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Jon Urbana is not someone who can ever be accused of being idle. The man works a lot. He also enjoys a host of hobbyist pursuits. Anyone who is looking to be inspired to get involved with something just has to look at the vast number of different interests Jon Urbana is involved in. One of his accomplishments is something very few people are able to do. Urbana is a skilled pilot. Not only does he know the basics of piloting, Urbana has been honored by the FAA for having procured a tremendous number of certifications and accomplishments. Once again, he is truly inspiring for the achievements he has aspired.

Jon Urbana’s ability to become an accomplished pilot is not the only remarkable thing he has done in life. Urbana is a retired professional lacrosse player. Out of all the many lacrosse players in college, a tiny fraction make the pro leagues. Urbana, after having a tremendous run as a player at Villanova, went on to become a solid professional player.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

After retiring from the pro ranks, he did not leave the game. Right now, Jon Urbana runs the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp serves as a wonderful training ground for future college and pro superstars. In addition to playing the game well, Urbana now shows he has what it takes to be a great coach.

Lacrosse is a business. This is true of the pro sports leagues and training camps. Jon Urbana has also proven he is very skilled as a video production pro. His work as a head of business development for a laser systems provider shows his business management acumen. Actually, so does his work at the lacrosse camp.

Jon Urbana’s financial endeavors are not always profit-oriented. Urbana does a lot for charities. No-kill animal shelters have benefited from his charitable work. So have causes related to the environment. Urbana is very consistent with his work for charitable causes. Even a cursory glance at his GoFundMe or Crowdrise profiles reveals his tremendous activity.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Jon Urbana should subscribe to his website. It is always updated with a lot of good information.