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The “Internet of Things” (IoT)has seen a substantial increase in recent years, but no industry stands to bear witness to a more significant rise of IoT devices and software than those who work directly and indirectly with the lighting industry. With over 5 billion lights installed in the US, intelligent lighting and the internet of buildings is about to become a much more common part of our everyday lives. Soon lights in the classroom will be able to systematically adjust to help increase the focus of the students in the room. In our homes the lighting will also be able to adjust to lift our moods during certain times, particularly for when we may feel our least energetic. Gooee is one of those companies that is on the forefront of this new shift with the lighting industry to connect devices to software for the optimal user experience. Gooee is a team of software and lighting specialists who work hard to provide scalable and innovative connections between devices and software for lighting companies. Their cloud based solutions include lighting analytics, building intelligence, and beacon management that helps lighting companies provide the best possible services to their customers.