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Early in 2015, Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, was faced with a reputation crisis. This is ironic because Fisher has made his company into an expert in reputation management. Status Labs suffered negative press that quickly grew into a national media story because of the controversial actions of a (former) executive. Those actions pulled in real hatred for the company from the press, because Status Labs didn’t really have a public human presence. It’s easy to blame and hate an entity that you can’t put a face too, regardless of the facts.

To combat this spike in bad reputation, company employees unanimously agreed to ask for the resignation of the person who caused the issue. That letter and a photo of the team were quickly put online to humanize an otherwise faceless company. Fisher knew that the company had to start taking a more active approach to their own reputation management and social interaction online, a service they have provided to 1,000’s of others.

Creating a better reputation starts with creating a wider presence online. If you lack content on social media, when the bad news comes around, it fills that void. Suddenly all anyone can find out about you is negative news. Fisher’s approach to handling Status Labs crisis was to begin to involve the company in community growth, and to ensure his employees felt valued as individuals.

Darius Fisher is an honors graduate from Vanderbilt University. His prior experience includes copy-writing and political consultation. His vision for Status Labs has led the company to working with public figures, Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, and politicians in 35 countries. He serves 1,500+ clients with reputation management and repair.

Fisher is a motivated individual that takes a tailored look at a client’s problems and makes sure that Status Labs provides the best services that it can, even when they need those services themselves. He’s a humble individual that takes an active approach to PR and social management, and appears to truly enjoy what he does and the team that he has cultivated to work with him.

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