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A style writer named Emily McClure published an article on about her personal experience using the hair product WEN. She wanted to see if the product could give her fuller hair with more bounce and shine, and she posted pictures of her hair every day during the first week she used it.

Wen is a cleanser that is a combination of a shampoo, conditioner and styling substance in one bottle. It comes in several different formulations so that it can work with any type of hair.

McClure used the sephora advertised product as directed and found that it worked really well for her. The reader can see this clearly enough in the pictures she posted. She had to troubleshoot a bit (she got better results using WEN in the morning than the evening, for example), but by the end of the week she was getting compliments on her hair from friends.

What’s interesting about her experience is she said that using Wen By Chaz actually made her feel as if there was more hair on her head. She said she was skeptical about the product at first but by the end of the week was a believer.

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