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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a passionate plastic surgeon certified by an American plastic surgeon board. Jennifer celebrates her incredible experience of over 19 years as she looks back to the significant milestones she has continued making. Thriving in a masculine-dominated industry was never easy, especially because she was expected to spend much of her time in school. Walden’s specialties include plastic surgery, with an exclusive affiliation with Seton Medical Center Williamson, Seton Edgar B. Davis, and Seton Medical Center. In an effort to reward her dedication to the industry Dr. Jennifer Walden has received several board certifications. These awards confirm that Walden is a knowledgeable doctor whose standards are recognized globally. Some of the prizes include Compassionate Doctor Recognition, On-Time Doctor Award, and Patient’s Choice Award.

Why Jennifer is a Sought-After Healthcare Figure

To begin with, Jennifer believes in touching people’s hearts and helping improve their lives. She explores a broad spectrum of topics including soft tissue injectables, celebrity plastic surgery, mommy makeovers, technological advances in surgery, breast implants, none-and minimally invasive procedures, lasers, teenage plastic surgery, and general medical correspondence. Following an incredible understanding of her specialty, Jennifer has also become a media darling. She is a frequent face in the media where she enlightens the world on issues surrounding her field. According to Jennifer, the best thing she ever did was to focus on things that help her make a difference in people’s lives. She believes that women mainly should be confident about their looks even when they are old. Providing satisfactory service is her delight.

Walden as a Multifaceted Authority

Apart from being an accomplished surgeon, Jennifer Walden is also a remarkable author and researcher. So far she has published numerous editorials and research papers. Walden also presents her well-researched works in national forums where she enlightens her fellow surgeons on sensitive matters. For instance, she has addressed performing facelifting through laser technology fat grafting surgery, HALO Hybrid Laser, among other issues. Jennifer has been appointed on several occasions to make enlightening presentations where she teaches. In fact, she has also been appointed a traveling professor for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on several occasions.