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According to the article on Quicken Loans, credit could be a confusing as well as a concept that is confusing. Building credit could be its worst monster, especially if you don’t have a history of credit, without a history lender, employers, landlords, insurance providers, and credit card companies have a hard time when trying to determine your repayment habits and spending, making the process of receiving a loan almost impossible.

The fastest method of building credit is by using a credit card, though you cannot get a credit card if you don’t have a good credit card. While this could seem like a circle that is vicious, there are still several ways you could establish a credit history and majority of them you could take action on today.

If you are not capable of applying for a loan or getting an unsecured credit card, whether from bad credit, or lack of that, there are several ways you could start showing a responsible repayment history. Some do not even need a credit card.

1. Use a co-signer to apply for and get an unsecured credit card.
2. Secured credit card application.
3. Become an authorized user on credit card of another person
4. Build credit while you pay your debt.
5. Make payments of your student loan on time
6. Paying auto Loans on time.
7. Pay rent on-time and report the payments to a credit reporting agency.
8. Maintain a good credit report and score.
9. Do not reach your credit limit.
10. Do not open lots of accounts at once

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