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The unique composition of EOS Lip Balm is completely absent of any harmful compounds. This means that the brand is safe for even lactating and pregnant women to use.

If you read the contents on the side label, you will find that EOS lip balm contains natural oils, vitamin E, as well as natural extracts from fruits and plants. It is one of the few accessories on the market that is 100% certified by professionals, which can unmistakably confirm its claims with relevant documents.

Not only is EOS Lip Balm officially healthier to use than other brands, but its original design and packaging is made in the form of a plastic sphere with a velvety surface. The color of the box depends on the smell of the product. It’s beautiful, and the bottle opens up pretty easily, since on the side there is a small recess for the fingers.

The line has a wide selection of flavors and tastes. The smell of this line is pleasant, unusual, and unobtrusive. It includes a stevia, which gives the Shimmer line a sweet aftertaste. Above all, EOS Lip Balm is not tested on animals.

Acceptable price. EOS Shimmer has an optimal ratio of cost and quality, on the official website it can be purchased for between eight and nine dollars.

After applying this easy to use lip balm from EOS, you will notice the thin luxurious film does not create a sticky effect on the skin. In fact, the balm is so light that it is hardly even felt, you may even forget you’re even wearing it. You can use Shimmer as the basis for lipstick, and the color will go smoothly.

The only drawback is that the presence of natural components in the composition can provoke the appearance of allergic reactions. Although a few customers could have allergies to individual ingredients, allergic reactions to the product are less common than those experienced by users of other unnatural brands.