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He rose out of the depths of poverty and obscurity to become one of the most important labor leaders in Europe, and perhaps the world. He is remembered today as “Big Jim” in his native Ireland where he retains folk hero status. But Jim Larkin’s road to fame – and infamy – was a long and tumultuous one, and never without controversy.

Jim Larkin was born in 1876 in Liverpool, England, to James and Mary Ann (McNulty) Larkin. His parents lived in the slums of Liverpool and eked out a meager living after immigrating there from Ireland.

To help make ends meet, young Jim Larkin began working at a job while still in grammar school. What little education he received ended at age 14 when his father died. His schooling was over and it seemed a long life of hard labor for low pay was his fate. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

By his early 20s, Jim Larkin worked his way up to the position of foreman at the docks, and it was there that he first began to organize his fellow dock workers in labor strikes. Larkin was strongly influenced by the emerging Marxist and socialist movements sweeping across Eastern Europe in the early 20th Century.

Larkin joined the National Union of Dock Labourers and quickly rose through its hierarchy to become a major player. Although minimally educated, Jim Larkin had a natural gift for public speaking. His delivery was passionate and powerfully persuasive. He articulated the plight of the downtrodden working class in a way that engendered hope and spurred men to action.

Larkin eventually founded a new organization, the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, which was a major player in one of the most significant labor events in Irish history. It is known as the 1913 Dublin Lockout which saw some 20,000 workers collectively strike against 300 employers.

The Dublin Lockout was a contentious, often violent series of events that shook the social fabric of Ireland to its core. It involved not just workers and business owners, but all levels of society, including the government, the Catholic Church, the police and the common man.

The Dublin Lockout was eventually smashed by the wealthy elite – however, the lasting and historic effect were new labor laws that eventually brought more pay, civil rights and power to the average working man and woman.

Jim Larkin died in Dublin in 1947 at age 71.

The music industry has for a long time, undergone a phase of transformation after another. However, some things have not changed, and the entrepreneur and producer Desiree Perez believes that the race is not over yet.

In the music and entertainment industries, management and leadership roles have often landed in the hands of the male gender. Desiree sought to be among the affluent ladies, and this way, thus bringing out womanhood as a force to be reckoned with. She also strived to prove that theirs can be a deserving gender as well when it comes to leadership.

She has been behind the successful career and business development of the artist Shawn Carter, known by many as “Jay Z.” Desiree has made successful efforts to expand his business, boom his music career and take him through important deals with prosperity.

Roc Nation was one of Shawn Carter’s business interests that Des got involved with. In 2008, she oversaw a $25 million deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation. This portrayed her as an essential part of not only Carter’s career but also Roc Nation.

Roc Nation is an entertainment company that was established in 2008. The company works with industry, technology, fashion and management experts to improve and enhance its client’s careers. Since its establishment, Roc Nation has become of great importance to world entertainment.

It is not easy for a lady in a pool of men in leadership, to find her way up to the same role. Many individuals see artists perform and go to huge events, but do not know the brains behind the success. Desiree and her kind deserve to be appreciated, and her life success alone has taught her that to succeed, she does not have to focus on her surrounding; but rather on her goals. If she were to look around, then the fact that men were taking up influential roles in the industry would discourage her.


Sushi Itto franchisee, Omar Yunes, was named Best Franchisee of the World during the 2015 BFW competition which was held in Florence, Italy on December 5th 2015. 34 countries were represented at the event. Among these were France, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Hungary and Italy. The competition was very stiff but Omar Yunes stood out. He had won first place in the Mexican chapter of the competition which was held on 24th November 2015. Ivan Tamer of Prendamex had taken the second place in the national qualifiers and learn more about Omar Yunes.


Omar Yunes was very happy to receive the award but acknowledged that it was a team effort and he could not have won without his employees. Omar was honored with the award because of his great contribution to the whole network of Sushi Itto, and not just the units he manages. He developed a system that has led to cost savings, employee motivation, and improvements in the efficiency of all the franchise’s operations. Sushi Itto CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo, said that the award was evidence of their commitment to ensuring their customers receive nothing but the best services. For Diego Elizarrarrás, BFW Mexico organizer, Omar’s win was evidence of the fact that Mexican franchises are growing and going international because of their commitment to excellence and read full article.


About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes developed an interest in the hospitality industry at a very tender age, and this is what led him to give franchising a try. He has been franchisee of Sushi Itto ever since he was just 21 years old. He owns about 10% of the more than 100 units that Sushi Itto has. The units he manages are in Varacruz, Puebla and Mexico City and Omar’s lacrosse camp.



Omar Yunes’ passion for what he does is the reasons why he is always striving to improve the franchising business in any way possible. Through the system he developed at Sushi Itto, he has made a great contribution to the industry. Many franchises can benefit from the efficiency provided by the system. Higher motivation among employees will definitely lead to better services and happier customers. The cost savings provided by the system will lead to more profitable businesses and

Equifax recently suffered a severe digital blow to their information system. In as little as two hours, hackers were able to steal personal information from millions of people. This information included credit scores, social security numbers, birth dates, and more. Since this happened, Equifax has boosted up their digital security. Within the last 72 hours, Equifax hired several new staff members to assist with their digital protection program.

Equifax has also recently addressed the general public. They have put forth a list of all the who were affected by this devastation. Equifax is urging all people to look over the list to make sure their name is not on the list. If a person’s name is on the list, once their identity is confirmed, Equifax will do all they can to protect this individual and make sure their personal information is not being used by strangers.

Another way people can protect themselves is by joining Freedom Debt Relief. The Freedom Debt Relief organization helps people get out of debt for a fraction of the cost. However, this organization offers lots of benefits, too. For example, professionals check the credit and personal information of every client. This is to ensure every client that no one is using their personal information either on or offline. Click here to know more.

Another great benefit is the free teachings Freedom Debt Relief company gives to their clients. These teachings show clients how to be more cautious when entering their personal information online. These teachings also show clients how to be sure their credit is not being faltered with by strangers. Millions of people have reported achieving financial freedom with the help of this organization. Many of these individuals have left a review on the main web page of the organization. New positive reviews are written on a daily basis.

Learn more:

Health is one of the fundamental motivators of human behavior. Most of the things people do on a daily basis are targeted towards giving one optimum health. In the modern world, most people are moving away from curative medicine to preventive medicine.

Preventive medicine involves screening to ensure that the body is healthy. Taking tests is the surest way to know whether the ones have threatening illnesses or illnesses that have not been detected.

Lifeline Screening is a health company that has made an indelible mark in the health industry in preventive medicine. They partner with clients to screen various types of health conditions.

How should one prepare when going for a lifeline screening?

Typically, for any screening, one should wear easy-to-remove attires. Men should wear buttoned shirts that are short- sleeved. Wearing heavy and tight clothes presents a challenge when removing them to wear the attire for screening. However, not all screening procedures require any particular clothing.

The Finger-stick blood screening uses the pricking on the finger to draw some blood from the finger. These screening procedures are not restrictive on the clothes.

What to expect during the visit

Most clients are anxious when coming for the screening. They do not know what to expect during the testing. It is vital to understand that the Life Line Screening clinics are manned by qualified employees who are highly trained in handling clients warmly. They aim to help anyone to relax as they wait for their appointment.

Therefore, one can prepare by asking another person who has visited the hospital to tell them about their experience. Hearing about how friendly the staff is will help one to relax. One thing to note is that the procedures are painless and therefore, one can relax. For more info about us: click here.


Being able to arrest an impending problem before it causes widespread harm is invaluable. Likewise, screening helps to identify any health problems that might be developing in the body. A solution can, therefore, be sought to cure the health problem before it becomes a critical problem.

It also helps to alleviate anxiety when one suspects that they are suffering from an illness. After screening, they might find out that there is no cause for worrying.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a passionate plastic surgeon certified by an American plastic surgeon board. Jennifer celebrates her incredible experience of over 19 years as she looks back to the significant milestones she has continued making. Thriving in a masculine-dominated industry was never easy, especially because she was expected to spend much of her time in school. Walden’s specialties include plastic surgery, with an exclusive affiliation with Seton Medical Center Williamson, Seton Edgar B. Davis, and Seton Medical Center. In an effort to reward her dedication to the industry Dr. Jennifer Walden has received several board certifications. These awards confirm that Walden is a knowledgeable doctor whose standards are recognized globally. Some of the prizes include Compassionate Doctor Recognition, On-Time Doctor Award, and Patient’s Choice Award.

Why Jennifer is a Sought-After Healthcare Figure

To begin with, Jennifer believes in touching people’s hearts and helping improve their lives. She explores a broad spectrum of topics including soft tissue injectables, celebrity plastic surgery, mommy makeovers, technological advances in surgery, breast implants, none-and minimally invasive procedures, lasers, teenage plastic surgery, and general medical correspondence. Following an incredible understanding of her specialty, Jennifer has also become a media darling. She is a frequent face in the media where she enlightens the world on issues surrounding her field. According to Jennifer, the best thing she ever did was to focus on things that help her make a difference in people’s lives. She believes that women mainly should be confident about their looks even when they are old. Providing satisfactory service is her delight.

Walden as a Multifaceted Authority

Apart from being an accomplished surgeon, Jennifer Walden is also a remarkable author and researcher. So far she has published numerous editorials and research papers. Walden also presents her well-researched works in national forums where she enlightens her fellow surgeons on sensitive matters. For instance, she has addressed performing facelifting through laser technology fat grafting surgery, HALO Hybrid Laser, among other issues. Jennifer has been appointed on several occasions to make enlightening presentations where she teaches. In fact, she has also been appointed a traveling professor for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on several occasions.

Among the top industry leaders in the dental field is Dr. Chris Villanueva. He is the Dental Director, owner and Chief Executive Officer or MB2 Dental, a revolutionary new type of dental practice that is rapidly expanding throughout America.

Those who know Dr. Villanueva know that he is incredibly passionate not only about the practice of dentistry but about the new management model that MB2 Dental is bringing to the field. He has an incredible understanding not just of the medical side of dentistry, but the management side as well. This unique skillset made him the perfect choice to lead MB2 Dental. Although he runs the practice, he still finds time to meet patients, as they are always his first passion.

Growing up in Asia and South America, Dr. Villanueva has always prided himself on keeping his mind open to new things, new ideas and to take the road less traveled. When he took over MB2 Dental, he wanted it to be a practice unlike one any one has seen before. He believes firmly that when doctors have a take in the practice they work harder, invest more into patient care and overall provide a better working culture.

MB2 Dental is completely owned by the dentists that practice there, something only a handful of practices can say. There are 533 employees and over 70 affiliate locations throughout the United States. While the typical dental practice operates under traditional management styles, often leaving dentists and team members in a drab environment, MB2 dental prides itself on a fun and youthful management style. The company prides itself on being high energy and streamlining service for their patients.

The management at MB2, Including Dr. Villanueva, encourage their team to be innovators and to have autonomy over their work load. They strive to have a progressive company culture that focuses on patient results as a key metric of success, not just the bottom line of income.

The MB2 team frequently takes company field trips, including a trip to Cabo San Lucas and outdoor excursions like white water rafting. Overall, the strategy and inspiration Dr. Villanueva has brought to MB2 Dental is setting a new bar for how dental practices should operate. By striving for greatness in a doctor owned clinic, Dr. Villanueva is seeing key results. Doctors and team members are happier, leading to less staff turnover. New technologies are embraced with excitement rather than looked upon as challenges. Finally and most important, patients are happier!

It seems that the lucrative, $150 million dollar deal between Live Nation and Roc Nation is coming to a close. Live Nation would like to retain its successful touring contract with Roc Nation but is opting out of the recorded music aspect of the deal. Desiree Perez, one of the top music executives for Roc Nation, was seen with Jay-Z having a meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge, the Chairman, and CEO of Universal Musc Group (UMG). This has started speculation that UMG is interested in buying stock in Roc Nation. According to a UMG insider, the company already has a small distribution deal with Roc Nation and would relish the chance to have a larger role in Roc Nation. Neither Roc Nation nor UMG was commenting on the current situation but with the current deal coming to a close it could trigger a “buy- sell” situation where either party could sell out or buy the other party’s share of the deal.

Desiree Perez has had close associations with Jay-Z for over twenty years working with him in Roc Nation. Desiree is a shrewd negotiator and was instrumental in the Rihanna Samsung deal. Ms. Perez has strengths in accounting, negotiating, and is a fierce business competitor. Desiree works with a group of business peers in managing Roc Nation in its entirety. Desiree works closely with the management, publishing, and labeling aspects of the company. To read the full details of the Roc Nation deal and more about Desiree Perez, please click here.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a renowned practitioner and founder of MB2 Dental. The good doctor founded MB2 Dental with the aim of promoting high-quality dentistry. Before starting his company, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva spent considerable time in corporate dentistry. He also worked as a sole-practitioner. This direct knowledge from the two sides of the industry gave him the adequate experience to start a successful company. Dr. Chris founded MB2 Dental after realizing that dental practitioners around the globe required specialized help. Since its launch, MB2 Dental has employed 533 employees. More importantly, it has helped practitioners from over seventy allied locations across six states. Its leadership is strong and works together to ensure the success of the firm.

When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was graduating from the university, options for dentists were limited to two. One could either start a private practice or become a member of a large group practice. He tried the two but later decided to create a model that incorporated ideas from the two sides, and MB2 was born. Dr. Chris considers himself a night owl. This is because he enjoys working at night when his four kids are asleep. The secret behind his great ideas is the way he surrounds himself with a team of creative, outspoken, and smart individuals. He stays productive and keeps his team productive by giving them enough space to realize their maximum potential. He is excited about technology and the role it plays in the dentistry industry. He is confident that great technological advances that will enhance patient experience are still to come.

The Future of Dentistry and the Role of MB2 Dental in Shattering Traditional Dentistry Stigma

Traditional dental practices are uninspired and drab, but MB2 Dental is working to change this narrative. The firm is focused on personal growth, support, autonomy, and more importantly, having fun together. It is dedicated to helping practices make the right improvements for the benefit of patients. It has put in place innovations geared to promote improved standards of operation leading to happier practitioners. The firm is proud of its progressiveness and being up-to-date with practice standards and trends. It has created a wonderful environment where dentists can interact, grow, and learn from one another.


The Future of Dentistry and How MB2 Dental is Shattering the Stigma of Traditional Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva – Founder of MB2 Dental

According to the article on Quicken Loans, credit could be a confusing as well as a concept that is confusing. Building credit could be its worst monster, especially if you don’t have a history of credit, without a history lender, employers, landlords, insurance providers, and credit card companies have a hard time when trying to determine your repayment habits and spending, making the process of receiving a loan almost impossible.

The fastest method of building credit is by using a credit card, though you cannot get a credit card if you don’t have a good credit card. While this could seem like a circle that is vicious, there are still several ways you could establish a credit history and majority of them you could take action on today.

If you are not capable of applying for a loan or getting an unsecured credit card, whether from bad credit, or lack of that, there are several ways you could start showing a responsible repayment history. Some do not even need a credit card.

1. Use a co-signer to apply for and get an unsecured credit card.
2. Secured credit card application.
3. Become an authorized user on credit card of another person
4. Build credit while you pay your debt.
5. Make payments of your student loan on time
6. Paying auto Loans on time.
7. Pay rent on-time and report the payments to a credit reporting agency.
8. Maintain a good credit report and score.
9. Do not reach your credit limit.
10. Do not open lots of accounts at once

About FreedomPlus

FreedomPlus is an online lender focusing on underwriting loans to subprime and prime consumers. FreedomPlus managed to develop a process of proprietary underwriting that delivers loans of low-cost to borrowers as well as low-risk access to the consumer loan portfolios to the accredited investors.

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