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When people think of McDonald’s partnerships, they think about Coca-Cola. Everyone knows that Coke tastes better at McDonald’s for some reason. Honestly, Coca-Cola isn’t McDonald’s most successful partnership. That title belongs to OSI Group, a company the public knows little about.

The OSI Group began as Otto & Sons, a little butcher shop in Chicago in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky founded the butcher shop with the intention of one day handing it over to his children. While he was alive, he saw his local shop grow into a regional success.

The crucial change in Otto & Sons’ history is meeting Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc approached the brothers about joining a venture he believed would be successful. By the 50s, Richard and Maurice McDonald already had a successful restaurant, but Kroc wanted something more than one location. He needed suppliers to build the empire of his dreams and Otto & Sons’ made the perfect partner.

The first official McDonald’s, Golden Arches and all, opened in 1955. The brothers joined Kroc’s ventures and became one of the hundreds of suppliers that McDonald’s used. Over the next 20 or so years, Otto & Sons invested heavily in bringing cryogenic freezing technology to their business.

Once up and running, they were able to supply McDonald’s needs much faster than everyone else. McDonald’s began dropping suppliers and stayed in business with only four U.S. suppliers. While McDonald’s evolved into a multinational success in front of the world’s eyes, Otto & Sons’ recognition came in more humble forms.

In 1975, grew into a worldwide success, alongside McDonald’s, and transformed into OSI Industries. Now, OSI Group is a multibillion-dollar conglomerate with offices and subsidiaries in dozens of countries. Headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin and COO David McDonald, OSI Group aggressively explores new ventures.

In particular, David McDonald has a deep connection to McDonalds and OSI. Like the companies, he grew in the Midwest and has been working with food since his childhood.

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Young people in the corporate industry want to bring revolutions in almost every section they set their hands on. The brilliant products these young entrepreneurs want have not been successful in the market. Most of these young people have been failing miserably because they do not have the knowledge in the market, and they lack the basic managerial abilities that can make an individual successful. If you are a young person with interest in starting an investment, it is paramount to pay so much attention to successful CEOs in the market. Sheldon Lavin is among them. The influential professional has been leading in the food department.

Sheldon Lavin legacy has been used by many people to set up very successful ventures in the market. The experienced professional has been focusing on large-scale financial activities so that he can help companies to maintain giant food supply chains in the market. Managing complex operations has not been a walk in the park for Lavin over the years. There are many factors that should be considered so that everything gets into place. There are customer preferences, technical changes in the world, not forgetting the shortage of the resources to be used. As the chief executive officer of a global company that only wants to change the lives of all its food clients, Sheldon Lavin has been dealing with all these factors, importing his ingredients and even purchasing food plants to make the business possible.

Many people always wonder how a finance professional, with so much expertise in the industry changed his career to become a leader in OSI Group. The businessman had always found great satisfaction in finance, and he got a degree in the field so that he could change the lives of the customers coming his way. Sheldon Lavin got his career in the food industry started when he joined OSI Group more than forty years ago. His skills were mostly in finance, but this did not stop him from learning and becoming a better person in the profitable market. Today, the finance guru is expanding OSI Group, making it the best.


It is hard to imagine that the successful people we know today were once afraid and startups. Their success stories almost sound like made up stories. They are hard to believe and comprehend. One example is Sheldon Lavin. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. Lavin is the majority shareholder in the firm.

It all began when he was a financial consultant. The firm he started was to help attract companies that he would later develop into a chain of corporations providing the daily essentials to the customers. He was right for the job because he had studied accounting and finance in school. Sheldon Lavin says that he suffered from confidence issues in his first days at work. He says that it is normal to feel scared when you are trying something new because you really do not know how it will turn out and whether investing in the venture is right the right move.

Luckily, things work out in his favor, and he began enjoying his profits in a years’ time. Sheldon Lavin says that his breakthrough was with the Otto & Sons. They wanted money to expand the business, and he had the money. He believed in their strategy and plunged in; he never regretted his decision.

As a business person, you always have the challenge of ensuring that your products are selling. While referrals are crucial in every business, it is always important to expand our networks. Sheldon Lavin says that from the beginning, he knew that technology could affect the way the business works starting from the management to marketing. They, therefore, have their marketing team that works to advertise their products online. The team is always aware of other platforms that come up and ensure they use them as well. Online marketing has been indispensable to the team because it has clients from different parts of the world.

Sheldon Lavin says that one factor that contributes to the success in his career is his ability to plan ahead. He adds that from a tender age, he always asked himself how the decision he made could affect his future. The technique has boosted his success in his business.

OSI Industries is a meat packing company based in Illinois. Recently, OSI has been steadily increasing its production and capacity in order to stay competitive in the hyper-competitive industry of meat packaging and processing. There are many ways that OSI is making this happen, and all of them offer OSI unique vantage points in their industry. Acquisition is one way that OSI is increasing its presence. It isn’t easy for an American company with a humble beginning to break into the European market (a move that is certainly necessary to remain competitive). OSI is doing this by acquiring companies that are already competitive in their market. Let’s take a look at some of the examples.

Recently, OSI Industries purchased Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a deli meat provider in the Netherlands that focuses on convenience products and snacks. Now, Baho Foods is already a dominant force and the acquisition of the company would be good on profit margins alone. However, acquiring Baho Foods is more than the money to OSI. Baho gives them an insight into a unique market and ties to a difficult to establish trade route, the Netherlands. Baho Foods wide variety of products adds to the growing portfolio of available products that OSI offers, but their connections to factories and farmers as well as their cemented status in the Dutch market makes them an invaluable catch for OSI.

The other example is that of Hynek in Germany. See, OSI has always faced a problem when building factories abroad. It’s easy to build a factory, but it can be difficult to create relationships with local farmers and slaughterhouses. At home, OSI already has these strong social connections, and it’s part of what drives their success. Abroad, however, language barriers, government regulations, and terrain difficulties make establishing connections based on trust more difficult. OSI Industries acquisition of Hynek shows that the company is committed to forming these relationships. Hynek has strong cemented relationships with German farmers and butchers. This connection is woven into the DNA of Hynek. This DNA is partially shared by OSI Industries making the two companies a great fit for each other.

Acquisitions in key areas have helped OSI Industries remain competitive in Europe. It helps OSI bypass language barriers, and maintain a firm grasp on the European market. OSI may be an American company, but their presence is felt throughout the European foodservice market. Something that OSI has worked hard to establish.

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OSI Food Solutions is an American company with a global audience that provides its customers with customized food solutions that please any regional or national market. Recently the company began to double its chicken production capacity in Toledo, Spain by adding a high capacity production line there. This brings the total production capacity to 24,000 tons of chicken from the 12,000 ton limit it was at prior to the move. In Toledo, OSI Food Solutions can now produce a combined total of over 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef products, and the move will also bring more jobs to the facility.

OSI Food Solutions has had the Toledo, Spain food processing plant in place since 1990, and the Managing Director of OSI Spain, José María del Río, expressed the fact that the region has been seeing an increased desire for chicken products over the years. He is not expecting this to change, and the new capacity should allow OSI to satisfy the needs of its customers and grow with their desires for more options. Along with the upgrades and increase of space, the company took extra care to ensure that the new facility added new measures to improve its sustainability into the future. Along with recycling heat that its equipment produces to be reused, the facility’s updated equipment has allowed it to cut down on its consumption of electricity by roughly 1/5th of what it was before the changes were made.

OSI Food Solutions is a $6.1 billion company that has been in existence since 1909. It has been a top 100 American food company for years, and it’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin, has been pointed out as being a large part of the reason for this. Part of this has to do with the fact that he took OSI from being a domestic food company, that served the Illinois region, to a worldwide food company that has facilities and plants in 16 countries. One of the key factors for it being chosen as a top 100 American food company is the fact that it continues to put its customers first by offering them a variety of food choices including custom possibilities that are created by its own chefs in its testing kitchen.

OSI Food Solutions continues to broaden its capacity for food production all over the world and expects doesn’t see itself slowing down anytime in the future.

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OSI Group Continues to Achieve Food Processing Success

For over 100 years, OSI Group has supplied a variety of food products internationally. Led by Chief Executive Officer, and owner Sheldon Lavin, OSI continues to achieve success. OSI Group is a privately-owned company, consisting of 65 processing plants and 200,000 employees.

In 2016, the company made over $6 Billion in revenue. It is no surprise that Forbes named OSI Group “#58 America’s Largest Private Companies” in 2016. Additionally, OSI Group has a strategic partnership with McDonald’s Corporation.

OSI Group supplies many different beef products including hamburgers, pork, meatballs, and hot dogs. Furthermore, the company processes poultry products such as grilled chicken, chicken fingers, and turkey products. In addition, OSI Group processes vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and much more.

OSI Group’s growth is attributed to many factors including acquisitions and environmental programs.

Latest Acquisition to OSI Group

In 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food, expanding their large footprint in Europe. Baho Food oversees five processing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. The Dutch company specializes in poultry, pork, deli meat, and fast food processing. Acquiring Baho Food is a good strategic move for OSI Group, as both companies bring years of expertise in food processing operations.

Environmental Awards and Recognition

In 2016, OSI Group was awarded the esteemed Globe of Honour UK award. This award is presented to only the top companies that display environmental management excellence. Remarkably, this is the third time OSI Group won this award in five years.

Recently, OSI Group’s Riverside, California food processing plant was awarded the California Green Business Award. The plant administered multiple environmental initiatives including carpooling, a waste water program, and lighting efficiency.

In 2018, two of OSI Group’s facilities received environmental awards from the North American Meat Institute. The Illinois and Wisconsin plants were honored for managing stellar environmental programs. In the last five years, four other OSI Group facilities received this esteemed award.

Continued Success

OSI Group continues to achieve accomplishments in the food processing market. Their commitment to quality, environmental programs, and growth will ensure their ongoing success.