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Purina has come up with a dog food that is perfect for your small dog. The small bites fit perfectly in small breed dog’s mouths and are easy to chew. The ingredients in BenefulIncredibites are specially formulated with adult small dogs in mind. Smaller breeds of dogs need a more concentrated nutritional mixture than puppies.

With the protein coming from real beef as the main ingredient, BenefulIncredibites fulfills the nutritional needs of small breeds such as the shih tzu. The calorie count on the dry dog food is around 366 calories a cup. The average small breed dog would eat around 2 cups a day. This blend helps maintain healthy weight while providing a delicious meal or snack for your dog.

The incredibites also come in Chicken flavor but the Beef flavor is the most popular with the dogs. You can get coupons for this product from Target or


Those pet parents who have already made the switch to healthy and nutritious Beneful brand know the good health of their dog is always the main priority for the fourth largest pet food company in the world. Beneful is not a brand to rest on its laurels in terms of the success that has already been achieved and has responded to the calls from customers for a grain free recipe with the creation of its farm raised chicken recipe and read full article.

Beneful has removed the corn from its grain free recipe that has been linked to medical issues in some canine pets and is used as filler in the majority of pet foods produced by major and budget brands; the removal of corn and gluten has been accompanied by 100 percent nutritional value for adult dogs being maintained in this latest recipe Beneful is targeting to owners concerned about the continued health of their dogs. Removing corn has seen the level of chicken raised to the main ingredient in the grain free recipe without the excellent taste dogs love being sacrificed by Beneful.

Over the course of the development of the latest grain free recipe developed by Beneful the brand has not limited the quality that has led the brand to become such a success in a short period of time. Quality checks are carried out throughout the development and production process that ensure only the highest quality foods are available at all times and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.

What is Beneful? Beneful is a brand of dog food founded in 2001 by Nestle Purina Petcare. Their line of products includes wet dog food, dry dog food, and even dog treats. In 2012, it was ranked the fourth most popular brand of dog food. In 2001, Beneful was marketed towards achieving basic nutritional needs for dogs. “Beneful” according to the company spokesperson, means “full of goodness”, which was the focus of Beneful’s television advertising campaign. With an average user rating of 4.1 stars out of five, 87% of users recommend Beneful for dogs.

With eight varieties of dry food, twenty varieties of wet food, and ten of dog treats, one can see why Beneful is so successful today. Nutritionists on the team can agree that all the ingredients placed into the making of Beneful dog food are ingredients that a dog needs to meet their daily nutritional needs. When an owner chooses Beneful they are not only choosing a top-quality brand of dog food, but are choosing to give their dog a brand of food that will help bring out the best in them.

Nestle Petcare nutritionists know exactly where the ingredients of their pet food come from and can attest that as such, all ingredients are of high standards. Purina conducts over 30,000 quality checks when it comes to ingredients and packaging. They want to make sure that consumers and their pets are receiving top quality products that are safe and up to the standards of the FDA.

“Playful Life” by Beneful is a food that promotes vitality and vigor in adult dogs. It’s a dry food that revolves around eggs and beef. The other essential elements in Playful Life, however, are the pleasing combination of spinach and blueberries. Beef is the formula’s chief ingredient. Since Playful Life offers an abundance of protein, it can do wonders for dogs that move a lot. Owners of dogs that like to use their muscles regularly may benefit from feeding them Beneful‘s Playful Life. The smallest Playful Life bags are 3.5 pounds. The biggest ones, on the other hand, are beyond 30 pounds.
“The Savory Rice & Lamb Stew” from the experts at Beneful is a prepared wet food dish that’s optimal for dogs that love luxurious meat, vegetables and grains. The excellent ingredients in the Savory Rice & Lamb Stew are rice, lamb, carrots and peas. The packaging of this stew is a major draw to owners as well. That’s because it’s totally resealable. If a dog doesn’t finish his entire serving of the stew, his owner can reseal it and open it up later for him to eat again. This mix comes in tubs of 10 ounces. Available on Walmart and most pet supplies stores.

“Chopped Blends” offered by Beneful are wonderful meal choices for dogs that love turkey, chicken, beef, salmon and liver. The turkey version of Chopped Blends is made of tasty real turkey and irresistible extras such as spinach, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Pooches are overjoyed by the savory tastes offered by Chopped Blends. They’re also overjoyed by Chopped Blends’ pleasant textures. Dogs that have penchants for sauce love this Beneful wet food [] formula as well. These prepared blends come in tubs of 10 ounces.

Baked Delights “Snackers” by Beneful are lovely dog treats [link:]. Owners who like saying “thank you” to their sweet pets may want to express their gratitude with the assistance of Baked Delights Snackers. These oven-baked snacks consist of both artificial and natural peanut butter flavoring. They also have delicious cheese flavoring. Dogs go wild for Snackers’ ultra-soft middle portions. These doggy treats are made in 9.5 ounce pouches alone. All these products can also be bought online, via


Can dogs really choose wet or dry dog food? Well, yes. Or at least my dog can and she will go without eating all day if she doesn’t like what I bought. Dogs are smarter than we want to believe. I buy on Wal-Mart both BENEFUL® wet and dry dog food.

With Nestle Purinastore‘s BENEFUL® dry dog food, I know my dog, Roxie, is getting the nutrition she needs. However, I spoiled her when I fed her wet dog food in the morning and leave dry dog food out all day for her to nibble on. With BENEFUL® CHOPPED BLENDS™ wet dog food made with beef, carrots, peas and barley. Roxie’s excitement confirmed that this savory mixture with real ingredients was yummy. Its combination of textures gives Roxie what she wants and gives me confidence she is getting healthy food.

The dry dog food that BENEFUL® has amazing flavors that Roxie enjoys. How can I tell? Her bowl is always empty and there are no other dogs around. Her favorite is BENEFUL® Originals made with real salmon and includes sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots for that homemade flavor. She eats it as soon as I put it in her bowl and looks up at me as if she wants a second helping.

Roxie loves CHOPPED BLENDS™ with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. She thinks she is getting human table food and I know she’s getting wholesome ingredients that gives it that texture she loves. I want Roxie happy and healthy. I won’t tell her it’s not table food. Is that wrong?

Can you tell I’ve tried several flavors of BENEFUL® both wet and dry? The amazing INCREDIBITES® are yet another favorite. I do believe I see a smile when I give her this flavor. She is smart and I’ve tried sneaking in cheaper brands. You know, when money is tight and you tend to scrimp a bit. It’s a waste of time and money as she leaves it in her bowl and I figured if she gets hungry enough she would eat the off brand. Not true for her. By the end of the day and she hasn’t eaten any of her food, I go and purchase BENEFUL® [online: ] and she eats it hurriedly. I’m not sure if she is trained or she has me well trained.




Beneful is a dog food company that was founded in 2001. 5 years later the company was bringing in 300 million dollars. 6 years after that, the company was bringing in 1.5 billion dollars in revenue. Beneful is a brand that was created by Nestle Purina and it is now one of their top performers in revenue. Beneful is well known for the freshness and nutritiousness of its food. It is also well know for the innovation it uses to create both its packaging and its various marketing campaigns.

Beneful is also know for the strict safety codes it abides by. Not only are all products FDA and USDA approved, but Beneful also receives AAFCO certification. The means that the product is not only are but that it is providing animals with all of the nutrients they need in order to live a long and healthy life. The ingredients that Beneful uses is only the best.

These safety practices are starting to become more commonplace as dog food begins to replicate human food. This evolution was recently written about in an article by the Daily Herald. The article discussed how the pet food industry has now reached over 23 billion dollars according to Amazon in value and it is growing quickly. The article also mentioned what a big role premium pet food was playing in the growth of the sector.

The article mentioned how consumers now view their pets as family so it is a natural step to feed them like family too. Many companies see this and demand is growing. The variety of food available is unparalleled. Companies are removing preservatives and fillers and putting nutritious and fresh ingredients like real meat and antioxidant packed blueberries and cranberries. And the unique aspect is that both small and large companies are following this trend at the moment.