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Oncotarget publishes the findings of numerous scientific studies on oncology and other medical-related areas weekly. It is a peer-reviewed publication. Its parent journal is Impact Journals. The Oncotarget published its premiere article approximately seven years ago. This journal has since gone ahead to publish literally thousands of other peer-reviewed and reportedly insightful articles. The articles published therein are all in English, which means that a very large part of the world’s population can read them. Officially, Oncotarget is slotted in under open-access journals. In other words, any individual interested in scientific research has a good chance of using the journal.

The Oncotarget Team

The Oncotarget team is said by online sources to be dedicated, qualified and talented. Their research record is noted to be impressive as well. Headed by chief editors professor Mikhail Blagoskloklonny and professor Andre V. Gudkov, the group makes certain that all the articles published in their publication are informational and meet high quality standards.

The chief editors are well-known, reputable professors at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in Buffalo, New York. Gudkov has made a major contribution to the study of numerous cancer therapies, especially concerning molecular targets and drug discovery. Blagosklonny alone has written over 250 articles in various peer-reviewed journals.

Oncotarget’s Impact Factor

During the journal’s first year in print, Oncotarget garnered an IF (impact factor) of 4.78 and was read by people in 493 cities. (That’s noteworthy for a new publication.) The following year, it was received in 1450 cities, and its IF was up to 6.636.

In 2013 Oncotarget officially registered the “highest impact factor” of 6.727. More than 2,200 cities were receiving the journal that year. The next year Oncotatget had an IF that dropped to 6.359 but this was still actually a high and consistent figure. More importantly, it was also reaching approximately 4,000 cities. More recently the journal had a steady IF of 5.168 and was being received in over 30,000 cities. The bottom line is that Oncotarget’s reception has actually multiplied by close to 100 times over the seven years it has been in existence.

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Cancer has long been the single most dangerous affliction facing humanity at large. Those that are fortunate enough to survive their battle against cancer still suffer the debilitating symptoms brought upon by the disease itself and the very treatments designed to combat it. Though devastating, cancer is completely an issue that can be solved with the right tools and resources available to the right doctors and specialist.

The doctors of Chicago’s University of Chicago gained such a tool in their fight to better treat those in their care. Tempus, the creation of Groupon founder Eric Lefkofsky, has partnered with the medical establishment and has provided the oncology departments with access to their state of the art data collection and analyzation programs. Tempus will aid doctors by collecting and analyzing data collected from thousands of breast cancer patients to help researchers and doctors find any similarities between the data that can be used to improve treatments.The disease as dangerous as it is, has very little collected data on the patients that battle the disease.

Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, Dean for Global Health at the University of Chicago spoke about the lack of usable data in a statement made to press, “This forces too many physicians to make treatment decisions without the benefit of highly specific genetic information that could help them make better informed and precisely targeted decisions.” She continued, “We are excited to partner with Tempus on this initiative and eager to support its efforts to build the largest clinically annotated molecular data set in breast cancer.”The partnership comes on the heels of a string of new partnerships between the tech start-up and other establishments who are embroiled in the fight to end cancer. The start-up that sprung into the scene earlier last year has quickly gone from unknown start-up to leading the charge among tech start-ups in the fight to end cancer.