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With the advancement in global technology and improved international communication and relations, comparative law has played a key role in the unification of legislation and global harmonization. The comparative law refers to the study of the various legal systems to establish their similarities and differences. It is a method of analyzing the relationship between laws in different regimes. The study of comparative law originated in Europe in the 18th century.

Importance of Comparative Law

Application of comparative law is not only necessary in academic disciplines but also in global business and legal areas. Legislators such as Sujit Choudhry, an internationally recognized qualified law specialist, use the results of comparative law to draft new legislations and in international cooperation to make the world more orderly. It is the basis of the production of bilingual dictionaries that provide the information needed to make legal relations across the borders peaceful and fruitful. It fosters mutual dispelling of misinterpretation and prejudice and universal understanding.

It cultivates a culture of mutual understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures in the world. Also, the comparative law offers a platform that broadens horizons of legislators and law reformers and encourages peaceful intellectual exchange in legal matters. Foreign policies have become more unified and accommodative thanks to the comparative law.

Choudhry’s Educational and Career Profile

Sujit Choudhry is a globally acclaimed authority on comparative constitutional and political law. He is the founder and the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. More to read on  Sujit Choudhry attended Toronto, Harvard, and Oxford Universities where he obtained law degrees. He worked as the clerk of the supreme court of Canada to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. Choudhry was also a Scholar in Rhodes, related article on He served as the dean of the school of law at the University of California. He has also taught law at the New York University. Additionally, he acted as the president of Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto.  Update with Sujit’s timeline activities, click

Choudhry’s Accomplishment as a Lawmaker

Choudhry is an accomplished researcher and speaker with in-depth knowledge and broad experience in issues relating to comparative law, including constitutional design in ethnic societies, constitutional courts, decentralization, secession, bills of rights, semi-presidentialism and much more. Sujit Choudhry worked as the principal advisor in the legal building process in countries such as Tunisia, Nepal, Egypt, South Africa, Ukraine, and Jordan. He is also a writer and a published author of books addressing methodology in comparative constitutional law, constitutional guidelines when transitioning from a dictatorial rule to a democratic one and other legal topics.  Follow Sujit on

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Anthony Petrello tops the list of most prominent CEOs in the U.S. He heads the Nabors Industries, a reputable entity situated in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Industries is a geothermal and natural gas drilling contracting company. It operates throughout America, Middle East, the Far East, and Africa. It is also a top ranked land-based oil drilling company.

Anthony Petrello has J.D. undergrad from the notable Harvard Law School as well as an MS, and a BS holder from high-status Yale University. He has worked at Baker and McKenzie law firm as from 1986 to 1991. He moved to Nabors Industries in 1991. Since 1992, he has been the company’s president and senior executive. Mr. Petrello has chaired the board of directors since 2012 after serving as the deputy chairperson from 2003 and learn more about Anthony.

He was raised in Newark, New Jersey. At school, Anthony Petrello was a genius in mathematics. This revelation came to the limelight in an article written by his college mate, Lloyd Grove, in the Daily Beast. In the article, Lloyd labeled him the math whiz. At the age of eighteen, Petrello became the world-renowned mathematician protégé and more information click here.

Mr. Anthony has a daughter, who at birth got a condition known as philanthropy Leukomalacia. This condition is a neurological disease, which affects premature infants and it results from inadequate oxygen or blood flow to the brain. Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, raise funds to support research on the disorder. The initiative resulted in a fundraising of $7 million.

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The fantasy football season may seem to be a long way from beginning for many players who can only see the long summer months making changes to their Fantasy Alarm MLB lineup as this season begins to take shape. However, for NFL fantasy players who are looking to make a serious impact on their Fantasy Alarm day or season long league as quickly as possible should already be looking at which rookie’s they will draft in the coming season; the record breaking 2016 for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott show the major impact a rookie can make on any fantasy league.


Deciding which rookies to draft as part of any fantasy team can seem like a daunting choice, but it can pay off to take a look at players who may not have been drafted in what are deemed skill positions; defensive end Myles Garrett could prove a powerful presence at the Cleveland Browns, while Washington looked to bring in a number of Alabama alumni headed by Jonathan Allen who should put up big numbers in the U.S. capital in 2017.


Any successful fantasy owner understands the need to bring in players with a proven history of success alongside others who are seen as a little more of a gamble. The temptation for many owners who only follow professional sports and have little knowledge of college football could be to draft the number one quarterback taken in the draft, the Chicago Bears Mitchell Trabisky. Instead, many experts believe taking a look at 2016 college football championship winning quarterback DeShaun Watson who was drafted in the first round by the Houston Texans; Watson could take the starting slot for the Texans and prove himself an asset for any fantasy team following the trade of Brock Osweiler to the Browns. Osweiler himself struggled last season, but the move to the Browns could see an upturn in his fortunes as a beefed up Cleveland defense in the 2017 draft could allow this much maligned franchise to win a few games in the coming season.


What is Beneful? Beneful is a brand of dog food founded in 2001 by Nestle Purina Petcare. Their line of products includes wet dog food, dry dog food, and even dog treats. In 2012, it was ranked the fourth most popular brand of dog food. In 2001, Beneful was marketed towards achieving basic nutritional needs for dogs. “Beneful” according to the company spokesperson, means “full of goodness”, which was the focus of Beneful’s television advertising campaign. With an average user rating of 4.1 stars out of five, 87% of users recommend Beneful for dogs.

With eight varieties of dry food, twenty varieties of wet food, and ten of dog treats, one can see why Beneful is so successful today. Nutritionists on the team can agree that all the ingredients placed into the making of Beneful dog food are ingredients that a dog needs to meet their daily nutritional needs. When an owner chooses Beneful they are not only choosing a top-quality brand of dog food, but are choosing to give their dog a brand of food that will help bring out the best in them.

Nestle Petcare nutritionists know exactly where the ingredients of their pet food come from and can attest that as such, all ingredients are of high standards. Purina conducts over 30,000 quality checks when it comes to ingredients and packaging. They want to make sure that consumers and their pets are receiving top quality products that are safe and up to the standards of the FDA.

Real Estate Crisis

A myriad of adverse effects struck Baltimore after the recent housing crisis. However, the sectors are making a renaissance, if the latest developments are anything to go by. Last year, sales that were negotiated by banks dropped drastically, with prices of homes shooting up as a result.

The local authorities were first to react to the situation, formulating laws that would mitigate the effects of the predicament. The new regulations affected both sides, as the rates became consumer friendly, while foreclosures were slowed down considerably. At the time of the crisis, the average cost of residential houses soared to record-breaking levels, a situation that had not been witnessed for almost a decade.

Todd Lubar’s Achievements

After leaving the Syracuse University with an undergraduate degree in communication, Todd Lubar delved into the property development sector. The driving factor behind this move as his desire to assist fellow humans, as well as zeal to conquer the industry. Todd’s first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he gained valuable knowledge on conventional mortgage banking. Further, Todd engaged in positive relationships with leading experts in the industry, a strategy that enhanced his understanding of the property development industry. Also, these professionals are his referees.

Taking a job at Legacy Financial Group is perhaps the most notable leap in Todd’s illustrious career. Here, he used hid adept knowledge on lending to supervise loans between investors and financiers. He later used the knowledge accrued from this position to establish Legendary Properties LLC. The firm acquires, renovates and then sells residential premises that range from single units to multiple apartments.

Having spent over a decade in real estate, Todd made an excellent observation. He discovered that a significant number of people did not own homes, primarily because traditional financiers had overlooked their mortgage applications. He, therefore, inaugurated Legendary Financial LLC, a solution to this conundrum. Using this institution, Todd has assisted many individuals in procuring home loans. Click here:

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is real estate expert, having worked for several respected establishments in the industry. Apart from property development, Todd has other business ventures in scrap metal recycling. Currently, he is the head of TDL Global Ventures.

Check out his website for details.

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Human right activism has been recognized around the world as the only sure way of freeing unlawfully detained political prisoners. The activism started long time ago when people started being aware of their rights and privileges enshrined in the constitutions across the world. Political instability has contributed greatly in the rise of civil activism that has brought rise to democratic rights. It is difficult to undertake the process of human right activism and only the brave and fearless in the society have stood firm to condemn the act. This is due to the increased number of political assassinations attributed to human activists that have been killed by many people around the world. However few people like Thor Halvorssen have continued to advocate for the right to equal political and civil rights. Thor of Linkedin, He is the founder of human rights foundation found in New York City and has been involved in active political activism. As a result, he has contributed in the release of many political detainees who had been held by different governments across the world. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela and became active in the human activism world during his university life.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania having acquired a degree in political science and history. He later joined active human right activism when his father then serving in the ministerial position in the Venezuelan government was arrested. His facebook, His father was a prominent personality that headed a powerful position when he was in the middle of undertaking an investigation to nub drug cartels, he was arrested and detained without trial. This necessitated the rise of street protest and atavism in Venezuela championed by Thor Halvorssen. Many people came to the street to protest and later international organizations weighed in on the matter which saw his father freed. Thor Halvorssen is a renowned and recognized film producer across the world.

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Move over two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, there is a new hybrid in town-the cleansing conditioner. This five-in-one saving grace acts not only as a shampoo and conditioner but also a deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Who doesn’t mind saving time in the shower with a multi-use product? Many brands suggest leaving in the conditioner anywhere from five to ten minutes while finishing your shower as this helps lock in the moisturizing benefits. By locking in the moisture and skipping the sulfates found in shampoo, the hair and scalp will be given a much needed break. Ditching sulfate also means that there will no longer be a lather when coating your hair. While this may feel quite different at first, the benefits out way the absence of a deep sudsy scrub.

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Go the natural root and try out a cleansing conditioner from WEN Hair by Chaz. Ingredients such as chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and rosemary extract are used to smooth and strengthen the hair which makes it a perfect choice. WEN by Chaz has formulated over 20 noteworthy blends of cleansing conditioners that range from WEN Kids to WEN MEN, which additionally acts as a body wash. The Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner is a sought-after blend that combats scalp dryness while promoting hair growth. From formulas that are designed for those with hair loss in mind to those that cope with thick, unruly locks, WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners are most definitely blessings.

You can buy WEN products on and

WEN Hair cleansing conditioners are an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. The brand boasts of excellent products that work on different hair types based on the specific formulation. A trial of the fig version was promising as it delivered as advertised on QVC. The hair becomes bouncy, shiny and moisturized after some time of using the product. There have been a few negative reports though on the lower end. The following is a breakdown of how the WEN product worked in this case.

After a long time of travel and desire for a bath, washing the hair with the WEN product was an excellent idea. The hair was all wrong as it was frizzy and greasy but after using, the shampoo there was notable difference. However, it is important to use the right amounts of WEN products. Using the right amounts of shampoo in the process helps make the hair appear thicker and actually feel it almost immediately.

Even though it might feel as though the strands are piling up in the shower, the product ensures that nothing falls out. What’s more, after the shower, the hair appears to be shinier and bouncy after blow-drying.

Upon waking up the roots of the hair appeared to be greasier. After showering and reusing the shampoo; the hair regained its shiny and greasy feel. The after look was amazing especially considering that it was only after 24 hours of use. The hair was positively improved. By the end of the seventh day of the said experiment, the hair had shown a tremendous improvement from the first day. The WEN cleansing shampoo truly does work.

About WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean is the man behind the WEN products. He is dedicated to producing excellent hair products for all types of hair. These are the products that actually work. For more info, visit the Wen crunchbase page.

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In an industry response to deal with title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Inc. has announced the release of their new website which features residential property records that are easily accessible and accurate. Nationwide Title Clearing is the United State leading provider of property records that are needed by the mortgage and real estate industries in order to facilitate the buying and selling of properties.

Title defects are a serious concern in these industries. They usually occur when someone lays claim to a property that is actually owned by someone else. Title defects can hold up the closing of a home until the issue is resolved. Other times that property defects occur is when the document wording does not fit industry standards, it’s missing required signatures, older resolved liens have not been removed, and failure to correctly record or file the real estate documents.

Because title defects cause such a problem when closing a home, it’s important that they’re accurate. The Chief Executive Officer of NTC said that it’s vital to make sure titles are accurate before the property is sold or transferred. He elaborated that his company obtains the data they use from several sources, with the most important being county records. The records are then reviewed through automation that is backed up by human verification. Furthermore, the new online website is able to determine exactly what documents the user needs even when they fill in the online forms incorrectly, which saves money from unnecessary reports being inadvertently ordered.

NTC was founded in 1991 in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is privately held recently opened another office in Dallas, Texas. This location has a data center that backs up the data stored in Palm Harbor. NTC went to this expense in order to ensure that a major disaster doesn’t wipe out the data they have on every residential property in the United States. They can have the data in both locations as well as staff in both locations so that a major disruption can be smoothly dealt with.

NTC offers its employees constant training opportunities. They now offer some of their robust training in a two-day training program that they offer to companies in the lending, investing, and mortgage industries. The program is overseen by Dave LaRose who is the company’s Vice President of Technical Excellence.


It seems that life can be a cruel joke sometimes. Our physical prowess peaks in our 20s and we spend the rest of our lives on a slow decline. As we age, the risks of certain health conditions begin to increase. We must work even harder to take care of ourselves to avoid certain health problems.

One of the best motivating factors for taking care of ourselves out there is Life Line Screening. This group of medical professionals performs preventative healthcare by screening you for a variety of health problems. These screenings can detect certain diseases and conditions before they become a problem so that you can avoid discomfort, pain or even death.

Their stable screening is ultrasound. Ultrasound was originally developed in the 1940s to detect submerged submarines during World War II. Now the technology computer into your body to detect health conditions in their earliest stages.

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One of the health conditions that the ultrasound is astoundingly good at identifying is carotid artery disease. This terrible medical condition happens when fatty deposits build up in the carotid artery of your neck. This blockage can lead to decreased blood flow to the brain which increases your chance of stroke. Stroke is essentially a heart attack for the brain

It is incredibly important to identify carotid artery disease because it develops incredibly slowly. That means with a simple ultrasound from Life Line Screening, you can see this health condition developing and it’s very earliest stages. This can allow you to make lifestyle changes to reduce the fatty deposits in your artery and take medication. This may allow you to avoid a very invasive surgery where doctors open up your neck to remove the plaques in your artery. I would not wish that surgery on anybody, so I hope you take advantage of Life Line Screening.