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The energy drink market is now a multi-billion dollar industry. And now there is one company that is looking to shake up the world of these popular drinks. That company, Jeunesse Global, has been giving their customers a daily boost with NEVO energy drinks.

Available in four flavors, NEVO is different it is produced by a company that has spent over a decade dedicated to the overall health and wellness of the human body. Jeunesse Global decided to set NEVO energy drinks apart by including a unique mix of antioxidants and nutrients that ensures each drink is packed with protective nutrition as well as that much needed energy boost. Each one of the flavors contains no artificial flavors, colors nor sweeteners and boost just 50 calories per serving.

NEVO Acai Grape

Health fans are more than familiar with the antioxidant power of the Acai berry. And the NEVO Acai Grape drink brings the nutritional benefits of the Acai berry along with the popular grape flavor. This drink includes such beneficial ingredients as stevia leaf extract, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Lemon Ginger

Designed for those who enjoy a crisp taste to their energy drink, NEVO Lemon Ginger is a light tasting mix of two popular flavors. NEVO Lemon Ginger includes green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Peach Mago

For those who enjoy tropical flavors, the NEVO Peach Mango energy drink provides a taste of the islands along with its beneficial ingredients. Each serving includes green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, pectin, d-calcium pantothenate, niacinamide, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Mixed Berry

Berries are known as the healthiest fruit on the planet. And NEVO Mixed Berry provides a mix of healthy and tasty white grape and Acai grape juice. Other beneficial ingredients include green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, jabuticaba pulp, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade Jeunesse Global has provided a complete line of health and beauty products available through their international group of independent distributors.

Young people in the corporate industry want to bring revolutions in almost every section they set their hands on. The brilliant products these young entrepreneurs want have not been successful in the market. Most of these young people have been failing miserably because they do not have the knowledge in the market, and they lack the basic managerial abilities that can make an individual successful. If you are a young person with interest in starting an investment, it is paramount to pay so much attention to successful CEOs in the market. Sheldon Lavin is among them. The influential professional has been leading in the food department.

Sheldon Lavin legacy has been used by many people to set up very successful ventures in the market. The experienced professional has been focusing on large-scale financial activities so that he can help companies to maintain giant food supply chains in the market. Managing complex operations has not been a walk in the park for Lavin over the years. There are many factors that should be considered so that everything gets into place. There are customer preferences, technical changes in the world, not forgetting the shortage of the resources to be used. As the chief executive officer of a global company that only wants to change the lives of all its food clients, Sheldon Lavin has been dealing with all these factors, importing his ingredients and even purchasing food plants to make the business possible.

Many people always wonder how a finance professional, with so much expertise in the industry changed his career to become a leader in OSI Group. The businessman had always found great satisfaction in finance, and he got a degree in the field so that he could change the lives of the customers coming his way. Sheldon Lavin got his career in the food industry started when he joined OSI Group more than forty years ago. His skills were mostly in finance, but this did not stop him from learning and becoming a better person in the profitable market. Today, the finance guru is expanding OSI Group, making it the best.


The brain is an important part of the body which works with billions of neuron. This neurons control the electric activity in the brain and helps transmit information from the brain to rest of the body and vise versa. The brain is a core organ which controls body functions, our emotions and the way we grasp complex information. This is why it is paramount to keep the brain in proper condition for it to carry out its functions very well. Some conditions such as depression can result in other more complicated brain disorders. This is why neuro core has come up with new technological methods of treating brain disorders which have replaced the traditional methods like taking antidepressant drugs. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore deals with brain disorders such as anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and depression. The company uses neurofeedback to improve its treatment program which it had developed to treat patients with the disorders. Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy is a treatment that relies on electronic measurements of the brain waves to teach the brain how to control emotions and body activities. The treatment has been proven to be very effective after it was conducted in a number of test subjects. The results of the therapy were excellent as compared to traditional methods of administration of treatment. This was the first neurofeedback.

Neurotherapy has gone ahead to be used in various fields such as astronomy. Astronomers were reported to have seizure attacks due to jet fuel. Neurotherapy was then carried out to Epilepsy patients and also patients suffering from depression where Fredrick Lamere reported an improvement from the patients EEG waves. Neurocore has embraced neurofeedback to treat patients with depression and other brain disorders. EEG brainwave technology is a clinically proven rating scale known as Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) DSM Oriented depressive problems scale which has greatly helped in the treatment of depression cases.


The treatment program adopted by Neurocore was a success and has then been used to treat depression patients. Neurocore is still working to improve treatment of ADHD patients through the use of neurofeedback. So far, the treatment has been a success to children suffering from the disorder. Neorocore is a prolific company that has really contributed positively to society by bringing hope to patients with mental disorders. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The beauty Industry has one of the largest populations known of consumers. A lot of people praise high quality skin care and cosmetic companies. Sunday Riley is named after someone who would rather stay behind the curtain but wants to share her vision with the world. The company was established in the year 2009 as a hopes to fill a gap. The premise of the business is to combine science orientated ingredients with natural botanicals. The Instagram account for Sunday Riley has over 200,000 followers and promotes a line of 13 exclusive products. This independent Houston based company has a lot to offer. They provide a lunar sleeping oil that assists the consumer with a peaceful night of sleep. Abundant with vitamin a, this oil can enhance the features and texture of the human skin.

Many consumers have stated a reduction of wrinkles and inflammation of the skin; as well as younger appearance. The concoction is infused with retinol and this helps minimize visible pores and impurities in the human skin. All of the company’s products are free from parabens and other impurities. Sunday Riley also provides a facial cleanser made up of a white clay ingredients that extracts dirt and oil from the skin; leaving the consumer feeling refreshed and balance. The plant-based cleanser helps all skin types and is a go to remedy for removing make up. This face wash is perfume free and certified vegan. Sunday Riley offers a cream that helps beautify the eyes and surrounding area. The goal of this product is to lighten dark spots and reduce puffing around the eyes. This eye cream has an abundance of healthy ingredients. Those ingredients include Shea butter, sodium PCA, cocoa butter and other skin enhancing botanicals. The company’s website offers a wide range of products catering to every skin type. Recently, Sunday Riley was added to Oprah Winfrey‘s favorite products list. This was a huge promotion boost for the progressively growing company. Connect with Sunday Riley on Facebook.

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While Dr. Saad Saad was working as a U.S. Board Certified pediatric surgeon for over 40 years, he noticed that some of the devices he used to treat patients were flawed and hindered the performance of medical procedures.

So, he invented and patented two medical inventions that improved upon two frequently used devices—the catheter and the endoscope.

The problem with the catheter is that to locate the location of an inserted catheter required either x-raying the patient, which could be deleterious to the patient if used too often, or using MRI machines, which are overly large and impractical to use.

Dr. Saad Saad’s catheter is capable of being detected by a hand-held device, which the doctor use to sweep the patient’s body.

When this device is perpendicular to the tip of the catheter, which contains two wires and a coil with magnetically permeable material, it lights up to alert the doctor the location of the inserted catheter.

The problem with the existing endoscope is that it tends to get fogged-up during medical procedures and requires the doctor to take it out to vacuum away the liquid fogging up the device multiple times during a given procedure.

Dr. Saad Saad’s endoscope is equipped with a suction and irrigation component to prevent endoscopes from becoming fogged-up by liquids and restore visibility during medical procedures.

Dr. Saad Saad’s endoscope is so practical in terms of allowing doctors to perform their procedures without needless interruptions that it has been mass produced and is utilized by doctors everywhere. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

While Dr. Saad Saad was working as a U.S. Board Certified pediatric surgeon, he also noticed that some children in the United States and in the Holy land required medical procedures of which he is a specialist.

So, he would often go on medical missions both in the United States and the Holy land to perform free surgeries for poor children in desperate need of medical procedures.

Going on medical missions to the Holy land also allowed Dr. Saad Saad to visit his homeland as he was born in Palestine but became Palestinian refugees when the country of Israel was founded. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

The fact that Dr. Saad Saad is currently in retirement does not prevent him from caring about children’s health, so he prescribes healthy habits and sound advice to mothers.

Dr. Saad Saad recommends that mothers consume meals that adheres to healthy diet guidelines, consume alcohol only in moderation, exercise regularly, and don’t smoke cigarettes.

Dr. Saad Saad further recommends that mothers breastfeed their infants and make sure that their infants get enough sleep.

Dr. Saad Saad also advises that mothers take their infants to seek medical care immediately should they notice any indication that their infant is coming down with either the common cold or meningitis as these two illnesses are especially dangerous to infants.

Twenty-four-year-old Guilherme Paulus started his first company in the tourism industry with the aim of revolutionizing the sector. The name of the company is the CVC Tour Company. The company was established at a time when the tourism industry in Brazil was at its peak with several numbers of tourists trickling into the country for its tourist sites.

CVC Tour Company basically offers services like giving tour guides, directing tourists to the best destinations that they have not visited before and are fun and memorable. The company also directs the tourists to the best hotels and resorts to stay in, the best foods to take and the best souvenir to take back home among many other services. For years, Guilherme Paulus run the entire CVC on his own after buying out his two-year politician of a partner. He then sold a part of the company to a private equity firm but still remains part of the management of the company with more than thirty-five percent of the company’s shares.

The launch of GJP Hotels and Resorts

After years of directing tourists to the best accommodation areas in the country, Guilherme Paulus realized that with the tour business and the influence he has, it would be a wise investment to start his own hotel and resort business so that he wouldn’t have to send clients to other businesses but rather would offer his clients the full experience. so he launched GJP Hotels and resorts a few years before he gave up full control of CVC by selling part of the company. the company has since then developed more than twenty luxury resorts in different parts of the country that Paulus operates. His company has also been commissioned by the government several times to partake on hotel and resort development projects during the world cup series and the Olympics that the country has hosted over the years.

Guilherme Paulus was named the Hotelier of the Year and is recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year in Brazil. He has also accumulated a net worth of more than a billion dollars over the years and his companies are considered to be leading in their respective industries.

Randal Nardone And The Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone And The Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone co-founded one of the leading alternative asset firm, Fortress Investment Group. He went on to attract other financial experts such as Peter Briger and Wes Edens to co-own the group while at the same time running it on a daily basis. Randal Nardone operates the company at its offices in New York City. He also doubles of as a member of the board of directors that run the company. The graduate of Boston University School of Law started his career as an attorney before moving to entrepreneurship, where he has excelled.

From the operational point of view, Randal Nardone has been at the forefront of running this organization for almost three decades without putting his foot wrong while at the same time enabling the organization to achieve a significant number of goals. One of the main achievements of this entity is that it was the first to be registered as an asset manager who was able to sell its shares to the NYSE. This meant that people with money to speculate can move on and start owning shares in company.

This move was highly opposed by a significant number of individuals, especially the trained professionals who had a perception that the organization was getting a bad deal. However, the entity went ahead and approved the strategy of operating in stock market. A large number of individuals appeared to buy the stocks of the company with the aim that they will get profits in the future. However, there was a number of people who were not attracted to the new move as they had never seen an asset manager operating in the stock market.

The move would stand as one of the most strategic decisions that the company has ever implemented. The company’s stocks were oversubscribed, which means that the company had to split some shares so that it could ensure that any person who applied for the stocks of the company was able to get some units of ownership. The funds that the organization received were used in helping the entity to establish itself as the market leader. Randal Nardone continues to implement some critical policies that have led to the expansion of the entity beyond measure.

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The recent interview of Ted Bauman speaks to the increased interest in economic development and that the everyday layperson has been expressing. Ted Bauman explains to that many of his readers have displayed an encouraging level of intelligence in this area. They have gone out to educate themselves on pressing issues. Bauman encourages them to continue this research. In fact, he explains that much of the information that he is garnered over the years is come from his substantial ability to conduct research. Research is how people can keep up with current events. Bauman uses research to remain a consistent authority in his field.

Ted Bauman’s ability to conduct research started as a student at the University of Cape Town. He obtained a degree in economics and history while there. These dual degrees play off of each other in a very meaningful way for Bauman. He has used them repeatedly over his career. He is currently an editor for Banyan Hill publishing. This role is a little more stable for the seasoned jet-setter. He has traveled all over the world working as a consultant for housing and financial development. This chapter of his life has been dedicated to research and reporting information.

In the future, Ted Bauman hopes that this trend towards more independent economic stability will continue. It is his hope that his readers will gain that independence that they are all working for. His recent articles are targeted towards asset management and financial recovery. He also has articles that talk about immigration issues and low-risk opportunities for investment. He has so much knowledge in this area and giving it to his readers has created a lasting mark on the industry. While he has proven himself to be an exceptional writer, Ted Bauman spent much of his career traveling the world trying to provide alternative solutions for low-income families when it comes to their housing. He understands the economic impact that financial dependence on the government can have on a family. This is one of the reasons why his articles are geared towards that independence that so many people seem determined to earn for themselves.

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One of the biggest trends, in the finance world, is known as point-of-sale financing. And one of the largest players, in that field, recently released some surprising performance numbers in Q2. That company, GreenSky Credit, is innovating the world of point-of-sale finance across the country.

According to a recent Forbes article, GreenSky Credit announced strong Q2 earnings numbers. This news is on top of the recent announcement that American Express has partnered with the FinTech company in a marketing arrangement. With this arrangement, American Express will market the FinTech’s lending app to the credit card giant’s merchant customers. This move is expected to help the FinTech customer gain more merchants to their lending app.

For those unfamiliar with point-of-sale financing, GreenSky Credit gives merchants an app that allows them to offer financing to their potential customers and clients. For instance, a general contractor can offer a loan, to their potential customer, for a kitchen renovation. The potential customer can apply right through the merchant’s app. The app then offers a response in minutes. This financing app ultimately helps merchants close more high ticket deals while helping customers get quick financing.

Because of its billion dollar valuation, GreenSky Credit is known on Wall Street and Silicon Valley as a “unicorn” start-up. The company made waves earlier in the year when it raised over $800 million in a IPO. Today, the company’s surprising performance has Forbes calling the company “undervalued” compared to its recent stock price.

Currently, the FinTech company has about 12,000 merchants on its financing app platform. Many of these merchants are general contractors, solar panel installers and medical clinics. In addition to individual merchants, the app is also available at giant retailers like Home Depot.

Founded in 2006, GreenSky Credit currently partners itself with 14 lending institutions including Regions Bank and FifthThird Bank for lending capital. The company is headed by its original founder David Zalik who oversees a staff of 900 employees. As the company enters its next decade, GreenSky Credit will look to further grow its point-of-sale lending business.

Since the formation of Fortress Investment Group by Randal Nardone and the other co-founders, the company has been in the lead of the investment management industry. The three CEOs of the company have made all the contributions that they could afford for the company to ensure that its performance remains outstanding. Randal Nardone has been able to help Fortress Investment Group to win several financial related awards such as the management firm of the year award, Hedge Firm of the Year, and the Hedge Fund Manager of the year among other important awards. By winning these annual awards, the company demonstrates that it can dwarf other entities operating in the same industry by coming up with some of the best industrial policies.

One strategy that Randal Nardone has used to help the organization to maintain its competitive advantage is by ensuring that it invests in alternative assets. These are assets that other organizations don’t choose as they do not offer immediate returns. The company has invested in large number of alternative assets in various parts of the country such as idle rail lines and collapsed manufacturing plants. The benefit of acquiring alternative assets is that they are available at discounted rates and companies can later sell them at high profits.

This move was highly opposed by a significant number of individuals, especially the trained professionals who had a perception that the organization was getting a bad deal. However, the entity went ahead and approved the strategy of operating in the stock market. A large number of individuals appeared to buy the stocks of the company with the aim that they will get profits in the future. However, some people who were not attracted to the new move as they had never seen an asset manager operating in stock market.

A significant number of people did not understand why the organization accepted the bid to sell the company to SoftBank, given that the entity was not experiencing any financial distress and did not need financial support. However, various benefits could have triggered the acceptance of the bid by Randal Nardone and other executive members of the board of the Fortress Investment Group.