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Western Union has partnered with PSI Pay and the ecoPayz platform in a move that will expand its client base and provide quicker, more convenient ways to transfer money online or with a mobile device from anywhere. PSI Pay is a UK-based e-payment system that was founded in 2007. The company is a licensed issuer of MasterCard and Visa credit cards, which it allows clients to use as part of an online wallet or ecoAccount. The online wallet allows customers to send and receive money within minutes, and grants access to partner banks around the world to anyone with an ecoPayz account.

Among the main advantages of PSI Pay is its network of global partner banks, which grant travelers new freedom to handle banking even when far away from their local bank branch. For example, with the PSI Pay prepaid card option, clients can use banks and ATMs around the world without having to have a bank account or worrying about their credit card being flagged while abroad. The partnership with PSI Pay will also make it easier for Western Union customers and PSI Pay customers to transfer money across borders and between currency systems.

The partnership with PSI Pay is a nod to changing consumer banking habits. More and more people are opting to use online banking and mobile banking than ever before. The ease and convenience of baking from anywhere means fewer customers are choosing to visit their local bank branches to conduct transactions. Western Union is no stranger to technological advances in the money transferring industry and indeed has remained successful by recognizing changing trends in customer habits and preemptively investing in new technologies.

Western Union was founded over 150 years ago and has been offering wire transfer services since 1871. At the time of its founding, the ability to send money by telegraph was game-changing. It meant that settlers in the American South West could receive money from the East Coast in a matter of days instead of weeks to months. They were the first company to figure out how to send photographs through the wire. And when the telegraph was becoming outdated, Western Union transitioned to radio wave transmissions. At the dawn of the internet age, Western Union sent 5 satellites to space to improve their speed and range for transmissions and began offering internet and telephone money transfer options in 2002. The new partnership with PSI Pay will allow Western Union to continue modernizing the services it offers to customers by providing new flexible e-money transfer options.


The recent economic downturn in the United States left many individuals and financial institutions reeling from financial losses and in some cases, expensive litigations. Many of these institutions are yet to recover from the 2007 economic crisis that started in the U.S but whose ripple effects were felt across the globe. In such difficult financial times, a bank with healthy growth, good profit margins, good asset investment, favorable liquidity ratio and financial statement is always a welcome reprieve. One such financial institution is Nexbank. The Dallas-based commercial bank offered stability in growth for decades despite the turbulence in the market.

Nexbank Profile

Established in 1934, Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The bank offers commercial banking services, mortgages and other investment, capital and financial advisory services. One of the bank’s success factors is the ability to reduce non-performing assets with the view of increasing asset growth. This is critical in determining the bank’s value. The resulting asset value is crucial in attracting investors to the bank and keeping it afloat especially during financial and general economic instability. Currently, the bank’s asset value as of financial year ending 31st March, 2016 is 44 %, which by industry standards is relatively considered high.

Asset Management

The wise management of assets extends to different areas of operations including return on the bank’s equity and loans. This has enabled the bank to realize profits, a fete that many financial institutions have failed to achieve due to the afterglow of the recent turbulence in the U.S. economy and the global financial markets. Realization of profits for any company is a vital tool for gaining competitive advantage in a highly competitive market. It is also indicative of good management and stability. With that, Nexbank attracts investors. With the bank’s experienced management and highly qualified team, Nexbank has registered remarkable growth.


Nexbanks’ current president and co-founder, James Dondero, is an experienced portfolio manager with over twenty years experience in the banking industry. He has worked successfully with several corporations including American Express in addition to receiving training at JP Morgan.

Why Choose NexBank For Financial Services

Ironically, NexBank continues to lead the Austin, Texas financial industry with personalized account services. They have been able to secure over $60.4 billion dollars in assets to secure account holders, but you also have an opportunity for government backed FDIC insurance. Customers have the option of getting assistance on their three core financial services including industrial, commercial, and investment accounts. Their CEO, and professional business leader, John Hilt continues to build professional relationships combined with his education, and industry expertise. Holt is a graduate of the Business School of Illinois with a Bachelor’s Degree in business.

Recent News About NexBank

NexBank has proudly assessed over $24 billion dollars in assets. They have been able to expand their business portfolio with common equity gains of this manner. Get the benefits of knowing they work hard to build assets that will protect your money from being assessed huge account fees. NexBank doesn’t make their money off their customers finances because they build successful business partnerships around the globe to meet the demands of a trusted financial institution. Holt says, he would like to build the trust of the public in the financial sector.

NexBank Features & Services

College Savings

Are you tired of the huge student loans that have accumulated thousands of dollars interest? Enjoy a popular college savings program with NexBank that allows you save with over 1,200+ college savings programs to choose from today.

Online Banking

Online banking is one of their most popular features with NexBank. Their online banking feature gives you anytime access to your account from multiple mobile devices. They also allow their patrons to easily switch their money in between accounts. You can use their online banking feature from their website and find descriptive tabs for each feature.

Enjoy becoming a part of the NexBank family today with many financial options to help you meet your goals. Go on a well deserved vacation or save money to start your new business, after you retire with NexBank. Get more if your money to work for you today.