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Retailer Web Services (RWS) recently announced they will be offering online reputation management software to independent durable goods retailers. The software is called WebFronts Review.
The software will help businesses manage their digital stamp and it will help them garner the power of positive reviews, which help increase visibility of sites and businesses online. Positive reviews can affect people’s decisions when it comes to buying products.

According to RWS, they developed the software to provide companies with a way for them to find out what is being said about them and how to deal with negative reviews. It also helps them increase positive reviews, as well as helping them manage their online reputation.

While developing WebFronts, RWS surveyed hundreds of consumers. They asked them how they used online reviews when it comes to deciding where to purchase items such as appliances, furniture and mattresses.

The technology used for the software was created with six industry practices in mind, which include monitor, alert, respond, solicit, showcase and share. The software monitors sites, such as Facebook, Yelp and Google, for reviews on a daily basis. This allows retailers to view their reviews in one spot.

Retailers can receive alerts via text and emails when new reviews pop up about their business. With just one click, the software brings retailers to the site of the review/reviews, which allows them to respond. Furthermore, the software offers tips to help business respond to negative and positive reviews.

WebFronts Review lets retailers solicit feedback from consumers after they have purchased items from them. Finally, it also allows retailers to share four and five star reviews via Facebook, right from the software.


Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco is also a member of the company Executive Committee. The bachelor of degree in Journalism graduate from the Northwestern University, Illinois and California Berkeley School of Law plays the role liberating the public from the fears that were ignited by the economic crash of 2008. It led to the loss of trust in the financial industry. The crash resulted in people resorting to taking financial refuge in their hands. Helane Morrison’s role is to put confidence back into the investors by enforcing integrity, accountability and regulatory compliance in all dealings.
She is a no-nonsense self-confident woman who insists that every single trade done for the investor is ethical and profitable. Her team, made up of enforcement staff, holds that any financial firm, be they a brokerage firm, financial advisor or mutual fund advisors be thoroughly vetted before being allowed to handle a depositor’s money. Should an irregularity be detected, punitive measures are taken against the culprit. The aim being to correct the behavior and ensure that no future mistakes occur.
Prior to joining the Hall Capital Partners LLC, Morrison headed the (“SEC”) the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999-2007. She held the position of Regional Director and her scope of work involved execution of securities, litigation matters, and regulatory compliance in northern California. She also covered five other Northwest states.
Her time in SEC was spent as a representative in legal issues, business relations, financial communities and government agencies. She managed to uncover the scam involving top managers from leading corporations like Google, Hewlett- Packard, Next Card Inc., and HBO. False securities and fake sales by the insurance company American Amicable to over 50,000 military personnel were exposed during her tenure at the SEC.
Helane, the firm lady started her career as a clerk to Hon. Richard Posner and later to Harry Blackmun both of the U.S Court of Appeals. She later practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk &Rabkin from 1986-1996 was promoted to become a partner in 1991. Her duties included business litigation, defense of private securities internal corporate investigations and her pet subject, the SEC.
Ms. Morrison, a veteran presenter on matters legal and compliance stemming from investment advisories is also the board member of Regional Parks Foundation and the American Bar Association.

Don Ressler is the CEO of both JustFab and Fabletics, and he is looking at ways to make both of these companies powerhouses in the fashion industry. Fashion is a very hard industry to make sales in, and both companies are online companies where women can make easy purchases. Don Ressler wants to make sure that both companies can grow beyond what they are already doing, and Don Ressler has plans for that that every woman will appreciate.

The first thing that is happening is the store openings at Fabletics. The company is opening a lot of stores to help bring their clothes closer to women, and the company is going to bring more options to women because they can now try these things on in stores. Stores are the best way to reach women shopping across America, and Fabletics will open a lot of stores to help reach women.

JustFab sends out boxes to women who place orders for clothes, and the company wants to be able to send out more boxes to women with more items. It is very easy for women to get an outfit in a box, and Don Ressler wants to be sure that he can reach more subscribers with the fact that he has all the boxes that a woman could want. Don Ressler wants to pack the boxes tighter, and he wants to give his customers more value.

The company is also looking at coming up with an IPO, and they have people in the executive suite that are ready to help take the company to the next step if that is what they need. It is the best way for the company to serve all its customers, and it is also the only way for the company to get bigger without having an outright store.

Don Ressler has proven himself worthy of the title of CEO of both of these companies, and he has been the person that has made both companies very viable. It is a very good relationship for both companies, and it helps them make sure that they are profitable and more visible in the public eye.


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Most individuals find letting a section of, or their entire house on the Airbnb looks like the best and easiest way to get money. It makes it possible for the owners of the houses to get the money they require to pay for their property through hosting tourists for a short duration of time. Observations from recent occurrences have shown that there emerge some unanticipated problems as a result of this. These temporary tenants mighty damage the property that the homeowners’ insurance is unable to cover. Such misfortunes put the amateur hoteliers in financial and legal issues that had not been anticipated. The problems are costlier than the hotelier can make by letting out their property. Richard Blair advises homeowners on what needs to be put into consideration when making renting decision;

Liability for any damages to the visitors, injury to your neighbor’s stuff, illegal activities, theft, and lawsuits from their actions is some of the risks that homeowners are likely to face. Besides, sometimes the renters refuse to pay.

Insurance Coverage
Most temporary rentals are not insured by the homeowner’s cover policies. Therefore, owners take liability and responsibility for expenditures suffered by the visitors.

The security accessible by the Airbnb and other companies is secondary coverage, it only comes in when you have finished all your resources.

What does wealth solutions do?
Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair was the founder of the Wealth Solutions with the goal of making a significant and a positive impact on the lives of persons, families, and small business owners.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair liked education since his childhood. He helped many people facing investment and financial planning problems. Richard entered the sector of financial services immediately after graduating in 1993. He created his private firm of wealth solutions in 1994. His aim was to give unbiased and objective solutions to his customers. He has since then increased his awareness and involvement in retirement preparation. He has specialized in assisting his customers to plan for their retirement appropriately. Richard Blair helps them avoid pitfalls and gives them retirement strategies. He is the sole owner of Austin, a Texas-based company and has been involved in the securities for twenty-two years. Blair has over fifty-five million US dollars in assets under his name.

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Does the WEN cleansing products work the way they claim? Have you tried it? Claims have been made that your hair will be softer, shinier, and full of volume. Wen hair care has several formulas to choose from for different hair types. My hair was very fine and dry so I chose the standard formula for all hair types.

When using Wen products you will use a larger amount than your current brand, I felt the difference on day one. My hair was much softer and shinier, however I felt my hair to be greasy. I was used to being able to go a day between showering and shampooing, however with Wen I was not able to do this. When I woke up on day two I had to shower and clean my hair due to the amount of grease that had built up.

I discovered that using Wen hair care products did help my hair, however when I styled it the curls I added fell out sooner in the day. It was definitely softer with more volume and shine. I received lots of compliments on the difference in my hair by only using it for seven days.

I decided that the Wen hair care line is definitely for those who allow time daily to style there hair. I was impressed with the results by my seven day trial and will use the products when I am looking for a beautiful shine to my hair. Wen products are available online on Amazon and on Sephora cosmetics stores.

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