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He is one of the principals at the investment management firm. In 2006, he joined the organization’s board of directors where he works as the co-chairman. Other positions he has held at Fortress Investment Group include a member of the management committee. Peter Briger is responsible for overseeing the success of the company’s credit and real estate divisions. He previously worked at Goldman, Sachs for more than a decade. The businessman is passionate about engaging in philanthropic work and has done that through non-profit institutions such as Tipping Point where he helps people from low-income families. The entrepreneur has helped thousands of students to attain quality education through his contributions to the Caliber Schools. Read the article of Peter Briger at Forbes.

Peter Briger is an alumnus of Princeton University and the Wharton School of Business. At the institutions, he acquired valuable skills that have helped him to grow in his career. Fortress was established in 1998 as a private equity firm but has grown over the years to become one of the most reputable players in the industry. Peter played a key role in transforming the organization from private to public.

It is currently listed in the New York Stock Exchange. Under the leadership of Peter Briger has expanded its investment portfolios and that has helped it to attain the recent valuation of more than $43 billion. The assets under management are from more than 1,750 clients from all parts of the world.

Fortress Investment Group has its headquarters in New York and has a workforce of more than 900 professionals who work towards meeting the needs of their clients. Other than Peter Briger, the firm has Randal Nardone and Wes Edens as its principals. Some of the areas of specialization by the professionals at Fortress include operations management and helping its clients during mergers and acquisitions. Last year, Peter Briger was involved in the acquisition of Fortress by a Japanese firm, Softbank. The company focuses on making investments in technology. The deal was valued at $3.3 billion. The three principals at Fortress Investment were to remain at the helm of the organization.



Organo Gold is expanding the product line, and a lot of patrons are happy about this. They have a chance to buy the different forms of tea, but coffee is still the main staple. More people are taking interest in the things like the Cafe Mocah coffee and the Organo Gold Black coffee because it is one of the strongest brands of the gourmet coffee around.

People are also excited about the fact that this is 100% organic when it comes to gourmet coffee beans. Anyone that is trying to add an addition to their coffee collection may find that Organo Gold is something worth looking into. It is a brand that is not like the others that are on the market, and it is not as common to find. If you are this novelty coffee drinker that always wants to surprise friends and family with unique brands of coffee Organo Gold this is going to be the brand for you. It tends to work well as a holiday gift as well, and there are special gift boxes that people can send to friends that they know are coffee lovers.

A lot of people fall for it instantly, but it is not sold everywhere. You need to go online or connect with an independent distributor to get access to it. That is the thing that makes it a bit of a buzz worthy product line.

Bernard Chua has continued to enforce the element surprise as the thing that helps him keep this company afloat. No one expected detox products from Organo Gold. No one expected any type of personal care of hygiene products from this company. People initially became interested in the tea and their loyalty allowed them to stay connected to the brand long enough to see it expand.

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Randal Nardone And The Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone And The Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone co-founded one of the leading alternative asset firm, Fortress Investment Group. He went on to attract other financial experts such as Peter Briger and Wes Edens to co-own the group while at the same time running it on a daily basis. Randal Nardone operates the company at its offices in New York City. He also doubles of as a member of the board of directors that run the company. The graduate of Boston University School of Law started his career as an attorney before moving to entrepreneurship, where he has excelled.

From the operational point of view, Randal Nardone has been at the forefront of running this organization for almost three decades without putting his foot wrong while at the same time enabling the organization to achieve a significant number of goals. One of the main achievements of this entity is that it was the first to be registered as an asset manager who was able to sell its shares to the NYSE. This meant that people with money to speculate can move on and start owning shares in company.

This move was highly opposed by a significant number of individuals, especially the trained professionals who had a perception that the organization was getting a bad deal. However, the entity went ahead and approved the strategy of operating in stock market. A large number of individuals appeared to buy the stocks of the company with the aim that they will get profits in the future. However, there was a number of people who were not attracted to the new move as they had never seen an asset manager operating in the stock market.

The move would stand as one of the most strategic decisions that the company has ever implemented. The company’s stocks were oversubscribed, which means that the company had to split some shares so that it could ensure that any person who applied for the stocks of the company was able to get some units of ownership. The funds that the organization received were used in helping the entity to establish itself as the market leader. Randal Nardone continues to implement some critical policies that have led to the expansion of the entity beyond measure.

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End Citizens United, an organization committed to bringing campaign finance reform and transparency has endorsed Democrat Molly Kelly for Governor of New Hampshire. End Citizens United has had a strong influence in holding candidates accountable for choosing to accept corporate or PAC funding. The issue dates back to 2010 when the Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruled in favor of ending spending limits that corporations can issue. The ruling would create a trickle-down of loopholes such as the ability to keep the identity of corporations that donate to certain candidates private. Find out more about End Citizens United at

Molly Kelly is a unique case due to the fact that End Citizens United has normally set their focus only on federal officials. Today, they have created a separate branch called “fight for Reform” that assists and endorses state-level officials. It is understandable today why such a move was made, the states have their rights and fighting for reform on a state level can contribute small wins that will eventually bring back a democracy where candidates serve their district constituents and not their district corporations.

Molly Kelly caught the attention of End Citizens United after pledging to end the “LLC Loophole” which provides business owners the ability to donate multiple times through their various businesses. In paraphrasing a quote from Kelly, “there is enough of that in Washington with Trump, let’s lead by example here in New Hampshire”. She is also seeking to clarify state laws to close these loopholes. Today Molly Kelly is one of only 4 governors to be endorsed by Fight for Reform.

End Citizens United has taken a new and bold step in leading the country to finance reform. This state-level project is new and has its flaws, but the progress and its errors today will bring victory in the future.



Southridge Capital investment group is based in Connecticut. For over 32 years, the company has been serving its clients with original investment resolutions that help the portfolio companies to endure the industry’s stiff competition.

Southridge Capital has an intelligent team of managers with solid skills in financial analysis, securities brokerages, banking solutions, economic evaluation, debt management, and risk assessment.


Apart from the advisory services, Southridge provides its portfolio companies with the capital required to run their processes. The investment firm’s fiscal records point out that they have invested over $1.8 billion in young companies.

Elite Data Services, Inc. is one of the recipients of Southridge Capital’s financing. In 2015, Southridge Capital LLC’s founder publicized that his company had invested $5 million in Elite Data Services, a gaming and marketing company based in Texas, Dallas.

Mr. Stephen Hicks said that the partnership would improve the productivity of both companies since they had a shared game-changing mindset. For more details you can visit


Just like many large companies, Southridge Capital funds human aid organizations that support important causes like health, education, and poverty. Southridge Capital’s founder runs Daystar Foundation, a significant donor of Connecticut’s charity organizations.


The intellects behind Southridge’s executions

  1. Stephen Hicks

Stephen Hicks is Southridge Capital’s founder and CEO. He has a post graduate degree in business management. Before establishing his firm, Mr. Hicks worked for a small hedge fund in New York. Stephen Hicks has been serving the financial business for close to 30 years.

  1. Laurence J. Ditkoff

Laurence J. Ditkoff is Southridge’s director of research. Before joining Southridge Capital, Mr. Ditkoff worked as a senior executive in Bell Atlantic Corporation. He focuses on financial evaluation, risk analysis, as well as investment evaluation & selection.

  1. Henry B. Sargent

Henry B. Sargent is Southridge Capital’s chief operating officer. He superintends the investment company’s investment selection, investment monitoring, and company reorganization services. Before joining Southridge Capital, Mr. Sargent served as a senior administrator in Petals Decorative Accents, Snowden Inc., and Technest Holdings, Inc.

  1. Linda Carlsen

Ms. Carlsen is Southridge LLC’s Portfolio manager. She is in charge of managing Southridge Capital’s portfolio companies, as well as designing customized investment solutions for portfolio companies.