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FreedomPop is a United States-based CDMA mobile phone company based in Los Angeles, California, founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols (who is currently the CEO) and Steven Sesar. Learn more:

FreedomPop works much differently than many other cell phone companies in that it finds ways to lower costs for both itself and its customers as much as it can while maintaining network integrity and quality. One of the ways it does so is by partnering with other phone companies (most notably Sprint) to use their towers. Another method, however, is much more innovative. FreedomPop was one of the first companies to develop the technology that allows calls and text messages to be sent over Wi-Fi networks. This feature has been rolled out to its customers, thus saving the company and its customers money on bandwidth and tower construction and maintenance.

FreedomPop currently offers three phone plans: Premium 1GB, Annual 1GB, and Basic 200. The Premium and Annual 1GB plans are very similar; both plans offer 1GB of LTE data per month, in addition to unlimited voice minutes and unlimited text messages, for $19.99 per month, with a customer’s first month being free. The Annual 1GB plan provides customers with exactly the same features, but with a massive discount as an incentive to pay for an entire year of service at once, which is $79.99. However, the most notable plan FreedomPop offers is actually its Basic 200 plan, tailored for light cell phone users. This plan allows for the use of 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data per month. The most notable thing about this plan, however, is its price: in accordance with the company’s name, this plan is completely free of charge.

Although FreedomPop’s service is compatible with any Sprint-enabled phone, they do provide phone options to their customers directly, often with prices much lower than retail prices. The list of phones currently consists of the HTC Desire 510, the Kyocera Hydro Vibe, the Google Nexus 5, and the LG G3, as well as SIM cards for existing Sprint phones.

In addition to Cell phone service, FreedomPop offers internet on-the-go services, paired with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, as well. The devices available are currently the Netgear Fuse, the Alcatel Mi-Fi 500 LTE, the FreedomPop Proton LTE, and the FreedomPop Supernova, all of which are portable hotspots. The plans include a Premium 2GB plan for 4G and 3G networks for $19.99 per month and the first month free, a Pro 500MB for 4G and 3G networks for $3.99 per month and the first month free, and a Basic 500MB plan for 4G networks only that is completely free of charge.

four bags hippeas wood floor livio bisterzo
Snack manufacturer Green Park Brands recently introduced new varieties of healthy chickpea puffs. Despite being relatively new in the market, the snacks are already gaining a niche due to the numerous health benefits that they have. A small pack has less than 91 calories while larger packs have less than 455 calories. These snacks were advanced to address the dietary needs of snack lovers who are getting increasingly conscious about their health.

To attract a wider market, Hippeas introduced Pepper Power, Herbs We Trust, Far Out Fajita, and Sweet & Smoking chickpea puffs. Green Park’s Chief Executive Officer and founder Livio Bisterzo, asserts that the introduction of these varieties is part of the firm’s strategic plan to take over the snack industry. The firm has a strong commitment towards the production of affordable and healthy snacks. The products are already being sold in thousands of Starbucks locations throughout the US. Having been in the food industry for close to seven years, Livio understand what it takes to make Hippeas a global brand.

About Livio Bisterzo

The Italian entrepreneur is a Los Angeles resident. Mr. Bisterzo immigrated to the United Kingdom at 18 to join the University of Arts. With a marketing background, it was easy for him to set up his first firm at age 22. This was an events company, which would act as the foundation of his entrepreneurial portfolio. Livio’s early entrepreneurial success saw him start a string of successful businesses throughout the US.

In the hospitality sector, Livio’s name is synonymous with Maddox Club, Pollen St. He similarly made inroads in the consumer brands business with enterprises such as Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles. All his ventures were successful, and helped establish him as one of London’s most recognizable entrepreneurs. In 2009, the Evening Standard named him among the top 1,000 influential people in London. He has also been profiled by respectable publications such as The Times, The Financial Times, Harpers, Vanity Fair, and GQ.

Livio moved to Los Angeles in 2015 so that he could pursue his business interests in a more stimulating environment. He similarly wanted to tap into the American snack market. He started Green Park Holdings with the sole purpose of advancing technologies that would revolutionize the snack market. The firm is also involved in the production of beverages. It aims at creating natural products, which have an enduring social and cultural impact. Its first product Hippeas, has already become a popular brand.

Recent news say that a company known as Middlesex County Improvement Authority from the United States has not been able to pay its loan. The loan taken was one million dollars, and the interest has accrued to twenty million. Another institution, known as Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was also given a loan. Reports posted in Press of Atlantic City say that the loans were issued in the year 2005, and both institutions have not been able to pay. The loan given to Middlesex County Improvement Authority was meant for the construction of Heldrich.
Heldrich is a new project that is expected to change the lives of many individuals in the city. Upon completion, the building would serve as a conference room and hotel for the guests and other individuals who will be visiting.

Stephen Sweeney, the current senate president of the area says that the actions by these companies should not be entertained. According to Stephen Sweeney, the action by the private companies was actually a clever way of acquiring public money to execute some of their large projects. Rumors say that another private institution called Atlantic Development Corp is planning to get more public funds to execute its private project. The loan is expected to be around two hundred million dollars.

The case is already in court, and the two accused institution have already hired a lawyer, Christopher Paladino to defend them. Paladino is one of the most popular lawyers in the city, and the reports say that he was in charge of helping the companies get the loans when they needed them. According to Paladino, his clients are planning to pay the loan and all the interest accumulated, but he says that this would take several years. The projects are still not completed, and they have not been able to make profits.
Heldrich, one of the projects is a building that has two hundred rooms, and it was completed in 2007. The financial crisis had just started, and it was tough for the hotel to make money during such a time.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation, also referred to as Devco is a private non-profit making company. The company specializes in the real estate industry, and it was founded in the 1970s.


Malini Saba is a determined businesswoman, but this is not the only facet of her life. She is also a mother and a philanthropist that will do a lot to help other people. Saba has been interested in giving to natural disaster relief and other causes as well. Saba has proven that it is possible to make money and give money.


Saba started the Stree Foundation almost 16 years ago, and she is still empowering women today. This is big for someone that could have easily taken her money and continued to build her own empire of wealth. Malini Saba has gotten in the grassroots movements in Africa and other places like Europe and Central America. She has been able to turn her attention towards woman that are at risk, and I think that this is quite noble. It shows that she is concerned about what happens to women all over the world.


A lot of people would like to give, but many people have not had the same great financial investment clarity that Malini Saba has had. She has been in the investing world for about 3 decades. She was into the venture capitalist aspect of business investing early on, and this is what has allowed her to gain large sums of money to invest.


Malini has done what a lot of people would not be able to do. She has picked herself by her bootstraps, become wealthy and taken the time to start giving back to others. She is one of the world’s top female investors and one of the top philanthropists in the South Asia region. I think that she reminds me a lot of Vijay Eswaran because he is one of the top Asian philanthropists as well. He has the same type of giving spirit and business mindset that Malini has.


Saba has given a lot of people hope. She has done a wonderful job of investing in stocks and businesses and now she is investing in people. Her money will go a long way with the Stree Foundation. This is her non-profit foundation. It is where she has made the decision to help people around the world that may have been facing poverty. There are a lot of women that do not have the opportunities that men have. Saba seeks to level the playing field for these women and give them something to aspire to.

Certain individuals radiate approachability and success, which are attributes shared by serial entrepreneur, Marc Sparks. The Austin, Texas native graduated from high school in 1975 and wasted no time in being a major part in start-up businesses. His humble personality allows him to appreciate his triumphs while concurrently admitting to his failures, and this very trait is both commendable and is the biggest reason why Sparks is so intriguing and truly the man of the century.

Marc is a man of faith, something that allows his humble characteristic to shine through each day. When asked how he has been so successful in his life, he often responds with a simple answer that expresses his gratitude for God. Having had never attended college, the entrepreneur further strains the importance of God in his life and how he would have been unable to achieve anything without his grace. With a belief that the challenging and the impossible is conquerable with the right state of mind and a little bit of faith, Sparks has sparked genius across the country with countless innovations and businesses.

Though Sparks could never actually grow tired of his line of work, he does enjoy switching up his affairs a bit to keep his mind sharp. Once he mastered his victories and studied why he has succeeded and failed plenty over the past four decades, he determined that it was time to write a book. “They Can’t Eat You” was enjoyable for Sparks to craft, but he admits that it was also quite painful as it discussed his failures in life. Admitting that readers will be surprised to read of such a mogul’s downfalls, Sparks welcomes feedback at every opportunity and urges people to read his book to gain some insight and to provide him with honest criticism. With so many projects under his belt, it is miraculous that this entrepreneur has one iota of free time, but he ensures that he does for some causes.

It is always refreshing when an affluent man is also quite giving by possessing strong philanthropic qualities. Not only does Marc donate to charities and start his own, but he has done charitable, hands-on projects, including his work for Habitat for Humanity. He has created his own charity, Sparky’s Kids, which provides at-risk youth with new computers in the hopes of providing them with a necessary education. His new business, Spark Tank, is also philanthropic at best.

Spark Tank is a company that allows average people to present an idea by answering the question: What can this do to improve the world? Once applying online, the race is on as these people must present their ideas. A friendly competition ensues and Marc happily provides the winner with start up fees, advice, and support. Marc Sparks is an individual who should influence everybody. He is kind, generous, and fascinatingly humble. Sparks is a difficult personality to come by, but when you do, it is salient to pay attention to the manner you operate your own life.

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In the Huffington Post, Dan Solin recently make an excellent point about the prevalence of useless investment advice in media, using as an example the leading Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. Solin argues that the whole media culture of giving exciting stock tips is simply a money-making strategy. The financial media needs this type of advice to guarantee immediate consumption of their product and securities firms make more money from day-traders than from long-term investors.

Bad Investment Advice Knows No Boundaries

One of the big problems with all of this in Solin’s view is that this type of advice is not only limited to sketchy web sites, but much of this type of advice appears in highly respectable publications. He believes that good financial advice is woefully rare and that there is little chance that the state of affairs will change.

Bad advice is a persistent problem, not because of those who give general advice in the media, but also for those who give professional advice as financial advisors. One example is the embattled firm Laidlaw & Co. Despite being chartered in Britain, the firm has been allowed to operate in the United States from its headquarters in New York. Laidlaw and its principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern have been the subject of numerous complaints and a cease and desist order, which was filed by a biotech company due to their repeated acts of malfeasance.

The problem is that companies such as Laidlaw continue to operate because regulators such as the SEC are far too timid when they encounter reports of wrongdoing. The Madoff case was an excellent example. Despite the criminal activity being painfully obvious, the SEC and New York authorities did nothing until they had no choice.

IAP Worldwide Services is a global company based in the USA that solves solutions that are complex, and that seems impossible. The Company collaborates with the USA government and other worldwide governments to ensure their services are reliable. One of the greatest achievements of the company is that it has assisted the military department of various states. IAP has provided the USA military with the services of transportation of their necessities and in solving their technical and communication problems in battlefields on In the event of a disaster, they will act promptly in offering the required first aid and other requirements to achieve their humanitarian objective.

Services Offered by IAP Worldwide
The company provides a variety of services to clients. They have a proficient team of workers. The workers have experience and knowledge in different fields. Some of the major services offered by IAP include solving engineering and IT issues. They also address aviation issues, provide power solutions, infrastructure construction services and also assist in solving communication problems. IAP also offers contract vehicles to companies and individuals.

Values, Mission and Vision of IAP Worldwide
Serving their clients with purpose and ingenuity is their primary objective. IAP Worldwide Services is guided by a mission of solving challenging problems of their customers. IAP honors clients and treats their welfare with respect and dignity to ensure that they are always satisfied. Their values include serving with humility, nicely and with great responsibility. They are guided by a strong code of ethics making the company reputable in the world.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

IAP Worldwide Leadership
Every successful company must have a perfect team of leaders. The leaders can collaborate effectively with their subordinates to enhance efficient service delivery. Douglas Kitani is the Chief Executive Officer and a director of the company who has exceptional leadership skills. He works with other experienced leaders in different technical fields.

IAP Partners
IAP Worldwide has a strong belief that if they cooperate with other firms, they will become more active in their global service delivery on Therefore, they welcome more customers and companies to assist them in their procurement activities and other deals. IAP is a partner of the USA government where they work together in different fields.

History and Achievements
IAP has served their clients for over 40 years. The company has grown to become a massive global company that offers reputable services. In 2015 press release news IAP announced that they acquired two companies; Aviation and Logistics Company and DRS Technologies.

If you are one of those people who is planning on reporting their employer to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), there are a few things you should know before you do. After all, while you definitely want to make sure your employer gets what is coming to them, you do not want to end up in any legal trouble yourself.
Hiring an SEC whistleblower attorney — Before you have even completely decided to file a report, you should first have hired the services of an attorney that works on SEC whistleblower cases.

This attorney will be experienced in how the systems works, what legal parameters you need to follow when you file your report and, of course, how to protect you so that your rights are not violated.

Being anonymous — Many people who contemplate filing an SEC whistleblower violation do not know that it is possible to remain anonymous throughout the whole procedure. You do have to have the representation of an SEC whistleblower lawyer, however, which is just another important reason to get one.

Should you decide to stay anonymous, you will still be eligible for the monetary awards often given to SEC whistleblowers. The only difference being that your attorney will be the one with the public face.

Your protection if you decide to become a whistleblower — By law, you are now fully protected if you decide to become a whistleblower and file a violations report against your employer with the SEC.

The lawyer you hire will know the ins and outs of this law, and will be able to advise you on what you can and cannot do in order to stay safely within it.

Should you not hire a lawyer, however, while your protection is legally safeguarded to some extent, it would still be conceivably possible for you to do something that could jeopardize that. This is why hiring an attorney really should be the initial thing you do before you take any further steps.

Anonymity when hiring a lawyer — Be aware that it is also possible to safeguard your anonymity when first speaking to a lawyer. The top lawyers will meet with you for a free private consultation before you hire any of them, and speak to you without you having to give your real name.

As you will not even be required to disclose the name of the company you work for either, it honestly could not be a safer system to get be involved in, especially if you hire one of the lawyers you meet.