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While many people have seen the public school system is adequate over the years Betsy DeVos has seen a growing problem. Unfortunately, she’s not alone with this revelation, many parents have also noticed the same problems with the American public school system that she has. When she took office as Secretary of Education she knew that there is going to be a lot of work necessary to bring the system up to par. People all over the country assumed that she would start overhauling the public school system but she has a different plan in store for the system. She believes that parents should start looking for alternative forms of education for their children instead. The public school system is declining and she believes that the only way to save education in America is to look for private options.


Public schools are important but the things that children get there are also available to them in the private arena. In fact, Betsy DeVos talks to Philanthropy Roundtable about the work that she did in Michigan before she was appointed to this position. Her work in Michigan was specifically centered around the formation and funding of scholarship programs that would allow children of lower socioeconomic statuses to attend private schools. She wanted to make it possible for children in these lower financial brackets to go to these private schools. She pushed for greater funding for scholarship programs and tax breaks within her state. This vigor for education was sparked by one conversation with a family who had been struggling to send their child to the private school that Betsy DeVos sent her own children to. She saw the hard work that the parents were willing to put into allowing their children to attend that school and she fought hard to make it possible for other children to go as well.


One of the first things that she did throughout her campaign to change the way that Americans view the education process was learned about the decline of the public school system in America. She found that American children are not able to compete with international peers and that they are not performing well on standardized tests. She knew that there were other alternatives for these children but that many parents were not aware of those options. She began her campaign in the hopes that more parents would find ways to advocate for their own children in this situation.


Throughout much of her career, Betsy DeVos has shown that she is dedicated to one thing, conserving the value of education in America. In order to conserve this value, she needs to increase it. This means that students need to feel empowered by the education process and their parents need to feel as though their children are actually gleaning something from the material instead of simply attending a school day. She has pushed tirelessly to make it this goal a reality. She intends to continue her hard work into the future and hopefully make a meaningful change.


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