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The duo that makes up the Chainsmokers have been given as some memorable hits. From their debut song, “Selfie”, to one of the latest, Somebody. Asked what drove them to create their latest song, they said they wanted a perfect modular synth work with pitched-up vocals.

The group’s interest in music grew back then when they used to create remixes from Indie bands. From then on they grew to be diverse. They mix up a bit of everything making their songs unique. They mash up together some hip hop, indie, dance and pop music. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, of The Chainsmokers, posted a video on their Facebook wall detailing a tutorial explaining the formation of their new song. The clip explains the struggle they went through, the creative work they put in to achieve a high standard song, “Somebody”. They recognize that going above limits is the only way you obtain quality.

Fans have their expectations. The Chainsmokers have always promised and have delivered these promises. Disruptor, a joint venture with Sony Entertainment, signed them in 2014. Adam Alpert set up the deal as their manager. The Chainsmokers have managed to give their fans beautiful songs with a majority of them making appearances in the Billboard top a hundred list. The duo has enjoyed success over the years; they had an electric performance in Ultra Miami this year. In Spotify, the artists had accumulated one billion streams with their second single hit song.

Bill Board has created the dance 100 list. This is a bid to appreciate those behind the curtains in charge of performance and video creation. The Dance 100 List implies that talents in all diverse fields of music will grow. The Chainsmokers are ranked number one on the dance 100 List. Automatically making them first people do so. The curators, ticket movers and artist models will benefit from this move. The Chainsmokers’ released “Sick” at the turn of the year. The song is beautiful, redolent, intoxicating and one that captures your attention. It entices both new and old fans alike. With the group detailing that they might be releasing a song each month, fans will be entertained.