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The Oxford Club is a private, worldwide group of entrepreneurs and investors on a mission to help its own members to better protect their assets and grow their investments and wealth. The recommendations and suggestions made by the Oxford Club to its members help them to become more knowledgeable and prosperous as it relates to commodities, base metals as well as precious metals, stocks, real estate, mutual funds, bonds, options, exchange traded funds, cryptocurrencies, and more. The Club has managed to find success for more than 20 years throughout all kinds of different market conditions. With over 157,000 members all over the world, it is continuing to grow and share its wealth of secrets with new members and existing members, alike.

The Oxford Club follows a quartet of investing methods that start with maintaining a diverse portfolio. While some may think this means they need to invest in a spread of varying stocks, this is not always the case. It advises its members to invest not only in different stocks, but to also be sure that the stocks they invest in come from differing industries. This means that an investor should put their money in defensive stocks, Blue Chip stocks, foreign stocks, and other stocks so that their portfolio doesn’t crumble when a single industry finds itself in troubled waters. Along with stocks, an investor should always be invested in other commodities, which can include bonds, Treasury securities, exchange traded funds, and more.

The Oxford Club also recommends that its members always have an exit strategy, so that they always know when they might sell or get out of an investment. Equal to this principle, is being aware of ones own feelings and making sure that any investments made are not made based on emotional factors. One of Oxford Club’s defining principles is to always cut down on investment costs, and one way to do this is to learn how to avoid fees that come from using fund managers and to also learn how to reduce taxes. One of the Club’s greatest offerings comes in the form of education that teaches its members how to create a portfolio that avoids taxes at all costs.

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John D. Rockefeller, one of history’s most powerful and intelligent (not to mention enormously successful) men imparted this wisdom before his death: “I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.”

Now, the amateur may be thinking “I’ll persevere for gold”; the primary problem is then finding an ‘in’ to the market without making too many sacrifices. After all, investment bankers are in it for massive wealth generation, the benchmark of success.

Investment banking is an incredibly enigmatic source of wealth generation. Today’s enormously powerful analytics are puzzling from an outsider’s perceptive. As with all societal institutions, investment banking has evolved over the years, and continues to display new practices and phrasing. Terms like: “Unicorn”, “Crocodile”, and “Cockroach” are now used to describe modern start-ups.

Do not be fooled by the frivolity of these descriptors. They are critical to properly understand modern investment banking.

Luckily, leaders like Martin Lustgarten provide a beacon of light for the common man looking to enter the market. Lustgarten has years of experience in popular organizations, including the ever-bustling world of venture capital often referred to as “VC”. However, the true indicators of his wisdom lie in the diversification of his assets and abilities: from work in the unpredictable entertainment industry, to marketing, and even health food retail.

Martin Lustgarten provides his followers with a human touch that is very real but left unperceived by those that fear the unknown. In his spare time, Lustgatern trades vintage watches and enjoys life with his family. This is a man whose heart falls in line with the spirit of The Renaissance, during which men did not limit themselves to mastery in only one theme.

The clever banker also offers advice and, “#interesting” articles that apply directly to the market and enlighten potential investors. Following Lustgarten’s leadership will equip an amateur with a tangible mental investment.

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