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Activewear has become a major trend in fashion. It is a go to essential many wardrobes contain. Herbalife Nutrition, a leading nutritional supplement company, has noticed how this trend is not going away anytime soon. They have also realized that activewear would be the perfect attire for their three million member team of worldwide independent distributors. The health-conscious company wants their independent distributors to wear an attire that supports the company’s overall vision for living an active lifestyle. The company has always been a leader and trendsetting in the health and nutrition space. The company is run out of Los Angeles, California. But their presence is felt in ninety-five countries due to the immense amount of independent distributors that sell and promote their products. Ever since 1980, the company has been creating wealth management programs, sports nutrition and product to enable their customers to live a healthy lifestyle.


The health company would choose none other than FIDM to create an activewear collection for them. The school is home to a leading staff that prepares students for careers in fashion, product development, international manufacturing, and design. The students at this school are used to being sought after by big names like Nike. Now, they are getting sought after by Herbalife Nutrition. The nutrition company wants to give these young students a platform to turn their dreams and designs into a reality.

The competition involves fifteen students selected by FIDM staff. These students are going to be engaging with Herbalife Nutrition. They will have to undergo the complete process of creating a collection that involves going from concept to the actual collection. They will be responsible for sourcing their fabrics, creating designs, developing the product and presenting their collections. The winner’s collection will be turned into the official attire for the independent distributors.


This experience allows students to get hands-on with the global commerce of what goes into creating a clothing line, developing it and marketing the line. It exposes students to the marketplace. It allows them to work with a real-life client who is needing a collection for their business. Herbalife Nutrition is elated to be giving these students this opportunity to transform their fashion and design careers.

Searching for an appropriate place to place a loved family member that now needs more care can be overwhelming for the family members that face this emotionally charged decision. The team at Sussex Healthcare fully understands the difficulty that this one decision can bring.

This healthcare provider has been serving the UK coastal area of Sussex for a phenomenal 25 years. As a result, this caring healthcare group makes it easier for the families to tour the available residential elder care living homes. These professionals are able to schedule tours around the family’s busy schedules. Sussex Healthcare believes in honest communications, and the administrators and staff are more than willing to offer their recommendations and answer questions.

Some of the vast benefits that Sussex Healthcare can offer seniors, disabled adults and their families is carefully outlined in a recent article about the healthcare provider’s 20 residential living care homes in the revered Medical Daily Times. A tour of any of the beautifully landscaped buildings serves to uplift people’s moods instantly. Many of the gorgeous area former estates are now part of Sussex Healthcare. The lavish gardens that flourish are ideal backgrounds for these stunning living care homes for seniors and others.

This respected healthcare organization has been operating their privately run care facilities for a quarter of a century now. The surrounding communities can testify to the awesome care that residents receive in these striking and homelike facilities. Like a favorite vacation spot, Sussex Healthcare offers not only sensational settings but impressive healthcare as well. This operation also has several facilities specifically designed to house elder patients that suffer from various forms of dementia. There are buildings able to care for younger adults with significant learning or mental challenges and individuals afflicted with neurological or brain disorders too. As always, these facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment and security technology to provide the safest care for all of the residents.

In addition to the residential home services, Sussex Healthcare also offers respite or day care services too. Now, this leader in elder and disabled adult healthcare provider is hiring for several open job positions. Anyone interested in working for a committed healthcare provider that promises many employee benefits can browse the company’s informative website for specific open position details. Sussex Healthcare is currently celebrating their 25 happy years in the business. Call or visit Sussex Healthcare soon.


As most people are aware, healthcare costs in America are skyrocketing. This has resulted in $933 billion more being spent on people’s healthcare in 2013 versus back in 1996. The care today is much better than even back then but it’s also a lot more intense and costly. A lot of it is also being driven by there being a lot more people in the United States and more people living much longer than people tended to years ago.

Two of the areas that people are spending much more money is to treat diabetes as well getting treatment for neck and low back pain. The increase in spending on diabetes is mainly attributable to expensive pharmaceuticals to manage it. While more people aren’t experiencing back and neck pain more people are doing something about it by getting medical treatment of their condition. This has resulted in a lot more healthcare spending.

Annual spending on healthcare now stands at $697 billion. There had been efforts to reduce this but to little avail so far. One person in the industry said that the amount spent on healthcare each day has gone through the roof despite the best efforts of those concentrating on reducing the costs. One justification for this is that even though drug prices are higher than ever they keep people out of the hospital, which isn’t really the case.

Eric Lefkofsky is one person trying to reduce the cost of healthcare in regards to cancer treatment. The company he co-founded, Tempus, Inc., helps doctors personalize cancer care. His company collected a huge amount of molecular and clinical data that it developed into a database for use by cancer doctors. As it is DNA-based it cuts out a lot of the guesswork on what treatment will work best for each patient, reducing the costs and achieving better patient outcomes.

As a longtime entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky is well acquainted with big ideas like Tempus and how to run the company. He has also founded or co-founded other big companies in the past such as Groupon. He sees problems that technology can address and then effectively builds companies around the solutions.

InnovaCare focuses on providing sustainable health care programs that are innovative, coordinated, cost-effective and of high quality. The firm is under the leadership of expert business and medical practitioners. Dr. Richard Shinto serves as the organization’s chief executive officer and president. Before joining InnovaCare, Richard was the president and ceo Aveta Incorporation from 2008 until its sale in 2012. Dr. Shinto earned his Bachelor’s degree in science from the University of California situated in Irvine. He then joined the State University of New York to pursue before signing up for a Masters in B.A from the University of Redlands. Richard has a total of twenty years of experience in operational and clinical functions of a health care facility. He began his career an intern in Southern California before becoming the chief medical officer of Optima Health Plan. Shinto worked as the chief operating officer and chief medical officer for Medical Pathways before joining NAMM as the chief medical officer. After leaving NAMMA, Richard joined Aventa and currently works at InnovaCare. Richard’s extensive knowledge in healthcare and clinical medicine is documented in several articles he has authored and published. Rick Shinto was awarded with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award.

Another experienced InnovaCare professional is Penelope Kokkinides who works as the chief administrative officer since her recruitment in June 2015. Penelope earned her Bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the Binghamton University. She has master’s degree in social work from the New York University, and in public health from Columbia University School. Besides she, also received a post master’s degree in substance abuse and alcohol from Columbia University School. Penelope’s career began at the Management and Disease Management branch of AmeriChoice as a corporate vice president. Her role required her to develop and implement the firm’s health model. She served as a chief operating officer and executive vice president of Centerlight Healthcare, where she managed the strategic vision of the care division. Penelope gained knowledge in managing health care, developing clinical programs that fit into an organization’s infrastructure.

InnovaCare is a leading provider of healthcare services programs in North America. The firm provides health care packages in two models, namely, Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid Program. InnovaCare values their patients, quality medical care, secure patient-staff relationships, organizational growth, the impact of their teams, and innovative medical networks and practices. The organization which operates from its headquarter from New Jersey received a selection from CAPG for the study of their excellent services.

As a multifaceted industry, the healthcare landscape comprises of a vast influx of companies. These range from health insurers, hospitals to pharmaceuticals, each of which, enterprises its own dynamics. Furthermore, healthcare companies have shifted strategies to align with the recent industrial development. It’s no wonder, healthcare industry heavyweights have been so engaged in the past year. In fact, the larger community has already adapted to the reformed regulations of the latest ACA (Affordable Care Act). In light of this revelation, many healthcare companies sought lucrative partnerships through M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions). What’s more, it’s encouraged many Fortune-500 brands competing in this segment to strengthen their performance. In fact, many have ranked up the list as they organize and spearhead expansions. A sampling included healthcare companies like AmerisourceBergen, Aetna, etc. It’s amazing how well these Fortune-500 heavyweights have remained steadfastly resolute, despite the growing challenges. Interestingly, the ACA reform, which came on the scene back in 2010, impacted all sectors of healthcare. Although, mention of its regulations angered the entire healthcare community, its fruition was imminent. Healthcare companies had no choice but to embrace these new policies. Wholly, a government-managed initiative, the ACA focused on implementing regulations to expand the healthcare workforce. It’s obviously partly responsible for the mounting instability and stress on health professionals and companies of the sector. Additionally, paperwork processing for healthcare companies has reached insurmountable numbers since ACA become regulated. Canada-based healthcare giant, Nobilis Health, provides expert full-service management and development solutions for practitioners. It’s acquired partnerships with a sizeable community of physicians, providing ASC (Ambulatory Surgical Center) services. Currently, it intercepts as a governing body, aiding ASCs across the U.S. In fact, Nobilis Health oversees the operations of facilities, of which it’s also a controlling partner. With six Nobilis ASCs spread across two states in three cities Scottsdale, Dallas, and Houston, it provides an extensive service. Additionally, Nobilis Health owns two fully integrated MRI centers, a hospital and a UCC (Urgent Care Center). Since inception, Nobilis Health has been delivering world-class healthcare solutions. In addition, its a manager of numerous healthcare facilities, including Athas Health, Spring Northwest Management, LLC, GRIP Medical Diagnostics, LLC, Spring Northwest Operating, Willowbrook Imaging, LLC, among other centers. The fourth-quarter has almost reached a close and many competing healthcare companies aren’t as fortunate as Nobilis Health. According to a detailed report by Russell Stanley, an analyst for Mackie Research Capital, Nobilis Health has remained fiercely competitive throughout this fiscal year. In fact, it was among Mackie Research’s top picks chosen from the industry’s strongest performers.