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Vijay Eswaran is what some consider the perfect example of what anyone can accomplish through determination and hard work. Eswaran is a successful businessman and one of the richest people in all of Asia. Eswaran was not, however, born to a wealthy family.

As suggested above, Eswaran reportedly worked very hard to achieve his personal success. He made a name for himself through working hard to reaching his goals and standing by the ideals by which he wished to live his life. He is considered to be one of Asia’s most influential individuals and inspires many others to believe in their dreams and work to meet their goals.

Vijay Eswaran first was first employed as a taxi driver. He had big, business-related ideas but there was no one to help him make his dreams a reality. He decided to invest his own hard-earned money into the business he wanted to create. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

It was the 1990s. The internet was still in its childhood and was neither regularly used nor as advanced as it is today. Nevertheless, Eswaran wanted to create a digital marketing business that would employ direct sales methods to sell products to consumers. He received little support as no one thought it would ever work.

His idea was probably just too far ahead of its time. Still, Eswaran endured and persevered and made his company a reality. Now known a the QI Group of Companies, his business is one of the most popular digital marketing companies today and draws a variety of customers from numerous areas of Asia.

Ever since, Vijay Eswaran has been involved with a number of different business ventures, spanning across multiple business sectors.

His interests range from education to hospitality. He has expanded the QI Group of Companies far beyond anyone’s expectations. Despite his great success, Vijay Eswaran reportedly remains true to his roots.