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Energy saving plan

Open Corporaters reported that Venezuela government has declared a plan to save energy during the drought season. President Nicholas Maduro has declared that Fridays in April and May shall be non-working days the country. This is as part of an energetic way to stave off electricity regulating. The plan will make the country to go under a very difficult plan with high risks. The president added that large companies such as production companies should generate their own power 9 hours a day as a way of reducing the rationing. The president did not outline clearly whether the four day work week would affect even the private companies. The citizens were advised not to turn on air conditioners and not dry their clothes using electricity.
Visit to Cuba
In other news courtesy of, president Maduro travelled to Cuba days before presidents Obamas visit. President Obama is scheduled to make a historical visit to Cuba because he would be the first sitting United States president will be making such visit. He also announced on Thursday that he would be going to Havana to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.
Opposition Protests
Lastly Venezuelan opposition rejected the truth commission despite presence of UNASUR, Ex- Presidents. The opposition together with Velasquez Figueroa  declared that it will not participate the truth commission established by the government to investigate 2014 violent anti-government protests. The protests led in destruction of properties. This protests also led to injuries band a number of protesters were hospitalized.