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Doe Deere was born in Russia but came to the United States when she was 17 years old. It was her hope that her family and herself would be able to build a brighter future in the country, and they originally moved to New York City. It didn’t take long for her mother, sister, and herself to run into trouble because of a lack of work. All of them were willing to do whatever it took and began to take odd jobs to survive.

Doe Deere eventually landed in a homeless shelter with her family and had to rough it out in a very small room with no kitchen and just one bed. She began to think about becoming a fashion designer because she wanted to put her creativity to good use. This was placed on the backburner as her family and herself were working to just get by. They eventually got help from Sanctuary for Families, which is a non-profit that works to make life better for women immigrants. Doe Deere’s mother finally found a job and She ended up attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After living in the small room for some time, Doe Deere and her family were transferred to the Lehman Projects. These were located in a rough part of Harlem where gangs existed, too. She was just happy to finally have a kitchen where they could cook and eat. Eventually, her family and herself found their way out of the projects and were able to move forward with their life.

Doe Deere started up her own makeup brand, which is called Lime Crime, and it became very successful. Her story has inspired many aspiring women entrepreneurs, and her company had 35 people on its payroll. She has acknowledged that it has been her hard work that paid off, but she has also been eternally grateful for the opportunities she has had in the United States. She hopes to be a reminder to people that not all Americans were born here, but that, together, all of the individual people in the nation are what makes it great.

There are a lot of makeup brands out there, but Lime Crime has emerged as the one that many teenagers are interested in. This is the type of makeup that stands out as one of the hot brands that makes many people discover different changes that they may have never known about in the past.

Lime Crime has managed to become one of the more successful brands because it has some dark shades that are bold and completely outside of what people were expecting. Teddy Bear is a shade that shows that people can get some dark colors without going completely into the Gothic realm.

This is a brand that has products for lips, nails, and eyes. The Bleached Liquid Lime Crime Velvetines are quite popular. The waterproof eye shadow that was created by Doe Deere for Lime Crime is also something that has become a bestseller on Amazon and the Lime Crime website.

Kids gravitate towards the lip gloss, and a lot of other teens are impressed with the nail polish colors like Parfait Day and lipstick colors like Squash. There are many teens that are able to order some of these brands, but there are even more young adults that have become acquainted with the brands through social media. This is where a lot of people will follow Doe Deere and take note of what she is doing online. She applies make up, and she often gives beauty tips to those by marketing her new products.

The Lime Crime brand managed to get a lot of interesting buzz because there are a lot of shades and colors that just cannot be found anywhere else. The Doe Deere brand is getting a lot of positive praise largely because the brand is connected with a leader that keeps people informed about the brand. There are tweets and Instagram posts about new looks as soon as new shades are available. This shows that Doe Deere is connected and concerned about the fans. She appears as less of a CEO and more as one of the girls. That makes Lime Crime popular.

Following rules is so overrated and Doe Deere knows that it is something that can truly pummel your personality into the ground. She believes that she is truly a unique fashion icon and that she is able to help other people gain confidence in the way that they dress just by breaking rules that were previously the fashion norm. While she breaks all of the fashion rules, there are a few of them that are her favorite ones to break because of the way that she dresses on a daily basis.

Choosing bold makeup can be fun, but fashion tells you not to overdo it. Doe Deere knows that it is alright to overdo it as long as you feel great about the makeup choices you have made. By using a bold eye and a bold lip, you will be creating a look for yourself but you will also be breaking one of the cardinal rules of makeup and fashion. Be sure that you love the look before you rock it. Even if that means you wear purple eyeshadow and yellow lipstick, you should always feel confident in the way that you look without worrying what fashion has to say about your look.

If you like to color your hair unnaturally, you may have had issues in the past with fashion telling you that you should only be wearing black or neutral colors to avoid a serious clash situation. It can be detrimental to your confidence to be told that you can only wear one or a few colors out of all of the options that you have. By choosing to wear bright colors even if you have brightly colored hair, you will be able to enjoy your clothing and make the choices that you think are right for you.

Dressing your age can be tricky, especially since you’ve never been this age before. You may have heard rules about your age and the way that you can dress, but these fashion rules are among the most ridiculous. If you want to wear a miniskirt and sneakers, but you’re 48 you shouldn’t be concerned. You should wear what you like no matter your age. Even if you are younger, you can still dress older than what you are. Love mumus, but you aren’t a forty something pregnant mother? It’s okay, wear them anyway if they’re your favorite fashion piece.

The most important aspect of Doe Deere fashion rule breaking is that she feels good about herself. She does not subscribe to norms and standards just because that is what they are. She makes sure that she first feels great about her outfit, then worries about how it looks to other people. By doing this, she gives herself the necessary confidence for floating through the world without a care. She is truly able to be herself when she is getting dressed or doing her makeup because she follows her own set of rules regarding the way that she looks to others.

Check out Doe Deere’s personal website and her store, LimeCrime