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One of the biggest trends, in the finance world, is known as point-of-sale financing. And one of the largest players, in that field, recently released some surprising performance numbers in Q2. That company, GreenSky Credit, is innovating the world of point-of-sale finance across the country.

According to a recent Forbes article, GreenSky Credit announced strong Q2 earnings numbers. This news is on top of the recent announcement that American Express has partnered with the FinTech company in a marketing arrangement. With this arrangement, American Express will market the FinTech’s lending app to the credit card giant’s merchant customers. This move is expected to help the FinTech customer gain more merchants to their lending app.

For those unfamiliar with point-of-sale financing, GreenSky Credit gives merchants an app that allows them to offer financing to their potential customers and clients. For instance, a general contractor can offer a loan, to their potential customer, for a kitchen renovation. The potential customer can apply right through the merchant’s app. The app then offers a response in minutes. This financing app ultimately helps merchants close more high ticket deals while helping customers get quick financing.

Because of its billion dollar valuation, GreenSky Credit is known on Wall Street and Silicon Valley as a “unicorn” start-up. The company made waves earlier in the year when it raised over $800 million in a IPO. Today, the company’s surprising performance has Forbes calling the company “undervalued” compared to its recent stock price.

Currently, the FinTech company has about 12,000 merchants on its financing app platform. Many of these merchants are general contractors, solar panel installers and medical clinics. In addition to individual merchants, the app is also available at giant retailers like Home Depot.

Founded in 2006, GreenSky Credit currently partners itself with 14 lending institutions including Regions Bank and FifthThird Bank for lending capital. The company is headed by its original founder David Zalik who oversees a staff of 900 employees. As the company enters its next decade, GreenSky Credit will look to further grow its point-of-sale lending business.

For those of you who cannot keep up with technology, Skout is a location-based, mobile social networking and dating app and website. It was created in 2007 by company CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Christian Wiklundand and Niklas Lindstrom the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Skout, Inc. They are currently headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Much like other technology, the Skout app permits users to send virtual gifts to each other and communicate through instant messaging. Skout, however, goes a step further. In fact, Shout was one of the first apps of its kind to take dating and social networking one step further.

Specifically, Skout was one of the first apps to put an emphasis on the overall location of the user. How does Skout focus on the location of each user? It’s easy.

Skout utilizes the user’s smartphone’s built-in global positioning system in order to aid one app user to locate other users who are located within the same given radius of distance. Essentially, it let’s the user know the general location of other local Skout users. The company emphasizes, however, that Skout does not actually automatically specify any other app user’s specific location or address.

Skout users can actually choose to exercise the option of disengaging the app’s location-tracking capabilities whenever they wish. Furthermore, the GPS location features can only be used within the adult Skout community. Skout has several safety policies in place. The most obvious of which being that they separate the adult and teenage community members.

Version 4.5.0 of the Skout app– released in late 2014 –presently works with iPhones, iPod, Touch and Android equipment. The app is free “with in-app purchase” and has a size of 29.60 MB. It is currently available in 16 languages and is available in 180 countries. Skout, Inc. now also has other properties available to tech and app fans including the nightlife app named Nixter and a group messaging app named Fuse.

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A recent article published in the Washington Post discusses the use of dating apps in order to find a significant other. One of the most interesting things about the article, and about the dating apps in general, is that most people are currently using this method in order to find new people that they can meet. In some instances, they are simply trying to meet new people so they can go have a good time. In other circumstances, their sole goal is to find that special individual that they can share the rest of their life with. Either way, it all starts with the first step of going online and setting up an account. In addition, there are a number of different dating apps to choose from and while some prefer to stick with only one are two, others use a wide variety of different apps to their advantage.

One of the most popular dating apps around is called Skout. Not only is this one of the oldest apps in existence, but it is also one that operates on an entirely different premise from anything else that is currently out there. The thing that makes Skout unique is that it is an app that is designed to help bring people together, not necessarily with the intention of having them meet, fall in love and get married. While that is certainly an option that can happen and frequently does occur, Skout can also be used just as effectively to help people meet others who have similar interests, even if those people only want to be friends.

So many times, people that are involved with dating apps feel rather pressured because they feel like they have to have a certain amount of success centered around each app. In some cases, the apps themselves ask pointed questions that are often too personal to maintain any type of comfort level. When this happens, people may abandon the entire idea of dating apps altogether. In many cases, even those that stick it out find themselves being uncomfortable with the screening processes that occur concerning many of these apps. Skout does not have these types of screening processes so it is much easier to simply meet people that have similar interests. That leaves it up to the individual in question whether or not to pursue a relationship beyond friendship. In other words, Skout is designed to put its members in control as opposed to the app controlling them.

Dating apps are definitely a way of life. In today’s society, it is practically impossible for many individuals to consider the idea of meeting people in any other way. It is simply second nature to use dating apps to find new people and cultivate new relationships. That makes it even more important that they use the right apps so that they can get the greatest benefit from the time they spend using them. In the right circumstances, the apps can help someone meet new people while simultaneously giving them the chance to develop a casual relationship into something more powerful.