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Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and investor, uses his success in business to contribute to future research and leaders that will improve our society. Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, he earned his degree in finance from Arizona State University, and he obtained his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he oversees his investments, and helps future entrepreneurs get their projects off to a start.

He hopes to spark creativity and future ideas by offering high school seniors and college students a financial grant to get started. By submitting your technology ideas and plans, he will look over them on a case-by-case basis. Those ideas which he chooses to fund can get anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Jason Hope understands coming up with a great idea usually isn’t the hardest part, it’s having the financial means to do so. He hopes this grant will help future entrepreneurs do just that.

One of the more well-known contributions Jason Hope has made in recent years is to the SENS Research Foundation. In 2010, he donated a sizable amount of $500,000 to aid in the research of anti-aging. The idea of anti-aging is to prevent certain diseases from actually developing, as opposed to trying to cure them after they have developed. Diseases that cause the body to break down faster, such as lung disease and Alzheimer, are usually treated only after they have developed with very little success. SENS is taking a different approach when it comes to such diseases, and Jason believes such research should be funded.

Aubrey de Grey, SENS Foundation CSO, went into more detail on how Jason Hope’s donation will be put to use. Research will go into the unwanted accumulation of molecular bonds between proteins that hold cells of the artery in place. This extra buildup is what causes our arteries to harden, often referred to as arteriosclerosis. By preventing this from occurring, we can prevent a long list of diseases from occurring. This can lead to high blood pressure in the elderly, which if not properly taken care of can cause diabetes. Both diseases cause the body to age faster than it normally would, so SENS is looking forward to preventing such scenarios. Thanks to Jason Hope’s donation, this and other research can now take place.

About Jason Hope:

The US Money Reserve made a new website. They wanted the site to be there for people who needed to navigate and who wanted to learn more about collecting coins. The company planned the revamp for a long time. They wanted to show their clients they had something to offer everyone. They also wanted their site to reflect who they were as a business.

They made a point of giving people a chance at a better way to purchase coins. No matter how hard the company worked, they felt good about the things they were doing so they didn’t have to deal with negative things from their site. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Since the site wasn’t updated for a long time, people really noticed when the US Money Reserve took the time to update it. They saw it had new things on it and it had something to offer all the clients who came there.

For the US Money Reserve, the point of making the site better was so their clients could feel comfortable with all the options they had there. It was their way of giving them something new and shiny they could take advantage of.

The site now features things like a virtual tour of their facilities. While they may still provide limited tours to people who work with the company, the virtual tour gives anyone a chance to learn more about the industry and the company within the industry.

It is their way of promoting themselves so they don’t need to worry about increased security just because they want to show people how things will change based on the options they have. By looking at all of this, the US Money Reserve is doing their best at making things easier for their clients. Read more: US Money Reserve – Blog and US Money Reserve | Twitter

In addition to the tour, people can take more from the site, they can see what the site has to offer in the way of consulting. Instead of having to make an appointment in person, they can do all their consulting online.

It helps them make sure they’re doing everything right and helps the company make sure they are reaching all the clients who need their help. No matter how hard US Money Reserve works to give their clients something, they can feel good about what they’re doing.

They can also make the right choices that come from the industry they’ve gotten used to trying to help with their business.

Jason Hope is a native to the state of Arizona. Hereof up instead of Arizona and eventually went to Arizona State University in order to complete his formal education. Upon graduating Arizona State University, he began his career in the world of business. In the business, he was able to create an international reputation as a successful entrepreneur. Today he primarily concerns himself with managing various organizations and philanthropic endeavors. One such philanthropic endeavor that he has supported is the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation’s research organization that is researching techniques and methods in which to limit the effects of aging on the human organism.

In 2010 Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the organization. The SENS Foundation use of this donation in order to develop a new laboratory at Cambridge. At this laboratory, they have continued to propel their research into the future. Their new research has developed a significantly greater understanding of the process of aging as it relates to the human organism.

For example, telomerase is at the end of human chromosomes. It has been long understood to be one of the primary drivers of aging. As an individual age, the telomerase on the end of chromosomes breaks down. As this telomerase breaks down an individual begins to suffer from the negative effects of aging. By developing medications, the foundation hopes to be able to elongate telomerase. By elongating telomerase, they hope to alleviate the symptoms of aging and overall slow down the process. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Another significant factor in the aging of human organisms is chronic inflammation. As an individual ages, inflammatory compounds are produced as a byproduct of metabolic waste. These byproducts metabolic waste accumulate within an organism and eventually reach toxic levels. Once toxic levels of these inventory compounds are reached the begin to contribute to diseases such as dementia. These are fun for compounds can help to weaken a sales barrier and to increase the effects of oxidative stress. By developing medications that remove aging cells from the body, it is possible to limit the influx of these inflammatory compounds. By limiting the influx of these inflammatory compounds, it is possible to lessen the effects of aging. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason Hope currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona and continues to work as the founder of a well-known company that specializes in telecommunications. Jason Hope is a futurist who continues to invest in technologies and industries that promise to change the way the world works in the future. read full article

Under the senior leadership of OSI Group’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin, OSI has executed many key acquisitions concerning key working capital, subsidiaries, and companies involved in the food industry.

OSI Group’s procuring in August, 2016, of Baho Food, helped infuse this Dutch food company into OSI Group’s European portfolio. It was this key purchase, which provided OSI Group with a stronger corporate presence in Europe.

By purchasing Baho Foods, the OSI Group inherited five subsidiaries. Some of these five entities had processing plants located not only in Germany, but also in the Netherlands. These five companies include Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, and Henri van de Bilt. These five companies provide food services in Europe, which are part of a business network of 16 companies.

OSI Group also purchased the Tyson Food plant in June, 2016. This plant, which was located in Chicago, Ill., was bought by OSI Group for $74 million. A spokesman for OSI group noted that the 200,000-square-foot location, which is situated in the Back of the Yards locale, is close to OSI Group’s Chicago facilities.

The Tyson Food facility by OSI was a move that will help OSI Group by utilizing this new infrastructure to stimulate business growth. OSI Group has achieved many impressive business milestones under CEO, Sheldon Lavin. Lavin’s many years of experience at OSI has helped the company gain a lot of recognition and awards in the U.S. and internationally.

An OSI Group subsidiary, located in the UK, was given an award titled, The Globe of Honour. The British Safety Council gave OSI Group the award for corporate excellence in the area of environmental safety. And in February of 2016, Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award, given by India’s Vision World Academy. This award recognizes those people who are important corporate visionaries in specific industries like food.

Sheldon Lavin has also contributed to many philanthropies. He has supported the Ronald McDonald House Charities for over 25 years. Mr. Lavin is also a trustee and chairman of capital campaign.

Sheldon Lavin received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in both accounting and finance from Roosevelt University, located in Chicago, Illinois.

Sheldon Lavin got his start in the food business in 1970, by making important connections with Otto & Sons, Inc. Otto & Sons were the predecessors to what is today, OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois.

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Tempus, a Chicago-based technology company co-founded in 2015 by its CEO Eric Lefkofsky has recently received $80 million in funding from a group of investors to use clinical data to enable physicians to discover trends in the treatment of cancer and to collect molecular data from patients undergoing treatment. Tempus has acquired $210 million in investment since it was founded and is now valued at some $1.1 billion.

In 2006 Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF) charity which supports the American Brain Tumor Association, co-founded by Liz Lefkofsky’s mother, as well as the Duke Medical Center’s Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center which cares for patients and their families while seeking a cure for brain tumors. The LFF also backs research into stomach and other malignant cancers, while assisting the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins develop a pancreatic cancer vaccine which is expected to be available soon.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 and received his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and co-founder of Uptake Technologies, a predictive analytics platform for the world’s largest industries. Eric Lefkofsky also wrote Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.

In addition to these endeavors, Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace, and co-founder of Uptake Technologies, a leading predictive analytics platform for the very large industries and Echo Global Logistics, a technology-oriented logistics outsourcing firm.

Further, Eric Lefkofsky serves as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, and is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom Danial Taub had several points of focus over the course of his tenure at the post. Mr. Daniel Taub priorities establishing a sense of understanding between the United Kingdom and Israel.

In his efforts, Mr. Daniel Taub managed to bring a number of changes to the two countries. During his tenure, sever aspects of the relations between the sides were improved and strengthen. The trade between the countries tripled, and that led to many Israeli companies opening offices and expanding operations t the United Kingdom as well.

The exchange of ideas n culture, science, arts, and education also increased. Above all, the understanding and tolerance between the two sides peaked which was the ultimate goal for Mr. Daniel Taub, according to his words. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Over his tenure, Mr. Daniel Taub has spoken out about many important topics and had kept his level-headedness and positive outlooks about issues. Mr. Daniel Taub had also spoken out about concerning topic such as the alliance between Israel and Iran that was a huge topic of discussion in 2013.

Mr. Daniel Taub stated about the matter that he sees how the countries of the Middle East were only starting to realize that their choices will need to change.

Mr. Daniel Taub has been writing about all aspects of the Middle East using his knowledge of a diplomat and peace negotiator. He has been analyzing the unexpected choices that the countries have had to make over the years.

Up to date. Mr. Daniel Taub is working at the renowned ad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. His efforts are dedicated to the organization as well as to his written work. Mr. Daniel Taub has always been keen on writing and has done scripting as well as journalistic writing.

A few years ago, Mr. Daniel Taub got to lead a team and work on scriptwriting for a popular Israeli tv series that achieved huge success in the country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Mr. Daniel Taub has authored and published a few books in which he uses his knowledge and experience as a diplomat, political experience as well as his views as a Jewish man.

Mr. Daniel Taub has inspired and prompted many to seek to understand and promote peace through dialogue. That was one of his main priorities over the course of his tenure as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom and in his entire career.


Those who suffer from clinical depression know how difficult it can be to overcome the challenges that come with depression. The experts that work with TMS Health Solutions have been trained and have dedicated their lives to the research of treatment resistant depression. The goal for TMS Health Solutions is to provide the most advanced therapies available. This means that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)is at the helm of therapy offered for those who desire to beat resistant treatment depression.

Those who struggle with clinical depression often find that they struggle in social settings or to find help. Isolation may set in, causing patients to feel as though they are unable to get the help they need. The experience at TMS Health Solutions is unique and it is completely focused on the customer. The experts and health professionals at TMS Health Solutions will work together with every patient to find the absolute best solution for their situation. Each individual is unique as well as their path to wellness in mind and body.

TMS Health Solutions is a practice that is dedicated to helping those with clinical depression to find the right solution. As an integrated psychiatry practice, those who seek help with TMS Health Solutions will discover that they are now among the many who are getting therapies that are revolutionary but beneficial. There is evidence as a basis for this therapy, along with the non-invasive approach to this therapy. The compassionate experts that administer rTMS to our patients will explain everything upfront and are happy to answer questions about every step of the process.

There is now a more fresh approach to how depression is being treated, but there is no end to the mission to help individuals overcome depression once and for all. Those who desire to overcome their depression and live a more productive and fulfilling life, will soon discover that rTMS is one of the best options available.

The health professionals that started TMS Health Solutions, and those who are partners, are dedicated to improving the lives of those who have suffered from clinical depression. This is why the greatest approach to helping individuals where medications have failed is rTMS. TMS Therapy has helped thousands, and this therapy is quickly becoming one of the most “in demand” therapies in existence today.

Brazil is a nation that is developing rapidly. Many people are moving to Brazil in search of a better life. Not only is the economy improving, but taxes are low throughout the country.José Auriemo Neto has lived in Brazil for his entire life. He is excited about the different possibilities for the future. He is currently on the board of directors at JHSF. JHSF is a thriving company in Brazil.José Auriemo Neto worked hard to get where he is today. He started from the bottom of a company and worked his way to the top.

College Life

José Auriemo Neto decided to attend college for several reasons. He wanted more job opportunities than his parents had. His parents were farmers during his childhood. Although it is possible to make money farming, it is a problematic business for various reasons. One bad year of weather can cause a farmer to go bankrupt.While José Auriemo Neto was in college, he had to work multiple jobs to pay for tuition and his bills. Although it was hard to juggle both work and school, he was able to graduate with a degree in business.

Impacting Others

José Auriemo Neto loves to help other people in the community. He is passionate about various issues. He firmly believes that all children should have access to quality education. Numerous children in Brazil struggle to graduate from school. Most children have to work to support their families.In the coming years, José Auriemo Neto has many plans for JHSF. The company is expanding, and José Auriemo Neto strongly believes that JHSF could become one of the largest companies in Brazil.

It’s not easy to stay current with the most advanced plastic surgery techniques, but somebody’s got to do it. In pursuit of the art of youthfulness, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich practices his craft at the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center where you could say that the cutting edge resides.When you think about plastic surgery the first thing that probably comes to mind is the nose job, or rhinoplasty, as it called in the medical world. This is one of the services provided at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute where Dr. Rohrich practices. In a nose job or nose reshaping, the appearance and function of the nose can be altered. He employs the most modern rhinoplasty surgery techniques.

This is confirmed by his presence on the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium which is attended by surgeons from all over the world.Dr. Rohrich also provides expert level facelift techniques. A complete facial rejuvenation can include a facelift as well as a neck lift. His lift-and-fill strategy directly addresses the primary issue in facial aging. The cheek areas of our faces deflate as we age and this treatment addresses that reality.Additionally, Dr. Rohrich offers breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery which can help to balance proportions of the body and enhance breast shape, size, and symmetry.

He understands that each person is different and so he tries to offer the widest selection of breast implants and incision locations.Also offered is revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct a previously conducted nose surgery that turned out with unsatisfactory results. This procedure is considered an entirely different type of surgery altogether. Nasal passages are somewhat delicate and require a great deal of analysis and planning when and if it becomes an option to revise the results of an earlier surgery.

José ‘Zeco’ Auriemo Neto is a very busy executive. He wakes up early and shortly after eight in the morning is already working in his office, located in a busy street in the city of São Paulo. Jose is wrapped in projects, meetings and papers until around 10 at night and it is not uncommon for him to work even later.Zeco’s routine, as it is known by his friends, is only broken when he goes to visit the construction site or present a venture to some investor, he rarely takes vacations.

One time he and his family traveled to France and he took the opportunity to schedule meetings with European investors.Joses Childhood was very hectic. His father was teaching him how to drive at the age of 9 and by the age of 10 was already driving on the beach and on the family farm. At 17, he was already involved in decision-making in the family business, even creating the JHSF parking development.At the age of 27, in 2003, Zeco became the President in place of his father, Fábio Auriemo.

As time went on, the company started to invest in different segments besides buildings: real estate incorporations, management of shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and even management of an airport are among the branches of operation in the company. Despite all his daily commitments, Zeco is devoted to spending time with his family. During his free time, the businessman likes to play golf, and spend time with his kids.

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