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When seeking an event planner in New York to create a perfectly themed party, look no further than Jessica Boskoff of 23 Layers. An aptly named party planning service, 23 Layers attends to all of the details when it comes to party planning. No stone is left unturned as details unfurl around the party goers, delighting them at every turn.

23 Layers can create any type of party one could imagine, from totally glamorous to fun and whimsical. A long roster of past satisfied clients can attest to the brilliance of the party planning, the pleased guests and the positive outcome. Based in New York City, 23 Layers has clients in Manhattan but can travel to do parties anywhere in the US. Anything one can think of can be created in perfect detail by 23 Layers, surpassing all expectations with the above and beyond attention to detail.

A recent party for one year old Teddy revolved around a country farm theme, layered with swaths of gingham and barrels of apples.

A party for a cute bunch of one year old children wouldn’t be complete without a table at a height just their size, surrounded by little red chairs for them to sit and comfortably enjoy their royal iced glazed apple shaped sugar cookies. A party favor at the table settings also included a small picture filled board book about animals on a bucolic farm, wrapped in a simple string of burlap cord. Covered mason jars with a red and white stripy straws completed the look, the drink cups reminiscent of home made jelly jars made from berries picked on the farm.

Parents were able to walk right up to the country kitchen table desert bar and pick up little sweets for themselves and the children alike. The table was abound with riffs on apple pie, desert stands made of hay bales, and fruit pints filled to the brim with fresh, sweet cherries. A giant glass dispenser jar brimming with fresh apple cider was placed next to the sweets for all to enjoy, it’s amber liquid promising just the right amount of sweet and spice.