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In 2006, Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith. In 2007, they opened their first school in San Jose, California. Students scored very high, earning them approval as an alternative for low-income learners. The students ranked in the top 10% in English, Language Arts, and math among all similar California school districts. The schools mission? To eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime. They plan to do this through three pillars: talent development, parent power, and personalized learning.

Rocketship Education invests in the development and progress of their team members. This will release full potential in the classroom and beyond. A positive culture is seen thriving in the halls. The teachers, support staff, and students are devoted to sharing gratitude. Giving gratitude to one another, will energize the spirit, and is harnessed each day in Rocketship classrooms. Along with gratitude, they also pride themselves in promoting core values of empathy, respect, responsibility, and persistence.

Rocketship Education releases the power of parents to hold leaders responsible, empower high-quality public schools to flourish, and support their children’s learning. Supportive parents are needed for their children to have the best outcome in life. Without their support, kids can become confused. That is why it is important to keep parents informed and educated about the schools process.

The programs at Rocketship Education are carefully-selected. The instructional programs have social-emotional learning curriculum. There is also curriculum developed for upper and lower grade students. A well-rounded education system promotes team work, character skills, and critical thinking in children.

These charter schools have been working with educators, parents, and community organizations. The quality of these non-profit schools can put English language learners, and low-income children on the path to college. Thanks to efforts, 25 high-performing public charter schools for low-income areas have opened since 2007. The movement is being created for educational equality in the disadvantaged communities throughout the country.