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As most people are aware, healthcare costs in America are skyrocketing. This has resulted in $933 billion more being spent on people’s healthcare in 2013 versus back in 1996. The care today is much better than even back then but it’s also a lot more intense and costly. A lot of it is also being driven by there being a lot more people in the United States and more people living much longer than people tended to years ago.

Two of the areas that people are spending much more money is to treat diabetes as well getting treatment for neck and low back pain. The increase in spending on diabetes is mainly attributable to expensive pharmaceuticals to manage it. While more people aren’t experiencing back and neck pain more people are doing something about it by getting medical treatment of their condition. This has resulted in a lot more healthcare spending.

Annual spending on healthcare now stands at $697 billion. There had been efforts to reduce this but to little avail so far. One person in the industry said that the amount spent on healthcare each day has gone through the roof despite the best efforts of those concentrating on reducing the costs. One justification for this is that even though drug prices are higher than ever they keep people out of the hospital, which isn’t really the case.

Eric Lefkofsky is one person trying to reduce the cost of healthcare in regards to cancer treatment. The company he co-founded, Tempus, Inc., helps doctors personalize cancer care. His company collected a huge amount of molecular and clinical data that it developed into a database for use by cancer doctors. As it is DNA-based it cuts out a lot of the guesswork on what treatment will work best for each patient, reducing the costs and achieving better patient outcomes.

As a longtime entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky is well acquainted with big ideas like Tempus and how to run the company. He has also founded or co-founded other big companies in the past such as Groupon. He sees problems that technology can address and then effectively builds companies around the solutions.

Oncotarget is the name of a medical journal that comes out on a weekly basis. The journal, as its name suggests, discusses many topics that pertain to the world of oncology. The publication was launched back in 2010. Impact Journals publishes it. Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny both serve as Oncotarget’s editors-in-chief. IntegraGen is a company that focuses on a wide ranges of specialties. It concentrates on turning biological sample data into invaluable genomic details that can aid the field of oncology. The firm has just recently revealed the existence of an Oncotarget publication that delves into the relationship between metastatic colorectal cancer and miR-31-3p expression amounts.Oncotarget is a journal that takes a multidisciplinary approach. It’s a free access publication that has a large and devoted following.

People can read Oncotarget publications via the Internet. It can make a helpful resource for people who want to learn about all matters that relate to advancements and innovations in the oncology realm. It can also make a wonderful resource for people who want to learn more about topics such as chromosomes, cell death, autophagy, microbiology, immunology, pathology, aging and more. People who have interest in cancer and in hereditary factors frequently gravitate to the diverse publications that are available through Oncotarget each and every week.Gudkov is an editor-in-chief who works for Buffalo, New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Oncotarget’s other editor-in-chief works for the same educational institution. This is Blagosklonny. Gudkov and Blagosklonny have the assistance of a hard-working editorial board. The talented people who make up this board are Brian J. Duker, Ronald A. DePinho, Frederick Alt, Peter K. Vogt, Bert Vogelstein, Alexander Varshavsky, Gregg L. Semenza, Arthur B. Pardee, Carlo M. Croce and Arnold Levine. These capable professionals all represent a vast range of entities.

They work for institutions of higher learning such as Harvard University, Ohio State University and the Scripps Research Institute. These institutions are based in many locations all around the United States. Oncotarget is a renowned publication that always aims to keep up with changes in the oncology universe. It’s also one that constantly strives to stay ahead of the rest of the pack in the online world. Oncotarget has a great and reliable presence in social media. The publication has active presences on many widely known and beloved social networking websites. Examples of these social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube and Twitter. People who wish to get in contact with the team members who work for Oncotarget can easily do so through channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The Oncotarget staff makes a point to get back to people quickly. They make a point to answer oncology questions in considerable detail as well. Oncotarget has approaching 1,800 followers on Twitter. The publication posts regular short messages that keep these people in the loop. These messages talk about publication frequency. They talk about changes in editorial standards and guidelines. They talk about all matters that involve how the journal works.

Oncotarget publishes the findings of numerous scientific studies on oncology and other medical-related areas weekly. It is a peer-reviewed publication. Its parent journal is Impact Journals. The Oncotarget published its premiere article approximately seven years ago. This journal has since gone ahead to publish literally thousands of other peer-reviewed and reportedly insightful articles. The articles published therein are all in English, which means that a very large part of the world’s population can read them. Officially, Oncotarget is slotted in under open-access journals. In other words, any individual interested in scientific research has a good chance of using the journal.

The Oncotarget Team

The Oncotarget team is said by online sources to be dedicated, qualified and talented. Their research record is noted to be impressive as well. Headed by chief editors professor Mikhail Blagoskloklonny and professor Andre V. Gudkov, the group makes certain that all the articles published in their publication are informational and meet high quality standards.

The chief editors are well-known, reputable professors at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in Buffalo, New York. Gudkov has made a major contribution to the study of numerous cancer therapies, especially concerning molecular targets and drug discovery. Blagosklonny alone has written over 250 articles in various peer-reviewed journals.

Oncotarget’s Impact Factor

During the journal’s first year in print, Oncotarget garnered an IF (impact factor) of 4.78 and was read by people in 493 cities. (That’s noteworthy for a new publication.) The following year, it was received in 1450 cities, and its IF was up to 6.636.

In 2013 Oncotarget officially registered the “highest impact factor” of 6.727. More than 2,200 cities were receiving the journal that year. The next year Oncotatget had an IF that dropped to 6.359 but this was still actually a high and consistent figure. More importantly, it was also reaching approximately 4,000 cities. More recently the journal had a steady IF of 5.168 and was being received in over 30,000 cities. The bottom line is that Oncotarget’s reception has actually multiplied by close to 100 times over the seven years it has been in existence.

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We have all seen Doppler images of weather on the radar maps that weather forecasters use on the news programs. What you might not know is that the same technology is used for ultrasound screening by Life Line Screening. This is used for more than just seeing a fetus while he/she is growing in the womb. This technology can be used for screening a wide variety of potential issues from the abdomen to the density of bones.

Life Line Screening is well-known for being on the leading edge of medical technology, and the use of ultrasound technology is no exception. This is because they take the science of medicine seriously as they know the importance that it has in the early detection of disease.

This is important to know if you are in any high-risk group. The importance lies in the fact that you know Life Line Screening will be able to help you detect any issues within a wide variety of known medical problems within whatever high risk group you are in. Specialized care is their strong suit and they help you understand all of this by consulting with you in words that you, the average person, can understand. Their Facebook Page.

They say there is nothing more important than your health, and “they” are right. Life Line Screening knows this as well, so they have made it their business to keep up to date on the scientific and technical aspects of medicine. And again, they are able to bring that knowledge and experience to you in ways you can easily understand.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a very successful plastic surgeon who currently has an office in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden has been featured on a number of TV shows, won many awards, and is one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States of America. Many celebrities, public figures, and other people with lots of money have went to Dr. Jennifer Walden to get top-notch plastic surgery work done. She is not just a favorite of many, but Dr. Jennifer Walden is genuinely one of the best plastic surgeons around.

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Walden went to college at the University of Texas at Austin to get a degree in biology. She wanted to become a doctor, so she went to the nearby medical school in the same system of the University of Texas at Galveston. She stayed there for about four years before she got her medical degree and happened to finish as the salutatorian of her graduating class at UTG.

She completed her fellowship program in New York City. She ended up working there for a little while before wanting to move to Texas because she wanted to raise her family around home.

Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center offers a wide range of cosmetic surgeries for its clients, with the most popular being breast augmentations. There is a long list of pictures of clients that have been to Dr. Walden’s practice available on her website, along with the information that one might need to know to have a booking made available with Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is a very busy doctor so the appointment should be made a fair amount of time in advance. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the only doctor that works at this location, so the wait times can get lengthy, but it is very much worth it to get to go have surgery from the legendary Dr. Jennifer Walden.