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Have you been looking for ways to be successful with no success? Well, it may not be that easy to get the mystery behind the success of the most prominent people in the community. If it were easy, everyone in the nation would be a billionaire; the hardship of the process is what makes the whole thing thrilling. It creates the gap between the go-getters and the daydreamers.

One thing you may need to consider is whether you have been doing the right things to propel yourself. You may be trying so hard, but doing it all wrong leading to disappointments. Here are some factors that you may need to consider; Check out



How do You Set Your Goals?


Goal setting is very vital to every individual. However, if done wrong it may serve as a demotivating factor instead of motivating you. See that;

  • You set specific goals. Don’t be general, for instance, don’t say you want a lump sum, have a specific amount you need to reach.
  • Set Realistic Goals. It is important to set the goals that are achievable. As you achieve them, you may upgrade them.
  • Review Your Goals Regularly. Set a date to review your goals and know where you stand. Based on the results of your reviews, you may need to adjust to accomplish your goals more efficiently.

Understand your goals are Only Valid If Evaluated

Many people hold on to their ideas unevaluated for years. It is crucial that you understand that as long as you do not evaluate your ideas, however much they may be credible, they are useless.

After setting your goals set a plan to follow to actualize your ideas.






The investment world needs commitment and dedication for prosperity. The good thing is, some people began before us, and they are doing an amazing job. Check out to know more.



Jose Hawilla is among the Individuals who have effectively run their business. Hawilla is the prime owner of the Traffic Group.


By clearly setting goals of what he wanted for the company and taking action, he has propelled the firm to becoming an international company.



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     IDLife stands for Individually Designed Life and is a nutritional supplement company dedicated to health and wellness. IDLife is changing people’s lives around the world on a daily basis. Their products and unique business model, makes the company stand out above the rest. IDLife creates customized nutritional plans based on the individual’s specific needs. They sell a wide variety of vitamins and supplements made from high-quality ingredients. When you sign up as a member, they collect information from you about your health and goals. A nutrition specialist will then provide you with a list of recommended products to use for fast results. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with IDLife. Your customized nutrition will also come with an action plan to meet your goals.

IDLife was founded by entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Logan Stout. He is backed by a group of successful investors including Darwin Eason, Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, Chris Camillo, and Len Critcher. Recently, IDLife announced a partnership with Garmin, a company who develops GPS and wearable fitness devices. The fitness tracker can sync to the IDWellness app to calculate your nutritional requirements and exercise. Both Garmin and IDLife have the same beliefs when it comes to health and nutrition. They are focused on helping individuals lead longer lives by taking a holistic approach.

The IDLife products come in vitamin packs specifically tailored to your needs based on exercise, eating habits, sex, age, medical conditions, and sun exposure. Each product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. They are GMO-free, gluten-free, casein-free, and soy-free. IDLife vitamins are made of pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and come in separate AM and PM packs. IDLife is dedicated to helping change peoples lives financially, emotionally, and physically. They take pride in their products and are focused on creating a longer, healthier, and sustainable lifestyle for you.

See for more.

Searching for an appropriate place to place a loved family member that now needs more care can be overwhelming for the family members that face this emotionally charged decision. The team at Sussex Healthcare fully understands the difficulty that this one decision can bring.

This healthcare provider has been serving the UK coastal area of Sussex for a phenomenal 25 years. As a result, this caring healthcare group makes it easier for the families to tour the available residential elder care living homes. These professionals are able to schedule tours around the family’s busy schedules. Sussex Healthcare believes in honest communications, and the administrators and staff are more than willing to offer their recommendations and answer questions.

Some of the vast benefits that Sussex Healthcare can offer seniors, disabled adults and their families is carefully outlined in a recent article about the healthcare provider’s 20 residential living care homes in the revered Medical Daily Times. A tour of any of the beautifully landscaped buildings serves to uplift people’s moods instantly. Many of the gorgeous area former estates are now part of Sussex Healthcare. The lavish gardens that flourish are ideal backgrounds for these stunning living care homes for seniors and others.

This respected healthcare organization has been operating their privately run care facilities for a quarter of a century now. The surrounding communities can testify to the awesome care that residents receive in these striking and homelike facilities. Like a favorite vacation spot, Sussex Healthcare offers not only sensational settings but impressive healthcare as well. This operation also has several facilities specifically designed to house elder patients that suffer from various forms of dementia. There are buildings able to care for younger adults with significant learning or mental challenges and individuals afflicted with neurological or brain disorders too. As always, these facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment and security technology to provide the safest care for all of the residents.

In addition to the residential home services, Sussex Healthcare also offers respite or day care services too. Now, this leader in elder and disabled adult healthcare provider is hiring for several open job positions. Anyone interested in working for a committed healthcare provider that promises many employee benefits can browse the company’s informative website for specific open position details. Sussex Healthcare is currently celebrating their 25 happy years in the business. Call or visit Sussex Healthcare soon.


CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina opens up about his success.

Reina says that he is a very vocal person who feels that it is important to let people in on your ideas.

When asked what a typical day looks like for him, Bob replied that he is always as productive as possible.

What does productivity look like for Bob? Waking up at 5:30am to check his emails so that he and his team over at Talk Fusion can have a head start at tackling the day’s tasks.

Getting up before the sun is a great way to stay on top of things. As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm.”

Habits can make or break a person.

We all know this, right?

Reina says that his habits include being consistent and persistent. He is also very driven and knows just how to set goals and appropriate deadlines.

Another great habit that Reina possesses that has also proven to be an excellent business move is ensuring that everyone who is seeking success gets the information that they need.

How does he ensure that they get just the right info? By providing it, himself.

Bob Reina created an educational course called Talk Fusion University that informs students of the ins and outs of success.

While on this exciting road to success, however, does Bob have any regrets?


None whatsoever.

Bob said that if he could go back and change anything about his life, he wouldn’t change a thing.

He loved his former career as a police officer, and he’s grateful to have helped thousands of people reach their goals in life.

To be wholly successful, one has to be at peace with every area of his life. Bob has no complaints about anything he has done in life. In fact, everything he has experienced has only added to his joy.

To love what you do and to know how to do it well: truly, these are the secrets to success. Learn more:

“The Big Six” is the collection of most commonly traded currencies. Each of these six pairings includes the United States Dollar. The other six currencies each paired against the USD are the Australian Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound, the Canadian Dollar, the Swiss Franc, and the Japanese Yen.

The current trend is that three of these are trending bullish while the other three are trending bearish. It is the USD against the Yen, Franc, and Canadian Dollar which are trending bullish according to recent market conditions. Meanwhile, the Australian Dollar, the Euro, and the Pound are also trending bearish so these are trades to stay away from.

Jordan Lindsey is a San-Francisco-based financial expert who trades currencies as well as other assets such as stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. He established his own company, JCL Capital, in November 2005. As a self-taught programmer Jordan Lindsey has become an expert when it comes to blockchain technology, which acts as a distributed ledger and underlies the cryptocurrency industry.

Before entering both the financial and tech industries he had grown up in the state of New York. He says he started entrepreneurship early in life. He went to school at both Mount Angel Seminary as well as St. Joseph’s College before moving out of that state. Besides California, Jordan Lindsey has also spent time living in Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia. He says he was volunteering in the latter country when he met his wife in Medjugorje. They now have three children together.

Jordan Lindsey says he is an AlgoTrader or Algorithmic Trader as this occupation is otherwise known. In addition to using this type of trading for equities, he also uses it for other forms of trading. This includes cryptocurrencies. He actually developed his own trading software for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin which he named Bitcoin Growth Bot. This software is a tool that keeps track of Bitcoin and automatically trades based on the parameters the user sets. He says when it comes to trading successfully you need to be creative and resourceful. Flexibility, he says, is also a key to long-term success.

A few years ago, if someone said that they wanted to start selling water that comes in a bottle; people would’ve laughed themselves silly. That’s the most ridiculous idea in the world; or is it? Now, bottled water is a multibillion-dollar industry that no one lays sole claim to.

Bottled water is so popular; nearly every beverage company has their own line of bottled water. Anyone can walk into any store and find at least ten different brands of bottled waterfront and center. It’s weird to think that people would pay for something they can get for free from home.

Despite the strangeness of the industry, it’s an industry nonetheless. The biggest problem companies face now is setting themselves apart from each other. They’re all selling water in a bottle; there’s not much there that’s different from everyone else. Their solution: add things to the water or say their water has something special in it.

While other companies have to pretend, Waiakea Water doesn’t pretend. Waiakea Water is naturally full of everything people need to live better lives. That’s not an advertising gimmick; Waiakea Water is truly the best choice of bottled water for many reasons.

For a start, it’s one of the few beverage companies that embrace it local source. The name Waiakea comes from the Hawaiian words “wai akea”, which means broad waters. Coming from Hawaii also gives the brand a distinct advantage over the competition. People just think good thoughts when they hear the word Hawaii.

Additionally, Waiakea Water is naturally filtered and enriched with nutrients and minerals. Other water brands filter their water through synthetic systems and then add minerals from a tube. Waiakea Water is volcanic water that’s filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rocks before spurting out of springs all around the Mauna Loa volcano.

While everyone else is focused on marketing and advertising, Waiakea Water is focused on their environmental impact. Bottled water is a big problem because they use plastic bottles.

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and investor, uses his success in business to contribute to future research and leaders that will improve our society. Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, he earned his degree in finance from Arizona State University, and he obtained his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he oversees his investments, and helps future entrepreneurs get their projects off to a start.

He hopes to spark creativity and future ideas by offering high school seniors and college students a financial grant to get started. By submitting your technology ideas and plans, he will look over them on a case-by-case basis. Those ideas which he chooses to fund can get anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Jason Hope understands coming up with a great idea usually isn’t the hardest part, it’s having the financial means to do so. He hopes this grant will help future entrepreneurs do just that.

One of the more well-known contributions Jason Hope has made in recent years is to the SENS Research Foundation. In 2010, he donated a sizable amount of $500,000 to aid in the research of anti-aging. The idea of anti-aging is to prevent certain diseases from actually developing, as opposed to trying to cure them after they have developed. Diseases that cause the body to break down faster, such as lung disease and Alzheimer, are usually treated only after they have developed with very little success. SENS is taking a different approach when it comes to such diseases, and Jason believes such research should be funded.

Aubrey de Grey, SENS Foundation CSO, went into more detail on how Jason Hope’s donation will be put to use. Research will go into the unwanted accumulation of molecular bonds between proteins that hold cells of the artery in place. This extra buildup is what causes our arteries to harden, often referred to as arteriosclerosis. By preventing this from occurring, we can prevent a long list of diseases from occurring. This can lead to high blood pressure in the elderly, which if not properly taken care of can cause diabetes. Both diseases cause the body to age faster than it normally would, so SENS is looking forward to preventing such scenarios. Thanks to Jason Hope’s donation, this and other research can now take place.

About Jason Hope:

Robert Ivy born in Columbus, Mississippi, United States is the executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy was also named the chief executive officer in 2011. He went to Tulane University where he acquired a Masters of Architecture. Robert has received several awards including the Crain Award in 2009, the American Business Media’s highest recognition. In 1998 he also won the McGraw-Hill Award for management excellence. Ivy was named Master Architect in March 2010 after the national architecture fraternity unanimously voted for him.

The American Institute of Architects announced a decade-long commitment that would help develop design and solutions for cities and address public health, maintenance and resiliency challenges. The announcement was at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Robert Ivy states that AIA seeks to show the relationship between building design and the health of those who live or work there. “Decade of Design” is the title given to the effort. It involves funding and contributions from the AIA through university research, community planning elaborations and “Show Us Your APPtitude Hackathon,” which are designed to promote creative apps and technologies as a launching pad.

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Robert Ivy says that the announcement of the ten-year commitment was made at the Clinton Global Initiative since it is a platform that is unparalleled for sharing information. At CGI, he works for a group with Regina M Benjamin, U.S Surgeon General, MD, MBA; Gro Harlem Brundtland, U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Maryland student, Jack Andraka. Jack Andraka is a 15-year-old who invented a method that used in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Robert Ivy heads a professional organization that encourages architects to think beyond aesthetic design. He views architecture as a way of boosting public health by designing buildings that encourage people to climb stairs. Robert works at the AIA’s Washington, D.C office where Ivy handles over 200 employees and oversees an annual budget of 56 million dollars. He helps the public understand architects and their value to the society. When he was appointed EVP and CEO of AIA, Robert brought on board vast knowledge and experience to the job. He believes the future of architecture is sustainability. In addition to designing environmentally friendly buildings, he urges architects to make buildings that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Robert remain the most successful and experienced architect ever know in the world for excellent skills and vast knowledge in the field of architecture.

Learn more about AIA:

The US Money Reserve made a new website. They wanted the site to be there for people who needed to navigate and who wanted to learn more about collecting coins. The company planned the revamp for a long time. They wanted to show their clients they had something to offer everyone. They also wanted their site to reflect who they were as a business.

They made a point of giving people a chance at a better way to purchase coins. No matter how hard the company worked, they felt good about the things they were doing so they didn’t have to deal with negative things from their site. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Since the site wasn’t updated for a long time, people really noticed when the US Money Reserve took the time to update it. They saw it had new things on it and it had something to offer all the clients who came there.

For the US Money Reserve, the point of making the site better was so their clients could feel comfortable with all the options they had there. It was their way of giving them something new and shiny they could take advantage of.

The site now features things like a virtual tour of their facilities. While they may still provide limited tours to people who work with the company, the virtual tour gives anyone a chance to learn more about the industry and the company within the industry.

It is their way of promoting themselves so they don’t need to worry about increased security just because they want to show people how things will change based on the options they have. By looking at all of this, the US Money Reserve is doing their best at making things easier for their clients. Read more: US Money Reserve – Blog and US Money Reserve | Twitter

In addition to the tour, people can take more from the site, they can see what the site has to offer in the way of consulting. Instead of having to make an appointment in person, they can do all their consulting online.

It helps them make sure they’re doing everything right and helps the company make sure they are reaching all the clients who need their help. No matter how hard US Money Reserve works to give their clients something, they can feel good about what they’re doing.

They can also make the right choices that come from the industry they’ve gotten used to trying to help with their business.

Jason Hope is a native to the state of Arizona. Hereof up instead of Arizona and eventually went to Arizona State University in order to complete his formal education. Upon graduating Arizona State University, he began his career in the world of business. In the business, he was able to create an international reputation as a successful entrepreneur. Today he primarily concerns himself with managing various organizations and philanthropic endeavors. One such philanthropic endeavor that he has supported is the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation’s research organization that is researching techniques and methods in which to limit the effects of aging on the human organism.

In 2010 Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the organization. The SENS Foundation use of this donation in order to develop a new laboratory at Cambridge. At this laboratory, they have continued to propel their research into the future. Their new research has developed a significantly greater understanding of the process of aging as it relates to the human organism.

For example, telomerase is at the end of human chromosomes. It has been long understood to be one of the primary drivers of aging. As an individual age, the telomerase on the end of chromosomes breaks down. As this telomerase breaks down an individual begins to suffer from the negative effects of aging. By developing medications, the foundation hopes to be able to elongate telomerase. By elongating telomerase, they hope to alleviate the symptoms of aging and overall slow down the process. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Another significant factor in the aging of human organisms is chronic inflammation. As an individual ages, inflammatory compounds are produced as a byproduct of metabolic waste. These byproducts metabolic waste accumulate within an organism and eventually reach toxic levels. Once toxic levels of these inventory compounds are reached the begin to contribute to diseases such as dementia. These are fun for compounds can help to weaken a sales barrier and to increase the effects of oxidative stress. By developing medications that remove aging cells from the body, it is possible to limit the influx of these inflammatory compounds. By limiting the influx of these inflammatory compounds, it is possible to lessen the effects of aging. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason Hope currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona and continues to work as the founder of a well-known company that specializes in telecommunications. Jason Hope is a futurist who continues to invest in technologies and industries that promise to change the way the world works in the future. read full article