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Victoria Doramus has been in the marketing scene for a while. And during

this time, she has successfully managed to show the world that she can d

more than one job and still shine. But before she became the celebrated

genius marketer that she is today, Victoria Doramus had to work very hard

to sharpen her skills.

Victoria’s background

Victoria started from a rather humble background. Before immersing herself

into the world of marketing, Victoria had to first of all complete school.

She began by attending the University of Colorado Boulder in 2002 in

pursuit of her degree in journalism and mass communication.

During her time in the institution, Victoria Doramus developed a keen

interest in writing. She would often incorporate her impeccable writing

skills in every aspect of her life. Apart from comprehensive writing,

Victoria Doramus also developed her skills as far as video, graphics, text

copying, and audio was concerned.

She would often mix up all these skills together and come up which

incredibly creative content that left many impressed. After a couple of

years, Victoria Doramus went back to school in a bid to refine her skills

in creative advertising and marketing. That’s how she found herself in the

Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Jack of all trades

Apart from her superb marketing as well as writing skills, Victoria Doramus

is also famous for her charity work. Her pure love for humanity has also

been portrayed through her vigilant support for the Amy Winehouse

Foundation which is dedicated to helping young people kick off the

addiction to substances.

If she isn’t dedicating her time to charity, Victoria Doramus usually

spends her free time writing pieces for columns. Some of the notable

institutions that she’s had the pleasure of writing for include The

Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Trendcentral, and The Cassandra


On top of writing articles, Victoria Doramus also happens to be an

accomplished author in her own right. Some of the books she has

successfully ghost-written include The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky

Situations, and A Century of Fashion; What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide among

other well-known titles.

We all want to have a reliable savings plan for retirement. A good retirement plan will enable one maintain their lifestyle years after retirement. Most of the working population is relying on savings from their salary as their plan for retirement. The Social Security Fund is also a widely used cushion for retirement. These plans could work to help many survive after leaving work, but they do not guarantee more. In families where both spouses are earning, the average earnings per year are less than $3000. This is why one needs an investment plan such as freedom checks.

What are freedom checks?

Freedom checks is an investment plan that enables one to earn returns that are above average. Banyan Hill’s senior analyst Matt Badiali established the plan. Badiali’s plan takes advantage of a 1987 tax code passed by the Congress. This involves investing in companies that are legally not taxable. These companies’ operations deal with the use of internal natural resources. Investors who put their cash in these companies enjoy high returns due to the absence of tax costs.

For companies to qualify, they must earn more than 90% revenue in their business activities. The activities must involve the country’s natural resources. To enjoy the freedom checks, one needs to invest in companies that fall under Statute 26-F tax. This clause specifies all the requirements for companies to merit tax breaks. Such companies need big capital to keep their operations running. Public investments are crucial for their operations. The US government offers them incentives for utilizing internal resources for the benefit of citizens. These incentives pass on to the investor in form of high returns.

There are extra requirements for companies to qualify for tax exemption. These include giving away part of their earnings to a federal program. Additionally, the companies should organize themselves as Master Limited Opportunities (MLP’s). MLP’s are partnerships that can trade their shares to the public. If one has as little as $10, they can invest in freedom checks and earn huge yearly returns. Huge returns equal a speedier and more prosperous retirement.

Organo Gold is expanding the product line, and a lot of patrons are happy about this. They have a chance to buy the different forms of tea, but coffee is still the main staple. More people are taking interest in the things like the Cafe Mocah coffee and the Organo Gold Black coffee because it is one of the strongest brands of the gourmet coffee around.

People are also excited about the fact that this is 100% organic when it comes to gourmet coffee beans. Anyone that is trying to add an addition to their coffee collection may find that Organo Gold is something worth looking into. It is a brand that is not like the others that are on the market, and it is not as common to find. If you are this novelty coffee drinker that always wants to surprise friends and family with unique brands of coffee Organo Gold this is going to be the brand for you. It tends to work well as a holiday gift as well, and there are special gift boxes that people can send to friends that they know are coffee lovers.

A lot of people fall for it instantly, but it is not sold everywhere. You need to go online or connect with an independent distributor to get access to it. That is the thing that makes it a bit of a buzz worthy product line.

Bernard Chua has continued to enforce the element surprise as the thing that helps him keep this company afloat. No one expected detox products from Organo Gold. No one expected any type of personal care of hygiene products from this company. People initially became interested in the tea and their loyalty allowed them to stay connected to the brand long enough to see it expand.

To know more click: here.

Doe Deere was born in Russia but came to the United States when she was 17 years old. It was her hope that her family and herself would be able to build a brighter future in the country, and they originally moved to New York City. It didn’t take long for her mother, sister, and herself to run into trouble because of a lack of work. All of them were willing to do whatever it took and began to take odd jobs to survive.

Doe Deere eventually landed in a homeless shelter with her family and had to rough it out in a very small room with no kitchen and just one bed. She began to think about becoming a fashion designer because she wanted to put her creativity to good use. This was placed on the backburner as her family and herself were working to just get by. They eventually got help from Sanctuary for Families, which is a non-profit that works to make life better for women immigrants. Doe Deere’s mother finally found a job and She ended up attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After living in the small room for some time, Doe Deere and her family were transferred to the Lehman Projects. These were located in a rough part of Harlem where gangs existed, too. She was just happy to finally have a kitchen where they could cook and eat. Eventually, her family and herself found their way out of the projects and were able to move forward with their life.

Doe Deere started up her own makeup brand, which is called Lime Crime, and it became very successful. Her story has inspired many aspiring women entrepreneurs, and her company had 35 people on its payroll. She has acknowledged that it has been her hard work that paid off, but she has also been eternally grateful for the opportunities she has had in the United States. She hopes to be a reminder to people that not all Americans were born here, but that, together, all of the individual people in the nation are what makes it great.

August this year, one of the leading companies that are redefining the women health in terms of research and medication received a tremendous amount of funding. With massive interest in pelvic floor disorders, the company successfully secured financing, which according to investment pundits will be instrumental in the future of women health. The main person behind this impressive idea is the visionary Marc Beer, and he is hopeful that more than 250 million women who are the company’s target will benefit from this deal. Currently, it is impressive to note that one of the Renovia product was certified as suitable for medical purposes use. Learn more:


One of the funding organizations, Longwood Fund, believes in the overall dream of Renovia to make and design women medicine. According to the company’s official communication, the investment in the Renovia dream is consistent with their idea especially on redesigning and being solution makers. The company is also satisfied with the company’s choice of medical niche because according to them, women health is one of the most neglected investment niches. During the signing of the deal, Mark Beer pointed out that the company is already in the process of making women health not only a necessity but also viable and affordable.


The funding is not the only development Renovia is keen on improving in this investment niche. Mark Beer over the years has insisted the importance of a good team in making the company’s dream a reality. With this philosophy, it is impressive to note that Mark Beer has added some of the most experienced and passionate professionals in Renovia. Some of these professionals include José Bohorquez, Samantha Pulliam, and Jessica McKinney. The three professionals according to Mark Beer will be vital in propelling the company’s next phase of research. It is impressive to note that the three professionals are already established professionals in this particular niche.


What other factors that make Mark Beer leadership exceptional? First, it is essential to appreciate the fact that he is one of the hardest working people in health investment. This approach to work makes him work long hours around the company’s dream and more importantly, how to improve their basic operations. Second, he is specific in his vision for better health. This specification has always given his dreams unmatched authentic look. It is also because of reasons that significant investors are more than willing to invest on Renovia’s idea.


In conclusion, it is essential to acknowledge that Mark Beer has a deep understanding of the importance of distribution in ensuring that the target market benefits. This understanding is the main reason why Mark and the management of Renovia have been consistent in polishing the distribution channels of all the products designed and manufactured by Renovia.


Many musicians around the world are passionate about their career, and they are doing their best to keep on creating beautiful music that their fans would love. Alex Pall, one of the musicians for The Chainsmokers, recently shared how his journey in the music industry began, and how he used all of the available avenues for him to become successful in his chosen career.

Alex Pall is a native of New York City, and like any other locals living in the Big Apple, he needs to work to earn a living and survive. He used to work for an art gallery, serving as its assistant and working in the establishment during the day. To support his expenses, he had to work inside the clubs and bars as a DJ. He used the money he receives from his stint as a DJ to buy the things that he needs. Through the years, his routine focused on his job at the art gallery and his part-time stint at bars and clubs. However, he started developing an interest to focus on his talent being a DJ. He started to work for bars and clubs at night regularly, and he eventually made more money performing at night compared to his career during the day. He came into a decision of leaving his job at the art gallery and focusing on his career as a DJ.

He later met a talent manager, and he was invited to become a part of the musical duo that he has been conceptualizing for years. In the process, Alex Pall was introduced to his musical partner, Drew Taggart, and they quickly became close friends. In 2012, The Chainsmokers was officially introduced to the public, and they started releasing hit singles on YouTube, gaining hundreds of millions of views.

Alex Pall was able to fulfill his dreams, and he continues to become a passionate musician who keeps on making music that would be enjoyed by their audiences. Recently, The Chainsmokers are experimenting on new musical combinations, hoping that they could introduce a new song that has an entirely different genre to their loyal followers.

The energy drink market is now a multi-billion dollar industry. And now there is one company that is looking to shake up the world of these popular drinks. That company, Jeunesse Global, has been giving their customers a daily boost with NEVO energy drinks.

Available in four flavors, NEVO is different it is produced by a company that has spent over a decade dedicated to the overall health and wellness of the human body. Jeunesse Global decided to set NEVO energy drinks apart by including a unique mix of antioxidants and nutrients that ensures each drink is packed with protective nutrition as well as that much needed energy boost. Each one of the flavors contains no artificial flavors, colors nor sweeteners and boost just 50 calories per serving.

NEVO Acai Grape

Health fans are more than familiar with the antioxidant power of the Acai berry. And the NEVO Acai Grape drink brings the nutritional benefits of the Acai berry along with the popular grape flavor. This drink includes such beneficial ingredients as stevia leaf extract, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Lemon Ginger

Designed for those who enjoy a crisp taste to their energy drink, NEVO Lemon Ginger is a light tasting mix of two popular flavors. NEVO Lemon Ginger includes green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Peach Mago

For those who enjoy tropical flavors, the NEVO Peach Mango energy drink provides a taste of the islands along with its beneficial ingredients. Each serving includes green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, pectin, d-calcium pantothenate, niacinamide, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Mixed Berry

Berries are known as the healthiest fruit on the planet. And NEVO Mixed Berry provides a mix of healthy and tasty white grape and Acai grape juice. Other beneficial ingredients include green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, jabuticaba pulp, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade Jeunesse Global has provided a complete line of health and beauty products available through their international group of independent distributors.

Young people in the corporate industry want to bring revolutions in almost every section they set their hands on. The brilliant products these young entrepreneurs want have not been successful in the market. Most of these young people have been failing miserably because they do not have the knowledge in the market, and they lack the basic managerial abilities that can make an individual successful. If you are a young person with interest in starting an investment, it is paramount to pay so much attention to successful CEOs in the market. Sheldon Lavin is among them. The influential professional has been leading in the food department.

Sheldon Lavin legacy has been used by many people to set up very successful ventures in the market. The experienced professional has been focusing on large-scale financial activities so that he can help companies to maintain giant food supply chains in the market. Managing complex operations has not been a walk in the park for Lavin over the years. There are many factors that should be considered so that everything gets into place. There are customer preferences, technical changes in the world, not forgetting the shortage of the resources to be used. As the chief executive officer of a global company that only wants to change the lives of all its food clients, Sheldon Lavin has been dealing with all these factors, importing his ingredients and even purchasing food plants to make the business possible.

Many people always wonder how a finance professional, with so much expertise in the industry changed his career to become a leader in OSI Group. The businessman had always found great satisfaction in finance, and he got a degree in the field so that he could change the lives of the customers coming his way. Sheldon Lavin got his career in the food industry started when he joined OSI Group more than forty years ago. His skills were mostly in finance, but this did not stop him from learning and becoming a better person in the profitable market. Today, the finance guru is expanding OSI Group, making it the best.