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Twenty-four-year-old Guilherme Paulus started his first company in the tourism industry with the aim of revolutionizing the sector. The name of the company is the CVC Tour Company. The company was established at a time when the tourism industry in Brazil was at its peak with several numbers of tourists trickling into the country for its tourist sites.

CVC Tour Company basically offers services like giving tour guides, directing tourists to the best destinations that they have not visited before and are fun and memorable. The company also directs the tourists to the best hotels and resorts to stay in, the best foods to take and the best souvenir to take back home among many other services. For years, Guilherme Paulus run the entire CVC on his own after buying out his two-year politician of a partner. He then sold a part of the company to a private equity firm but still remains part of the management of the company with more than thirty-five percent of the company’s shares.

The launch of GJP Hotels and Resorts

After years of directing tourists to the best accommodation areas in the country, Guilherme Paulus realized that with the tour business and the influence he has, it would be a wise investment to start his own hotel and resort business so that he wouldn’t have to send clients to other businesses but rather would offer his clients the full experience. so he launched GJP Hotels and resorts a few years before he gave up full control of CVC by selling part of the company. the company has since then developed more than twenty luxury resorts in different parts of the country that Paulus operates. His company has also been commissioned by the government several times to partake on hotel and resort development projects during the world cup series and the Olympics that the country has hosted over the years.

Guilherme Paulus was named the Hotelier of the Year and is recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year in Brazil. He has also accumulated a net worth of more than a billion dollars over the years and his companies are considered to be leading in their respective industries.

The role of Steve Ritchie at Papa John’s is going to be very important. This is a company that has a long history in building pizza and side items that people depend on for game season. This has become a company that has helped a lot of people when they have a need for pizza for catering events. All the different types of pizzas and the dedication that goes into making sure that these pizzas are made correctly is something that has given Papa John’s a customer quality service connection in the franchise environment. Consumers that are fans of pizza will typically agree that the pizza franchise that gets the business is going to be the one that has the best customer service.

In order to be the best at customer service you must actually get connected with the customers. This is going to be the thing that makes Papa John’s a franchise that others want to embrace. When President Steve Ritchie came into the job of CEO it was no surprise for people that know how promotions are earned inside of the Papa John’s franchise. When he started as a customer service representative he was only making $6 per hour. He would transition up the ladder in a company where internal promotion is quite common. People that want to grow with the Papa John’s establishment have endless possibilities when they are willing to do the work. Ritchie is a perfect example of this. He has proven, over time, that there is a way to work your way up if you really desire to do so. According to, Papa John’s working on its diversity efforts.

Now that Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is in charge of the world’s 3rd largest pizza company it is time to reflect on what he learned during the time that he took on a franchise store owner role. He has already been in a leadership role for operating one of these type of stores. From this current position, however, he knows that there is a lot more in store. There are more customers and employees to listen to. There is a greater need to push and build this brand.

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As one of the most influential entertainment figures of the present generation, Ryan Seacrest is a man known across the world. His claim to fame was hosting American Idol, the number one television show for during the last decade. He presently works on a variety of projects from a fashion and body brand called Distinction and Polish respectively, while helping children through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Consumers can find him on radio via On Air with Ryan, on TV through Live with Kelly and Ryan, in addition to the recent American Idol reboot. A recent article on the website Ask Reporter discusses Ryan Seacrest’s workout plan.

A little know fact about Ryan Seacrest is that he was overweight growing up. He would ultimately lose it all and found his self confidence boost immensely. The key to success is simply a balancing act. Ryan Seacrest finds that he can stick to a workout routine if he schedules it like a meeting. He is also known to adapt his routine as the daily schedule permits, such as doing push-ups during breaks. The one thing he personally does to ensure he wastes as little time as possible is to have lockers on both sides of LA.

At the end of the day, Ryan Seacrest loves a good meal. He currently loves healthy snacks and vegetable juice. His exercise routine is fairly standard. He aims to hit the gym 5 hours a week, and loves to perform Cardio and Yoga. Biking is his favorite outdoor exercise activity, and swimming is an indoor activity he enjoys. The schedule can change week to week based on his schedule, but he always devotes time to working out.

Ryan Seacrest, a radio show anchor, is a man known by many far and wide, but few know his personal side. He works out to stay in fit, maintain a schedule, and entertain the masses. Over the years, Ryan Seacrest has mastered how to balance life. He is truly an entertainment figure worthy of respect, and is someone who takes great pride in the work he performs.


Wealth management is essential for many people and requires an experienced team. HCR Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth management firm that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The firm’s primary focus is to create meaningful relationships with the clients through tailor-made financial plans and viable goals.

Dedication to the client

Since HCR Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth advisor, serving the client is one of its primary objectives. Unlike other wealth management firms, HCR Wealth Advisors is not controlled or directed by other brokerage firms. Instead, the firm is purely dedicated to their clients in everything they do.

HCR Wealth Advisors is transparent about their fees and rates. The firm charges an agreed percentage on the client’s assets under management. The transparency helps to create trust with clients, eliminating questions about other unexpected charges. Apart from transparency in fees, the firm is also upfront with each interaction with the client to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Tailor-made solutions

According to Whale Wisdom, it is worth noting that HCR Wealth Advisors is not a manager of money but an advisor. There is a big difference between managing wealth and advising on wealth. In most cases, a money manager is involved with the allocation of assets and picking bonds and stocks with the aim of generating income in the market. However, most money managers set goals they cannot achieve or deliver, leaving the client unhappy. A wealth advisor, on the other hand, has a different approach. Unlike a money manager, a wealth advisor creates a close relationship with the client to know their financial portfolios, goals and other necessary information that has an impact on their financial situation. In this way, a wealth advisor provides solutions that cater to the needs of the client.

Plan and strategies

According to a Senior Managing Director at HCR Wealth Advisors, Steve Weinberger, it is impossible to manage or advise on wealth without an adequate plan. Nevertheless, some managers and advisors rely on an algorithm to advise their clients. In fact, nowadays, some wealth management firms are eliminating human element and entirely relying on robo-advisors. HCR Wealth Advisors provides advice through tailor-made plans and strategies which helps to enable the client to make better financial decisions.

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Recently, released an article in regard to Papa Johns receiving negative press on a racial slur that was said during a public conference call. Steve Ritchie, Papa Johns new CEO, came up with a way to help mend the situation of a racial slur being broadcasted at a conference call that was made public. Steve Ritchie sent multiple letters to customers apologizing for the recent events and explained that these events; especially the racial slur, would not be tolerated by the company. Acknowledging that an apology may not turn people around, Steve Ritchie went on to describe what was being done to better the company as a whole. One of these actions involves bringing experts that don’t have an affiliation with Papa John’s to audit the company on their culture, diversity, and inclusion practices. There will also be senior management listening to employees directly and using that feedback to improve the company. Lastly, Steve Ritchie made a promise that transparency is key and that they want to be held accountable for what has transpired.

This letter that Steve Ritchie sent out to customers shows more compassion and is quite a bit clearer than the statement that was placed on the Papa Johns website. Leading the consumer to assume that Ritchie realized this error and tried to rectify the issue in a slightly more personal matter in the form of letters. The article goes on to explain that the vulnerability on wanting to be held accountable and the empathy helped show sincere regret and that while Ritchie was empathetic about the situation, made sure to state that his own views do not agree with the racial slur and that he would personally lead the effort to address the issues on diversity and inclusion that have come forth.

So, while the first letter on the website didn’t hold much in terms of sincerity or empathy, the second letter helps to overlook the slight due to the quick adjustments made and the effort itself dis hold an air of sincerity.

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With her extensive experience in marketing, print media, and digital content, Victoria Doramus is a communications expert. Since 2006, she has worked in various dimensions with media organizations in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, New York, and London. Doramus has written editorial content for several publications focusing on lifestyle, business, and marketing trends.

Currently based in London, United Kingdom, Victoria Doramus was educated in the U.S. She earned her degree in mass communication and journalism from the University of Colorado at the Boulder campus. Immediately upon graduating, she began her professional career with Mindshare media company in Santa Monica, California. She moved on to work with the Art Director of Stila Cosmetics in Los Angeles.

Following her passion for collaborating with other creative minds in marketing and her knack for spotting trends, Victoria Doramus founded the Creative Artists Agency in 2007. As West Coast Director for Trendera, she honed her ability to predict lifestyle trends and levy these trends in practical product development and implementation recommendations.

As a writer, Victoria Doramus contributed to publications including The Cassandra Report, The Huffington Post, and Trendcentral. She served as a research assistant on two print books, for which she worked closely with author Jane Buckingham. These projects split Victoria Doramus’s time between Los Angeles and New York.

Film producer and director Peter Berg then employed Victoria Doramus as a personal assistant in the New York metropolitan area. In this role, Doramus managed the director’s personal staff and maintained relationships with contractors on both coasts.

Victoria Doramus brings the same expert eye that she used in the world of branding and marketing to her charities, working as a self-employed Director of Philanthropy. She plays a social services role with the Women’s Prison Association, volunteers at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the Room to Read organization.

Doramus serves in a health education capacity with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The Amy Winehouse Foundation seeks to inform youth about the risks of alcohol and drugs and to support vulnerable young people through the use of music.


Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur and programmer who uses his knowledge in programming to make unique investments especially in the field of cryptocurrencies. His peers refer him to as a genius. On subjects of p2p protocols, cryptography and other subjects that support the implementation of the blockchain technology, he is a wizard. Jed McCaleb has made sure that his knowledge goes directly into entrepreneurship. He has founded a number of tech companies since he started his career. In the field of cryptocurrencies, he is highly respected and is considered the guy to take us to the new bitcoin. He has two blockchain companies which are likely to outdo bitcoin as we move on.


Jed McCaleb loves surfing. When he is not in business, he normally retreats to areas such as Brazil and Costa Rica where he can enjoy the other side of life. McCaleb is clearly a genius and a man who believes in his abilities. The main reason why he started his own blockchain companies was to avoid being restricted by the management of other companies. With his brilliant mind, he would propose things which would put him in a bad situation. The only way he could manage to implement his ideas is by creating his own company. Today, he is the co-founder and CTO of Stellar Foundation.


Jed McCaleb was born in Arkansas in 1975. He attended the University of California Berkeley where he kicked of his life as a tech entrepreneur. Today he lives with his wife and two children in Patterson. Although many people have come to know him after he joined the cryptocurrency industry, he was a tech entrepreneur for years. He had already established his companies. As the technology industry grew and new ideas coming up, he positioned himself like a smart Cryptographer. As the cryptocurrencies increases. His performance keeps getting better.


Jed McCaleb is optimistic of progress in the development of the industry. As an technology innovator, he wants to set the record straight that digital currencies are as effective as any other kind of currency. Through Stellar, he hopes to create a single universal payment system that will facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies just like any other currency.

Malcolm CasSelle is a man that has managed to create a path for himself and the world of digital technology. The manner in which he has created this path is not that, unlike an individual who is creating the life that they want to live. Malcolm CasSelle first decided to enter the world of digital technology by pursuing a formal education. He was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he began to pursue the educational requirements to receive a bachelors degree in computer science. After completing the requirements for his bachelor’s degree in computer science, he was able to graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he decided that he would like to pursue further education and applied to Stanford University. Stanford University accepted Malcolm CasSelle. After being accepted by Stanford University Malcolm CasSelle decided to continue pursuing his education and began to take graduate classes in computer science. He was able to complete the requirements and graduate with a Masters degree in computer science from Stanford University.

By the time he had finished his formal education, he was ready to take on the world of digital technology, and he has since gone on to create quite a reputation for himself by assisting numerous digital technology companies during their startup phases. The startup phases of digital technology companies as part of the most crucial phase that a company can have. It is during this time that it will be decided whether the company will be successful or not. Malcolm CasSelle has been able to ensure that a number of companies have experienced success as a result of the help that he has lent to them. He is able to display a level of leadership and technological prowess that is seldom seen in individuals.

He has most recently launched his own company that is known as worldwide asset exchange. This company utilizes the thing technology that powers the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. This technology is known as the blockchain. This technology will allow digital transactions to become decentralized. This should eliminate numerous issues that have been plaguing virtual transactions for years.


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Ronald Fowlkes is a former U.S. Marine and police officer and current Business Development Manager in the tactical gear industry who feels that mentorship of the nation’s youth is of huge importance. Ronald has found a perfect way to give back to his community through mentorship and do something he loves at the same time. Ronald Fowlkes is a well-known hockey fan and his son is a member of the Triple-A squad for the St. Louis Blues. Ronald serves as the equipment manager for the team as well as its physical fitness trainer off the ice.


Ronald’s military and policing background has taught him the value of equipment and of having equipment that is in proper working order. In his role as the equipment man for the hockey team, he is able to teach his mentees about the value of maintaining their equipment in order to get the best out of it. Ronald councils his youth players that well-maintained equipment can, in fact, be the difference between winning and losing. Ronald Fowlkes’s role as trainer for the team gives him the chance to bring other aspects of his personal knowledge to bear in helping mold young people. He is a graduate of the Army Parachute School and a former member of Marine Special Ops so he has a true knowledge of what physical fitness means. Ronald also learned another valuable skill while in the Marines and the police. This skill was the ability to be blunt. He believes that sometimes this is necessary to get a point across. Ronald also loves to point out to people that his family is a huge motivating factor for him. He loves having the chance to have a continued impact on his son’s life and he is helping the community at the same time. For a patriot like Ronald Fowlkes, this is a win, win situation.


Ronald Fowlkes serves in the roles of Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited in Fenton, Missouri. The company with thirty years of experience in the tactical gear industry has become a leader in supplying sportsmen, the police and the military with the best equipment available. Ronald Fowlkes, for his part, spends a lot of his time training the 150 plus sales representatives the company employs. His extensive experience in mentoring and training makes him a great instructor. Ronald Fowlkes is the perfect person to instruct anyone on the use of tactical gear because he has so much real-world experience with it. Ronald Fowlkes’s experience includes serving in the United States Marines from 1989 to 1993 and then serving in St. Louis area police forces for thirteen years. While serving his country in the Marines, he was twice promoted on merit and served in the Gulf War.