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Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of Sweetgreen. He spoke at the Wharton Marketing Conference a few years ago. He talked about the origins of Sweetgreen and the strategies they had used to grow it into a successful company. Ru and some of his friends found it hard to find a place where they could get healthy food when they were in their senior year. They saw a niche in the food service industry and decided to open a store that provided healthy meals. Ru said that they had spotted a tavern in the middle of the downtown area in Washington D.C. and wanted to open the store there.


They found out that their landlady also owned an apartment that was near their residence. He said that the landlady hung up when he called her the first time. They were persistent and called her each day until she decided to schedule a meeting with them. The landlady told them to get an architect and business investors, and the place would be theirs. They were able to develop the place, and the first Sweetgreen store was opened. Theresa Dold is the head of marketing at Sweetgreen. She said that the founders of the company started with the “why” and then worked up from there. She said this was important because people do not buy what the business does but the way the business is run.


Ru added that the stores they open have to live up to the values of the company and the community that it serves. He also mentioned that Sweetgreen had developed some values that the firm had to fulfill. Sweetgreen had to offer a win-win-win situation for every party that interacted with them. The parties include the customers and the community that they served. He said that decisions were made to produce an outcome where all of these parties would be satisfied.


Dold said that one of the reasons why their customers loved them so much was because they partnered with other healthy lifestyle businesses. Sweetgreen had held yoga classes and had entered into partnerships with gyms to improve the lifestyle choices of their customers. Nathaniel Ru is the co-Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen and is based in New York. Ru has been the face of Sweetgreen since it was started and has been interviewed by various media outlets such as Tech Insider and Fast Company. He is an investor and is the principal of SWTLF Ventures. Ru has made investments in several companies including Bond Street, Lola, and EatPops.

four bags hippeas wood floor livio bisterzo
Snack manufacturer Green Park Brands recently introduced new varieties of healthy chickpea puffs. Despite being relatively new in the market, the snacks are already gaining a niche due to the numerous health benefits that they have. A small pack has less than 91 calories while larger packs have less than 455 calories. These snacks were advanced to address the dietary needs of snack lovers who are getting increasingly conscious about their health.

To attract a wider market, Hippeas introduced Pepper Power, Herbs We Trust, Far Out Fajita, and Sweet & Smoking chickpea puffs. Green Park’s Chief Executive Officer and founder Livio Bisterzo, asserts that the introduction of these varieties is part of the firm’s strategic plan to take over the snack industry. The firm has a strong commitment towards the production of affordable and healthy snacks. The products are already being sold in thousands of Starbucks locations throughout the US. Having been in the food industry for close to seven years, Livio understand what it takes to make Hippeas a global brand.

About Livio Bisterzo

The Italian entrepreneur is a Los Angeles resident. Mr. Bisterzo immigrated to the United Kingdom at 18 to join the University of Arts. With a marketing background, it was easy for him to set up his first firm at age 22. This was an events company, which would act as the foundation of his entrepreneurial portfolio. Livio’s early entrepreneurial success saw him start a string of successful businesses throughout the US.

In the hospitality sector, Livio’s name is synonymous with Maddox Club, Pollen St. He similarly made inroads in the consumer brands business with enterprises such as Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles. All his ventures were successful, and helped establish him as one of London’s most recognizable entrepreneurs. In 2009, the Evening Standard named him among the top 1,000 influential people in London. He has also been profiled by respectable publications such as The Times, The Financial Times, Harpers, Vanity Fair, and GQ.

Livio moved to Los Angeles in 2015 so that he could pursue his business interests in a more stimulating environment. He similarly wanted to tap into the American snack market. He started Green Park Holdings with the sole purpose of advancing technologies that would revolutionize the snack market. The firm is also involved in the production of beverages. It aims at creating natural products, which have an enduring social and cultural impact. Its first product Hippeas, has already become a popular brand.