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Financial services companies play a vital role in the economy of the world. They offer capital for growth, tools for risk management in business in addition to payments for transactions. Moreover, these financial services are provided through a broad range of organizational forms starting from FinTech startups while heading to multi-trillion dollar banks. For that reason, this industry can only work with some of the world’s skilled employees. But, of late, financial services and management CEOs have repeatedly mentioned that there is a struggle to find the right candidate for the vacancies. In fact, a recent survey indicates that less than 10 % of the chief executive officers in financial firms expressed their confidence in recruiting employees who are talented to offer specialized skills.


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Even in research studies with average results, the CEOs confidence level rises to about 33%. It is evident that the industry is struggling to find the solutions to these recruitment problems. Even so, all is not lost because GoBuySide is here to provide answers. This article highlights the issues and relevant solutions offered by the company.


GoBuySide is a revered talent recruitment firm. With the skilled personnel it has employed, the firm displays high integrity in pursuing the right people to offer financial services. Moreover, when investment management companies choose to apply a viable recruitment policy, they overlook a possible way to eliminate recruiting challenges by finding specialized talent. Such firms also garner the following benefits;

  • Reduced opportunity costs
  • Access to top talent

Time is money, and every organization wants to invest time in a skilled worker. Investment management firms are definitely looking for an individual with vast experience in order to save time on closing an employment deal. As such, GoBuySide helps such companies to save time by interviewing prospective workers.

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati investor who is regarded as being the 4th richest Arab and has been instrumental in shaping the operations of DAMAC Properties. He serves as both DAMAC Owner and chairman. The group was founded in 2002 and has over the years registered impressive performances in different countries. The group has active operations in countries such as the United Kingdom, Jordan, Lebanon, and Qatar. The proprieties are located in a prime location and offer huge prospects for earning high returns in terms of rents and resale values. DAMAC Owner is credited for creating a posi6tve organizational culture and engaging the services of a professional team. Currently, the group has delivered more than 24, 000 units to customers.

Hussain Sajwani was born in Emirates and later attended the University of Washington. After graduating with a degree in economics and engendering, he moved back to Emirates, in the early years, he served as the manager of GASSCO. However, he resigned and created the Global Logistic Ventures. The group has an interest in the hotel and catering sector. DAMAC Owner is widely known for his contribution in managing the operations of DAMAC Properties. In 2016, the group was regarded as being one of the fastest growing global companies by Forbes. Over the years, it has remained in its objective of offering quality and unique designs to the clients.

Services Offered by DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is an innovative leader and is credited with the introduction of different products. The high-end properties are located in prime locations such as London and Dubai. The investors have the option of choosing from residential, commercial and luxury products. In the case of the luxury products, there is the option of investing in furnished hotel rooms, hotel apartments, and hotel villas. The high-end products are of quality designs and conform to the interests of diverse clients. Investing in the products thus offers the guarantee that the investors would reap huge earnings from rents or reselling the properties. Based on the operations of the group, Hussain Sajwani appears to have exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

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Premiere Gazette’s recent article, Beto O’Rourke Closes in On Ted Cruz Per Latest Poll by End Citizens United emphasizes the need for justice and transparency in modern American politics. End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to exposing these injustices within a corrupt, greedy, money-focused, capitalist political system. Fortunately, according to the aforementioned article and to polls conducted by grassroots political organizations, Beto O’Rourke is outrunning Ted Cruz in the intense race for Texas Senate. End Citizens United is committed to equalizing the establishment and continues to expose avarice in politicians like Ted Cruz. Cruz is well-known for thinking only of himself. However, the grassroots organization’s Twitter page states that “Beto O’ Rourke is running a different kind of race”. Premiere Gazette’s article also suggests that gaining a major endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund can only serve as a boon to Beto’s run. Climate deniers mostly lean to the right. So, Democratic candidate Beto O’ Rourke’s significant environmental triumph may help him garner even more support from left-leaning individuals who are interested in sustainable development or are environmentally conscious. This valued quality of being down to earth has also aided in O’Rourke’s favorable outcomes in relation to current grassroots movements. Not only is O’Rourke pro-immigration, but he also desires state-provided healthcare for all Texans and emphasizes the profound creation of jobs that will ensue if he wins. This compassionate man seeks to close the aperture between the left and right, suggesting that the United States’ current political system pits people against one another when real change must involve coexistence and co-work. His integrity and determination have additionally led to his acquiring of significant support by the truth-seeking group End Citizens United. Valuing justice, this grassroots group resists the nefarious ways of politicians like Ted Cruz, who accept unethical donations from Political Action Committees. O’Rourke has not accepted any money from these corrupt PACs. End Citizens Untied places people before profit, as does O’Rourke. Learn more:



Krishen Iyer is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Managed Benefit Services, which was previously known as Quick Link Marketing. His company is based in Carlsbad, California and focuses on offering leads, marketing, and consulting services in the health and dental insurance sectors. He grew up in California, and attended San Diego State University, earning a B.S. degree in Public Administration.



Iyer notes that their mission is to connect firms that are in need of marketing solutions with companies focused on lead generation that can provide them with the solutions needed. He mentions that the idea for the company turned up from the simple recognition that there is a pressing need for such services, and that they lack availability within the marketplace. Krishen Iyer says that a current trend that excites him is the increasing amount of specific marketing analytics that is available to them, which allows the company to refine their approach in order to achieve the best results for their clients.



According to Krishen Iyer, one strategy that helped him grow hi business was using advanced techniques within analysis and data collection, which allowed the company to develop precise growth strategies. The level of precision reduced the risk and enhanced the likelihood of efficiency of their strategy. When talking about up-and-coming entrepreneurs, he notes that it is important to understand that communication is a talent and a skill at the same time, and entrepreneurship needs the particular skill to be refined over time.



Besides his work at Managed Benefit Services, he also engages in philanthropic activities, being involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Prior to launching MBS, he worked in the insurance field, establishing Iyer Real Estate Holdings. In addition, he founded MNP Insurance, a company which saw dramatic growth, being added in 2015 to the Inc. 5000 list.


The world is signaling to adopt a different way of life with Marijuana becoming parts of the daily drinks. The Marijuana infused beer is creating a sign in the investing markets with a trading guru like Matt Badiali predicting a big wave of profitable investing opportunity. The natural resources sector is experiencing booming investing opportunities with two roots companies in the Brewing industry take charge.

A company has recently released a line of non- alcoholic Cannabis the cannabinoid-infused craft and also the THC-infused beer. In Nevada, the Cannabier has found its ways in the shelves while the THC-infused beer will first be sold in Colorado. The company that has introduced the marijuana-based drinks is the Keith Villa, and it’s also the inventor of the Blue Moon crafts beer. Villa embraced his retirement and came up with a stronger business ideal that has innovated three marijuana-infused beers.

The marijuana market has proven to be successful with another Canadian company brewing cannabis beer. The Province Brands cannabis beer will soon hit the Canadian shelves. Also, the Lagunitas that’s a division of the brewer Heineken also sells its sparkling water infused with THC in California. The above companies’ offers the perfect investments opportunities and they are a big deal for the investors stated Matt Badiali.

According to Matt Badiali, the beer consumption picked highly in 2013, and it’s believed that in America alone over 37billion of dollars worth of beer is consumed every year. However, the new use of the marijuana will create a significant impact on the market and boasts the industry to high levels of success. The deal and investment opportunities are real with various companies like Constellation Brands investing 3.8 billion dollars into a particular marijuana company.

Matt states that marijuana is the biggest and trending investment opportunity in the Natural Resources world and the market will grow tremendously. The legalization of marijuana in Canada and America following suit will make the market explode. Matt Badiali went to Penn State University graduating in Science degree, and he later ventured into the investment world. His vast knowledge, travel, and understanding of investing opportunity have made him a renowned name globally.

Southridge Capital investment group is based in Connecticut. For over 32 years, the company has been serving its clients with original investment resolutions that help the portfolio companies to endure the industry’s stiff competition.

Southridge Capital has an intelligent team of managers with solid skills in financial analysis, securities brokerages, banking solutions, economic evaluation, debt management, and risk assessment.


Apart from the advisory services, Southridge provides its portfolio companies with the capital required to run their processes. The investment firm’s fiscal records point out that they have invested over $1.8 billion in young companies.

Elite Data Services, Inc. is one of the recipients of Southridge Capital’s financing. In 2015, Southridge Capital LLC’s founder publicized that his company had invested $5 million in Elite Data Services, a gaming and marketing company based in Texas, Dallas.

Mr. Stephen Hicks said that the partnership would improve the productivity of both companies since they had a shared game-changing mindset. For more details you can visit


Just like many large companies, Southridge Capital funds human aid organizations that support important causes like health, education, and poverty. Southridge Capital’s founder runs Daystar Foundation, a significant donor of Connecticut’s charity organizations.


The intellects behind Southridge’s executions

  1. Stephen Hicks

Stephen Hicks is Southridge Capital’s founder and CEO. He has a post graduate degree in business management. Before establishing his firm, Mr. Hicks worked for a small hedge fund in New York. Stephen Hicks has been serving the financial business for close to 30 years.

  1. Laurence J. Ditkoff

Laurence J. Ditkoff is Southridge’s director of research. Before joining Southridge Capital, Mr. Ditkoff worked as a senior executive in Bell Atlantic Corporation. He focuses on financial evaluation, risk analysis, as well as investment evaluation & selection.

  1. Henry B. Sargent

Henry B. Sargent is Southridge Capital’s chief operating officer. He superintends the investment company’s investment selection, investment monitoring, and company reorganization services. Before joining Southridge Capital, Mr. Sargent served as a senior administrator in Petals Decorative Accents, Snowden Inc., and Technest Holdings, Inc.

  1. Linda Carlsen

Ms. Carlsen is Southridge LLC’s Portfolio manager. She is in charge of managing Southridge Capital’s portfolio companies, as well as designing customized investment solutions for portfolio companies.




While many people have seen the public school system is adequate over the years Betsy DeVos has seen a growing problem. Unfortunately, she’s not alone with this revelation, many parents have also noticed the same problems with the American public school system that she has. When she took office as Secretary of Education she knew that there is going to be a lot of work necessary to bring the system up to par. People all over the country assumed that she would start overhauling the public school system but she has a different plan in store for the system. She believes that parents should start looking for alternative forms of education for their children instead. The public school system is declining and she believes that the only way to save education in America is to look for private options.


Public schools are important but the things that children get there are also available to them in the private arena. In fact, Betsy DeVos talks to Philanthropy Roundtable about the work that she did in Michigan before she was appointed to this position. Her work in Michigan was specifically centered around the formation and funding of scholarship programs that would allow children of lower socioeconomic statuses to attend private schools. She wanted to make it possible for children in these lower financial brackets to go to these private schools. She pushed for greater funding for scholarship programs and tax breaks within her state. This vigor for education was sparked by one conversation with a family who had been struggling to send their child to the private school that Betsy DeVos sent her own children to. She saw the hard work that the parents were willing to put into allowing their children to attend that school and she fought hard to make it possible for other children to go as well.


One of the first things that she did throughout her campaign to change the way that Americans view the education process was learned about the decline of the public school system in America. She found that American children are not able to compete with international peers and that they are not performing well on standardized tests. She knew that there were other alternatives for these children but that many parents were not aware of those options. She began her campaign in the hopes that more parents would find ways to advocate for their own children in this situation.


Throughout much of her career, Betsy DeVos has shown that she is dedicated to one thing, conserving the value of education in America. In order to conserve this value, she needs to increase it. This means that students need to feel empowered by the education process and their parents need to feel as though their children are actually gleaning something from the material instead of simply attending a school day. She has pushed tirelessly to make it this goal a reality. She intends to continue her hard work into the future and hopefully make a meaningful change.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Matt Badiali is an investor and an author. He is the founder of the Real Wealth Strategist, which is published through the Banyan Hill Publishing where he works as a senior editor. He has been assisting the average American families in creating wealth by offering them financial and investment advice. He has done a great job of creating investment education materials that investors can depend on. He started offering services in this field in 2004 when a friend introduced him and showed him how he could benefit people with the education he was pursuing. At the time, he was in the process of pursuing his Ph.D.


Matt Badiali offers advice about investments which touch on the natural resources and the mining sector. He commentates about occurrences in the field of agriculture. In recent times, he has been talking about the opportunities that are now available after marijuana was legalized in Canada. Anyone who wants to benefit from his knowledge must be looking for opportunities that relate to mining and natural resources. In the period that he has been in this industry, he has done a great job of bringing knowledge and information to investors who would be interested in it but have not had anyone to share with them.


Matt Badiali holds a degree in earth science from Penn State University. He then pursued master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. Armed with these two degrees, he can take any data from the mining industry and analyze it to come up with an investment opportunity. Apart from the education he has received, he has been passionate about finances. He has worked with CEOs in the mining sector to understand how the industry is affected by various occurrences in the industry. He ensures that every time he is making a decision, it is going to be the right one.

Matt Badiali has so far helped average investor to make some investments which are profitable, the freedom checks strategy was his creation, and today, people who took him seriously and invested are now laughing all the way to the bank as they cash in their profits.


The past few years weren’t easy for average Americans: housing market crash and recession have brought out numerous scams and crashed lots of dreams. Millions of people ended up losing everything that they had in their real estate and retirement accounts, and they became hopeless. However, it isn’t that real estate was essentially bad, it’s the decision that people made around the reals estate market that was erroneous and resulted in the downfall of a large amount of wealth.

That’s why Jim Toner is working every day to help individuals build better financial futures. Toner has been an entrepreneur and real estate investor for the past two decades and a half. He claims that we are entering a period of potentially astounding wealth accumulation. According to Jim Toner, people who are prepared will get the opportunity of capitalizing on the next five years.

Also, for people who are hoping to take full control of their lives in financial matters, and not let fear overcome them, Jim Toner has chosen to share his secrets of achieving this with them. Jim Toner states that your attitude is among the most essential aspects of growing wealth when it comes to real estate.

As per, while most people were blaming real estate for the 2008 financial crisis, Jim Toner is insisting that the bad decisions that people were making cause the crash, and not the market itself. Toner also suggests that there won’t be a better time of purchasing real estate because investors are capitalizing on a market with low prices.

Besides knowledge, Jim Toner also mentions attitude. When making life and business decisions, he cannot highlight the significance of attitude enough. For example, in the real estate market whatever side you are on depends on how you’ll see the economy. Are you seeing a new opportunity or just obstacles? Are the potential rewards that you might achieve hiding behind the risks binding you?

Additionally, Jim Toner says that surrounding yourself with people who are talented can help you grow and become better. Many successful entrepreneurs such as

Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie knew that they could not do it by themselves, hence they had to build a team of knowledge and experience of others.

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Activewear has become a major trend in fashion. It is a go to essential many wardrobes contain. Herbalife Nutrition, a leading nutritional supplement company, has noticed how this trend is not going away anytime soon. They have also realized that activewear would be the perfect attire for their three million member team of worldwide independent distributors. The health-conscious company wants their independent distributors to wear an attire that supports the company’s overall vision for living an active lifestyle. The company has always been a leader and trendsetting in the health and nutrition space. The company is run out of Los Angeles, California. But their presence is felt in ninety-five countries due to the immense amount of independent distributors that sell and promote their products. Ever since 1980, the company has been creating wealth management programs, sports nutrition and product to enable their customers to live a healthy lifestyle.


The health company would choose none other than FIDM to create an activewear collection for them. The school is home to a leading staff that prepares students for careers in fashion, product development, international manufacturing, and design. The students at this school are used to being sought after by big names like Nike. Now, they are getting sought after by Herbalife Nutrition. The nutrition company wants to give these young students a platform to turn their dreams and designs into a reality.

The competition involves fifteen students selected by FIDM staff. These students are going to be engaging with Herbalife Nutrition. They will have to undergo the complete process of creating a collection that involves going from concept to the actual collection. They will be responsible for sourcing their fabrics, creating designs, developing the product and presenting their collections. The winner’s collection will be turned into the official attire for the independent distributors.


This experience allows students to get hands-on with the global commerce of what goes into creating a clothing line, developing it and marketing the line. It exposes students to the marketplace. It allows them to work with a real-life client who is needing a collection for their business. Herbalife Nutrition is elated to be giving these students this opportunity to transform their fashion and design careers.