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For one to be a prosperous entrepreneur hard work, committed and firmness is the core values the Marc Sparks believes in. Marc Sparks began when he had a high school diploma to be one of the top and leading entrepreneurs. He is a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. He is the CEO Timber Creek Capital, LP, organization which he founded.

He began from nothing but because of his determination and struggle made him reach his target to be successful. He mainly worked with telecommunication but he also was associated with other various others business. He has made a lot of business to prosper and improve. The organization in which he has been associated with and developed are Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom and Splash Media.

He has other capabilities apart from being a flourishing entrepreneur. He contributes to the charity organization in the community. His philanthropic work is witnessed in a lot of establishments. He has constructed many affordable buildings.

He funded the American Can! Academy by helping them in providing them with a thousand laptops and he as well contributed in the Samaritan Inn. From the 80s he delivered shelter to people who did not have homes.

The main reason of Marc sparks starting Timber Creek Capital was to back up prospective entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses by giving them capital. Organizations that are beginning require capital to begin.

Timber Creek Capital undertakes the task of recognizing businesses with good plans after that they start supporting them to accomplish their goals. Marc Sparks provides startup cash to many businesses that have an optimistic future. The other things that they provide are tools, banking, networking, tools and proficiency in client and Office space.

The major goal of opening businesses is due to the experience and expertise he has. With the difficulties that a businessman passes through, Marc Sparks these motivate to achieve a lot. He supports many organization in the universe with their problems through helping them through overcoming them.

He believes in other values in being a successful entrepreneur that is effort, passion and trust. Most business requires techniques to progress. He also gives advice to young entrepreneurs on how to achieve their goals.

Through his entire career he keeps things conservative and providing new strategies each time and assisting the community through providing them with exceptional services.

Marc Sparks is writing a book called ’They Can’t Eat You’’ this book will be used to inspire entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives.