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No man can predict the future, but a good wealth adviser can imagine various scenarios where you can profit. These help you create a financial strategy for making money. Learn about one possible scenario for “How Brasil Can Grow” according to financial consultant Igor Cornelsen.

“Brasil Economic Statistics”

Experts calculate that the 2011 breakdown for Brazil GDP was 67% service, 27.5% industrial and 5.5% agriculture on The nation of 204 million produces 10 million tons of steel, 26 million tons of cement and 3 million refrigerators. And there are so many ways that Brazil can grow!

Firstly, the World Bank has reported that Brasil has decreased its poverty rate from 17.3% in 2006 to 7.4% in 2014. This creates “a solid middle class consumer” base, which can afford the products, manufactured in the nation.

Secondly, the financial industry in Brazil is quite solid. As more people join the middle class, they will open bank accounts. While the United States remains “suffocated by non-performing housing loans,” Brazil’s banking sector on is still healthy. In fact, Brasil banks outperformed their United States counterparts.

Thirdly, as China grows, they may need to purchase more commodities from Brazil. With more than a billion people, China has a tremendous consumer base just waiting to be unleashed. “Forbes” reported how China growth went from 4.1% of global GDP in 1970 to 15.6% in 2015.

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“Igor Cornelsen Connects the Dots”

When you are starting to invest, getting assistance from a professional advisor, such as Igor Cornelsen, is wise. The potential for growth in Brasil is there. In fact, the comparison between Portugal and Brasil is apt.

Now, Portugal is listed as one of the PIIGs, Brasil is listed as one of the BRICS. Times change, nations rise and nations fall. Due to his Brasil banking experience, Mr. Igor Cornelsen can help you find good investment choices.

Rumors might also be bandied about, concerning mergers and acquisitions between various Brasil banks. Mr. Cornelsen can help you find the “needle in the haystack.” None of this should be construed as investment advice, it is just a possibility. See:

The world of investing is a world that can seem initially quite complex. Many people know they are able to enjoy a high rate of return if they choose to invest in the market but they are not always sure where to start investing. Doing so is important for many people as it allows them to be able to leverage their funds and earn an excellent rate of return, a fact that is important if they are going to have enough money to retire one day. The right kind of help from a skilled professional can make the process of investing much easier and allow the investor to relax at night as they have done all they can to maximize their potential for a high rate of return.

This is why people consider investing in places such as Brazil. Brazil is one of the world’s leading marketplaces. The stock market here has seen tremendous growth in recent decades. Investors who know the Brazilian stock market such as Igor Cornelsen are investors who know they can count on the market here to provide for their needs and the needs of their customers as well. They know that they can work closely with people such as Cornelsen of to help them be assured of a growing nest egg if they choose to invest in this part of the world.

Cornelsen is a native of the region and a highly skilled fiscal adviser. His work here has done much to help demonstrate how the markets in Brazil can be counted on to provide potential for growth of all kinds. He has also shown that stocks in Brazil make a good, sound investment that can assist any investor whether here or those living abroad in meeting their own financial goals in life and having a highly diversified stock portfolio that is ideal for their specific plans and their own basic sense of risk tolerance.

The market in this region is only expected to see continued expansion as real estate investors rush to seek out opportunity and continue to invest in many stocks that are found in this part of the world. The stock market of Brazil has been steadily bolstered by the ability of companies here to look for new opportunity and assist the Brazilian consumer. Consumers here have seen their wages steadily rise in recent decades as the Brazilian economy has experienced tremendous growth. Many Brazilians have been able to take advantage of the fact that the area allows people living here to enjoy increased access to education whenever they want. The result has been an improvement in the skills that many Brazilians can offer employers who need to have access to well-educated workforce.