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He is one of the principals at the investment management firm. In 2006, he joined the organization’s board of directors where he works as the co-chairman. Other positions he has held at Fortress Investment Group include a member of the management committee. Peter Briger is responsible for overseeing the success of the company’s credit and real estate divisions. He previously worked at Goldman, Sachs for more than a decade. The businessman is passionate about engaging in philanthropic work and has done that through non-profit institutions such as Tipping Point where he helps people from low-income families. The entrepreneur has helped thousands of students to attain quality education through his contributions to the Caliber Schools. Read the article of Peter Briger at Forbes.

Peter Briger is an alumnus of Princeton University and the Wharton School of Business. At the institutions, he acquired valuable skills that have helped him to grow in his career. Fortress was established in 1998 as a private equity firm but has grown over the years to become one of the most reputable players in the industry. Peter played a key role in transforming the organization from private to public.

It is currently listed in the New York Stock Exchange. Under the leadership of Peter Briger has expanded its investment portfolios and that has helped it to attain the recent valuation of more than $43 billion. The assets under management are from more than 1,750 clients from all parts of the world.

Fortress Investment Group has its headquarters in New York and has a workforce of more than 900 professionals who work towards meeting the needs of their clients. Other than Peter Briger, the firm has Randal Nardone and Wes Edens as its principals. Some of the areas of specialization by the professionals at Fortress include operations management and helping its clients during mergers and acquisitions. Last year, Peter Briger was involved in the acquisition of Fortress by a Japanese firm, Softbank. The company focuses on making investments in technology. The deal was valued at $3.3 billion. The three principals at Fortress Investment were to remain at the helm of the organization.



The energy drink market is now a multi-billion dollar industry. And now there is one company that is looking to shake up the world of these popular drinks. That company, Jeunesse Global, has been giving their customers a daily boost with NEVO energy drinks.

Available in four flavors, NEVO is different it is produced by a company that has spent over a decade dedicated to the overall health and wellness of the human body. Jeunesse Global decided to set NEVO energy drinks apart by including a unique mix of antioxidants and nutrients that ensures each drink is packed with protective nutrition as well as that much needed energy boost. Each one of the flavors contains no artificial flavors, colors nor sweeteners and boost just 50 calories per serving.

NEVO Acai Grape

Health fans are more than familiar with the antioxidant power of the Acai berry. And the NEVO Acai Grape drink brings the nutritional benefits of the Acai berry along with the popular grape flavor. This drink includes such beneficial ingredients as stevia leaf extract, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Lemon Ginger

Designed for those who enjoy a crisp taste to their energy drink, NEVO Lemon Ginger is a light tasting mix of two popular flavors. NEVO Lemon Ginger includes green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Peach Mago

For those who enjoy tropical flavors, the NEVO Peach Mango energy drink provides a taste of the islands along with its beneficial ingredients. Each serving includes green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, pectin, d-calcium pantothenate, niacinamide, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

NEVO Mixed Berry

Berries are known as the healthiest fruit on the planet. And NEVO Mixed Berry provides a mix of healthy and tasty white grape and Acai grape juice. Other beneficial ingredients include green tea leaf extract, acerola fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, jabuticaba pulp, guarana seed extract, and yerba mate leaf extract.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade Jeunesse Global has provided a complete line of health and beauty products available through their international group of independent distributors.