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Soros Donates Most of His Wealth To Open Society Foundation

Donating to $18 Billion to his Open Society Foundation has meant that the philanthropist George Soros has given away the overwhelming majority of his fortune. His fortune currently stands at over $6.6 (less $18 Billion) Billion with his contribution aiming to promote democracy. George Soros also plans to contribute the majority of his remaining wealth to his foundation.

Aim to Combat Authoritarianism and Promote Human Rights

This donation is destined for the Open Society Foundation’s work in combating authoritarianism, the promotion of human rights, and the support of LGBT groups and other marginalized individuals/groups. More importantly, the donation makes the Open Society Foundation one of the largest charities. This puts the foundation directly behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in terms of endowment.

Made Substantial Sum of Money In Foreign Exchange Markets

The origins of his fortune are from 1992, when he made a substantial sum of money ($1 Billion) from shorting the British Pound. This puts Mr. Soros in a substantial position of power over financial markets, which leads to some of the suspicion that others have

Criticized Unfairly From Politicians

Unfortunately, George Soros has seen his fair share of critics for the philanthropic work which he has performed. A recent piece from The Atlantic reported that many have accused him of funding protests such as the Antifa movement and Black Lives Matter. Some have also accused him of paying women to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault. Much of this has its origins in Soros’ funding of a campaign to prevent George Bush’s reelection.

Designed To Paint Mr. Soros as Boogeyman

But, unfortunately all of these statements are designed to paint Mr. Soros as being a philanthropic “boogeyman.” This comes during a time in which many are active among populist movements. The word “philanthropist” refers to an individual whom seeks to promote an open society and egalitarian values, which George Soros aspires to do through his foundation.

Aim of Creating Open Society Foundation TO Establish Open Society

Deciding he had “enough money” in 1979, he set up his philanthropic arm to achieve a goal of establishing an open society. His first philanthropic venture was in providing scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town and for dissidents in Eastern Europe to study abroad. He sees his success as giving him the opportunity to take a stand on often controversial issues.

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