and dry dog food.

With Nestle Purinastore‘s BENEFUL® dry dog food, I know my dog, Roxie, is getting the nutrition she needs. However, I spoiled her when I fed her wet dog food in the morning and leave dry dog food out all day for her to nibble on. With BENEFUL® CHOPPED BLENDS™ wet dog food made with beef, carrots, peas and barley. Roxie’s excitement confirmed that this savory mixture with real ingredients was yummy. Its combination of textures gives Roxie what she wants and gives me confidence she is getting healthy food.

The dry dog food that BENEFUL® has amazing flavors that Roxie enjoys. How can I tell? Her bowl is always empty and there are no other dogs around. Her favorite is BENEFUL® Originals made with real salmon and includes sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots for that homemade flavor. She eats it as soon as I put it in her bowl and looks up at me as if she wants a second helping.

Roxie loves CHOPPED BLENDS™ with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. She thinks she is getting human table food and I know she’s getting wholesome ingredients that gives it that texture she loves. I want Roxie happy and healthy. I won’t tell her it’s not table food. Is that wrong?

Can you tell I’ve tried several flavors of BENEFUL® both wet and dry? The amazing INCREDIBITES® are yet another favorite. I do believe I see a smile when I give her this flavor. She is smart and I’ve tried sneaking in cheaper brands. You know, when money is tight and you tend to scrimp a bit. It’s a waste of time and money as she leaves it in her bowl and I figured if she gets hungry enough she would eat the off brand. Not true for her. By the end of the day and she hasn’t eaten any of her food, I go and purchase BENEFUL® [online: ] and she eats it hurriedly. I’m not sure if she is trained or she has me well trained.