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Slyce is a Canada based company that deals with visual search technology. Slyce is one of the first companies of its kind, because it allows individuals to use visual technology to make purchases. A consumer can transact with different retailers by just taking pictures of any desired products.

Slyce is a company that delivers technology on different platforms for mobile applications. Slyce’s technology is used at many large retail stores such as Urban Outfitters, the Home Depot, JCPenney’s and Newman Marcus.

Recently NASDAQ.COM did an article about the merge between Shoe Carnival and Slyce. Shoe Carnival is one of the country’s largest footwear retailers. Shoe Carnival offers their clients a wide range of different shoes and styles. On March 22 of this year, Slyce announced that they were going to launch their visual technology with Shoe Carnival. In this way an individual can go to shoe to get a picture of any pair of shoes. A person can find shoes on the front page of a magazine, or they can be real shoes that they have seen out on the street. After snapping a picture and putting it on an application for Slyce, they will be able to see a wide range of products that match their desired item. All of these things happen with just a few clicks of a button.

This merger between Slyce and Shoe Carnival is a very big milestone for both companies. It allows both companies to better serve their customers, and it is huge leap into the future of retail.