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Since a narrow 51-50 confirmation as the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos has met opposition. Known for leading the choice movement for charter schools, Devos cast doubts on her ability to lead a public school system.


People from her hometown of Michigan also took note of the contradiction. Many saw her as unprepared. A philanthropist and activist, yes. But the U.S. Secretary of Education? Not many were convinced that she was up to the task. Devos pushed for legislation in Detroit to expand charter schools. The results have been less than favorable. Detroit has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country and children have to spend hours going back and forth to school.


Additionally, it does not seem that Devos understands much about the public school system. She first demonstrated her lack of knowledge during the Senate confirmation hearings. Then she referred to historically black colleges and universities as the pioneers of school choice without realizing that the schools were created out of necessity because black students were not allowed to attend white universities.


Decades before becoming the U.S. Secretary of Education, Devos to an interest in education. Betsy Devos made her entry into the world as Elisabeth Prince, in 1958. She was raised in Holland, Michigan by a wealthy, conservative family, and attended private Christian schools. After she married her husband, Dick, the couple became politically active. Through the years, Devos became a staunch supporter of the expansion of charter schools and vouchers.


With a net worth of 5.1 billion dollars, the Devoses could send their children to any school they desired. Still, Mrs. Devos thought about the parents who did not have the same luxury. Consequently, she and her husband set up a scholarship fund to help low-income families pay tuition to the Potter’s House Christian Academy. Nevertheless, that was not enough.


To address what she believed was the real problem; she joined the boards of the AFC and ASC. In an interview about the effect of charter schools, Mrs. Devos said, “Traditional public schools are not succeeding…They are failing.” Devos believes the conversation should be aimed at creating reforms, including “vouchers, tax credits, and education savings accounts.”


Devos has been active in politics since the early 1990s. In 1993, she was instrumental in getting the first charter school bill passed in the state of Michigan. As chair of the Michigan Republican Party for six years, she helped identify potential candidates and get them elected. She also led the Great Lakes Education Project, a political action committee dedicated to expanding charter schools in the state of Michigan. According to Mrs. Devos, the program received high praise from friends, who urged her to implement the program on a national level.


Those unfamiliar with Mrs. Devos education reform and political actions may view her as timid. However, people from her home state of Michigan see her differently. Thomas Pedroni, professor of education at Wayne State University, calls Devos divisive. He believes her policies do not serve the public serve system well. However, former Republican state attorney general, Mike Cox has a different take. “In Michigan politics, she instilled fear in a lot of people, not just because she’s a billionaire. I found Betsy to be very determined and steely when she sets her mind on a goal.” Learn more:

Remodeling your home is an essential part of retaining its value and getting it to be safer for the family. In some cases, renovations are crucial for keeping the home working to the best of its ability, such as what you’d find when a roof is in need of replacement or repair because of severe leaks. If your home or business property needs help, it’s time to get the professionals in who will do their very best to ensure you’re satisfied with the finished results. This company is known as Aloha Construction, and they have worked with hundreds of clients since their inception over a decade ago.

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If you feel it is time to get quality help from Aloha Construction, you can visit their website to learn more about their unique history and what they are able to offer to their customers. There is a reason a lot of people have chosen Aloha Construction for their home and business projects. The reason is because they are reliable and reputable, while offering many of their services for affordable rates. This makes it easy and quick for you to get your home to where it needs to be without all of the hassle of doing it on your own. There are lots of reasons for you to get your home remodeled or renovated, but the main reason is to have a comfortable and safe place where you can live alongside your loved ones.

As each portion of our lives become more and more closely linked with technology, the benefits of a high-tech society become ever more apparent. As the medical fields, social infrastructure, and even manufacturing lines are only improved by the involvement of technology, the next obvious question is what facet of life can best be improved by highly adaptative technology.


Answering that question with resounding force, Securus Technologies, a company that helps facilitate inmate communications in many prison facilities across the nation, took to their clients to find how their technologies have helped make the prison system safer and more effective for all those within the system.


Securus Technologies’ Clients Speak Volumes


In a very unprecedented form of transparency, Securus Technologies recently published a list of what their real clients are saying about their services. Different from the recent spate of “real customer” promotions utilized by car manufacturers, the comments from all of the clients were collected directly from the clients themselves. The comments which came in the form of hard written letters, e-mails, and other communication channels all expressed the same message throughout each, that Securus Technologies had not only made the duties of clients within the prison administration industry easier but safer.


Ringing throughout each comment was praise for the services, one comment even purported that Securus’ services had helped break up a corrupt official’s contraband ring using intercepted communications.


Technologies Role in Preventing Crime


Though we are still very far away from living in a world that mimics sci-fi movies, in the near future police officers will not be conducting raids based upon perceived criminal intentions like most dystopian novels, technology still has a very significant role to play in policing not only our streets but our prison systems as well.


If you would like to read more about Securus Technologies and the role of technology in the prison system please click here.


Clay Siegall, a successful scientist, businessman and philosopher has recently tried his hand at blogging. His blog, aptly titled the “Clay Siegall – Official Blog” is a collection of any topics of interest to Siegall, curated daily. Many of these articles are links to studies and analyses of hot-button issues. Just as often they describe hot takes and updates in the sports world; Siegall has an affinity for football. The blog is only limited by the interests of Siegall, and as such has a varied array of topics discussed.

The blog has been especially active as of late. Just recently articles have been posted with topics relating to several different areas. With the Super Bowl just on the horizon, Football seems to be the most popular topic. One article describes Super Bowl LII predictions made by professional analyst Bill Barnwell. Another describes the state of Steelers LB Ryan Haziers condition after his most recent injury. Lastly, a similar article disccuses Emmit Smith’s claims regfarding Jason Garret’s future with the Cowboys. For fans of American sports or groundbreaking scientific discoveries, Clay Siegall’s blog might just be the perfect place to spend your free time.

There is much more to Clay Siegall than his blog, however. Siegall’s professional life and numerous successes also deserve discussion.

Clay Siegall is the renown CEO of Seattle Genetics, a leader in biotechnology. Founded and cultivated by Siegall, the company has done enormous amounts of good since its inception in 1998. Siegall is a career scientist himself, having spent the majority of his adult life in fields pertaining to biology. Originally from Bothell, Washington, Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor of Science with a focus in biology. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Siegall went on to receive a Ph.D. from George Washington University in philosophy. With so many years spent studying the sciences and human nature, it is small wonder how Siegall became such an undisbuted success. Seattle Genetics continues to grow in both research endeavors and capital returns.

The future is looking bright for Clay Siegall and his ventures; Let’s just hope his team fairs as well at the Super Bowl!

There are two names in the media business that everyone knows: Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey and Larkin founded Phoenix New Times, which they still own, and Village Voice Media, which they sold in 2012. Though they created one of the most respected media companies in the nation, they’re most recognized for their encounter with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

For those who don’t know, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arizona is one of the most conservative states in the United States. Living in Arizona was never easy for the duo, but they managed to create a pocket of unbiased life for themselves and their readers. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Phoenix New Times is their best weapon against the ultra-conservative views of many of the local media. Sheriff Arpaio was a man who most outlets ignored or praised. When New Times took a look at him, they immediately noticed too much to be ignored.

The battle that followed ended with Lacey and Larkin being awarded $3.75 million. They used the money to create the Frontera Fund, a fund that supports groups promoting migrant, civil, and human rights along the Mexican border. The fund also supports groups promoting civic participation in the Phoenix area.

The battle officially began when Arpaio realized that Phoenix New Times was writing stories about him. Unlike other stories, they reported on his actual activities; for example, his patriarchal role in anti-Mexican fear-mongering in Arizona. He even used his power to affect political posturing.

What really started to shock people about Arpaio were his horrible management skills. He’s the only sheriff in the country who can’t properly manage his own office. He spent time persecuting and harassing Latinos than he did running the sheriff’s office. He also horribly managed the local jails he was in charge of overseeing.

Obviously, New Times’ stories made him angry. Therefore, on October 18, 2007, he had Lacey and Larkin arrested and jailed. That seemed like a little far fetch until people heard the details of the arrests. For a start, the arrests occurred in the middle of the night.

Both men were forcibly removed from their homes by the sheriff’s “Selective Enforcement Unit”, who has its own controversial past. They were forced into an unmarked SUV with Mexican license plates and driven to separate jails, where the abuse continued.

The End Citizens United PAC is determined to make an impact in the upcoming 2018 elections, working foremost to replace the current republican seat holders in California’s house with democrats. There are currently four Republican elected officials that the group has identified as being vulnerable, and these are the four individuals that End Citizens United is going to support the opponents in the coming election. The main reason these four individuals have been identified is due to their campaign finances and other fiscal issues.

The people and businesses that support a campaign and elected officials are always an important factor in elections because of the issues that they represent. In this election, many of the companies that supported and donated to the funds for these four house members are part of very contentious issues that electors in the state of California might find at odds with their values. Across these four districts, the money that is exchanged and funding elected officials is substantial and that is why each individual has been named. The PAC End Citizens United might just make campaign finance reform the issue of the election given all the attention and work that is about to go into replacing each of these four seats.

End Citizens United was formed in response to Citizens United and the Supreme Court decision that made it possible for companies and corporations to donate to campaigns as individuals. Many that started the PAC believe that this decision was detrimental to the political process by giving corporations more control over elections and elected officials when it should be the citizens of the country that these men and women work for. For this reason, most of the opponents that End Citizens United works against are those that have accepted major campaign contributions from corporations or other special interest groups that now use the new law to fund campaigns in return for beneficial legislation.

To date this grassroots effort has seen some significant impact, working with money and word of mouth to take their message to each area of the country where they can make the greatest difference. Each election is a chance to even the playing field and exposing elected officials that have accepted questionable contributions to their campaigns.

To know more click: here.

When we buy food products from various supermarkets and food chain stores rarely do we even think about the source of the food. Most of us just buy. What many of us do not know is that this food comes from food production companies. In the world today, the largest food production company is OSI Group. This is a company that has been engaging in food production for over a hundred year now., OSI Group is located in Illinois although it has branches and food processing plants in more than 65 locations in the world. Most of its clients are large food chain stores such as the McDonalds. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

OSI Group is led by CEO Sheldon Lavin. This is the person who has been in the driving force of this company. He joined the group four decades ago and till today, he has been engaged in activities that are meant to expand the operations of the group. He is an ardent entrepreneur who has invested greatly in the company. The former banker has helped the company realize the successes that we see today. He has been a key part of the growth of the company. In the four decades, he has managed to take the company globally. He has been at the helm of the company management for a long time after the co-partners in the firm left. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin has applied a strategy that has worked very well for the business. He has used acquisitions as a means of expanding the business reach of is this investment. He has been wooing various companies in different countries to sell their shares to them so that that can they take over the markets. This is a strategy that has worked very well. The company today has operations in very many countries through this system. Sheldon Lavin is a master of business investment. He has managed to take this company to a level that no other CEOs could come close.

Sheldon Lavin has implemented a plan that is based on the principles. There is food safety, green production practices and then there is sustainability. All these factors have been crucial to the development of this company. Sheldon ability to make this business grow has been exceptional. As a committed business leader, he is happy that this business has gained a lot and has a presence on almost every continent. Sheldon Lavin is not done yet. He wants to make sure that the company goes global.


Nearly 90 years ago, one of the greatest men to ever live was born. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary 87 years ago. Unfortunately, his family was Jewish and living in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Things didn’t get better after the war and Hungary became a Communist nation.

When he was old enough, Soros moved to London before moving to the United States. Once in the U.S., he began working on Wall Street. It wasn’t after that he found success as a hedge fund manager. Now, George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund manager and an avid philanthropist.

For more than 30 years, Soros has been involved in philanthropy. It started when he first found success on Wall Street and began donating to charity. Eventually, he founded his own organization, Open Society. Over the years, he’s donated billions to the foundation. According to the NY Times, he’s donated a total of $18 billion to the foundation.

Obviously, he didn’t donate billions of dollars at a time, but close to it. He’s been donating $800 million or more every year since founding Open Society. This has made his foundation one of the largest charitable organizations in the world.

The primary goal of Open Society is to promote democracy and human rights. In reality, they’ll help anyone with an issue they deem worthy of their time. There’s too much suffering for them to ignore just because it’s not part of their original mission. That’s the way Soros wanted it.

Most of their current efforts are focused on the United States. For the few years, America’s been facing some tough times. Once Donald Trump was elected, things got worse very quickly. Open Society is doing everything it can to protect minority groups and bring an end to the hate and violence that’s running rampant in the streets, and learn more about George Soros.

The more Soros tries to do, the more the opposition tries to stop him. JPost recently explored this demonization of philanthropy. Everything George Soros has done for the good of humanity has been made to look like an attack on America.

Right-wing conspiracy theorists accuse Soros of everything from supporting both sides of racial issues to hiring women to accuse Republican Senate candidates of sexual assault. His support of the NFL protests and the Women’s March has even been made to look like terrorist support, and

A recent study showed the increased rate of fatalities due to cardiovascular disease. In America alone, a whopping 600,000 people die each year because of conditions associated with heart disease. Because this is the top ranked killer in America, it is little wonder why more people are seeking help through preventative measures. Lifeline Screening aids in the preventative care process by offering comprehensive testing for all types of cardiovascular conditions. These tests are designed to uncover the potential a person might have toward having a heart related condition as well as indicate the presence of an existing condition.

The importance of having preventative screening for heart disease is seen in the number of fatalities incurred with a first heart attack. Unfortunately, many people do not know they have a serious condition until it becomes too late. The services offered through Lifeline Screening help detect the potential for heart disease in people who have a family history of cardiovascular disease as well as in those who do not. Anyone who does have a family history of heart disease is considered at risk and is encouraged to have periodic screenings to help control what could become a potentially fatal condition.

The professionals at Lifeline Screening conducted a study to see what type of results they would obtain from groups who had used preventative screening methods and those who did not. The objective was to see whether or not people used their test results to make changes in their lifestyles in order to control their condition. This particular study involved groups that were made up of mostly females who were over 50 years of age. The findings from this study indicated that the people who had preventative screenings conducted did in fact, make healthier choices for their diets and increased their amounts of exercise. What astonished the researchers at Lifeline were the number of people who made positive changes in their lifestyles regardless of what their test results showed.

The tests performed by Lifeline Screening are designed to be quick and effective. They can be conducted at times that are convenient to people’s schedules in a safe and secure environment. The preventative screening tests for cardiovascular disease could also be used as a base for comparison by a person’s regular doctor. The staggering statistics on the number of people who die each year due to unrecognized heart disease could be lowered significantly through the use of preventative screenings.

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Aloha Construction is a highly touted construction business based out of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha is family owned and operated and ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. Their reputation is outstanding. The roofers are bonded and trusted, and the contractors are insured an licensed. Why should you choose them?

Aloha Construction offers an array of services. Aloha offers roofing and siding, gutters and downspouts, and window and screen replacement. If the damage is done to your house by storm or unforeseen circumstances, don’t hesitate to give them a call. Aloha Construction has done their homework on how to provide superior service and access to their services. They offer to finance, just in case times are difficult. They are experts in installation, repairing, and replacing any of your siding needs. They work with Face Brick, Wood, Stucco, etc. Whatever material you are using, they can help.


Aloha Construction Inc upholds a 4.4 Google rating and more importantly, a 4.8 BBB rating, which stands as an A+. That is outstanding and confirms how the leadership runs the company. The only downfall I have seen was due to weather, they overloaded themselves with business and took extra time to get to customers. Aloha Construction provides a professionally put together website that is easily accessible.

Aloha Construction received the Better Business Bureau’s 2017 Torch Awards or ethics. The BBB chooses a company that has made an impact ethically. They have sponsorship’s throughout the city and community. Aloha was the sponsor of the Central Illinois Flying Aces hockey team, and are one of the sponsors of the Cane County Cougars. They also offer tips for potential customers on their website.

Aloha stands tall in the industry and the community. This is what consumer’s want in a family-owned company. Customers’ deserve honesty, understanding, and quality when it comes to who they hire. They continue to show those values. Customer service and satisfaction often go overlooked in today’s free market. It is rare to see a company this highly touted and rated make an impact in the community. Society needs more companies with ethics and morals.