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It’s not easy to stay current with the most advanced plastic surgery techniques, but somebody’s got to do it. In pursuit of the art of youthfulness, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich practices his craft at the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center where you could say that the cutting edge resides.When you think about plastic surgery the first thing that probably comes to mind is the nose job, or rhinoplasty, as it called in the medical world. This is one of the services provided at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute where Dr. Rohrich practices. In a nose job or nose reshaping, the appearance and function of the nose can be altered. He employs the most modern rhinoplasty surgery techniques.

This is confirmed by his presence on the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium which is attended by surgeons from all over the world.Dr. Rohrich also provides expert level facelift techniques. A complete facial rejuvenation can include a facelift as well as a neck lift. His lift-and-fill strategy directly addresses the primary issue in facial aging. The cheek areas of our faces deflate as we age and this treatment addresses that reality.Additionally, Dr. Rohrich offers breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery which can help to balance proportions of the body and enhance breast shape, size, and symmetry.

He understands that each person is different and so he tries to offer the widest selection of breast implants and incision locations.Also offered is revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct a previously conducted nose surgery that turned out with unsatisfactory results. This procedure is considered an entirely different type of surgery altogether. Nasal passages are somewhat delicate and require a great deal of analysis and planning when and if it becomes an option to revise the results of an earlier surgery.

The licensed surgeon and entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna, was a student at Tulane University Medical School and received his degree upon graduating. In addition to having interest and success in the medical field, McKenna also has a lot of experience in real estate. He is the founder of McKenna Venture Investments. Mark McKenna ran this botique firm, which focused on real estate development, at the same time that he was practicing medicine.

To his dismay, Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29th, 2005, and it did a log of damage to the city of New Orleans, which eliminated most of his real estate interests. Despite this, he was heavily involved in helping to rebuild the community after this disaster, and he was one of the key developers of low income housing.

In 2017, he launched OVME and also became its CEO. OVME is meant to be pronounced “of me,” and it is a medical aesthetic company. Dr. Mark McKenna is determined to revolutionize the state of elective healthcare through OVME by leveraging the power of new technology and putting the consumer first.

After incurring large losses in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Mark McKenna managed to raise over $4 million to create OVME. Soon after launching, OVME released their mobile app to attract clients. Two clinics were also opened in the cities of Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN.

Dr. Mark McKenna got the idea for OVME while he was working in the industry of medical aesthetics. He wanted to expand his already successful practice and change the industry for the better.

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A recent study showed the increased rate of fatalities due to cardiovascular disease. In America alone, a whopping 600,000 people die each year because of conditions associated with heart disease. Because this is the top ranked killer in America, it is little wonder why more people are seeking help through preventative measures. Lifeline Screening aids in the preventative care process by offering comprehensive testing for all types of cardiovascular conditions. These tests are designed to uncover the potential a person might have toward having a heart related condition as well as indicate the presence of an existing condition.

The importance of having preventative screening for heart disease is seen in the number of fatalities incurred with a first heart attack. Unfortunately, many people do not know they have a serious condition until it becomes too late. The services offered through Lifeline Screening help detect the potential for heart disease in people who have a family history of cardiovascular disease as well as in those who do not. Anyone who does have a family history of heart disease is considered at risk and is encouraged to have periodic screenings to help control what could become a potentially fatal condition.

The professionals at Lifeline Screening conducted a study to see what type of results they would obtain from groups who had used preventative screening methods and those who did not. The objective was to see whether or not people used their test results to make changes in their lifestyles in order to control their condition. This particular study involved groups that were made up of mostly females who were over 50 years of age. The findings from this study indicated that the people who had preventative screenings conducted did in fact, make healthier choices for their diets and increased their amounts of exercise. What astonished the researchers at Lifeline were the number of people who made positive changes in their lifestyles regardless of what their test results showed.

The tests performed by Lifeline Screening are designed to be quick and effective. They can be conducted at times that are convenient to people’s schedules in a safe and secure environment. The preventative screening tests for cardiovascular disease could also be used as a base for comparison by a person’s regular doctor. The staggering statistics on the number of people who die each year due to unrecognized heart disease could be lowered significantly through the use of preventative screenings.

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Rodney J. Rohrich, MD, FACS, distinguished plastic surgeon of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, will be actively participating in three professional conferences in the beginning of 2018.

The first conference that Dr. Rohrich will be participating in is the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, taking place in Miami, FL on February 8-10, 2018. He will serve as a panel participant and moderator during this conference. Topics that Dr. Rohrich will be moderating and/or presenting during this symposium include Lower Lid Blepharoplasty, Body Contour Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation. Additionally, Dr. Rohrich will conduct a Primary Open Rhinoplasty during the popular live surgery segment of the symposium.

The second conference that Dr. Rohrich is participating in is the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, taking place February 28th-March 1, 2018. Dr. Rohrich is coordinating this event, and will be the chairman. In addition, he will be a panel moderator and lecturer, covering topics such as vascular treatments, tissue tightening, sweating treatments, body contouring, vaginal rejuvenation, and noninvasive approaches in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Rohrich will also conduct a Lift and Fill Facelift during the Video Cadaver Demonstration.

The third conference that Dr. Rohrich is scheduled to participate in is the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, taking place March 2-3, 2018. He is also the coordinator and chairman of this conference. This meeting will provide an overview of rhinoplasty, including diagnosis of rhinoplasty issues and cutting-edge rhinoplasty techniques. Dr. Rohrich will be a panel moderator and lecturer during the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

Dr. Rohrich is an esteemed leader in the field of plastic surgery. He is a Professor of Plastic Surgery and founding Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. He obtained his degree in medicine from Baylor University College of Medicine, and did his surgical residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

Dr. Rohrich is the President of the Association of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery. He is actively involved in several other professional organizations. He has received numerous distinguished awards for research, education and service in the field of plastic surgery. He frequently donates time and resources to worthy causes throughout the medical community.


As most people are aware, healthcare costs in America are skyrocketing. This has resulted in $933 billion more being spent on people’s healthcare in 2013 versus back in 1996. The care today is much better than even back then but it’s also a lot more intense and costly. A lot of it is also being driven by there being a lot more people in the United States and more people living much longer than people tended to years ago.

Two of the areas that people are spending much more money is to treat diabetes as well getting treatment for neck and low back pain. The increase in spending on diabetes is mainly attributable to expensive pharmaceuticals to manage it. While more people aren’t experiencing back and neck pain more people are doing something about it by getting medical treatment of their condition. This has resulted in a lot more healthcare spending.

Annual spending on healthcare now stands at $697 billion. There had been efforts to reduce this but to little avail so far. One person in the industry said that the amount spent on healthcare each day has gone through the roof despite the best efforts of those concentrating on reducing the costs. One justification for this is that even though drug prices are higher than ever they keep people out of the hospital, which isn’t really the case.

Eric Lefkofsky is one person trying to reduce the cost of healthcare in regards to cancer treatment. The company he co-founded, Tempus, Inc., helps doctors personalize cancer care. His company collected a huge amount of molecular and clinical data that it developed into a database for use by cancer doctors. As it is DNA-based it cuts out a lot of the guesswork on what treatment will work best for each patient, reducing the costs and achieving better patient outcomes.

As a longtime entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky is well acquainted with big ideas like Tempus and how to run the company. He has also founded or co-founded other big companies in the past such as Groupon. He sees problems that technology can address and then effectively builds companies around the solutions.

We have all seen Doppler images of weather on the radar maps that weather forecasters use on the news programs. What you might not know is that the same technology is used for ultrasound screening by Life Line Screening. This is used for more than just seeing a fetus while he/she is growing in the womb. This technology can be used for screening a wide variety of potential issues from the abdomen to the density of bones.

Life Line Screening is well-known for being on the leading edge of medical technology, and the use of ultrasound technology is no exception. This is because they take the science of medicine seriously as they know the importance that it has in the early detection of disease.

This is important to know if you are in any high-risk group. The importance lies in the fact that you know Life Line Screening will be able to help you detect any issues within a wide variety of known medical problems within whatever high risk group you are in. Specialized care is their strong suit and they help you understand all of this by consulting with you in words that you, the average person, can understand. Their Facebook Page.

They say there is nothing more important than your health, and “they” are right. Life Line Screening knows this as well, so they have made it their business to keep up to date on the scientific and technical aspects of medicine. And again, they are able to bring that knowledge and experience to you in ways you can easily understand.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a very successful plastic surgeon who currently has an office in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden has been featured on a number of TV shows, won many awards, and is one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States of America. Many celebrities, public figures, and other people with lots of money have went to Dr. Jennifer Walden to get top-notch plastic surgery work done. She is not just a favorite of many, but Dr. Jennifer Walden is genuinely one of the best plastic surgeons around.

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Walden went to college at the University of Texas at Austin to get a degree in biology. She wanted to become a doctor, so she went to the nearby medical school in the same system of the University of Texas at Galveston. She stayed there for about four years before she got her medical degree and happened to finish as the salutatorian of her graduating class at UTG.

She completed her fellowship program in New York City. She ended up working there for a little while before wanting to move to Texas because she wanted to raise her family around home.

Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center offers a wide range of cosmetic surgeries for its clients, with the most popular being breast augmentations. There is a long list of pictures of clients that have been to Dr. Walden’s practice available on her website, along with the information that one might need to know to have a booking made available with Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is a very busy doctor so the appointment should be made a fair amount of time in advance. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the only doctor that works at this location, so the wait times can get lengthy, but it is very much worth it to get to go have surgery from the legendary Dr. Jennifer Walden.