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Magic Mike XXL is an American comedy-drama that was released in 2015. The film was written by Reid Carolin, directed by Gregory Jacobs, and starred by Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Channing Tatum. It is a sequel to Magic Mike that was released in 2012. Upon release, the film received mixed reviews and grossed $122 million.


After abandoning his past life as a stripper, Mike is managing his furniture business. Tarzan gives him a call and informs him that Dallas has died. Believing the news, Mike drives to the hotel only to find his friends having a time of their life at a pool party. Upon revealing to them that Dallas has guaranteed them to start a new show and only took “The Kid” with him, they let him in on their plan.

The group goes into a mansion and Tito tells them he knows the girl that lives there and who is also expecting them. They get in, but to their surprise they are welcomed by Nancy (the girl’s mother) who is in a company of other mid-aged women. As the night goes on, the mood lightens and Ritchie sleeps with Nancy. Nancy later lets the group drive a car belonging to her ex-husband to Myrtle Beach. The group arrive and their performance is a great success.

Crystal Hunt is an actress and producer. She started her career by taking part in pageants while she was 2 years old. Hunt starred in various commercials including the 25th anniversary celebration of the Walt Disney Company. She is well known for taking an active role in the CBS soap Opera, Guiding Light. On this soap opera, Hunt played as Lizzie Spaulding; a troubled daughter of Philip and Beth Raines. The drama series, Guiding Light, which aired from 2003 to 2006, gave her a nomination for Daytime Emmy Award in 2005 for being an outstanding young actress in a drama series.

In 2015, producers of Magic Mike XXL announced their newest member for the cast, Crystal Hunt. This was no gamble as the profound experience of Hunt in pageants, television, advertising and producing/directing is what propelled the creation of the movie Magic Mike XXL.  Follow her official Facebook page, and make sure that you check out her IMDb page to see when new projects are coming out.