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In the internet world of sales, there is one company that leads the way in sales. That one business is Amazon. The internet has a large amount of stores that carry everything that you could possibly want or need. The trick to being successful in the market is to offer something that others do not offer. If you want to sell the same items or similar items, the brand needs to be backed by someone who claims that the item from them is the best. For Fabletics, they knew that they had to stand out against all the others if they were going to make headway against Amazon.


Fabletics approached Kate Hudson to be the spokesperson for the business. The belief was that if Kate has been seen promoting these items, more people will shop for the brand. The problem with most businesses is that the person speaking on behalf of the business is not someone that usually is found outside of the commercials to wear the items that they are selling. Kate Hudson however is an avid athlete and therefore spends quite a bit of time herself working out. When people take her photograph entering into a gym, the brand of workout gear that she is seen sporting is Fabletics.


Social media is working in overdrive to help promote merchandise for a much smaller cost than what the business would spend on opening a physical store or by purchasing air time to play commercials. Fabletics uses the social media to bring in sales for their workout line however they also have air time that invites others to try the line of products.


In the market where Amazon is the leading contender for all sales related shopping experiences, it is hard to compete with such a popular internet business however there are some businesses that are pushing through the difficulties and bringing in more sales. Fabletics knows what people want and works to bring in more consumers. The membership business is delivering workout gear to the homes of the people that want to look stylish when going to the gym. The gym that people normally went to in a plain, unstylish type of gear is now being filled with Fabletics members who want to look good when working out.


The shoppers who are purchasing the gear by Fabletics is in love with the idea that the workout gear can be worn outside of the gym. You can wear the athletic wear to more than just the gym. The workout gear can be worn to the grocery store, to dropping off the kids at school, to the mall and even to a dinner. The gear is stylish allowing the shoppers to purchase gear that they do not have to change right out of when you are done working out. Kate Hudson is someone that is seen wearing the clothes outside of the gym and this helps to increase the sales. Most consumers will appreciate the fact that the athletic wear is comfortable and can be worn for a number of reasons and not just to the gym.

Fabletics is a leading online fashion retailer. It focuses on women sports and leisurewear, popularly referred to as athleisure. The brand runs under the umbrella of TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly JustFab. It was established in 2013 and has risen rapidly to beat veteran e-commerce fashion stores such as Amazon. It is a joint venture between the TechStyle Fashion Group co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson, the actress.



Fabletics is known for aggressive and innovative marketing and sales strategies. The brand uses a membership model to sell its products. The brand appreciates quality and price are not enough to compete in an evolving economy. Consumers are increasingly looking for value in exclusive design and technology, brand success and customer care. The brand operates online portals where users can log in and create profiles.



This information plugs into a network of more than sixteen physical stores. Fabletics utilizes data analytics to influence consumer trends. The service is subscription based. Members get periodic fashion suggestions based on their style and preferences. The brand delivers customized items that people already want. This level of service delivery is achieving tremendous success.



The reverse showroom technique is one of the disruptive ways the brand is using to grow. When you step into a physical store, the system recognizes you and connects to your online profile. Items you check out and try on populate your profile information. Customers can later login and purchase the items online. Stores evaluate their customer’s preferences and stock up on the items their clients are most likely to buy.



Fabletics fuses global fashion trends with individual consumer preferences. This enhances the level of brand satisfaction. The brand is dedicated to understanding the new type of consumer and their culture. It delivers unique shopping experiences through a convenient membership model, quick buying options, and smart distribution. These strategies have successfully differentiated the brand from its competitors in the e-commerce space.



The brand is also expanding its product portfolio. It introduced a men’s line in 2015. In 2016, it added dresses and swimsuits to the inventory. Kate Hudson is using her networks and acting prowess to promote the brand. She recently collaborated with Demi Lovato, an American singer and actress. They launched a collection in her name. Demi Lovato is excited about the brand strategy and value.


The brand is working hard to bring out the best in all women regardless of size, age or shape. She has a hands-on approach and is proud to wear items from the brand. To be part of his amazing shopping experience, head on to their website and get started with a quick lifestyle quiz. This enables them to deliver customized picks for your leisure and sports activities.