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Evolution Of Smooth is the new kid on the block when referring to the lip balm industry. Chapstick has dominated for nearly a century. There was little competition until EOS lip balm came onto the scene with its fun design and variety of interesting and delicious flavors. They are currently ranked number two in the industry, only to be surpassed in revenue by Burt’s Bees. Chapstick is currently ranked at number three.

People became used to getting lip balm in the form of a cylindrical tube but EOS knew that in order to be successful that they had to have a smart marketing strategy and a fun new design that would draw attention to the product. They decided to go for the trademark egg shape after some trial and error. They also wanted to bring some new flavors into the equation. Once on the market, the brand’s popularity exploded. Celebrities everywhere were seen using and carrying the product. This was one of the things that propelled the Fast Company to such rapid success Your text to link….

Evolution Of Smooth comes in a variety of tasty flavors. You can find their products in just about every major retailer including Target in the country. They are found in checkout lanes right next to the competitors and they have become a household name in just a few short years. Most people have heard of or tried EOS lip balm; If you haven’t tried this incredible product yet you are highly encouraged to see what all of the press is about. The product is not only in a handy container but it also works extremely well which is a combination that spells success for the company..


Cotemar is a Mexican oil & gas company that operates 100% inside of Mexico. They offer services in offshore oil fields development, maintenance and construction to other petroleum companies. They also provided catering and accommodation to workers on offshore oil rigs. They also have vessels that provide transportation for workers and construction materials.

The logistics portion of Cotemar operates under the name Apoyo Logistico Marino. The company has a specialized fleet of brand new, modernized boats. They have small tugboats and barges for specialized needs. They have large boats for the transportation of materials. They also have boats for emergencies like oil spills and fires.

Cotemar’s catering and accommodation portion of the company is named Cocinas del Mar. Workers provide food, wash clothing and clean common areas and bedrooms. There are gymnasiums, basketball courts, lounges with television and cinemas in their compounds. The company currently provides over 14,000 meals per day that serves 4,000 employees. The well being of the workers are essential since they work long, hard hours. Cotemar have a hotel in Ciudad del Carmen for workers when they are back on shore. The cooks follow strict, high quality safety and hygiene standards when preparing food.

Under the subsidiary SIPSA, Cotemar provide their construction and oil platform maintenance services. Their employees are professionally trained in welding through their simulation programs. They provide services for both offshore oil platforms as well as onshore installments.

Cotemar takes safety of the environment very seriously. They use modern technology to greatly reduce the environment affect of their operations. They safely dispose of their broken electronics with Recicla Electrónicos México.

Recently, Cotemar contracted with AeroScout to place Wi-Fi RFID chips on workers. The point of this is to keep track of all workers in the event they go missing. This technology will also make sure that there are no unauthorized personnel in their facilities.

Hippeas ChickpeasJones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), the global brand design agency, announces that HIPPEAS will be launched. HIPPEAS is a new range of organic production of delicious snacks. Jones Knowles Ritchie had a close involvement with the brand from the start. It has worked together with the brand’s stakeholders to develop a visual packaging and identity. It has also shaped its voice, personality, and tone of the brand world.

Livio Bisterzo, HIPPEAS’ founder, is an entrepreneur who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Brands. In 2015, Livio approached JKR with a product and name. They worked together to formulate a working vision for the new brand. These strategies have propelled the company to become one of the biggest challenges in the world of snacks. The brand has many listings worldwide with retail giants including Boots, Starbucks, Holland and Barrett, As Nature Intended, and WH Smiths. Because of the numerous meetings they had with JKR, they have grown to realize their dreams.

Chairman and co-founder JKR, Andy Knowles, said that they are working to develop the best design for the enterprise. They are currently working on the company’s brand and blog. For this reason, the company has all it takes to move forward business-wise. While they work with HIPPEAS, they also encourage them to partner with JKR to realize the greatest benefit of the company.

Livio Bisterzo said that HIPPEAS had acquired all it needs to become the next world-renowned snack brand. Therefore, they believe that this is the greatest opportunity to make this brand the one-of-a-kind category of snack manufacturers. They have created a proposition which is affordable, premium, and better for their highly-esteemed customers. They believe in a healthy world. The world where nutrition is valued.

The identity and name of HIPPEAS have a relationship with the modern hippie generation. This generation is seeking brands which satisfy the desire for product and taste. While they keep this in mind, HIPPEAS is committed to working towards achieving their clear commitment and social vision to global sustainability. The company has partnered with numerous philanthropic organizations in the world including Farm Africa. For every pack on sale, HIPPEAS gives back to the community by supporting the farmers from Eastern Africa.

JKR developed the brand as one of the most ambitious inspiration in the market. HIPPEAS (@hippeas_snacks) visual identity has embraced strike designs that cue to make it stand out on the shelf. The packet features the brand’s face.

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The study of Kabbalah has always been seen as a mystery because of the many myths and stories that have grown up around the contents of these ancient scriptures; among the myths that have grown up around Kabbalah are stories of Holy men being driven insane by what they uncovered as the truth of the nature of the universe. The Kabbalah Centre has been changing the way we view these amazing teachings for almost a century since the forerunner of this group was created in the 1920s by a Rabbi intent on sharing the spiritual aspect of Kabbalah.


The Kabbalah Centre has created a new way of looking at these scriptures that are said to have initially been handed to Adam and passed down along the line of Jewish patriarchs that includes Abraham and Moses. Rabbi Philip Berg is often seen as the modern father of Kabbalah teachings as he was the first to attempt to make the theoretical study of the scripture known as Zohar a mainstream part of the spiritual community; Rabbi Berg and his wife, Karen, eventually opened their home to students and led the expansion of The Kabbalah Centre across the U.S. border into Canada.


The ideas represented by the teachers at The Kabbalah Centre have been interpreted to fit into the modern world we live in, and to allow students from every faith the chance to fit the teachings into their own belief system. Despite the modernization of the teachings under Rabbi Berg and his long line of predecessors many of the classical aspects of Judaism have been maintained to keep these scriptures in the tradition from which they have been passed on. The Kabbalah Centre encourages students to maintain a link to astrology as this was always one of the most important aspects of Judaism in history, and in the view of Kabbalah teachers should remain a major part of the latest versions of  Zohar being studied.

Assisted Living Community San Luis Obispo is happy to announce the new addition to their family, Farron Bernhardt. He takes the job as the new CEO of the Manse on Marsh community and Assisted Living facility. Farron comes to the facility with a large amount of experience and many new ideas that will improve the overall running of the facility. The new CEO has over 30 years of senior care experience where he worked for the Nevada Housing. He was in the specialized unit that helped senior housing and provided the community with the information they needed to develop the housing for seniors. Farron was the Vice President so he is very capable of being head of a department and dealing with the running of a facility.

The Manse on Marsh is located in the central coastal area where people can smell the salt air when they step outside their doors. The beautiful sunny skies are full of seagulls, the streets are full of interesting people and the waterway is full of fishermen and sailboats. Each person visiting the community is happy to take a ride down to the coastline to visit.

The Manse on Marsh offers both independent living and assisted living. The people living in independent are able to take care of themselves. The living in their own cottages or private homes in the Manse community. The assisted living individuals live in flats, suites, cottages, and some in one bedroom studio apartments. The Atrium houses several one-bed room studio apartments. The Atrium also has a Bistro for the residents to enjoy. For entertainment the residents can enjoy the library, getting their hair done, the movie theater, or group activities. The group activities are things like group exercise, art, music, and church. Each resident has the choice of attending or not.

Farron hopes to bring a new excitement to the Manse on Marsh residents and staff. The Manse is already doing really well and is high on the senior lists for websites such as a place for mom. The facility is winning five-star ratings and doing very well online. New CEO Bernhardt hopes to keep the community in good standings and bring in even better reviews in the future., an on-demand home cleaning start-up that launched in 2012 and has been experiencing successful growth in 2016, faced tremendous amounts of difficulty in its early stages. The company began as an idea between two Harvard students, Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, who felt inspired by their third roommate’s filthiness.

Like any start-up, it had to deal with a substantial number issues as it tried to grow into a successful business. The company was receiving terrible reviews from unhappy customers who were dealing with problems such as cleaners who wouldn’t show up to their homes or would cause damages to the property. The company was also dealing with issues such as the costs of booking a cleaner and how customers were reacting when the cleaner canceled or missed the booking.

The company reacted to these issues by hiring dozens of customer service associates ( While the associates helped ease some of the problems, the wait time to talk to one was still over an hour and the company was losing money in large quantities. They decided to outsource to call centers, thereby reducing costs but at the same time laying off the hundreds of employees that they had hired.

Hanrahan decided to also initiate a self-service onboarding initiative that which allowed professional cleaners to apply and become part of the service online. The initiative struggled, along with the customer service, but eventually began working as the company focused on repairing the electronic issues that came with the platform. The company also took action by creating customer service bots and focusing on the existing markets they had instead of trying to expand.

In the end, the company watched their spending decrease as customers became more satisfied, customers service was less needed, and their existing markets grew. The company now expects to see profitability in 2017. For more information regarding the company Handy and its rise to success, visit the article from Inc. at