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As each portion of our lives become more and more closely linked with technology, the benefits of a high-tech society become ever more apparent. As the medical fields, social infrastructure, and even manufacturing lines are only improved by the involvement of technology, the next obvious question is what facet of life can best be improved by highly adaptative technology.


Answering that question with resounding force, Securus Technologies, a company that helps facilitate inmate communications in many prison facilities across the nation, took to their clients to find how their technologies have helped make the prison system safer and more effective for all those within the system.


Securus Technologies’ Clients Speak Volumes


In a very unprecedented form of transparency, Securus Technologies recently published a list of what their real clients are saying about their services. Different from the recent spate of “real customer” promotions utilized by car manufacturers, the comments from all of the clients were collected directly from the clients themselves. The comments which came in the form of hard written letters, e-mails, and other communication channels all expressed the same message throughout each, that Securus Technologies had not only made the duties of clients within the prison administration industry easier but safer.


Ringing throughout each comment was praise for the services, one comment even purported that Securus’ services had helped break up a corrupt official’s contraband ring using intercepted communications.


Technologies Role in Preventing Crime


Though we are still very far away from living in a world that mimics sci-fi movies, in the near future police officers will not be conducting raids based upon perceived criminal intentions like most dystopian novels, technology still has a very significant role to play in policing not only our streets but our prison systems as well.


If you would like to read more about Securus Technologies and the role of technology in the prison system please click here.


Securus Technologies is one of the biggest providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. It has over 800 products suitable for aiding investigations, corrections, and public safety monitoring by law enforcement agencies or correction centers. Although Securus is based in Dallas, Texas, it serves over 3, 450 public safety, law enforcement agencies, and correctional centers that accommodate over 1.2 million inmates across North America. Securus makes the country a safer place to live by providing services such as investigation biometric analysis, communication options, information management, emergency response, disaster management, and in-mate self-service.

Richard A. (Rick Smith), the CEO of Securus Technologies made a big announcement about the introduction of John Bell as the senior Vice President of Sales to revamp the company’s sales team. Smith reiterated the need for forming a reliable and experienced software-based sales team that is often a key resource in marketing software related product sets. The company has invested over $600 million in developing various types of safety and security related products that need to be projected out to prospects and existing clients in a strategic manner. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Smith said that John Bell has 35 years of experience in creating evolving sales teams that are capable of driving exceptional performance and generating credible sales leads in various sectors. One of Bell’s biggest achievements that cement the foundation of his professional portfolio is working at IBM, which is one of the most competitive brands in the technology sector. Mr, John Bell graduated from Holy Cross and started working at the Wharton School of Business as postgraduate employee. He has worked in various technology-based companies such as IBM, Veizon, Verio, and Time Warner cable. Some of the objectives the company intends to achieve by hiring Mr. Bell include: to develop a reliable sales associate training program, present the company’s bundled product to a wider range of clientele, and reach out to the right decision makers in order to boost sales.

The positive feedback, through emails and letters that Securus technologies has been receiving is overwhelming. People have started appreciating the efforts of Rick Smith and his team in providing technological solutions that inspire hope and make incarceration a better alternative to leaving criminals out on the loose to commit crimes. Rick Smith claims that several service development proposals are being released weekly to enable the law enforcement agencies and correctional centers manage or curb the social problems that is grappling today’s society. The technological advancements witnessed in the recent past have boosted product development, making it easier to create even more sophisticated solutions than ever before. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Securus Technologies has recently acquired a company called JPay. JPay has been a leader in the criminal justice industry for telecommunication services as well as instant electronic payments from prisoners and their families. This acquisition should vault Securus to the top of the telecommunications industry within the criminal justice system.


Securus has already been leading the way in the industry. They provide an incredibly well reviewed telecommunications services to prisons and jails throughout the country. They have 1.2 million inmates under their umbrella and the families of those inmates you must use this company in order to communicate with their loved one in prison.


Their telephone service is spectacular but they also provide prisoners and their loved ones with video chat services. These video chat services will be made more effective and more affordable with the acquisition of Jpay.


Securus has had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for their customer service for a very long time. But in March they went through the accreditation process from the Better Business Bureau and passed with flying colors. The BBB only awards accreditation to companies that meet their incredibly high standards and the company must volunteer for the inspection.


It is this volunteering that makes Securus stand out from the competition. With the industry’s business model, there is no real motivation to provide stellar customer service. But Securus goes out of its way to operate a 220-seat customer service call center. The call center is amazingly efficient and very well reviewed. Most concerned customers will have their issue resolved on the first call, up to 99.9% of them. Calls are answered within 11 seconds on average and the call center is capable of taking 2.5 million calls per month. It seems the people running Securus are making good decisions every step of the way.