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Logan Stout has made a successful career out of helping people mold and shape their minds, now his company IDLife is helping them improve their health. IDLife is a health and wellness company that has recently formed a partnership with Garmin International.

IDLife customers will now be able to utilize the activity tracking devices of Garmin, one of the leaders in wearable technology. Users will be able to directly monitor their healthy pursuits by integrating Garmin devices into their IDWellness mobile app. IDLife is putting the journey to a healthy lifestyle in the palm of their customers hand.

From Baseball to Business

The CEO of IDLife, Logan Stout, is continuing a successful legacy of helping people help themselves. Stout is a highly successful business owner and a generous philanthropist. He has done everything from play professional baseball, coach World Series caliber youth programs, to operating the Dallas Patriots baseball organization.

Ambassador for Healthy Living

Stout has now partnered with Troy Aikman, the former Super Bowl Champion quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and others, to act as fitness ambassadors. Their goal is to educate people on the importance of a healthy and fit lifestyle, while providing them with quality products to accomplish that goal safely.

Through concerted efforts of all involved, IDLife is putting to rest the skepticism customers may have due to other supplement manufacturers being exposed for making false claims. IDLife is open and honest with their customers, giving them personalized guidance, specifically targeted to their individual goals.

Alignment for Healthy Living

Garmin and IDLife support a universal conviction that reaches for results that are more than just some number on a digital device. They are teamed in a primary objective to help their customers reach their goal of a healthier lifestyle. The connection will allow fitness enthusiasts to step beyond just monitoring their weight, but into the sphere of total health.

This combination of health conscious entities has the honest focus to help make a difference in people’s lives. It’s something that seems to come naturally to Logan Stout. He’s been doing it for most of his life and the Garmin-IDLife partnership is just another example.