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August this year, one of the leading companies that are redefining the women health in terms of research and medication received a tremendous amount of funding. With massive interest in pelvic floor disorders, the company successfully secured financing, which according to investment pundits will be instrumental in the future of women health. The main person behind this impressive idea is the visionary Marc Beer, and he is hopeful that more than 250 million women who are the company’s target will benefit from this deal. Currently, it is impressive to note that one of the Renovia product was certified as suitable for medical purposes use. Learn more:


One of the funding organizations, Longwood Fund, believes in the overall dream of Renovia to make and design women medicine. According to the company’s official communication, the investment in the Renovia dream is consistent with their idea especially on redesigning and being solution makers. The company is also satisfied with the company’s choice of medical niche because according to them, women health is one of the most neglected investment niches. During the signing of the deal, Mark Beer pointed out that the company is already in the process of making women health not only a necessity but also viable and affordable.


The funding is not the only development Renovia is keen on improving in this investment niche. Mark Beer over the years has insisted the importance of a good team in making the company’s dream a reality. With this philosophy, it is impressive to note that Mark Beer has added some of the most experienced and passionate professionals in Renovia. Some of these professionals include José Bohorquez, Samantha Pulliam, and Jessica McKinney. The three professionals according to Mark Beer will be vital in propelling the company’s next phase of research. It is impressive to note that the three professionals are already established professionals in this particular niche.


What other factors that make Mark Beer leadership exceptional? First, it is essential to appreciate the fact that he is one of the hardest working people in health investment. This approach to work makes him work long hours around the company’s dream and more importantly, how to improve their basic operations. Second, he is specific in his vision for better health. This specification has always given his dreams unmatched authentic look. It is also because of reasons that significant investors are more than willing to invest on Renovia’s idea.


In conclusion, it is essential to acknowledge that Mark Beer has a deep understanding of the importance of distribution in ensuring that the target market benefits. This understanding is the main reason why Mark and the management of Renovia have been consistent in polishing the distribution channels of all the products designed and manufactured by Renovia.


For the entertainment conglomerate ROC Nation, Desiree Perez has quickly become the company’s secret to success as her influence as a leader has been felt across the company. Entertainment is a highly competitive industry as well, meaning that it attracts very driven individuals. Valued at $17.2 Billion, it is also one of the largest industries in the world. Desiree Perez is an exception in this industry, as she has found success as a woman in the entertainment business.She is also part of Jay Z’s push to expand business interests in the entertainment field.

Desiree Perez has played a huge role in optimizing profits and ensuring that the right talent for Jay-Z comes into the business. Her role has also helped Jay Z evolve in his career, from a rapper to the business mogul that he is today. She plays a huge role in any decision that Jay Z wants to make, and has an attitude that makes it easy for Jay Z to jump on new opportunities.Desiree Perez has also had a great track record with other artists as well.

This includes a $25 Million deal with Samsung that lifted Rihanna’s standing.Desiree Perez currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at ROC Nation based in New York, New York. She has recently been featured in the Mogul Magazine as a result of her work with Jay Z. She runs SC Enterprises, which is Jay Z’s business arm. Desiree Perez is also a great negotiator and has helped many businesses to grow and to flourish.

In a world where many are quick to make assumptions, billionaires are often seen as self-centered. Some frown at the fact that billionaires use their riches to purchase excessive luxuries while many do not have the resources to afford even the most basic of needs. However, there are a few billionaires that fall nowhere near this categorization. Chief among them is hedge fund manager and investor, George Soros. The Hungarian-born American is unofficially known as one of the most charitable billionaires in the world. Proof of this is seen in the fact that he has contributed about $12 billion of his own wealth towards various charitable and political causes.

Over the course of the last three decades, George Soros has greatly been involved in the advancement of democracy in Central and Eastern Europe. He was one of the earliest individuals to get involved in the democratization of the states that formerly constituted the Soviet Union through the umbrella organization known as the Open Society Foundations. The first foundation created under the Open Society was launched in Hungary in 1984. Since then, the Open Society Foundations have grown significantly spurred on by the need for democracy and George Soros’s contributions. However, it is important to note that Soros does not just donate resources to these organizations blindly. To avoid too much dependence on him, the resources he provides make up no more than a third of these foundation’s budgets.

George Soros has also been greatly involved in American politics. While the United States is rightfully considered by many to be the champion of democracy and human rights, there are still many battles to be worn. Soros has previously strongly opposed presidential candidates that have extremely leaned to the right and has instead supported liberal candidates. In particular, he has strongly been against the presidential bids of George Bush in 2004 and Donald Trump in 2016.

Because he did not always have what he needed growing up, George Soros is quite passionate about philanthropy. He has supported millions of people from all over the world in the areas of education, health entrepreneurship and much more. Among his earliest charitable acts was providing black South African students with scholarships to attend the University of Cape Town while the country was still under strict apartheid rule. In recent years, he has also put significant resources towards advancing the plight of refugees and tackling the rising prevalence of hate crimes.

George Soros has made sure to pass on the wealth of knowledge that he holds to the general public through a number of books that he has authored. These books explore a raft of topics including securities trading, politics, economics and life in general.


Todd Lubar is a renowned entrepreneur in the credit and finance industry. His experience in mortgage banking earned him an employment opportunity as the president of TDl Global Ventures. The businessman is also the senior vice president of Legendary Investments as well as the sales director of Debt Defense Services LLC. Todd is an expert in real estate and finance, serving various companies for over twenty years. He was born and raised up in Washington, where he began his education in 1977 at Sidwell Friends School. After completing his elementary school education, he was privileged to join The Peddle School in Hightstown New Jersey where he pursued his high school education. Todd Lubar later advanced to join Syracuse University for his degree where graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in speech communication. For more details visit Ideamensch to see more.

The entrepreneur has an incredible reputation in the credit and finance industry. His career began at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was privileged to serve the firm as a loan originator. During his reign at the company, he acquired knowledge and skills in the creative model of business. These skills helped him to deal with customers, financial planners, insurance agents and real estate agents. In 1999, he resigned from the company and got employment opportunity at Legacy Financial Group located in Arlington, Texas. He was assigned duties and responsibilities to ensure that the financial group expanded its business in Maryland. Todd Lubar increased the productivity of his assigned unit, which made the firm to loan several volumes worth one hundred million annually. After serving the company for almost seven years, the entrepreneur advanced in his career to join Charter Funding, branch of First Magnus Corp situated in Arizona. He worked for the firm as a senior vice president before resuming his background in August 2007, due to several changes that the mortgage industry was undergoing. Check out his website

As a businessman, Tod Lubar invests in several businesses in the corporate world. Todd has established various enterprises in the demolition industry, nightclub industry, real development industry, recycling industry among others. His experience in the credit and finance business makes him be among top twenty-five mortgage inventors in New Jersey.

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Andrew Rolfe is an investor and a leader who main offer his services to numerous companies and advance them to be the top leading companies in the world. His successful development of numerous organizations is due to the devotion and effort that he put through when working. As the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P, he was able to transform the organization to be the best in all part of the world. Furthermore, he mostly deals with an Investment opportunity in the United States and Europe and another part of the world. Mostly the company provides hospitality, Food Service and retail which the main service.

Andrew Rolfe started from the bottom but that did not stop him from being that Managing Director and also head of J.Jill’s Principal Stock holder, Head of Private Equity and USA of TowerBrook. His main duty at the organization was to always come up with innovative techniques and as well always proving good management in the organizations so they progress. He as well always set a target that the workers in the companies would accomplish hence it led to them making a lot of profits. Working as the president of The Gap Inc.’s International Divison in the year 003 and 2006 he was able to offer latest market acceptance and international brand expansion. Furthermore, he acted as the Executive Leadership which was part of the staff member at Gap Inc.’s.

Andrew Rolfe was able to make a lot of achievement at Gap Inc.’s international with the establishing of more than 450 stores in all part of the country such as U.K., France, and Japan. In Japan, he was able to begin Banana republic while in Malaysia and Singapore he was able to start a Franchise business. He also made Pret A Manger Europe) Ltd the top retailer organization when he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Andrew Rolfe graduated from Harvard Business School with M.B.A and also from Oxford University with Philosophy, Politics. His main goal is to help those upcoming entrepreneurs to make it and be successful. He as well ensures that he attends to his clients before doing any other task.