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Evolution Of Smooth is the new kid on the block when referring to the lip balm industry. Chapstick has dominated for nearly a century. There was little competition until EOS lip balm came onto the scene with its fun design and variety of interesting and delicious flavors. They are currently ranked number two in the industry, only to be surpassed in revenue by Burt’s Bees. Chapstick is currently ranked at number three.

People became used to getting lip balm in the form of a cylindrical tube but EOS knew that in order to be successful that they had to have a smart marketing strategy and a fun new design that would draw attention to the product. They decided to go for the trademark egg shape after some trial and error. They also wanted to bring some new flavors into the equation. Once on the market, the brand’s popularity exploded. Celebrities everywhere were seen using and carrying the product. This was one of the things that propelled the Fast Company to such rapid success Your text to link….

Evolution Of Smooth comes in a variety of tasty flavors. You can find their products in just about every major retailer including Target in the country. They are found in checkout lanes right next to the competitors and they have become a household name in just a few short years. Most people have heard of or tried EOS lip balm; If you haven’t tried this incredible product yet you are highly encouraged to see what all of the press is about. The product is not only in a handy container but it also works extremely well which is a combination that spells success for the company..